Confidence in an Eye Cream – Moisturizing Treatment Eye Cream

Confidence in an Eye Cream – Moisturizing Treatment Eye Cream

Just this past year after seven years of development we introduce our first true skincare moisturizer with Confidence in a Cream a transforming moisturizing super cream and I am so excited to introduce Confidence in an Eye Cream IT’s your revolutionary moisturizing treatment eye cream The skin around our eye area is different than the skin on the rest of our face and it needs to be treated differently We spend years working with out team of plastic surgeons and dermatologists and Confidence in an Eye Cream is formulated to brighten, hydrate, and transform your entire eye area. IT’s for every skin type, even the most sensitive and addresses all the signs of aging around your eyes, from the appearance of darkness of your under eyes and the discoloration on the lids to the lack of firmness, crepeiness, and fine lines and wrinkles This exclusive apricot tint pairs with the proprietary Drops of Light Technology It will color-correct and brighten your entire eye area instantly What you can’t see but what you’ll instantly feel is the incredible blend of powerful anti-aging ingredients that will make your eyes come alive It’s formulated with our Anti-Aging Armour Concentrate in combination with ceramides, and chrysin caffeine addresses the look of puffiness peptides and collagen work to smooth the look of lines and wrinkles, creating the look of plumpter, softer, smoother skin avocado, hyaluronic acid and squalane give you powerful hydration plus ingredients like licorice combined with the sheer apricot tint work to brighten your entire eye area With Confidence in an Eye Cream, your eyes will be transformed to look younger, smoother, firmer, and more awake You deserve to look and feel confident, to look and feel your most beautiful Because you are beautiful, you are IT


  • amufarreh2007 says:

    I love confidence in a cream the only cream that worked for my dry skin, cant wait too get confidence in eye cream. Iam it girl.

  • Kristie Weaver says:

    I love this cream and I will have this eye cream…thank you so much. I love your products and I am so thankful for your company. Thank God QVC allows us to have it on flex pays


    Hi Jamie! I own everything IT Cosmetics makes, and I will surely try this, but I cannot imagine anything better than IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Treatment Eye Cream. I hope IT Cosmetics continues to make the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Treatment Eye Cream because it is magical for the skin around my 64 year old eye area. Thank you for the video!!!💕

  • Tina Huffman says:

    I comment all the time on these videos. I know IT is making changes to be more proactive in reaching viewers. I think something that would really help would be for someone to respond to these comments. Maybe you do and I am missing it, but it seems like we are talking into nothingness or to a company who isn't responsive to its public base. Just a suggestion.

  • Divadollnik_e says:

    if this is anything near as amazing as the confidence in a cream for the face then I am sold. I absolutely love that cream. 😍😍

  • Cynthia L says:

    what it the difference from this eye cream and the one on qvc in the blue jar just SOLD

  • Angie Miller says:

    Just ordered this! Can't wait to try it. I was so pleased with the Bye Bye under eye cream. I love IT cosmetics.

  • Tara says:

    This is the best eye cream I've ever used!

  • Azlina Mohamed says:

    Hi! When will this product be available in Malaysia? I can't wait to give try it as I love both Confidence in a Cream and the CC cream and gave a great review on Sephora website. Too bad IT's website does not ship to my country.

  • Sofia Narvadez says:

    Best I have ever used is Monsia

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