Chatty GRWM LGBTQA Rainbow Pride Makeup (Facebook Live)

Chatty GRWM LGBTQA Rainbow Pride Makeup (Facebook Live)

Hey, guys. Let me adjust my phone. How are you doing? It has been one hell of a week for me, awful
week. I don’t know when I’ve had a worse week. It’s been that bad. I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend. Hey, Christie. I was just saying it’s been a pretty awful
week. I’m glad it’s almost the weekend. It’s Thursday. It’s almost Friday. My birthday is this weekend, so hopefully
I will have some fun. I know that the guys have something planned
for me, but I don’t know what it is, so I’m excited about that. I have no idea why I have a fleck on my face. Tonight I thought we would do a rainbow eye
since it is Pride Month. On Monday I had to put my pug Max to sleep,
and that was pretty fucking awful. Sorry. That was terrible. It was heart-wrenching. That basically just set the tone for the whole
week where, I don’t know, I just randomly started crying because it’s weird. Hey, Brook. It’s been a weird week. Anyway, yeah, I thought we would do fun stuff,
do a rainbow eye. I’ve got a bunch of Urban Decay eyeshadows
and the Tenant Palette, and then probably Pastel Goth that I’m going to use to create
a rainbow eye. Hi, Emma. I think it will be better soon. It’s just, I don’t know, even when your dog
is old and you think, “Oh, he’s doing really badly,” it’s still really hard to be like,
“Okay, we need to put him down. It’s that time,” because it’s just, ugh, it’s
so sad. Phaedra’s doing fine, although she’s a little
mopey. Do you want to say hi, baby? Come here. Come here. She’s like, “No, you can just look at me. Look at me in all my majesty, laying here
staring at you. I look so regal.” I guess I will go ahead and start with my
primer. I’m going to put on the Tarte primer. This is Tarte lid lock in buff. It’s supposed to be a neutral primer, but
I feel like it’s slightly warm on my skin tone. Regardless of which, I’ve been liking it. I need to do an all-day wear test, because
I think it actually manages to last on my lids without creasing, and it’s a vegan primer,
so if that’s the case, this might be the perfect vegan primer I’ve been trying to find for
the past two years, because people always ask me for vegan primer recommendations, and
all the other vegan primers I’ve tried have melted off of my eyes. It’s like my eyes are just oily, oily kryptonite
for eyeshadow, or for vegan primers. This has a bit of a tint to it, so it blends
in with my skin tone I feel like. Yay! I’m so happy to hear it. I love these dresses. They had some sort of 48-hour sale going on. I saw it last night, and I must’ve just seen
the end of it, because they were having some sort of “buy two get one free” sale on Amazon
and I was like, “Ah!” Then I was like, “No, I shouldn’t buy anything.” Then just today I went ahead and bought it
because I was like, “I need more dresses,” because I have been living in these dresses. They’re so comfortable here in Florida because
it’s so freaking hot and humid and gross out. This primer is great, or at least I feel like
it’s great. I just need to do one of those tests where
I take pictures of it every couple hours just to see how it lasts. Yes, I’m always so slow when I put my primer
on. I got this brush. It’s a Sigma brush. It is the Bake Precision Brush. It’s actually really good for using around
the eyes, because I feel like it gives me a lot of control and it blends out the primer. It makes it look a nice thin layer rather
than a thick layer, which is really nice. I also feel like it dries down, so I don’t
necessarily need to set it, because it doesn’t stick. Oh it looks white on you? Me, I feel like it blends in with my skin
tone and brightens my eyes a little bit. I’m going to start with this bright yellow
from the Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette, because it’s actually the best yellow that I have. I’ve got Sugarpill’s yellow, but it looks
like crap on me. It always goes dark. This one doesn’t. Let’s see. I’m going to put it at the inner part of my
crease. I’m just wiggling the brush back and forth. I’m going to try and make little circles with
the brush. This is a Sigma E25. Thank you! I got the hair done last Thursday and then
had to get my roots touched up on Tuesday and get a trim. Hey, Kaleigh! We are just putting together a rainbow eye. I’m using Kat Von D Pastel Goth Star because
it’s the best yellow that I own. I own a couple of yellows, but I don’t like
most of my yellows. This one I like. Oh wow, you’re lucky you tan, Brook. I just burn. Hey, Latisha! Hey, Cassandra! I’m just applying yellow to the inner crease
area, and I’m using a Sigma E25. I’m basically going back and forth, and then
I’m going to go in little circles just to blend it out. I don’t know if you can see it on the camera,
I hope you can, but this yellow just stays nice and light and bright, and it doesn’t
get dark and weird looking. I feel like my Sugarpill yellow, which is
