Can The Dior 999 Red Lipstick Look Good On Everyone? | Harper’s BAZAAR

Can The Dior 999 Red Lipstick Look Good On Everyone?  | Harper’s BAZAAR

The last time I wore red lipstick was probably when I was 16 years old on Halloween Usually if I’m gonna wear lipstick. It’s very very neutral Maybe even a little bit on the darker side I really like the more wintry tones. So this is a big jump for me I never wear my lipstick because my style tends to be a bit more casual. There’s something about red lipstick that makes me feel more formal, so I tend to shy away from it. I don’t really wear lipstick because it feels way more try-hard than my personality. Do I wear it for the workplace? Do I wear it going out? I never know what outfits look appropriate for it, so I just kind of…I’m scared of it? I guess? I’ve definitely spent some time past few years trying different colors But the one that I find the most difficult would have to be red I don’t know if it’s my skin tone and a few that I’ve tried Just give me this… I guess I’d say crispy look on my lips? Not sure if that’s the appropriate word there… But I’ve never really felt comfortable with it. Hey guys, I’m makeup artist Daniel Martin and I’m here with Dior talking about 999. Considering that you don’t do anything else with your makeup and it’s just very subtle and it’s like mascara and a lash… embrace red lipstick like you’re putting on like a diamond earring or Embrace it as like an accessory that you’re gonna whip out on special occasions I picked out our new 999 Rouge Liquid for you.
-Ok!- And actually this formula is really great because it glides on really soft and really smooth, but it dries down a matte I love the fact that we want to try something new with red. You’re familiar with red; you wear red matte when you get dressed up Let me ask you this, do you wear your eye like this every day? Uhm, yeah. Ok, cool. Because that’s something that we have to factor in as well is to find something that’s going to compliment your eye Because I feel like when you do a cat eye, the eye that you have is…I feel like it’s you. And we definitely want to compliment that. Because you use a matte as like your dress-up color, Let’s try a red that’s metallic. Sounds good! This will give you a new dimension to your makeup, you can also use it for evening, but I think you’ll find that the finish will complement your eye that you could possibly wear it everyday. ahhhhh! ooooh my gosh, I’m terrified right now. It’s not dry! Usually matte lipsticks are really dry. So to be honest I almost didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror because it has been yearrs since I put anything like this on my face And I hate to admit this, but I really really like it. It’s making me question everything I’ve ever believed. I think the texture of the lipstick is great. It’s very lightweight. It’s perfect It’s what I’m used to in my comfort zone But also not a color I’m use to. So my initial thoughts were, I do love the color But I think what I like even more is I look in the mirror is it doesn’t feel good anything on Previously to this I had on just like light chapstick and this actually feels the same Which is interesting and I didn’t expect that. Normally with gloss or some lipsticks you feel it like it’s heavy but this actually feels really really nice, so I love it, in addition to the color. I definitely would use this as an accessory instead of a necklace or big earrings one day if I was going out. I feel like it’s a great first date lipstick! The texture is very… I don’t know, like very soft? It goes on very smooth And I and I do Have a red matte lipstick that I wear every now and then and I feel like it’s kind of like skips over my lips But with this it was like a smooth finish going back and forth, then the color took really well usually when I’m wearing a matte lipstick, I like to put something underneath it because the dryness tends to bother me But like honestly wearing this, I don’t feel like I need anything else on top of it I think it’s like, it kisses my lips, and it smells great! I love it!


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