Christmas Giveaway // Vlogmas Day 1 [CC]

Ta daa Oh Head rush, (haha) no I haven’t you know like dyed my hair and then got ridiculous extensions It is a wig from EvaHair and Pretty damn fine wig it is to Look it even has a lace front I have been told that that’s really important in a wig, but basically I just wanted to be super Christmasy today because Merry Christmas. It is the first day of Vlogmas! I’m really overexcited. Can you already tell? I need to chill! 25 days until actual Actual Christmas happens, but still super excited and I’m really really excited for you guys too because I doing a nice big giveaway this year I Had so much fun doing it last year and then doing a Valentine’s one, and I just I just love giving stuff away To be in with a chance of winning All you have to do is go down to the link Will be in the description that will take you to a post on my Instagram All you have to do is be a subscriber to this channel follow me on Instagram put a comment on that giveaway post with three names of people you think absolutely love to get involved as well and Also, I would like you to put in your favorite Christmas emoji Cuz actually I really like emojis Oh, Christmasy goodness, and then I will pick one of you fabulous people at random on the 25th And I’ll let you know in the video that we do that day which will probably be a livestream Yay now let us go I’m going to go buy a tree, a Christmas tree and then I am going to decorate it because only I am allowed to decorate the tree I may have may not wear the wig to go and buy the tree Don’t know depends on how the people at the garden center feel that’s fine Out Oh what’s happened? We’re about to go for a walk, I fainted And I fell on a squeaky toy I know it’s really quite funny Where is it? Hold on, it’s under my bum! Oh dear Alright, I’m gonna take the dogs out This one is like dying yes This one is so ready to go She got jacket on and everything Guys have fun Right I gotta put my shoes on Yeah, okay Well, I shall continue this look from the floor. Wow such an unattractive lighting angle oh Jesus don’t get lit from beneath uh The dogs are so used to this they don’t even care! Hi, Walter. Hi Normally he really cares if I’m actually really injured, or if someone’s crying. He’ll come and help I think I’m lying on someone’s lead as well Hello Waltzy, hello. Tilly doesn’t care, no feeling! so Jessica was feeling a little under the weather today, so she didn’t want to come join for a family walk, but normally This is what we’re doing up here. The dogs are loving it! I really like coming out for walks. Just clears your head and It’s one of the beauties of living somewhere like Brighton. We have city life, but also just Amazing scenery and countryside. You know you got the downs. This is literally just Five minute drive I mean you can walk here, but we tend to drive so that these two can just jump straight out of the car and then look right over there It’s really nice still day today one of those like cold winter days, got my gloves on Yeah, I’m gonna go back and help Jessica get ready for the day [Not so great singing by Claudia] 🙂 No I don’t know the words! Beauty of driving alone! Although Jessica is deaf so… She doesn’t know when I the words wrong. She thinks I’m an expert at song lyrics Is that a delivery we like delivery yes, we do hey you were finally out of the house So tidied the entire house taking everything none Christmasy, put it in the loft Put all the Christmas stuff down and now we’re gonna go and get the tree Look we’ve even got the back of the car ready put the seats down, covered it up It’s like we’ve done this before – now to the garden center! Difficult to know I like those ones because They call out to my swedish roots Would be burning birch trees Now not too big not too small just perfect really We have found our perfect tree! What more could you ask for, it’s so bushy Great, it is also love smell everything about it really is just perfect no Claudia. Yeah, yeah Yeah, could I see the top of it? I’m still planning about that one. Okay, you won, this one looks nice Okay, no it’s too small what? Actually, this is what you said last time, and then we got at home, and it did look a bit small Do you remember that year I made you put it on a box? Yeah, yeah Yeah we’re moving on, not putting it on the box, there’s a lot of trees we can look at Oooop! That was too active You’re ill, remember It’s the most active I’ve been this week This is so elegant I think is the perfect size, and I know