Complete Guide To Vegan Cosmetics

Complete Guide To Vegan Cosmetics

For new Vegans the first priority should always be eliminating meat, dairy and eggs But once you’ve changed your eating habits, it’s important to ensure that the other everyday products you use are ethical too It is not always practical or financially possible to replace every non- Vegan product immediately And since the damage has already been done when the products have been purchased, it’s okay to use up existing products However after they’re gone, you have a responsibility to buy Vegan alternatives Fortunately there are plenty of Vegan cosmetics available If you find ethical companies, they will clearly label their products as Vegan But there are plenty of Vegan products which aren’t labelled Cruelty free is a misleading term which means a product has not been tested on animals but it can still contain cruel animal derived ingredients There are really only three logos you should trust when looking for non- animal tested cosmetics Any other symbol or logo of a bunny is unofficial and shouldn’t be trusted without further research But because companies have to pay an extra fee to display these logos on their packaging, some certified products might not display the logos So you can check on their database if you think this might be the case Phrases like: ” This product has not been tested on animals We fund research into alternatives ” often still means that the ingredients were tested Just not on the final product So they are not cruelty free And many cosmetics have a number of different ingredients which will be unfamiliar to most people Most of them are synthetic, but look out for the following animal derived ingredients: Ambergris, beeswax, which is also called cera alba and is very common Carmine, which is a common red dye also known as Red 5 cochineal or carminic acid And casein, caseinate and sodium caseinate Cholesterol, collagen, estrogen or estradiol Keratin, lanolin, lecithin, glycerides, monoclycerides, musk, oleic acid, placenta Polypeptides, polysorbates, progestrone and retinol And lactic acid and glyceride or glycerol can both be derived from animals But companies have started to use plant sources so you might need to contact the company if you’re unsure Just understand that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you always strive to learn more and do the best you can to be as ethical as possible And keep in my mind that phrases like: ” All natural ” can be applied to almost all of the disgusting animal derived ingredients So don’t let this mislead you There are hundreds of companies which sell all kinds of Vegan cosmetics in varying prices Some of them can only be found online but there are plenty of high street products available too It’s impossible to link to every company in every country but in the ebook which is attached below, I’ve included the most useful and comprehensive lists, guides and videos The cruelty free international guide as well as PETA’s guide and the ” Choose Cruelty Free ” guide are good places to start And if you simply type your country with the phrase: ” Vegan cosmetics ” into Google or Youtube you will find the most relevant information on products you can buy Checking online Vegan guides as well as company websites’ ingredients lists is a good way to find out which products are Vegan But if you’re still unsure about something, make sure you email the company You’ll need to ask: ” Does the product contain animal derived ingredients? ” ” Do you test on animals at any point during the production of your products? ” ” Are the ingredients tested on animals by your supplier? ” ” Does any third party test on animals on your behalf? ” And it’s also a good idea to ask the company for a list of Vegan products To save time I’ve attached a template that you can paste into emails below So make use of that Emails and social media inquiries help influence companies So by doing this, they will be encouraged to clarify the labelling and even change their ingredients and animal testing policies Recently there has been a ban on animal testing in Europe and in some other areas like Israel, India and New Zealand On the surface this is meant thay companies cannot sell products or ingredients tested on animals in these countries However This does not mean that we should be complacent about the cosmetics we use The bans just apply to ingredients which are only used in cosmetics And it only covers consumer safety tests meaning that they can still test ingredients on animals to determine if there’s a risk for the environment or worker safety And unethical international companies can still test products or ingredients in other parts of the world And keep in mind that regardless of the ban companies still use animal derived ingredients in many of their products The ban also doesn’t cover household products so you’ll still need to find Vegan alternatives for those Because the chemicals in cosmetics can be harmful for the body, some Vegans choose to simplify their cosmetics use and use cheaper, less processed alternatives Things like coconut oil and shea butter are great as a moisturizer or hair conditioner And you can even make homemade lip balms with them as well And there are tons of recipes for things like homemade deodorants and facemasks This might seem overwhelming but remember that changing habits often seems a lot more challenging than it actually is The initial switch from non- Vegan to Vegan cosmetics does require some extra time and effort for a short period But once you’ve found and tested out new Vegan products, you won’t need to think about it For more information about animal testing as well as a complete beginners guide to Vegan cosmetics check out the free ebook linked below I also have complete guides to Vegan food and Vegan clothing so you can make use of those too If you want to help support the production of helpful guides like this one, please help support my activism via Patreon Subtitles by the community


