Brand new(s): Lipstick puroBIO cosmetics – (ENG subtitle) (FR sous-titres)

Hi everyone and welcome to the official video presentation of our new Lipsticks Our lipsticks have been created to give an intense and full color to your lips with 100% natural pigments. All have matching lip contour pencil. The 8 shades were inspired by observing nature as, season after season, it suggests always different and surprising colors. The first two colors, light peach and pink sand, are two beautiful nudes, that evoke the soft, delicate tones of spring. Lipstick number 02 is the only sheer of the whole collection; translucent for a fresh and light look, excellent for your everyday makeup. Numbers 03, 04, 05 are in various shades of fuchsia: 03 flamingo, 04 strawberry, 05 cherry. These are intense, vibrant colors, inspired by the summer. Numbers 06, 07, 08 are instead shades of red. From warm, burnt orange to intense purple. The texture is creamy and soothing, the color doesn’t smear and is long lasting. The finish is semi matte. The lipsticks come in a beautiful pearly pink case, with mirrored inside. The packaging is luxurious, in black matte metal. The inside instead is bright and decorated with a fine, pink gold detail. Let us know what you think in the comments section and what your favorite lipstick color is. Like and subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss all our new products. Bye to you all.

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