hello gorgeous welcome back to my
channel I love global makeup I love it it reminds me of JLo I’ve did a glowy
video like I don’t know three years ago but I’ve just been really into healthy
glowy beautiful skin so much lately and I the other day posted a story on my
Instagram I talked about this a little bit in my video and y’all went crazy and
the thing is is that I didn’t have any makeup on at all it’s because my skin
looked good because I just got micro-needling done anyways I’ll talk
about that here in a few minutes but it inspired me to film this video because
so many of you guys love the glowy skin too and so I created this look right
here for you guys today and I think it’s so pretty for end of summer but it’s
great going into fall too because your skin looks so hydrated and moisturized
and glowy and shimmery and just beautiful so if you want to see how I
got this exact look right here keep watching okay first off for a glowy look
because in the summer I want to look bronze right so I’m using the D bronzy
anti-pollution sunshine sunshine drops these are from drunk elephant I love
drunk elephant it’s an amazing skin care line this is new to me but I it’s
amazing it’s literally sunshine in a bottle like you see the drop right there
it’s basically like a tiny bit of bronzer that you add to whatever it is
that you want to be bronzed or up when I apply for your skin so if you’re wearing
no face makeup at all just add a drop of this to your moisturizer or to your
serum or whatever and it’s just gonna add a little bit of like bronzy glow
they’re incredible so I wanted to do a no foundation routine but as you can see
I have this guy going on here I have this guy had a really stressful week I
had I got micro needling done one week ago and my skin this past week has
looked the most incredible that it looked in my adult life but then I had a
lot of things pop up in my personal life that have been super stressful and my
skin is showing it so if I hadn’t have happened those things then my skin would
still look great but it doesn’t so we’re gonna have to use some foundation so I’m
using the Pacifica this is the light clean foundation I love this foundation
so much it’s dry store I think it’s $14.99 it’s
incredible it is oil-free anti-shine and a satin finish it’s 100% vegan
cruelty-free it’s amazing there’s no parabens no
petroleum no fowl aids no formaldehyde it’s all the good stuff without all the
bad stuff you know what I mean so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to apply this
to the back of my hand like that and then I’m gonna add in a drop of the
bronze and then I’m gonna mix it up with my foundation brush and then apply it to
my skin now if I wasn’t broken out I would just totally skip the foundation
and apply the bronze the bronze drops the drunk elephant ones with some serum
and show you guys so once my face clears up I’m gonna do a no foundation makeup
look because a lot of you guys have young beautiful skin and you don’t need
foundation and honestly this last week I haven’t needed it this week I posted on
my insta stories and I was just talking to you guys about I don’t even know what
but I got a ton of DMS about the makeup looks that I was wearing and it was so
funny because I wasn’t wearing any face makeup at all except for a tiny little
bit of powder on my t-zone and then a little bit of bronzer and blush and then
a tiny bit of concealer under my eyes it’s because my skin was looking so good
after micro needling I like it’s gonna be become like just a regular thing for
me because it makes your skin look so amazing while this is still tacky I’m
gonna do a couple of things first off I’m going to erase my dark circles and I
haven’t blended this in entirely so I’m just taking some peach corrector and
popping that right where my dark circles are and I’ll blend this out in a minute
but do you see how like flawless and glowy that Sheen is because it’s a satin
finish that foundation like it’s incredible okay I’m going to use some
anti red I just dropped my dermablend in the green and it’s powder but then when
you touch it to your skin it turns to cream it’s so cool
I’ve talked about before and I’m going to put it right onto that
spot it is so sore oh my gosh and anywhere else I have some redness I’m a
little bit right there too typically what I do is I could do color
correcting before I do foundation but because this one is so bad I’m double
coating it so basically I’m doing foundation color correction and then
foundation so I’m just taking whatever is left over on my brush and I’m styling
it stippling is a stippling or cycling that’s a word I probably should know as
a makeup artist I’m just pouncing that into my skin so
once I’m done with the brush I go in with my damp Beauty Blender and that’s
going to help take a little bit of that shine away because I feel like a
foundation brush does a great job of applicate up applying applique ting
applying the foundation but I feel like this does the best job at getting that
finish that airbrushed looking finish do you see like how I have just like this
natural glowy bronze it is all about this combination right here this
foundations amazing I meant a 27 WM soma 27 or medium and then this eye I believe
it only comes in the one shade and it’s it’s tinted with cocoa extract which i
think is so cool cuz it’s just a natural both of these are our natural products
and I believe that they’re both totally clean products could not rave about them
enough okay now that I’ve got my base set I didn’t use a primer today what I
did was I used two serum instead because my skin my skin is so aggravated that I
didn’t I wanted to first of all I don’t want to put too many layers on in the
