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in the future today I wanted to talk to you guys about Burt’s
Bees BB cream and this is something new that i picked up
at my local Walgreens and I just thought that it was a great product now for the wintertime
so let’s go ahead and get right into it so this BB cream is a hydrating formula
they have three colors theres light light/medium, and then theres medium
so thats common with BB creams usually you only get two to three color options
to choose from however I do find that it is more on the medium
type of coverage so you can get some pretty good coverage
with this BB cream I’m wearing it today
this is how I look after a full day of wearing it
I did have to blot once and kind of powder my face to get through the day
since I am an oily complextion but I feel like if you have dry skin or normal
to dry skin that you’ll really enjoy this product
this BB cream actually reminds me of It Cosmetics CCcream
and I have both of them and they both have exact similar type of texture when you put
it on the skin so the it cosmetics CC cream is a 50 spf and
the burts bees bb cream is a 15 spf I feel like those are the main differences
between both of these products the way that they apply, the way that they
sit on the face the way that they hydrate and feel throughout
the entire day are similar in my opinion
so the smell of the bb cream is actually very pleasant
and a natural smell, it smells like a light hint of an essential oil
of maybe some sort of very light type of fruit scent
its very pleasant, it dissipates right as soon as you finish applying it so it is not
going to linger and it does smell good so so it is not overbearing
the cc cream from It cosmetics this one smells like oranges and ive heard alot of people
dont like that scent this ones completely opposite so i would definitely
not associate it when it comes to the scent but when it comes to everything else, it is
very similar this bb cream has Noni extract well known
for its antioxidant properties it helps to repair cellular turnover
and it combats inflammation so that is a great benefit to have in a bb
cream both the it cosmetics cc cream and the burts
bees bb cream are huge multitaskers
the only thing i would recommend is if you are going to be in the sun all day that a
sunscreen or a primer with spf should be put underneath it before going out into the sun
other than that it is pretty much going to last on your face the same
i am going to go ahead and talk to you guys about burts bees claims
this unique formula moisturizes, it visibly firms, it evens out skintone
it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
while providing a hint of tint and it says that it is a lightweight foundation
with super hydrating lotion with 9 clinically shown benefits and 3 mineral
rich shades overall I do like this product even though
I am of oily complexion, i will be reaching for this when I am going to be having more
of a light type of makeup day because you can definitely just take this
on your fingertips and spread it on your face, and go out the
door you wont have any streaking
so i will be reaching for this on those types of days
and ill be reaching for it now in the winter when my skin is a little bit more dehydrated
i just won’t expect it to last all day and it doesn’t claim to
it doesn’t claim to fight any oil it doesn’t claim to last that long throughout
the day so I’m not going to expect it to do that
what I am going to expect it to do is be a great coverage with some hydration
and if that is something that you are looking for in a bb cream
i would definitely recommend this and the price=point is great, so it is about
half the price or less than half the price of the It Cosmetics CC cream, so if you are
a lover of the CC cream, or you’ve maybe been wanting to try it out but maybe it was just
a little to high up there in price, I would definitely give the Burts bees bb cream a
try instead because it is anywhere from $15.99 to $17.99
so I hope you guys liked my recap of this bb cream
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and we’ll see you guys in the next video

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