Coffee Cream – a makeup tutorial

I wish you could see my setup right now like on a scale of 1 to Pinterest DIY office mix with a little bit of tumblr. That’s what that’s what it looks like right now I’m literally sitting on the floor. There’s a suitcase in front of me There’s a mirror on the suitcase a microphone on my tripod on the suitcase There’s a Mac on the floor by itself. But thank you so much. Also, yeah, I know like we’ll get to it But thank you so much for being patient I know. I’ve been the biggest piece of shit, but I’ve also been moving countries again So I feel like I feel like there’s like a good excuse in there somewhere Anyways, I’m gonna jump right into the tutorial and get the shit covered This is just the result of me being me like when I get a tiny little pimple I will just basically do everything to it except maybe scrape it off with a knife Everything else. I’m gonna jump right into it. I’m gonna Start with my skincare. I’m just gonna apply some moisturizer. This one is the red glow daily vitamin C. Gel cream I think it’s really good because Whenever I apply a vitamin C serum and then I follow with a moisturizer it always rolls up This is actually unbelievable. I’m gonna put on literally like Two drops. It’s just a rose oil feel like I’m really dry Apply it just a little bit. I don’t really like the whole oil Use in makeup vibe like, you know how people drip so much oil on their face and then they like buffing their foundation Not really into that. I feel like it’s just a just a swamp So I like to Only do this in very rare dry cases and for my eye cream, I’m using my Lula Henriksen banana bright. It’s so good I don’t even know if it does shit, but it smells so nice Hold on I’m gonna apply some lip on this wall. This is their ziwei overnight mass, but I don’t really care I just use it as a lip balm The word overnight doesn’t mean anything to me alright the exciting part so I’m gonna be using this new confidence in foundation by it cosmetics It’s meant to be like the most full coverage thing in the world. So we’ll see if it can cover that Thing I’m gonna start with a little bit just because I don’t really trust full coverage foundations Don’t really trust them because they can get really mask-like. Very very very fast So I’m using the lightest hand and just putting the thinnest layer that I can just start off and then I’m gonna Do a few more coats over what needs to be covered more. I think that’s really like the trick with full coverage foundations you just really got to build it up like you got to sit there and apply thin layer after thin layer and You also don’t need coverage everywhere Like it’s really quite rare when people need full coverage at every single part of their face Like usually you’re just trying to cover like some redness or some pimples Some discoloration whatever and that’s only in spots. So I’m just gonna buff it in in spots now And just keep going so far so good this has been two very very thin layers like honestly, there’s almost nothing on my face and two coats in and it’s a pretty Pretty full coverage. Yeah So I’ll do one more coat and if I still need coverage Then I’ll go in with a little bit of concealer. Very buildable. Like you can literally do this for hours. Maybe not hours It’s kind of a waste of time and it’s managing to cover this weird shit on my chance. So I’m just actually going to take a small concealer brush and attempt to just conceal with the same foundation Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t it’s like one of those Ok this spot, it’s covering quite well, but the red one Hey, it’s doing all right. It’s definitely not a good foundation to try to cover under eyes with It’s just not the right. You know, you got a concealer to that Other than that, like if my skin just had discoloration and no texture it would cover everything really well I’m going with some shape tape because it’s just how it goes All right Much better next I’m gonna go in with my nude sticks nudies and this was in the shade brown sugar, baby I’m just gonna use it like where I would apply shimmery Golden bronzer so not in my cheekbones It’s like all over my forehead a little bit of my neck like a little bit on my cheeks, but not my cheekbones It’s not like a contouring thing that I would do because it’s very like sunshiny warm golden and not contouring I Like to apply it like right there what I’m gonna bronze Just because that’s where the Sun would hit I just want a glow and not like a chisel, you know, it’s nice because it’s also kind of wet looking so it adds a bronze end a little bit of a glow Literally just right here for the nose bronze You know how when you in the summer if you have freckles, that’s the first place. They go everyone else can’t just seem to