summer time because then you’re you just start to look cakey and that’s not what
I want to do at all so to be totally honest if I had my choice I wouldn’t be
wearing foundation at all but just because of this nasty pimple that’s
showing up I’m going to have to wear it I’m going to use some concealer under my
eyes this is the Jo a dark circle concealer and what shade am I in this
light ivory I’m gonna put it right there and I’m
gonna put a little bit on my lid instead of a what you might call it what’s the
word I’m looking for I shadow primer forward I’m looking for
I’m taking the my concealer brush and taking off that peach corrector because
I don’t want that on there I’ll wash this brush actually when I’m done
because I didn’t mean to use this for the peach corrector I used the wrong
brush this is my concealer brush it’s not as precise as I like it to be for
color correcting also can we talk about this mirror really quickly this mirror
is amazing it is the Ricky Ricky I keep showing it to you guys but you’re
probably looking at the camera which is weird but this is the Ricky Ricky mirror
and I have their full size which is incredible but origins sent this to me
and it’s battery-operated and it’s got so much light which is amazing and it’s
got a finger holes like ring holders it’s amazing I love this thing but it
really helps when you’re traveling even just everyday I use it every day okay so
I’m gonna take my damp Beauty Blender and pop up into my skin next I’m using
the joah this is the truly yours full cover concealer I don’t know if they
still make this one or not because when I stopped in to CBS the other day to get
more concealer because I’m getting low on it I saw this one but not this one so
I need to go into a different CVS and make sure they have it because I am
addicted to this concealer but I’m just taking this and really lightening the be
kind of like the outside perimeter of my eye so really I want the light to
reflect so that it’s going to kind of help cancel out the appearance of the
dark circles and I’m going to take the rest this concealer and not just cover
the pimple on my chin but mine’s right in that crease which is kind of
convenient because I can put this all along like my chin crease like this and
then highlight down there down here to kind of reflect off and hopefully it
will really trick the eye into forgetting that I have a pimple there
using my Beauty Blender now and I’m just gonna work that into my skin using the
essence brighten up pressed banana powder I love this powder so much I just
use my Beauty Blender I take a good amount and just dab that on under the
eye I’m not as strict about creating a
triangle under the eye as most youtubers are I just I don’t really believe in the
whole you got to have a triangle I just really focus on the dark circles
under my eyes I am going to very soon ask one of my girlfriends maybe possibly
my mom to let me give them a makeover on camera so I can show you guys make up
for different things shapes I just think that’d be really fun and
I’m using the magic powder from Charlotte Tilbury I love this powder so
much and I’m going to apply it to my t-zone I’m going translucent because I
don’t really need any extra shade or not shading the color on my head I’ll call
it t-zone I’m just using this for Shine prevention I have a new powder I want to
pick up and try for my t-zone and if it’s good I’ll post about it so you guys
can know about it but anyways I’m doing this and then I’m gonna take extra and
put it under the eyes to bake a little bit while I’m baking I’m gonna go ahead
and take some bronzer this is the number seven golden sand bronzer I love this so
much I actually posted this on my Instagram last week it is such an
amazing matte bronzer especially for a drugstore and I’m just going to loosely
work that into my crease we’re going for a glowy look here so we’re gonna want to
use shades that help us look more tan which is why I love using bronzer in the
crease I feel like it really helps to add more depth but in a natural like
sunkissed way for eyeshadow I’m using the colour-pop this is the sweet-talked
pressed powder palette look at these shades they’re beautiful I
can’t remember if I’ve done a tutorial showing these or not but this has been
my go-to palette now since May or June I love it so much let’s see what are we
gonna do today we’re gonna go a little bit of work it which is a nice matte
yellowy camel tan and I’m gonna take that about mmm starting about 1/3 of the
way into the eye and put it right in the center next I’m going to take
side which is a matte more of a reddish brown as you can see it’s much darker
much more pigmented put it on the outside crease crease outside corner as
you can see we got dark into like more of a yellowy and then nothing on the
inside corner so I’m gonna go in to catch me which is a matte cream and do
it like that so underneath when you’re using eye shadow under your eyes so your
lower lashline you want to start darker closer and then work outward on the
outside layers lighter so I’m gonna start with the darkest color first which
is the west side get right in there with it and then I’m going to go into the
work it which is a little bit lighter and honestly you should be using
different brushes to do this but I’m being lazy cuz I don’t wanna walk across
the room which is really like two steps okay so I started darker and then I
worked my way out now I’m gonna take a fluffy shader brush and just loosely not
loosely but lightly when those shades together for just a really pretty ombre
effect because I don’t want any distinct lines okay so do you see how the dark
color ends up the crease right there I want to work that up so I’m taking my
