Cancer Survivor’s Smile Transformation – Cancer Damaged Teeth – Cosmetic Veneers

Cancer Survivor’s Smile Transformation – Cancer Damaged Teeth – Cosmetic Veneers


  • friendlywhiteguy says:


  • mm8067 says:

    I am one step closer and closer to contacting your office for a consultation Dr. O! I have just started watching all your vids last week and your work are spectacular!! I may be a challenge for you but I believe on your expertise..

  • SpicayD says:

    So when is that video about why dental work costs being high going to come out? I'm genuinely curious to know so I can realize why I'm being screwed over so much every time I make a trip to my dentist.

  • Sandrea White says:

    Awesome. She looks just beautiful. My mistake was I went to a family dentist instead of a cosmetic dentist. Expensive lesson.

  • Bartosz Barejko says:

    You should be smile teacher you are good at it,

  • Monica Lewinsky says:

    Do any of your patients request lab-made veneers over the CEREC ones?

  • vita lule says:

    I gave up completely going to dentist but your great works are changing my mind, I will call your office as soon as possible

  • Sandy Sandoz says:

    I love your videos may God continue to bless you with knowledge and wisdom to help people restore there teeth, you enlighten us all …

  • Milly mags says:

    Amazing ! I have been searching and searching for the right people to help me! I'm in Ohio it sucks your so far! I've had dentist make some pretty bad permanent mistakes that cost thousands ! I'm really going to check into how I can get to u guys! Is it 2appointments? I have insurance but cosmetic stuff isn't covered. Like please!

  • Tanya Lopez says:

    I dont know

  • baddabing badaboom says:

    What if you had radiation due to throat cancer? My dentist almost insists i have crowns,and root canals as opposed to ANY other treatment for my teeth. He sends me out for second and third opinions on possible root canals, if the first endontist he refers me to, says the tooth is too far gone…Me, I'm all for that opinion, and implants, if possible (I know the risks), but I don't seem to have any say here.. I'm off to get yet another opinion Monday on an ever increasing tally of teeth (!?)many I didn't know had issues, until I noticed the gaping hole in one when it started causing me some serious pain. Going on a month now HE'S made MY decision for me..when do I get to make my own? He's always too busy or rushed to discuss anything, so i hope you see this. I don't know how to deal with the situation, I'm not good at advocating for myself and I know embarrassingly little about dental procedures – what I do know , I got from the internet & youtube – help!

  • Jane Sa says:

    i shouldnt become a dentisr…

  • Alex. xd says:

    I need this 🙁

  • claire M says:

    This guy should become a dentist! Very informative!

  • The One says:

    I'm going through the same thing..
    I'm a 48 year old breast cancer survivor and I had a stroke in 2012 leaving me disabled after being a manager for 25 years..
    My dentist wants to give me dentures but my insurance denied me..
    He is very upset with them at this point..
    I really want a full upper denture with no palate piece and a full lower denture both with mini implants so I can snap them in and out to clean (over dentures)
    My dentist was going to just use my dentures and add to them for the mini implants to be able to snap in and out of and remove the palate piece from the upper
    (but I wasn't approved for the dentures)
    I don't have good credit with all the hospital bills I accumulated before my disability kicked in giving me insurance again, so dental payment programs aren't an option..
    I can make the payments, but none of the dental programs will approve me..
    And the more that they keep running my credit, the more points it drops..
    I've lost 40 pounds the last year and a half because hot and cold foods and drinks are excruciating..
    I swallow alot of foods half whole and have developed gerd..
    I'm hoping something gives soon for me..
    Awesome video..

  • Sath Sah says:

    Amazing!!! We all value people who have great skills and share their talent with the world

  • dorcas irizarry says:

    It’s a well-known fact that chemo treatment ruins your teeth! I am a breast cancer survivor who had beautiful teeth and after chemo/ hormone depletion & medications, my teeth broken and falling out! It’s disgusting! And guess what??? INSURANCE WILL PAY FOR NEW BREASTS BUT NOT REPAIR TEETH!!! HOW PATHETIC IS THAT??? I GUESS BREASTS ARE MORE IMPORTANT IN SOCIETY THAN CHEWING!!! It’s an injustice when cancer leaves you too poor to go to the dentist and NO ONE WILL HELP!!! I’M THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED!!!

  • princess ndoro says:

    Can we see how you do it up close videos the process ??

  • Michael Calico says:

    I would love a new smile I can't recall ever really smiling in any pictures and the way things are going now I'll be dead before I can afford something like this Just because I survived cancer does not mean I am happy gonna call it quits soon

  • Crystal Hickerson says:

    This is great she was able to get this done. One of the things I was not prepared for after my battle with cancer and two years of chemo and radiation was that it would cause my teeth such damage and NOPE insurance does not cover anything. So I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who after surviving cancer you still have so much to go through from losing a breast to losing teeth?? WOW. Happy for her!!

  • Abner Adjian says:

    I really want to fix my teeth. 😫😫


    that was great!


    you've got the Rocky Balboa mouth….

  • Georgette Castillion says:

    Beautiful Smile!

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