called ButterCupcake, just gets weird and dark and yellow on me. It ends up looking clumpy or something, I
don’t know. I think that’s good for the yellow, so I’m
going to move on to my orange. Where’s my orange? The orange I’m going to use is one of the
Urban Decay singles. It’s called Spike. I was so, so happy when Urban Decay came out
with their orange and red singles because they’re nice and they’re bright and they’re
fun to play with. Let’s see what brush is going to be good for
this. We’ll try this one. I figured what better way to use brights than
for some sort of a Pride look. I’m going to go back and blend the edges in
a second. This is a tapered blending brush that I’m
using to apply the orange. Then I’m going to go back with the E25 to
do little circles where the colors meet, just to try to blend the colors a little. One trick I recently learned, if you’re having
trouble getting the edges of colors to blend, is to use an eyeshadow that’s slightly shimmery
on top of the color that you’re having trouble blending. If I couldn’t get the edges here to blend,
I would look for an orange or a yellow shimmery color to just put it down that stripe, down
where the colors meet, because if you use I guess a tonal color, either a yellow and
yellow or a brown and brown or whatever, it creates the illusion of blending. That’s why shimmery colors are easier to blend,
because they have that illusion going on. Hi, Krystal! A good set of brushes that’s fairly inexpensive,
I love Sigma. I don’t feel like they’re that expensive. They have sales all the time. They have sales codes all the time. I want to say my friend Roxy has a code for
it. I know that the big YouTuber Stephanie Lange
has a code for Sigma. If you want less expensive than that, I would
say Real Techniques or Eco Tools. Both of those you can find at Ulta. I’m going to hit my red next. For my red I’m going to use Urban Decay’s
Relish, which is this fabulous matte red right here. Oh no! Hold, please. I gotta go grab a microfiber cloth. One second, baby. I have to get a microfiber cloth. Can’t do makeup without one. Come on, baby. Come on. Do you want your piggy? Want your piggy? Come on. Good girl. Yeah. I know. Whenever I’m doing a look like this where
I’m going to be blending back and forth, I like to use microfiber cloths just to clean
my brush off in between. I also have one of those Color Switchs, but
this seems to do a really good job of grabbing the leftover shadow that’s on the brush. Going back with this red, which is Relish. I can definitely see why you’re getting the
candy corn vibes because of the yellow and the orange. I patted that on, and then I’m going back
in little circles. I have Wayne Goss brushes, but I bought them
under the impression that they were cruelty-free, and now I don’t feel like they are, so I feel
dirty that I own them. They are definitely excellent quality brushes,
in my opinion. I feel like they’re very high quality. I have a couple of his brushes that I use
because I can’t find any other brushes that are the same shape. Hi, Carrie! Hi, Erica! Hi, Pam! See, I’m already feeling better from playing
with makeup. I’m patting my brush on the orange just to
add a little bit more here, so we’re definitely having the color gradient rather than just
the yellow to red, because my orange blended away a little bit. There. Definitely can see that. Now I need to get the bottom. We need some blue and green. I think I’m going to do purple right here
and then have blue and green going on here. Maybe that’s what I’ll do. I’m going to use the bright blue and the lime
green that are from the Tenant Palette. Thanks, Carrie! I’m just going to use a smudge brush. I’m going to use the green first. Basically just doing it at the inner lower
lid. That counts for green, right, even though
it’s neon green? I love the pretty shimmer in it too. This is almost like an acid green. I like it when it’s nice and bright like this. I’m going to wipe off this brush and then
I’m going to go back in with that blue. This is probably the best teal blue that I
think Urban Decay has made. They have a lot, but this one’s my favorite. Don’t worry about the weird gap. I’m going to join it up with some purple. You know what would be really, really good? Somewhere in here I gotta have a shimmery. Where is it at? Oh yeah. Is that it? Urban Decay has Moondust eyeshadows, which
I love. I’m going to try taking this color right here,
which is Cosmic, and it’s iridescent, and I’m going to put it on the blue to make the
blue shimmery, because I feel like it’s an abrupt transition from the shimmery green
to the matte blue. I’m going to work some of this sparkle in
here. Yeah, I’m feeling better about that. This is Cosmic. I’m going to go back with a little bit more
of that green. A couple weeks ago I got this Bellabeat, which
is a fitness tracker, because I use to have the Fitbit Charge HR, and that thing kept
giving me a rash. No matter how I wore it, I put a cover on