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    I sell vegan & organic makeup in Brazil.
    "Terráquea – Produtos do Bem – Maquiagem"
    Unfortunately is expensive export 🙁

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    I switched to organic cosmetics 5 years ago (when I was pregnant) and I blog about that. The transition into vegan AND organic cosmetics is important to me, but not always easy. Most organic companies use carmine, as they can't find a non-expensive stable and zertified alternative. So there are companies that use synthetic colours that can't be certified. But it gets better with time, there are companies as 100%pure and the German brand Alva that are organic and vegan… You have to pay more, but in the end, you get more 🙂

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    Another way to tell if s company tests on animals is to see if they sell in China- China is the only country that requires cosmetics be treated on animals before they can be sold, so if a company sells there, you know that they value profit over ethics and are willing to torture animals to make money.

    If you live in a country that has Superdrug, their cosmetics range 'b.' is all cruelty free and vegan. All Superdrug own brand products are also cruelty free, but not all vegan. Makeup revolution is exclusively sold there, and is all cruelty free, although not all of the products are vegan so you might want to check the ones you want to buy. Sleek, MUA, and GOSH are also cruelty free, but I'm not sure how vegan they are.

    Drugstore brands that aren't cruelty free include- rimmel, revlon, maybelline, l'oreal, garnier, and bourjouis. There's probably more, but they're all I can think of atm

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    Hey I just want to say I have shared some of your videos one facebook and I really appreciate the help! I am a very outspoken activist and even though I get alot of converts to veganism I tend to lack the patience in helping them with the million questions they have. Videos like this and the food one you made have been sent to all my new vegans. Keep up the good work. Your videos are amazing and more compassionate to humans than I am. Make more! Do you have any about being an activist? I want my people to start doing more not just thinking not eating/using animals is enough.

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    To be quite honest even the logos aren't very reliable as many lists like PETA don't ask many questions and take $ in order to accept brands. I only trust and go by logical they've been doing this for over 10 years and are the only trustworthy accurate source. Animal ingredients also include many others not listed that we only know to be vegan by emailing the company. Hope that helps!

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    As a vegan who loves make-up and has done intense research on what is or is not vegan in the cosmetic world I have come across way too much misleading information and I actually don't always trust the cruelty-free symbols on products. The only thing I trust is a list of what is vegan/cruelty-free on a blog called Logical Harmony. The girl running this blog does intense research and is 100% reliable. Hope this helps anyone!

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  • Jillian Ness says:

    This is an amazing video. I went vegan after I started my blog & You Tube channel so I'm slowly trying to work through, give away, use up all the non vegan products I have. It hasn't been hard finding vegan alternatives and if someone says it is its only bc they don't want to try or look. If your in a store that sells multiple makeup brands they will most likely have a cruelty free brand, even drugstore (nyx) for example. I'm going to share this video with some of the girls in our community. ✌❤🐰

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    I have the biggest problem with domestic chemicals, like washing powder and dishwashing gel. They are extremely expensive and hard to find:( Luckily, vegan make up is cheap, because many european local small make up companies are not testing on animals due to EU law, so they are by accident vegan (but we need to be aware of the ingredients, especially sneaky beeswax which is EVERYWHERE).

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  • Gothmummi says:

    I bought an nyx jumbo eye crayon, which has the bunny with the heart ears for cruelty free on it, PETA had it listed as a cruelty free company but is has beeswax in it, I thought beeswax wasn't vegan? or is beeswax ok, just honey that isn't?

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    Every two months or so I use some rye flour for removing some excessive grease from my hair.

    That’s basically it. Nothing more needed.

    Every now and then, I use some perfume as I like great smells a lot.

    I have to make sure theses perfumes are vegan too.

    Do you really need more?

    There are probably several million cosmetic products out there which I don’t even think of.

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