that it’s really bushy around the outside But you just cut that off and then use that to decorate the rest of the house Yeah, fair enough, mantelpieces, up the stairs It’s attacking my hair, see he loves me! It loves me it wants to become a part of me, alright. Oh It wants to come home with us see This is our tree alright. Take it out. My nose is really blocked, but I bet it smells good Yeah Okay tree So here is the tree It smells nice. Mmmmm! Christmassy! I can’t smell my nose is so blocked. I have quite a lot of fun pushing that around though. We need to get home a light a fire! It’s so cold. It is. I actually crashed the tree into someone Into this guy he seemed quite pleased about it really yeah. I had to be like sorry. I’m not flirting my trolley skills are just really bad! Days like a Christmas movie yeah like a meet-cute No Sorry Just a danger to society You look so cute here, yeah, I genuinely love this beanie on you think it’s adorable you look very cute I fancy you very much in that beanie. I have to say, thanks. Kiss me over the tree Bum warmth! Oh yeahhh. Maybe we can take this disabled pass down Hey check out my cool little case I actually got this for Christmas at 10 years ago Let’s see the photo inside it I forgot about that oh, yeah that pictures really nice actually not an embarrassing photo. Hold this I can’t drive and hold the camera The tree is attacking me! You didn’t put your glasses on. No I genuinely forget until I start driving and realise I am blind! Oh Like in the surgery the other day this patient was like oh I can see my x-rays Were taking on the 16th of June or whatever and I was like, can you see that date and she said yeah? It just says it. I was like oh, I can’t see that from here. She was alarmed Are you allowed to operate on my teeth? I’m wearing contact lenses, and I was like oh yeah, that’s like I do wear glasses But I don’t wear them like at work. She was like maybe you should We’ll only need them for driving and watching TV and in the cinema so know where anyone can really see me I think they suit me though. Although if my eyesight does get worse I might get contacts. Yeah, and also. I don’t know what other people think about this, but like when I’m taking photos through the viewfinder It’s quite hard with glasses on. We’re back in the house. I’m like snottyer and grosser. Well. That was before I’m so sorry, so disgusting anyway. Look I still have my balloons! They’re still going strong well done, Evelina and Clara for those oh So we stopped along the way picked up some food and stole some logs From my sister-in-law’s house. It’s fine. It’s my just mind so our house is a complete tip right now Yeah Yeah Just kind of brought everything in out the car Shove everything in that’s fine! Fine it’s good gonna get this tree. I’m gonna bring it and cut the lower branches off so I can decorate with them Shape the tree Leave it to rest Edit this video, put this video out, Hey Yes, this will be done this will be done today. I can do it And then have a lie down and maybe sleep for about 20 hours That feels like a reasonable length of time to sleep, but I can’t sleep for 20 hours cause tomorrow’s it’s Pauls birthday [Indistinct chatter] [More indistinct chatter] You just love the tree that much I Trust you so much And it’s done, here’s the treeeeeeee Ah la la la! The dogs are running. Okay I don’t know what’s happening right now, but look. Here’s the tree and currently it is settling Resting its branches the coming down flat to flatten themselves out, and then I’m gonna decide which bits I will chop off and Tomorrow we are going to decorate it yes Wifey. I did a bad thing What did you do? I like… That ground sheet that green ground sheet there the whole time to collect all the needles yeah I folded it up neatly Carried it outside and then in a moment of madness just threw it all on the floor But then realized that floor is still our garden, and it’s not gonna go anywhere So it’s just on the decking now a big pile of pine needles. So now you have to now clean up your pine needles. Yeah I still love you well done. Yeah you try it And here’s a reminder of the giveaway as well because I want one of you Amazing people to win it because you have been so fantastic to me, and I am very touched By all of you and you’re very very kind. Thanks, oh my god, I’m going to tear up, but don’t do that come on pull it together Jessica. Basically, Thank you! Now enter the giveaway someone’s gotta win!

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