Caribbean Princess cruise ship tour

Caribbean Princess cruise ship tour

Ahoy! Cruisers, and welcome aboard this ship
tour of the Caribbean Princess We are going to take you on a tour of this
recently refitted ship from Princess Cruises Let’s start in the centre of the ship ‘The
Piazza’ It covers decks 5 to 7 and it is a hub of
activity. It is a beautiful area that is surrounded
by shops, cafés, bars and guest services. You can watch live music and entertainment
during the daytime and evenings. Deck 7 is the place to go shopping. You can
find everything from Luxury items to Princess Cruises branded merchandise. Moving towards the front of Deck 7 is the
Grand Casino. Beyond the Grand Casino is the Princess Theatre. The theatre shows Broadway-style productions. On Deck 6 is ‘Shore Excursions’, ‘Future
Cruise Planning’ and the ‘Crown Grill’ ‘Crown Grill’ is a speciality restaurant.
Serving premium-aged beef and fresh seafood On Deck 5 is the Vines Bar serving wines and
delicacies such as anti-pasta and tapas. The ‘International Café’ is open 24-hours-a-day
and serves complimentary snacks and treats. On Deck 7 is ‘Crooners Bar’. A martini
bar with serving a menu of signature martinis and old-school mixed drinks. Outside on Deck 15 is the first of four fresh-water
pools onboard. This area features two hot-tubs. Surrounding this are three new additions;
‘The Pizzeria’, ‘Mix Bar’ and ‘The Salty Dog Grill’. Serving items such as
gourmet burgers. [music] ‘The Sanctuary’ is an exclusive adult
only area that is an additional charge. Here the stewards will tend to your every
need. [music] Just next door is the ‘Lotus Spa’ area
with a beauty salon, thermal suites and the fitness centre. [music] Deck 16 is home to ‘Movies under the Stars’
which shows movies and concerts. This surrounds the ‘Calypso Pool’. Cosy up under a fleece blanket and enjoy delicious
popcorn or cookies and milk. [music] Let’s go towards the back of the ship. We
can see the ‘Skywalker’ and just below is the ‘Pirates View Pool’ with a hot-tub
and plunge pool. This overlooks the adult only terrace pool. Wow! We were blown away by the amount of outdoor
space on this ship. It was spacious and beautiful. Let’s go inside now to the World Fresh Marketplace
which is the buffet onboard. This has had a transformation in the recent refit. On an evening this area also hosts two speciality
restaurants; ‘Steamers Seafood’ and ‘Planks BBQ’ [Music] The selection of food and quality was fantastic. There was a wide selection of food and we liked the desserts. [music] The recent refurbishment also included a big
technology upgrade. With the addition of the ‘Ocean Medallion’
technology, touch screens and faster internet. Here we have the unique ‘Skywalkers’ nightclub
with a moving walkway. In the nightclub is a DJ late into the evening. On Deck 19 are panoramic sea views. It the
perfect place for dancing and socialising. [Music] On Deck 7 is ‘Club Fusion’. This is a
dance club featuring karaoke, live performances and themed parties. We loved the seating areas scattered around
the ship. Along Deck 7 is the photo gallery. This leads
to the nautical themed ‘Wheelhouse Bar’. Next door is the speciality restaurant ‘Subroutines’.
It has had a redesign and offers you a taste of Tuscany. The ‘Explorers Lounge’ is another lounge.
This well-themed area hosts quizzes, lectures and live entertainment. We loved the theme. [Music] The refreshed cabins now offer the ‘Princess
Luxury Bed’. The ship offers Suites, Balconies, Ocean View and Interior Cabins So, what did we think? It was our first time
on a Princess Cruises ship but it will not be our last! We were blown away by how beautiful this ship
was. With its numerous outdoor areas, and refreshed
interiors. It’s a ship we cannot wait to sail on again. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe
to this channel and like this video. Look at our channel for more cruise content. Happy Cruising!


  • Brooklyn Perkins says:

    OMG so pretty

  • Colleen Mauler says:

    Great video !!!

  • James Bolger says:

    Thanks boys! The video brought back my delicious memories on Princess. Crown Grill is fabulous! Yum…

  • Ellie B says:

    Some day we will cruise on a Princess ship ❤

  • Emma Le Teace says:

    Fabulous! You do such a good job of keeping people out of the shots, that's a skill in itself! 🙂

  • Scott Singer Cruises says:

    Awesome video guys! Super professional looking!

  • Kallis Shipworld says:

    The ship looks great. Nice tour with smooth camerawork. Thumbs up.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Great vlog😀 Very helpful and informative as usual. Cheers!

  • Boat Lover says:

    One of the two best overall cruise ship tour videos, the other was another channel I watch a couple weeks ago. Many make me dizzy panning too fast etc… Your videos continue to get better each time! I like you have kept your videos from being too long as well. I've seen some vloggers I do like all of sudden making 30, 30 minute long videos for a 7 day cruise, LOL.

  • Gail Abert says:

    Nice job on the tour…I enjoyed it, Thanks!

  • Edward Kanitra says:

    I agree the seating areas were wonderful. Two griefs we had with it was the lack of big shows, and NO STRAWBERRIES!

  • nelsonlad82 says:

    Is the pool below the sanctuary now part of the sanctuary? When we sailed on it a couple of years ago it wasn't, but was adults only. But people seemed to think it was part of it, so it was often the quietest pool – also seemed to be the warmest

  • juleen gordon says:

    where's this

  • Julie Wilson says:

    Great ship tour , not too long but still lots of information .The ship looks lovely and quite classic , compared to others ive seen .Thanx x.

  • Jeffrey Peikin says:

    Beautifully done video. Filming was high quality, smooth, voice over and music was soothing. Very well done. I'm sold .

  • Gary Evans says:

    Wil be on this ship April 1st – 11th….. looking forward to having a BIG time.

  • Bailey Nikole Barnes says:

    I went on this ship on spring break in 2016

  • ecoRfan says:

    I went on this ship in August 2009. Of the six cruises I have taken, I would rank this one sixth, despite having great balcony staterooms that cruise as well as it having some of the better food. If anything else positive we god excellent sailing conditions and was the smoothest cruise I have taken from start to finish, and that was sailing out of New York too. But the service staff were disappointing especially our waiter who was cold and unhappy, and the recreational activities seemed limited outside the pool where everyone was. It was easily the most boring cruise I have taken. The layout of the ship with passenger flow was also terrible. While not bad, it lacked anything super exciting. Add in 4500 fellow people onboard and it wasn’t very exclusive feeling either.

  • Tim Kerwin says:

    Thanks for posting this VLOG. I love how you cover all the details. Keep em coming; BTW, I will be on this ship next February

  • Joshua Torres says:

    2 adult only pools? That seems unfair to the kids.

  • Amie Ziemerink says:

    My brothers working on this ship as we speak. As a photographer

  • jsbbhall says:

    You camera is amazing

  • starfiremale says:

    Lads lads!! It's BISCUITS, not cookies!!

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