it, I would break out in a rash from whatever thing was that tracked your heart, the heart
monitoring stuff, so I gave up on it and stopped wearing it, and my husband was nagging me. He was like, “It’ll help you get better with
the gym and everything if you have something like that.” I finally picked this thing up and got to
use it for the first time at the gym, and it wasn’t bad. It doesn’t do heart monitoring. It does your stress levels, it does your period,
it does your fertility, it does your steps. It does a lot of other stuff. It’s actually comfortable to wear. It hasn’t caused me to break out yet. I’m liking it. I’m still testing it out. At some point I’m probably going to write
a review on it. Let’s see. What have we got next? We need purple. I’ve got a lot of purple going on, so let’s
see, what purple do we want? Urban Decay has a lot of purples. I think we’re going to try this one right
here, which is Vice. Knocking shit over. Let’s see. You were asking about the Goss brushes. I actually have one of the Goss brushes here
that I love to use just because it’s really good for hooded eyes, for adding an accent
color. This is the Goss 20 brush. I’m going to look straight forward into the
mirror with my hooded eyes and start working this at the outer corner and blending it in. I’m probably going to cover up some of the
red and have to go back over the red. Aw. You may just need to practice doing one-eyeshadow
looks to get better at it, because that’s basically all I do is practice. Seriously. One of the things I’m going to do is shove
this brush here into the hood of my eye, I don’t know if you can see that, and work this
color back and forth, and then blend it down onto the lid. I still don’t know what we’re going to put
on the lid, because we gotta put something on the lid. Probably something sparkly. You want to do my makeup? I would love that, Kaleigh. Anytime you want, I am down. Let me go back with a blending brush. Hi, Ivy! I’m playing with rainbow colors because they
make me happy. I’m just doing tiny, tiny, tiny little circles,
trying to blend this purple in with the red. It actually blended in pretty well. This brush from Wayne Goss is really, really
nice I think for hooded eyes, for giving you control. I think I’m glad I chose a slightly shimmery
purple, because it’s so much easier to blend than a matte. Like I was mentioning earlier, when you have
problems with colors blending, just choose a slightly shimmery shade to put on top of
it, and apparently it works. Hold it in one place and spin it. You can actually see the skin from my hooded
eye moving when I do that. That’s the only reason I think my hooded eyes
irritate me is because I feel like the skin up here, it moves too much. I guess it’s also because I’m going to be
39 in a couple days. It didn’t hurt, I promise. The Goss brushes are really soft. With this brush I’m just trying to soften
it. This purple blends out like a dream. I don’t know, people complain about Urban
Decay colors, and I’m just like, “These colors seem to work pretty well.” I need to do something to soften this. I think what I’m going to do is go back to
the Pastel Goth Palette. I don’t know, hold on, let me think. Actually, I learned a trick from a YouTuber
where you basically take a bronzer and use that as your transition. I’m going to take a small brush and use the
Murumuru Butter Bronzer, which smells delicious, it smells like a tropical vacation, and soften
that line up here. This is a Sigma E36 brush, which I love. This is another brush that’s great for sticking
into the hood of my eyes. I’m basically going at the edges of this color
to try and soften it. Oh thank you! I use a lot of moisturizer and stay out of
the sun, because I burn like crazy. Ivy, your foolproof technique is using bronzer? I wish I had learned this sooner. It’s a great trick. It softens everything and makes it look so
much better. Can you guys see how that’s just softening
and blending the edge out? I’m probably going to have to go back and
add a little bit more red, because I feel like that got overpowered by the purple. I’m definitely going to have to clean up over
here. One eye always looks really good, one eye
looks like I went to Walmart. The bronzer thing is a really great trick. I feel like this is more of a neutral bronzer
than a totally warm bronzer. It’s not too warm on my skin tone. I’m just using this teeny, tiny little brush
to blend at the edges of my colors so that it just looks better and it’s not just like,
“Hello, bright chunks of color on my eye.” Actually I should wait to clean up the fallout
until I put lid color on. I’m thinking the lid needs to be something
super sparkly. How do we feel about Solstice, or should I
put down the pink first and then put Solstice on top? Because I’m thinking if I put the pink down
first, then put Solstice on top, with that glitter it’s going to be amazing, or I can
