Clothing Storage Life Hacks! [CC]

Clothing Storage Life Hacks! [CC]

Hello, and welcome to at home with Jessica and Claudia Lots of people ask me how many clothes I have? I’ll be honest, it’s a lot – I have a lot of clothes. But I wish to keep things tidy and nice in our very beautiful house We put two-thirds (That’s a four, I can’t count..) of all the clothes in the attic at any one time so it’s a beautiful and tidy Not that it’s looking very tidy right now So what we’ve done so far is take all of the winter clothes out of the the drawers and out of the wardrobe so that it’s all ready for summer stuff to come in. Then we vacuum pack all of the autumn / winter / early spring clothes Winter early spring clothes and un-vacuum pack the ones we put up in the attic. You did not come from the attic. Claudia: Hiii!
Jessica: Aw, *kiss* We’re gonna vacuum pack this, so let’s get changed. ~packing musical interlude~ Claudia: Ta daaaa!
Jessica: Free the clothes! So we’re also unpacking very sunny holiday strap – I like strap.. Because we’re going to Ibiza! No? One of the most important things about taking stuff out. Of your vacuum-pack bags Is that if you don’t like it anymore? It doesn’t fit? You should give it to charity It’s going to charity Sorry, old friend. I wore this for my 15th birthday. I think that means it’s time to go. Claudia: Yeah. What do you think, Walter? Walter: *snores*
Jessica: *laughs* Stop asking the dog his opinion And now we have lots of nice summer clothes! ~ musical dance break ~ Jessica: Such a clean and tidy room! Ta daa Now here are some tips on wardrobe management from someone who really loves clothes When I first met Claudia, she was the type of person who would go into her wardrobe “Oh my God look here’s this top that I haven’t seen for two years!” If you are this type of person – – you have too many clothes. I have such a large collection of clothes there are two thirds of it at any one time my living upstairs in the attic However, I remember every single piece that is up there, and I don’t buy anything that I already have Throw things away after a certain period of time Like 10 years If you are in your late 20’s and still own things that you had when you were a teenager.. It is time to let them go. No.. Grow up. No.. Even if they still fit think about how many times I’ve gone through the wash. Think about how many different Kind of maybe gross things, that that piece of clothing has touched Vacuum pack your clothes. Clearly this is a brilliant idea – – because if you’re just going to pack them up in like a box or something they’re going to get ready dusty and a little bit *disapproving sounds* never keep clothes because you think that you are going to get thinner – – or bigger or taller. Actually, taller doesn’t count if you are an actual child you are allowed to keep something, believing you will grow. If you are not a child I really don’t think you’re going to grow? Sorry. If you haven’t worn it in last year at least Give it away. You’re not going to wear it. You’re just fooling yourself. It’s a lie I’m sorry. Arrange your clothes by season Not by color or length or anything like that because length surely isn’t that important.. Other great ideas! have great fun clothes swaps with your friends or sisters, brothers, whoever! It means you get an entirely new wardrobe whenever and it’s completely free! Amazing! Alternatively become gay – – with someone who shares your body type. If there are clothes you know you’re only going to wear once a year or twice a year. I’m thinking summer holiday clothes here. Keep them all in one suitcase in your attic or storage cupboard Wherever you store your stuff. I don’t know where you store your stuff And that way it’s all there it’s all ready for when you need to pack, but! – Crucially! – is not taking up extra space Shoes do not become more comfortable This is a lie, alright? that is a lie sold to you by shoemakers of the world. Breaking in a shoe? Like, huh..*scoffs* If you’ve worn it like five times And it has not become more comfortable it is not going to become more comfortable If you’ve seen yourself in a photograph Wearing this item of clothing, and you hated the way you looked – – get rid of it. Both the photograph and the item of clothing. It’s not going to get better. And the most important thing when you love clothes is to take care of them. If it needs dry-cleaning, dry clean it. Put dye captures things in the thingamajiggy. And once clothes become bobbly no matter how much you love that top Let it go This apparently has been a video sponsored by dress shops of the world.


  • Lindsey loves Blog says:

    Oh no lol I have cardigan donkey years my Nan an grandad bought that pass some year ago can't let go it's bobell but clean Thought about frameing ; X great vid as allways X Lindsey

  • toff358 says:

    Oh dear, not much in the way of blokey orientated stuff going on here, chapettes! Not to worry though, I found it all very entertaining and dear wee Walter was clearly agog… or adog….  I`m struck once again by how very closely he resembles my Lexi, except his nose is bigger…  (^_^)

  • victoria grant says:

    So helpful and charming at the same time, thanks Jessica (and Claudia😀)

    Have fun in Ibizia!

  • andrea bloomfield says:

    Jessica, you are so fastidious!

    While I think everything you said was stellar advise, here are the clothing rules I live by:

    1. Adidas Gazelles go with everything.
    2. When socks get holes in them, cut off that top elastic bit et voila! New hair tie.
    3. Always have at least 4 pairs of black jeans available and wear them in all weathers and for all occasions.

  • sonnyjimbslsongs says:

    do u have a barefoot policy in ur house?

