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You guys I’m So happy to be back. I don’t think you guys Understand that has gone down in my life the past like two weeks is Incredible I live in South Florida, so I did just go through that whole hurricane irma crap I live on the east side though, so it wasn’t as bad as it was on the West Coast the West Coast was like Decimated it was really bad And my heart goes out to everybody that was down there so my heart goes out to all of those people that Were hurt they were injured they lost their loved ones Belongings everything like that my heart truly goes out to you But other than that if you guys want to continue watching And getting a little bit of an update on what’s been going on with me, and this whole burger king crab just keep on watching I’m gonna do is I was gonna make like a Separate video talking about this product right here. It’s a Korean brand It’s called make OOP raw sauce and it’s a hydrating nourishing essence is that it has Maple tree sap in it and I was like that’s so weird first thing that came to my mind is that oh my god It’s gonna be so sticky. It’s me awesome for a primer So let’s find out if it works, so the bottle is cute. It’s like a frosted Frosted little bottle right here. It just says what it is, and then it has like a bamboo looking Cap on it It wasn’t say to shake it or anything it says after cleansing and toning Apply a generous amount to face and neck and upward and outward strokes with your fingertips Or a cotton pad Pat the remaining product into skin until fully absorbed Okay doesn’t feel I Don’t know if I like the smell of it though It kind of has like a rubbing alcohol smell to it, and then it says Pat in Anything that’s left over Okay, yeah, it’s definitely sticky For sure I’m gonna put in a little bit of professional This is just the little sample that I have I ran out of the big one And I was literally just an Ulta and I forgot to grab it go figure we had a minor technical Difficulty R. My memory card broke don’t really know but go figure I have on the Dior skin forever I’m in the shade zero one four I use the new will new for me I use the pure makeup foundation brush thing and Then for concealer I use the heart shape tape but I am just gonna put on a little bit more because I didn’t run out and Set the concealer so We’re gonna do that but what I was talking to you guys about? Before was about the whole hurricane Irma situation that I had to deal with Like I said, I think I said this in my intro I do live on the East Coast so I didn’t get it as bad as the West Coast got it So I am Extremely extremely thankful for that we knew I’ve seen it all in news I’m not gonna sit here and talk about the hurricane cuz I really just it’s just too much talked about But I did lose power for an entire day and a half for The most part it was a total of 31 Hours and I was awake pretty much all of that besides like four or five Because I mean I live if you live in South Florida if or if you’ve ever visited South Florida before you know how hot it is down here and Living without electricity or or AC is just it’s just not gonna happen like There is no way that you’re gonna be able to live without AC this set my concealer I’m gonna go in with the RCM a translucent powder as always I’m going to take just a random brush And whatsoever left over I’m just gonna put on my lashes If you guys see my lashes a little bit lobsters short I have lash extensions, and I’m an idiot and I Was sitting there last night pulling them out. I don’t know why um So I went back and I got New extensions for the most part anything that was already all my lashes or any lashes that I had left over She kind of just puts them on so it looks like I had lashes So at the moment until they grow back. They are gonna be looking a little jacked up especially this one right here it looks crazy right now So she did what she could and now it kind of just looks like my natural lashes And we’re gonna have to deal with that because I’m not touching them I’m not putting on like any false lashes on top of this. It’s not gonna happen now I’m gonna go in with the BH Cosmetics the Carli bybel palette. Do you guys like my little pumpkins? I’m so excited for fall. It makes me so happy Something the name. Oh, I’m gonna go in with her palette It’s so pretty okay, so I don’t know if there’s a sheet color names– No, okay. There’s not any shade names in this so I guess I will just Point Do it first shade that I’m going to dip into is going to be the shade right here? It looks like it’s one of the second to lightest colors in the palette So we’re just gonna go with that one gonna use that as our transition color right here Let’s figure out that I’m going to use the same brush I’m using the morphe e27 brush And I’m gonna go in with the third color on the top row so it’s going to be this shade right here And I’m kind of just gonna deepen up that creates just a little bit more. I’d to tell you guys What has been going on and why haven’t been on here like I know I don’t have that many subscribers By all means like at all I haven’t even reached a thousand yet but I feel like if I continue to Communicate you guys will see that I truly am passionate about things like a lot of people nowadays they Just say oh, you’re just in it for the money You don’t really have any passion for makeup, and that’s not true I see a lot of small youtubers nowadays that yeah some of them are like that They want it just for the money, but I see a lot of other ones too that Love makeup they love sharing their passion for everything Cosmetics beauty like fitness like everything like that people that go on YouTube like they feel like YouTube nowadays like there’s just a lot of nastiness and dirtiness and It’s really just not cool like I’ve been watching YouTube videos for ever now like ever and The community itself never it was like this like I see all of these huge youtubers that Just continue and continue to get cyberbully and it really it’s hurtful Because it’s like these are people too Like they have lives outside. They have feelings outside of YouTube. They’re not a robot whenever I see all these nasty Comments on people’s YouTube channels like Jacqueline and Kathleen like that thing that just happened to them like it’s really It’s a really bad situation that