Bright Green Teal Smokey Eye Tutorial | Beginner Friendly Mermaid Vibes

Bright Green Teal Smokey Eye Tutorial | Beginner Friendly Mermaid Vibes

– Hey, friends, it’s Courtney. Welcome back to my channel, Phyrra, where we talk about all
things cruelty-free beauty, gothic fashion, and lifestyle. If that sounds interesting to you, make sure you hit that subscribe button. Today’s video is gonna
be a bright and colorful eye shadow tutorial, and
I’m just gonna go ahead and jump right into it. I’ve already prepped
my eyes for this video. I’ve gone ahead and done my brows, and I tight-lined my upper waterline, and I’ve went ahead and used Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow primer, and I set it with my Cozzette
Beauty setting powder. I’m gonna start with a
Jouer tan lines palette and I’m gonna take the
shade right here, limelight. I tapped off the excess and I’m using a big fluffy brush because I want to start
building this color up on the hood of my eye. Let’s get a little closer for you. Basically I just took this brush which is a big fluffy brush and worked it through my crease in a windshield wiper motion. I’m gonna use this SauceBox brush to take that same color, limelight, and put along my lower lid. I’m taking this down quite far because I’m gonna clean
it up and shape it later. I wanna use the color Space Queen from the Melt Smoke Sessions palette. I love this color. I’m using a Goss five brush. You could use any sort of
pencil brush that you like. I’m basically going to build this up along the lower lid. I’m making sure to bring the
color all the way across. I’m going to make sure
that I extend the color just a little bit past
all of the folds of skin around my eye because I
have very hooded eyes. When I’m looking at you directly, you can see there’s
this big curtain of skin that comes over my lid. The curtain hides the lid, so that’s why I’m trying to make sure that I bring the color
just a little bit past these wrinkles so that I can help shape the illusion of my eye. One of the best things
about using a pencil brush is that you can then pop it right into the socket of your eye and start working it
inwards through your crease, just following the shape of your bone. I also like to pack the corner of this outer part of the lid, too, since that’s where I want
it to be deepest, anyways. Then I’m switching to
the Goss 26S to blend. I’m blending back and
forth along the lower lid. When I am blending at the outer corner, I am blending outwards and upwards to try to help pull my
eye shape up a little bit. Then I’m blending in a
windshield wiper motion through the crease. Then I’m gonna start
doing tiny little circles at the inner crease and work in tiny little
circles all the way back. When I get here, I’m blending in a circle at the outer corner of the eye. I’m gonna go in with this Viseart Bright Editorial palette green right here because I need, I think,
a little bit more like a mint shade of green. I’m using a Real Techniques fluffy brush and I tapped it off. I’m going to pop it right into the crease where I just put those other two colors and start blending it, and
blending in little circles. I’m gonna do the same
thing along the lower lid where I’m applying this green on top and then blending in little circles. The next color we’re gonna use is this bright teal blue right here called Meadow from SauceBox. I’m just gonna use a lid
brush to pack it on the lid. I love meadow. It’s my favorite teal blue matte. I’m gonna take my Bdellium
Tools Golden Triangle brush, which is their 787, and very, very lightly in circles, blend over the entire eye
area just to make sure everything is nice and soft and blended. I’m keeping this eye shape quite wide, so I’m really just using the tissue to clean up the shape a little bit. I’m doing that because I have hooded eyes and I’m trying to help balance the top and the bottom. I’m gonna put on the rest of my makeup and then I will be right back to finish this eye look for you. Now that I have the rest of my face on, I’m gonna go ahead and
finish up this eye look. Gonna use the Viseart
white shade right here to clean up around the edges. One of the things that I really like to do whenever I do my makeup is to tie my makeup look together
with my eyes and my cheeks by using the same highlighter that I used on my cheeks and my eyes. I’m going to use Black
Moon Glow Worm on my eyes. I only do it under the
outer part of my brow because I have hooded eyes. I will add a tiny little bit at the inner corner, though. The next thing I’m gonna do
is put on mascara primer, and I’m going to use Marc
Jacobs mascara primer. I think this is the velvet lash. I’m gonna use my Milk Makeup Kush Mascara. Don’t worry if you get
a little bit of mascara on your eye, like I
pretty much inevitably do every time I apply mascara. Just wait for it to fully dry and use a Q-tip to pop it off. The last step that I’m
gonna do is to add color to my lower waterline, and I’m gonna use the Urban Decay Basquiat
pencil in Post Punk, which is this bright lime-green color. I wanna amp up this look
just a tiny little bit, and to do that, I’m gonna add some glitter with Lime Crime Dragon. I’m just gonna use this
green brush that I used with the Viseart green to just do a windshield wiper
motion through the crease. Oh my God, I just love
it so much; it’s so cute. Actually I guess it’s the perfect, that’s a perfect place for me to test the waterproof mascaras on my lower lashes since I’m not supposed
to use waterproof mascara on my upper lashes. Here’s the finished eye look up close. I hope you enjoyed this
bright, colorful tutorial. If you found this video entertaining, fun, or helpful, please give
it a thumbs-up and share. If you didn’t like this
video, hit thumbs-down and tell me why in the comments below. Before we go, why don’t you go ahead and click that subscribe button? If you’re looking for what to do next, YouTube is gonna suggest
something right up here that you should watch. See you in my next video.



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    I like the greens. It kinda reminds me of what sugarpill suggested to do on Instagram:) that limecrime glitter is it like stila glitter and glow or is it loose glitter and you use an adhesive?

  • Texas Lyoness says:

    I used to work at a Clinique counter years ago. They had an eyeliner called Juniper, which is no longer made. It was a teal color and there was a smudger with shadow in the other end of the cap. I used a shimmery champagne colored shadow all over and then I used Juniper on the top and bottom and did a slight cat eye. I have light blue eyes and fair skin. I never got as many compliments on my eyes as I did with that eyeliner. That look was nice with the all white dress that was my uniform. The district manager came in one day and asked why we were the only store in Houston selling out of Juniper…lol. The closest liner I can find to the color is Revlon’s Colorstay teal/number 210, but even that is not an exact match to Juniper.

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    Thank you so much – you are helping me ‘adjust’ my make up to make the most of my hooded eyes 😘

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