try and look for another glittery shade. Let me see. Oh, you know what? I think I want to use this one. This one is called Crux. I’m going to use it damp. Anytime I’m going to put a color on and use
it damp, what I like to do is just grab a setting spray of any sort. I put the color on the brush and then spritz
it. This is the Milani Make It Dewy Spray. This stuff is awesome for dry skin. Let’s see what this look … Oh yeah. I’m in love with this color. Holy crap. I love the Moondusts and then I forget that
I have them for a while and I don’t play with them, and then all of a sudden I’m like, “Oh
right, I have them in my collection. Why am I not using them?” This is an amazing, multidimensional color
that looks so good. I’m trying to just put it on my mobile lid,
but I have hooded eyes, so it may transfer, just because that’s how my eyes are. One thing I love about the Moondusts is they
don’t irritate my eyes. Some glitters really bother my eyes, but these
just, I think because of however they’re formulated, they don’t irritate them. I’ve never had them get stuck in my tear duct
or anything. I had that happen with a product from Stila
years and years ago. Caused my eyes to get really irritated. Crux is an amazing color. I feel like you never hear bloggers talking
about the Moondusts. Yay, I’m glad you like it. I think I’m going to have to go back and hit
the red again, and maybe a little bit of the yellow. Actually, I’m going to take a big floofy brush,
which is here somewhere, somewhere in my stash. Where’s my big floofy brush? Oh my god, I’ve got all these palettes all
over the place and I’m trying not to gouge any eyeshadows. Here. Clean this off on my little microfiber thing. I’m absolutely going to do face makeup. I’m going to do a whole look. I’ve been testing out The Ordinary Serum Foundation
with The Ordinary Primer and setting it, completely setting it, and that seems to work really
well. I want to put that on and show you what it
looks like. See, I’m telling you, this side looks a little
like it … This side needs a little help. I need to go back to that palette. Really? Why is this not sticking? There we go. I tried to put the lid on incorrectly and
it was just like, “Nope, that’s not going to work.” Not going to work for me. I’m going to go back with the red to just
get a tiny bit more red up here. I’m barely touching my brush. This needs a little bit more orange. I hated the foundation at first because it
slid off my face, and then I tried it with The Ordinary’s Primer, and I was like, “Whoa,
this is actually pretty good.” I keep wanting to do a wear test where I film
it and then I see how it wears throughout the day. It was not going to happen this week. I wanted it to. Just with everything that happened with Max,
it was just not going to happen. Hopefully I can do it next week or tomorrow,
just sometime soon, because I thought about doing it this week and it just wasn’t happening. Oh yay! Basically I’ve got this deep denim blue in
the front, and then in the middle section it’s a deep almost royal blue with a violet
undertone, and then in the back I’ve got a deep teal, and then I have a black layer underneath,
because I wanted to change my hair, and I was like, “Blue. Blue blue. Let’s go play with all the blues.” I’m really, really happy with it. I had my roots darkened so that when it grows
back in it’ll mesh with my normal dark hair. Oh yeah, I knew you meant an oil slick like
colors, not like my hair needed to be washed. I need a little bit more of this yellow. Man. What are you guys thinking of this? Does it feel like Pride? Now I can clean up the fallout underneath
my eyes. To clean up fallout, usually all I do is just
take something like this and either some Micellar Water or some makeup remover. This is Paula’s Choice makeup remover. Using something like this if you want to get
an edge, this is perfect. Yay! Happy to hear it. I need to grab some liner. If I’m not using the Kat Von D liner because
of my lashes, I’m trying to preserve them, what I like to use is the NYX Epic Ink Liner. It’s basically a dupe for the Kat Von D, only
it comes off easier. It’ll wear for me pretty well and won’t transfer,
but what I mean is I don’t have to scrub to get it off like I do the Kat Von D. Yay! Thank you, Ivy. It’s good for you to clean your brushes. That’s awesome. I’m just going to take this NYX liner and
line the upper lash line, just to give me a little bit of definition. It did help my Walmart eye, for sure. I’m torn about my lash extensions, because
I love having them and I love not having to wear mascara, especially when my allergies
are bad, because mascara will just come off in my eyes, which is gross, but I’m annoyed
sometimes at the upkeep and I feel like I should stop them again for a while, but my
ability to put on mascara is like this. It’s not something I’ve ever mastered. I don’t know what I’m going to do, if I’m
going to keep getting my lashes or not. I basically need a mascara that will do all