fluffy shader brush and going back in with that Westside and I’m going to work
that up into the crease a little bit more I’m gonna take the tiniest bit of
this side to side right here which is a foiled shimmer and it’s just it’s
incredible take a tiny bit on my pinky like that and just touch the inside
corner of my eye oh my gosh it’s so pretty and then I’m gonna take a little
bit of the early morning which is the shimmery gold and I’m gonna press it
right here into the center of my lid Oh could you die it’s so pretty and then if
you don’t want a distinct line right there around the edges just take your
brush and loosely just like lightly yeah not loose I keep saying loosely so
pretty I’m gonna throw on some mascara and I will be right back I went ahead
and threw my brows on because nothing new to see here I’m using my same
from urban decay I’m using a little bit I’m gonna go ahead and bronze myself up
I’m gonna use a little bit of my number seven bronzer for blush I’m using Milani
this is luminoso use it a million times on this channel because so what I’m
doing actually is a man took a little bit of this and a little bit of my
bronzer combined because I want more of a glowy sunkissed look and then I’m
gonna use the highlighter still using the becca one from khloe kardashian and
Malika I’m just gonna highlight highlight it up so this is where the
glow enos comes in so I’m gonna focus right here on the top of my cheekbone
but then I’m gonna take it around to really have that pretty highlight so
kind of like a sheet of Shi yeah see shape but I’m really invoke ax Singh
right here and then I’m gonna take I’m gonna use a very edge of my highlighter
brush and I’m gonna get right under my brow and then I’m gonna do a little bit
above the brow just a light dusting and now this is why I was talking about with
the pimple is I’m going to really focus on the very highest point of my chin to
draw the light and I’m just lightly touching and same thing down the edge of
my nose no edge bridge I actually like to highlight my nose lately
before I contour it so I’m just going back in with that matte bronzer I’m
going down the edges I’m gonna connect up here to my brow which gives the
illusion of a very natural contour now contouring your nose gets trickier at
the edge because it depends on what you want to do to it so I don’t like to put
highlighter on the the tip of my nose because that would draw attention to it
and make my nose look larger because of the type of size and shape of the nose
that I that God blessed me with so I’m going to take whatever is left over on
my brush here and I’m going to go down kind of like in a v-shape and then also
go under my chin my turn to the lower lip
I’m being careful to steer clear at the pimple because I don’t want to draw
attention to the pimple I want the precise application right
here and then I’m just gonna use my damp Beauty blender to blend it all out I
just lay my lips with the laura mercier baby lips and then i outlined a little
bit more with a nude liner from Maybelline I’ve been using a dual liner
because it helps to create the illusion of larger lips I’m over lining but I’m
doing it in a very precise way I’m being very choosy about where I over line
using yeahshe from MAC lipstick let me know if you guys want me to do a video
dedicated to over lining and how to make your lips look larger because I haven’t
I was not blessed with large Clips so I’ve learned all the tricks and up to
making them look larger using makeup I’m just putting becca on top this is in
bare that’s a really beautiful shade so I’m pretty much done now with my face I
will go ahead and spray it but I’m gonna put my magnetic lashes on real quick
because I’ve just been wearing them everyday I’ve gotten so used to wearing
them everyday that now I don’t even like to do my makeup without putting them on
like they’re just a part of my normal routine whether I’m wearing a lot of
makeup or a little bit of makeup because I just feel like it just finishes my
look and it’s kind of the cheaters way of getting lash extensions so I’m gonna
pop those I’m really quick okay got my lashes on I put a little bit of liner
under them for some tight lining I used my lash paradise I love this
liner so much because of the marker tip it’s amazing I think that’s this that
this look is so pretty and glowy and your skin just looks so healthy it’s the
combination I’m telling you of this foundation with this these bronzer drops
but I am gonna film a tutorial as soon as my skin clears up of a no foundation
look that I wear when like running out the door and I’ve got errands to do but
I want to still put put look put together and these drops will be part of
it but then there will be no foundation and I’m telling you I can the the
combination of products that I’ve put together to do that look just gives you
a really peachy really clean healthy looking face and it’s amazing so that’s
gonna be coming soon but this look I feel like it’s just really beautiful
it’s great for going into fall because of like the the shimmer but this the
skin just looks so Chloe and shimmery and pretty and I’m just I’m obsessed so
I hope you guys like it let me know in the comments below what video you want
to see for me next and don’t forget to visit me on my blog angelo leotard comm
and come visit me over on instagram because monday through friday i have a
series up on my instagram not channel but stories every single day like monday
would you make up monday tuesday we do try on tuesday and so on and so forth
and it’s a lot of fun so I hope you guys come over there and follow me as well
thank you guys so much for watching and I love y’all so much or blah


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