  • Alicia Velice says:

    You are fantastic, I found myself laughing through the whole video and you and your girlfriend are so cute together, and the dog, what a cutie he is.

  • Caffeinated BaconBits says:

    I love your style! Where do you usually get your clothes?

  • StrawberryLil says:

    This suddenly makes me want to clean out my wardrobe even though I already did that three months ago. Dangit! 😀 I like your tips, though. I'm definitely going to try out the vacuum packing in spring!

  • vikingqueer333 says:

    I always seem to fail in the advice of dating a girl with the same body shape as me, oh well no wardrobe sharing for me

  • Elizabeth Bulfer says:

    I've been working on redoing my wardrobe… Because I still wear stuff from when I was 13 🙈 (I am nowhere near the size I was then… But I wore clothes looser then than I do now.) Spending money on clothes is hard when you grew up without the ability to do so… But my husband is very sweet about it!

    I wish I could do swaps… But I'm at least 6 inches taller than all my friends, and I'm a very different body type… 😬 Annoying

  • Trang Lê says:

    My mom stocks up clothes from when she was young and think that she can give it to me someday. But my mom was taller and bigger than me so they don't really fit. But she still keeps it anyway…. I hope she can be more like you giving clothes away periodically >_<

  • Mana says:

    I have lots of fancy summer clothes like yours, but for winter i only got lame jeans and sweatshirt D: i'm two persons at the same time! I can't find fancy stuff too keep me warm too

  • HelleraHighwind says:

    I have been completely exhausted with what is most likely seasonal disorder (verdict's still out) and I've been bingewatching your videos when I'm too tired to do anything else. Let me just say a million warm thanks for being so funny, expressive, smart, kind and positive! You are a tremendous help! Thank you, Jessica!!

  • Nihal ibu says:

    oh my gog youre such a precious beeing 😀 i love your videos

  • Josephine Edwards says:

    Very specific, but after spinal fusion surgery age 20, I grew 1.5 inches or abot 7cm. Weird when not only do doorknobs mysteriously get lower, but tops that were an ok length are now too short. Take that, adulthood!

  • Charlotte M says:

    Do you not find that some vlothea are transitional between the seasons? I keep my clothes in a 1950s standard wardrobe and a giant amoire but find I mix and match throughout the whole year. How do you work out what to put away?

  • Adriana Julie Benson says:

    Totally appreciated you using ASL at the beginning.

  • Ashley Sakus says:

    I wish could take all the clothes you are giving away! You have some of the most awesome dresses!!

  • Danice Lobrin says:

    Or you could give the old dresses to meeee! Hahahhahahahah. You two are so cuuuuteee

  • Bambii Quo says:


  • Peggy Somerton says:

    Lesbianism: Answer to all life’s ills. Think I just found my new life philosophy.

  • GiggleDribbles says:

    I have a box of charity clothes that I still need to get to the bloomin' store. I also have this one jumper I will never give up, but its gone from soft to scratchy. I don't know how or why it has become scratchy but I think its time to change the fabric softner.
    I have a dress that I love but it doesnt look good on me anymore and I want to diy it, but i think it's for the charity. Some clothes just make you weep

  • SunnyB11 says:

    Wow thats really impressive that you remember everything up there ….. it would be impressive anyways but with your forgetfulness its extra impressive!

  • Josephine Anne Weigers says:

    Actually, if you have had issues with weight fluctuation – keep the clothes. I have gone up and and down and stopped getting rid of clothes because I would lose weight and be so upset that I didn’t have the clothes, and then I would gain weight a couple years later and be upset I didn’t keep the larger clothes. Everyone is different, so do what works for you. There isn’t one way that works for everyone, so just do you and what makes you happy.

  • Lauren McCarthy says:

    I have clothes I only wear rarely because it is my formal wear for weddings and such. So I'd rather keep them, especially ones that I may have had since I was 16. The dress in my profile photo is that and I am 23 now. It fits me better now than it did then.

  • Sarah says:

    I admire your dedication. I would never find the time, energy, and motivation to go through the whole wardrobe rotation process if I had to move clothes in and out of storage every season.

  • blueshoes915 says:

    I am just curious as to why you sign only half the time. Is your significant other deaf? Are you an interpreter? I am American and know some ASL so I am curious as to your signing background. 🙂

  • heidi ness says:

    I have a pair of shorts I’ve had since middle school. I thought they were from high school until I found a picture from 8th grade recently. I love them and they fit great. I’m 40. Does BUMM even exist anymore? 😁 Anyway due to chronic illness I actually did change sizes throughout the day or week. Weight is definitely tricky with hormonal and reproductive illnesses. Even if I didn’t gain weight I could wake up fine and end up looking 6 months pregnant before dinner. After 27 years I finally was diagnosed and treated for some of the biggest culprits for random size and weight changes. Yay! I am now considering tossing my too big clothing thanks to my hard won improvement. I’m just so uncertain if things will get bad again and I’ll need them after all. Maybe I’ll vacuum seal them up and store them for a year and, if I’m still stable, then I’ll donate them.

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