of the work for me. I love the tip on this brush, by the way. That just helps with the line a little bit. I’m going to put on The Ordinary Foundation
Primer. This is their High-Spreadability Fluid Primer. Now if you’re not familiar with The Ordinary,
they’re an interesting brand. They’re cruelty-free. They’ve got three different levels of products. They have their really inexpensive line that
has high-quality ingredients, and then they have their medium line, and then they have
their luxe line. They released foundations that basically broke
the internet, because they’re completely sold out. I don’t even know how long the waiting list
is to get the foundation, but the primer was available, so I decided I was going to buy
the primer to try it. Most of their stuff is $6 to $9. Yay, thank you! Their primer, it looks like hyaluronic acid,
if you ever have had a hyaluronic acid booster. You just spread it on. This one is for dry skin. It’s supposed to help moisturize your skin. My skin is clean and hydrated. Basically about 20 minutes before I logged
on here, I took a shower, because I was at the gym before that, and moisturized my skin. I used the REN Evercalm stuff for Rosacea,
so my skin isn’t terribly red, but usually after I work out at the gym, it looks a little
pinkish. This is supposed to help hydrate and make
everything smooth and perfected for foundation. I’m going to use my fingers to apply the foundation,
but I’m still going to want to go back over it with a beautyblender. Hold, please, while I get this wet. Are you comfortable, baby? She’s just like, “Can’t you make up your
mind and just keep on with the makeups?” I think I really like the primer because it
goes on very smoothly. As you saw, I didn’t really put that much
on. The foundation I’m going to put on is the
serum foundation, and the shade is 1NS, which is neutral silver. I feel like it’s a little bit dark on its
own for me, so I really need to mix white in. However, I’m feeling lazy, and I don’t think
you’ll be able to see on camera that it’s a little dark, so I’m just going to put it
on as it is. I squirt it into my hands and then I’m basically
just going to start it at the center of my face, because that’s where most of my redness
is. I think that’s probably the case for most
people. If you have any facial redness, it’s probably
at the center of your face. Oh thank you! I have rosacea, but I have been trying so
hard to make my skin happy rather than angry. For a while I was using chemical exfoliants,
but I was using them too frequently, and so my skin freaked out. Then I think a while ago, just at the beginning
of May, I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. I think that’s what it’s called. There are some places on my face that I was
over-exfoliating to try and get rid of dry patches, and the dry patches weren’t going
away. I was like, “What’s happening? Why is this going on? What do I need to do to fix it?” My dermatologist was like, “You can’t really
fix that,” or rather, she gave me medication, but she was like, “You can’t fix that with
exfoliation. That’s just not going to work.” Yay! I’m glad you like it. I feel like the color’s pretty close. It’s just a little dark. Honestly, I feel like under studio lights
you don’t really see that it’s so dark, but I feel like I can see it, because I like to
match my foundation to my neck here so that I look uniform from the chest up. I need just a tiny little bit more around
my forehead, like around here. I always feel awkward trying to do around
my brows with my fingers. I feel like I do a much better job with a
brush. Ah, I got my brow! It’s okay, I can fix it with a pencil later. I feel like with my studio lights on it looks
like an exact match. One of the things I haven’t done is I haven’t
seen if it oxidizes on me at all, because some foundations oxidize. If you’ve ever worn Urban Decay’s foundations,
you’ll know foundations oxidize, sometimes badly. What I really like about this foundation is
how it blends into your skin and it looks pretty much seamless. My skin doesn’t look perfect, but it looks
really good to me. You can still see that zit that I’ve had for
over a month that hasn’t faded. I feel like it looks very natural. Now what I’ve noticed with this is I have
to set this, because otherwise it’s gone in less than two hours. This is why I want to do the test is to see
how long it lasts. I’m going to set this with the Milani Prep
Set Glow Illuminating Translucent Powder. I love this. This stuff is awesome. I’m going to use my big-ass Tarte brush. I bought it from Ulta. It’s Tarte Air Buff something blurring brush. It’s a foundation brush. It’s just super luxurious and thick. Oh my god, I’m so glad I splurged on it, because
it’s amazing. I run my brush across this and then run it
all over my face gently to set the foundation, which by the way, I think this is an awesome
setting powder. I don’t feel like it gives you full-on disco
ball effect either, even though it says it’s illuminating. I feel like it just helps you to have a nice