just Make a good translucent powder. I don’t know what it is It must be like the hardest makeup item to me because nobody ever gets that right Except to face and except the Mac Patrick Starr one. It’s gonna set all the crazy stuff like that I’m gonna take my cheer leader bronze squad from benefit and it’s like one of their palettes that just has like everything in one palette that they carry so I’m gonna take this shade called hoola caramel, which again is very bronzy and not like a realistic contour add more warmth to the other highlighter Take that shit up, you know, it just adds like a little more pigment that K cream stick can’t really replicate I’m also gonna put some cookie highlighter, but literally the smallest bit It’s like full summer mode makeup not even. Sorry about it. All right some brows you don’t really know what vibe I’m feeling with the brow, but I really want to use the Anasazi a dip brow. Gel. So it’ll do that. See where that takes us And if you don’t own this yet just beware of how Dark and pigmented it is It has to be like the world’s slowest buildup in the world and I just kind of like to use This Fuli part because it dips into the product and it just starts drawing like four lines so just kind of do it in the direction of the hair and you always want to start in the middle and then go to The tail and then go to the front just because it’s so dark Tough to get a hang of I Literally stopped breathing when I do this cuz I’m so scared that I’m going to smudge this and this is so hard to take off After it’s on your skin, but if you let it dry for a bit, you can scrape it off It could be kinds a little bit more powdery. So I’ll just go in after a few seconds. This one’s in the shade, Asheboro I might fill a few little bear areas And just keep brushing it out until you’re happy with how light or dark it is I’ll probably just leave it at that. I really wanted to use my naked reloaded palette for this. It’s very Urban Decay Naked palette that’s a lot gonna say and I’m gonna take the shade called bucked first and it’s exactly what you Would expect me to use it’s a very light Beige, I’m gonna just start building it into the crease Next I’m gonna take endgame which is just the darkest Brown in the palette and I’m gonna start kind of like creating a little halo thing Actually, I’ll probably stop right here instead of doing like a halo I’m gonna take the shade that I’ve been so excited to use MAC dazzle shadow and the shade every day sunshine Just gonna Go right in And just kind of keep coming back to it every time it dries and like Next I’m gonna take the shade barely baked I’m just gonna smudge it into the lower lash it’s like a golden golden shadow, and that might take some boundaries and kind of just smudge the gold on into the Into the upper part And then last I’m gonna take endgame and connect it in like the very outer corner If you do it from light to dark and since I’m doing dark delight and you can literally use the same brush for all three colors Basically it I’m gonna do some mascara obviously and yeah, that’s that’s it for the eyeballs I take this new eyelash primer that I got. It’s by lash food and Test it out. Really? Hope it’s not one of those like fibery Lash primers cuz those always get in my eyes and then just it’s a mess then I’m gonna wait for it to dry And then go in with my literally only mascara that I brought one mascara that I don’t even really care for that much I don’t know why I picked this one It’s the bad gal bang my benefit it’s just a bit wet sometimes and Clumps up especially paired with an eyelash primer. I really don’t know what I’m going for here But it’s giving them a really nice Lift you want your lashes to look like fake lashes? Then you use this mascara in this primary together plastic looking look which I guess is a vibe if that’s not your vibe then Maybe don’t I’ve poked myself with this mascara brush in the eye. So many times. It really be like that sometime. I Think that’s probably it for the eye I’m gonna take Mull it over and this is a Mac powder kiss and I’m just gonna Kind of Blend it up. I Guess that’s it for the look. Hope you guys liked it I’m sorry for my absence, but hopefully this video is long enough for you to forgive me and I will be making more Fucking I promise. Thank you for waiting. Thank you for being patient. I’m always active on Instagram if you like. Miss me I mean I’m there I’m just I’m always there but I’m gonna be more active now that I’ve moved I’m not moving anywhere for a really long time I can’t do it anymore So I’ll be making a lot of stuff but that is it for the video and I hope you guys liked it and I love You so much. You’re so patient. That’s it for me, and I love you

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