it was like I definitely think that it was wrong for what happened but I do think out the end of the day they did apologize for it and I mean Come on Like move on besides that I’m gonna go in with this shade right here It’s going to be the third shade on the last row and I’m going in with a more feet beat thirty Brush, it’s the brush to that it’s like messed up. I don’t know what happened. Yeah, I created this channel I don’t really want any hate like I know not everybody will like me at the end of the day, and that’s okay like everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, but I don’t want to see anybody bullying other people on this channel like you’ve been bullying me all you want I got a tough backbone here You can say what you gotta say about me. It’s not gonna hurt me at the end of the day because I am confident in myself Nothing anybody really says can hurt me which I Can definitely say that it’s a good trait to have But it’s also not unnecessary things to have to deal with at the end of the day, so I’m just going back and forth in windshield wiper motions with this darker brown shade I’m kind of just building it up I don’t really know the pigmentation that goes on in these pallets, so I don’t want to take too much at a time I’m trying not to touch my lashes cuz I just Came back from getting them done. I also don’t really know where I’m going with this I always feel myself going towards like all of these like warm tones And stress, so I think that’s probably what’s gonna happen what I’m doing know What I’m doing is a focusing the color More on the outer end And then I’m dragging whatever is left over on the inner If you guys ever hear like rustling like things going down It’s my dog Like it’s my dog if I don’t have her in here She’s crying in the other room, and then you guys can just hear that and it sounds like my animals being abused No, baby, but now I’m gonna just do the lid shade. I’m not gonna do anything crazy So I’m gonna go in with the more feet r39 brush, and I’m gonna dip into This shade right here I’m gonna focus that on the outer half So I can’t remember if I told you guys yet about the camera situation, I don’t think I did, okay, so The whole camera situation that I had going on was basically Something with the wiring was off on my camera, so I had to get it shipped out to Canon which is in Connecticut I think they told me so I had to get that shipped out And they basically had to figure out what the hell was wrong with my camera itself Turns out that there was a little bit of wiring that was messed up a little bit so that took about a week That was a week before the hurricane hit so I was like okay. It’s not a big deal I’ll be a week late. I ended up being about two and a half weeks late because Of the hurricane it Delayed all of the shipping like that’s kind of what happened, and why I was in my a for a little bit I know I told you guys On Twitter and snapchat the guys follow me if you don’t links down below. Hit me up. I’m going in with this Vanilla e shade right here For a highlight that was the reason why I was still a my a no to send my whole face I’m gonna go in with being laura mercier And for bronzer I’m gonna go in with the What are you called a benefit with the benefit hoola bronzer I don’t know what the fuck happened to my brush. We’re gonna use the other side. This is the morphe R7 brush, I’m just gonna dip into that So for blush I’m gonna go in with color pops Super shock cheek in quarters the shade right here I don’t really use color pom only because I find it super Hard to use for me for some reason really I haven’t been a blush person lately So I haven’t really been using blush that much so I’m gonna go back in with Carly’s palette I’m gonna do exactly what I did before on the lower lash line, so I’m not gonna record this part. I will Be right back Okay, so for mascara, which is only going on my lower lashes. I’m gonna use in the it cosmetics superhero, and I’ve never used it before But it has a wand that looks extremely Pramod So for a highlight, I’m gonna go in with the karlie palette again And I’m gonna use this shade the shade right here For the highlight i’m also gonna mix that white in Just a little bit I’m telling you it’s like ever since I tried those the Kylie cuz it’s really pretty Ever since I tried the Connie cosmetics those loose powder things. I’ve been so afraid to go like in with a highlighter like I always do the smallest amount first and Then I build it up. I used to just like if it was a lot It was a lot, and I didn’t care, but now I’m sitting here like oh my god I don’t want to look like a complete disco ball like a little bit. I’m down for but not too much I Always like to put the foundation over my lips That way it’s kind of like a blank canvas for me. You don’t have to do this better for my list first I’m gonna line it with the NYX liner. This is in the shade natural I think Oh You guys remember how I said that I was getting lip fillers in my prior video well, I ended up not getting them I was supposed to go to Another person, but they were completely ebooks and I was like I don’t really want to wait that long But then I really thought about it and I decided that I’m going to wait so the lip fillers are not going to happen um until like November So it’s like Take my handy-dandy lip track so on top of that. I’m gonna go in with the anastacio Beverly Hills pure, Hollywood And then I’m gonna take just a little bit of Kylie cosmetics the Coco collection sugar pump right in the middle Finally the last thing that I always do you know the drill the glam glow glow cider setting spray And that is it for this chitchat get ready with me, it should we got going on it guys? I’ll enjoy don’t forget to subscribe down below I do have the giveaway that I have going on every few thousand Subscribers that I get you guys get some things from me I bought it all because I am so appreciative of everybody that I subscribed and Literally starting with me like from the beginning Don’t really know why I always going with that one, but yeah, I just make sure that you subscribe Let everybody know that way they can be entered in I’ll let you guys know more details as it gets closer to being subscribed I’m almost at 600 now so few hundred go Yeah

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