sheen. It does have a super long name, Kaylee. That’s why I can’t remember it. I really hate when companies give products
really super long names, because I’m like, “I’m never going to remember this, ever. I’m just going to give up now, because I’m
not going to remember.” Where’s my nose ring? Here we go. I’ve been using my Wunderbrow product on my
brows, but I’m feeling a little lazy, so I’m going to use a pencil just to fill in a couple
gaps, rather than redo all of my brows again. I think finishing powders and setting powders
are actually two different things, though people do often use them the same. Setting powder is supposed to set your makeup,
and a finishing powder I think is supposed to give you a nice glow. I feel like companies make it really confusing
to know which is which. This is the ColourPop Jet Set Black Pencil. All I’m trying to do is just fix up my brows
a little bit. I’m probably going to have to go in with a
pointy Q-tip to fix up the edges where it looks like after three days it’s ran a little
bit, because the Wunderbrow product lasts for three days, it lasts through the gym and
it lasts through showers, but I think that since this is day three, it’s feeling a little
sad. Let me grab a pointy Q-tip. By the way, if you are ever in a pinch, pointy
Q-tips or regular Q-tips can be used to blend. When I tell people this, they’re like, “Are
you kidding?” and I’m like, “Nope. It actually works.” I will often use them to clean up around my
brows. I may need to go back and use a little bit
more foundation there. What color blush are you guys thinking for
this? Nude? Because I feel like with all the bright colors
on the eyes, it probably needs to be a little bit softer. Ugh! My left eye is my Walmart eye. It just doesn’t ever want to look nice right
now. My lashes look crappy. I had them filled not that long ago, so it’s
not like it’s toward the end. What am I going to do on the lips? I think I should do something bright on the
lips, but I’m not sure what. I feel like a red would be really good on
the lips. Hi, Peta! I think I’m going to start with, this is Glamor
Doll Eyes Skeletina, and it’s a grayish contour shade. I’m not exactly going to contour, but I’m
going to use it as a bottom blush shade. I will definitely do red lips. I’ve been feeling red anyways. I did red on Instagram recently and everybody
went crazy over it. This is basically a very cool-tone gray color
with a slight orange shift. It’s kind of a contour but kind of not, kind
of a blush color. See, it’ll give a little bit of definition. Red-purple ombre for the lips? I can try. I can probably do a purple pencil and then
red and then try to blend it. I have the little … Where are they at? I have these little … These things seem
to be great for blending lipstick. I’ve got that on. Let me grab … I need a nude blush. Where is my nude blush? This is a Gallany blush, and the color is
called Au Naturale. Let me find a brush to put it on, and I will
then make my cheeks have the nude blush. I want a different brush. This is one of the Real Techniques brushes. Yep, she’s sleeping behind me. She’s just chilling out. Oh my god, this pan is not wanting to give
me any blush. It was fine before. Now it’s just like, “Nope, not going to give
you color.” Thank you! She’s a standard poodle. She’s my baby. Even she’s feeling a little bit down this
week. This is probably my favorite nude blush because
I feel like it’s just the perfect hint of whatever color this is that doesn’t want to
come out. I’m digging at the pan. It’s just like, “Nope.” The other reason this brush is awesome is
because if I go over this lightly, you just somehow blend it in beautifully, and then
my blush actually looks like it’s supposed to, rather than me going, I look like a hot
reject mess. The blush is Gallany Au Naturale. I need highlight. Of course I’m going to put on my Makeup Geek
Celestial Highlighter, which is my favorite highlighter, with my Unicorn Brush from wet
n wild. Taking the big brush again to just blend and
soften. I love love love this guy. Hi, Jan! Hi, Karen! Yay, blue hair! All about that blue hair. I’m going to highlight under the brows with
Makeup Geek Celestial, my favorite highlighter. This is the Kat Von D Shade and Light Brush,
which is always my favorite for highlighting, just because it has the pointy end. It makes it easy for me to get under my brows. With hooded eyes you don’t really want to
go all the way. Some people will go all the way across with
your highlight. I don’t do that, because it just doesn’t look
good on me. Where’s that little, tiny brush I had again? The brush that has a little bit of that bronzer
left on it, I’m just going to use to soften the edges. I usually go live at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time
in Poise Chat. The eye makeup’s from this stream. I’ve been putting this whole look together
during this stream, as I’m stuttering, because I wanted to put together a pretty Pride look
