Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Tutorial “Fantasy” | AMBER MANCHA

Hey, everybody and welcome back to my channel. This is the look for today. I used all color pop. I shadows and I did a hall review first impression Unboxing last week, so I really wanted to use some of the color pop. I shadows in this makeup look today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do, please [give] it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe starting off with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion We’re going to prime our eyelids with that so we can give these eyeshadows a great base We’re just going to apply that with our finger all Over the eyelid and up to the brow bone first going in with cheeky and a fluffier brush. I’m using 105 from Eight Cosmetics We’re going to take that and run that into the crease and that’s going to add as our transition shade Next going in with the shade drift. We’re going to go in with [a] little bit of a Denser fluffy brush this is a G13 from morphe and we’re gonna run that from the outer corner all the way to the inner corner and just darken up that crease Area but you really want to defuse it and blow it out next taking a really dense packing brush I took a G15 from morphe you’re going to start to pack drift on the inner corner in the outer corner leaving the middle of your eyelid Completely open then going back in with that fluffier, brush. We’re just going to kind of connect those two lines very faintly next taking fantasy from colour-Pop we’re just going [to] rub that on her finger and start to pack that on to the middle of our eyelid rubbing it on your finger makes it so that you don’t lose any of the pigmentation and you get the brightest color possible Next going in with drift in one of these rubber eyeshadow applicators we’re just going to run that back into the inner and outer corner you are going to diffuse some of this color and Unfortunately you can’t I mean unless you take your [pinky] you can’t really get all of that color on the inner inner or outer Corners So I’ve noticed that with the colour-Pop cosmetics these applicators really do an amazing job Next going in with that dense packing brush that we used in the beginning We’re just going to connect a very thin line in our crease and a little above our crease still using drift next going in with tea party and [a] M4 17 really any fluffy brush. We’re just going to take this and use this as our brow highlight You don’t want anything too crazy because the colors that you’re putting on your eyes are so Bright next going in with it cosmetics black liner. You’re just going to tightline your lashes all the way down into the inner corner Next using tar Deist Clay liner from tarte you’re just going to build a thick heavy wing Now going in with lights camera lashes from Tarte You’re just going to curl your lashes and prep so that you can put on some falsies I Decided to use cheeky as my blush Next using tea party, [I’m] going to use that as my face highlight highlighting my cheekbones and my nose in the middle of my forehead Now going in with a lip pencil. It’s number four all natural from Milani We’re just going to line our lips and color them in to give our lippy stick from colour-Pop a good base Next taking this lippy stick from colour-Pop. This is in the shade button. We’re just going to apply that to our lips Now taking a brown eyeshadow. We are just going to shade very lightly under our bottom lip to make it a pure powder and remove that hair next going in with my vincent longo dual pencil I’m taking the darker side and just very lightly Lining the bottom of the lip in the middle and the top of [the] lip in the middle And this will also give it a powder your effect getting back to our eyes. We are going to apply Red Cherry lashes in 523 now we’re going to go back in with our it cosmetics liner and we are going to connect the outer Half of our I up to the wing Then we’re going to take any black eyeshadow I took this blackout eyeshadow from urban Decay, and we’re just going [to] set [that] and make sure that [our] lines are very clean Now taking that eye shadow applicator. We’re going to take fantasy and put that on the inner half of our eye And just apply Mascara to the bottom of this look And that’s the finished look. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did Please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and also share it with a friend so I can achieve world domination also, if you guys have any videos that you want to see in particular go ahead and comment that in the Comment boxes go ahead and leave that in the comment box is down below I will link everything that I’ve used in the description box down below, and I will see you guys later

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