for Pride Month. I’m just using the tip of my beautyblender
to blend the edges a little bit. I personally feel like this foundation makes
my skin look really good, but because I had to set it with the powder all over, I feel
like I need to spray it, so I’m going to spray it with that Milani Make It Dewy Spray. I don’t know why, but these two products from
Milani I think are amazing. Now for lips. Let me find a purple lip pencil and see if
I can possibly do some sort of an ombre, although, not going to lie, I think I suck at ombre
lips, so we’ll see how it turns out. This is Kat Von D Roxy Pencil. I think what I’m going to do is just color
the outer parts of my … I’m going to line my lips. Actually, I’m going to line my lips in red
in the center and then do purple on the outside and then color in the purple and then put
the red lipstick on top to make it a little bit easier to blend. I’m going to use the Outlaw Pencil first. Actually, I guess I’ll just fill this in. I should’ve exfoliated my lips. I hope you guys aren’t frozen. Can you guys hear me? I’m going to go in with the purple now. Oh, so glad! I don’t know if this is the best way to do
this, but this is how I’m going to try and do it and see if it works. The red I’m going to use is NYX Lucy, which
is from their Pinup line. This is a killer red in my opinion. I’m kind of maybe halfway there, so I’m going
to start blending. This is a little sponge. That lipstick is NYX Lucy. It’s from their Pinup line. I think it’s amazing. It’s a fabulous red. I’m wearing it on my two most recent Instagram
photos. Basically this little thing I think makes
it easier to blend. What do you think? I’m not really good at this whole ombre lip
thing, but you can see a little bit of purple. I guess I can go back with the pencil and
try to make it a little bit more obvious. My friend Mickey is way better at this whole
ombre lip thing than I am. I still feel like up here, when I said ombre,
my lips got messed up with the liner, and I’m trying to figure out how to fix it. There’s this one point on my lip that is sticking
and I don’t know why. No! Not going to panic. This is Cover FX Perfect Pencil, and I’m going
to use it to fix whatever that was when I tried to fix the other error. Nope, still not working. Let’s try this pointy Q-tip. Usually at this point I say screw it, take
off my lips, and redo them, but I feel like I have the ombre almost working, so I don’t
want to undo everything I just did. I’m slightly overdrawing my lips. I don’t normally do this. Does that look better? I’m trying to fix where there’s the mistake. It still likes funny to me. Ugh! You know what actually will help? Let’s see. I’m going to take a little bit of foundation
on an angled eyeshadow brush and see if I can fix it like that. It’s just one spot. I
think that’s fixed now. I just need to wait for the foundation to
dry so I don’t look like I have half a mustache of white on, because that’s what it looks
like right now. Yay. That matches a little bit better, but I’m
still going to blend this out. You guys can’t see it? I can see it. I feel like it looks like I have on a white
mustache. Basically I made it match, and I’m just taking
a Q-tip, trying to blend at it. This is why I don’t do ombre lips, but it’s
kind of there. Hey, Eugenia! My attempt at ombre lips is there. Let’s see. I think I might need a little bit more blush. Other than that, I think this look is almost
done. I did a Pride look for Pride Month, rainbow
eyes and all. This blush didn’t look like it had any sort
of hard surface on it, but after I ran my brush across it, all of a sudden it looks
like it basically picked up a bunch of oils. How annoying. I’m taking a tissue to basically try to clean
that off. If you ever see this with your eyeshadow or
your blush or anything and it’s a powder product, you can basically just take a tissue to rub
it off and fix it. It’s really subtle ombre. I basically did purple at the outer corners
and then red in the center. It’s not very bold. The other thing this is good for is taking
off the powdery effect from having set my makeup all over and then using powder blush. It’s not very bold as far as ombre. I know most people do a much better job than
I do, but this was what I could come up with. Here we go with my Pride look. I actually love the eyes. I think the eyes look awesome. I feel like my skin looks pretty good. My lips look a little sad. I kept trying to fix them and ended up overdrawing. My lips are not my favorite, but the eyeshadow,
man, the eyeshadow I’m feeling. Thank you guys for hanging out with me and
chatting and stuff. It was really nice. It’s been a terrible week, so having something
fun that I did … Oh god, I got red on my teeth. Agh! Remember to blot. I hate getting lipstick on my teeth. Yay, thank you! Thank you guys. I will have someone pictures to share of this
look soon, so I will see you later.


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