Cosmetic Dental Veneers Review – One Day Smile Makeover from Florida

Cosmetic Dental Veneers Review – One Day Smile Makeover from Florida

– Honestly right now I’m still on a high and it’s a good high because
I can’t believe first that my dream came true. – What’s up guys this is Doctor O from Innovative Dental, good
to see your smiling face. I hope you had a wonderful week and wasn’t that a kind of a cool intro that I get this lady that
I can’t wait to share. Her name is Elizabeth,
she like to go by Ellie. She is super cool, she
chose to come from Florida. And you know before I dive in, I just wanna say, wow, you
guys are blowing me away, the subscriptions they keep growing, the number of people
traveling to Innovative Dental to trust us to help change
their life with a smile. It’s been an honor, this
last few months we’ve seen people from New Jersey,
let’s see, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas, Texas. These people are amazing people that’ve taken the leap of faith and trusted us to come over to Innovative Dental here in Springfield Missouri and
let us change their smile. So, we than you, and if it wasn’t for such a great following
and great subscribers that have thumbed up the channel and liked it and watched it and helped it gain some viewership, we
wouldn’t have the opportunity to help these people, so for
that I sincerely thank you. It’s a great joy to see people smile, I mean this video that I’ll
share with you about Ellie at the end where she
shares herself leaving and she just shot this on her own outside of our office before she
went back home to Florida. And you can just capture the emotion and what it really meant for her. It was so powerful to see
so stick around for that. I’m gonna share the ins and outs of how we transformed her smile, that way you can maybe
better understand how we went from this image right here, to, well you’re gonna have to
wait for the after image. I wanna show you how we from this kind of bite and discolored teeth and you know the fractures at the gum line,
or we call it abfraction. Those conditions, how we transformed that in a single day and gave her something to smile and go home with. She’s obviously pretty excited about that and we were honored to do it. So, let’s go ahead and
dive into the smile. So I’ll break it down for you. She had a condition that
happens when you grind and clench your teeth,
it’s called abfraction. It can cause your teeth to become notched at the gum line and where you lose some of the gum heighth along with that ’cause the bone kinda
thins and kinda recedes. As the bone thins and
recedes so do the gums, they follow that, so this traumatic bite has caused this throughout her life. It can be from just poor bite positioning, it could be from her
just clenching, grinding her teeth at night or even during the day. She’s not quite certain what has happened, obviously it’s been decades of doing that. So, she called up and goes I
wanna have a Hollywood smile. You know not everybody wants
to have a Hollywood smile or have them that white, but
man that’s what she wanted, it looks great on her, it’s
exciting to see her feel so good about her bright white smile, and that’s really what she wanted, that’s what we went for. That’s what’s fun about doing smiles here at Innovative Dental and
doing ’em in a single day and not relying on
necessarily lab communication ’cause we make it ourselves. It’s that we can just do
what the patient wants. So you can look at the
images of our design and what we think your teeth
would look great looking like and we can tweak them,
we can make them look exactly what you think
would be best on you that way you get a smile
you feel good about. That’s what we really love about doing same day cosmetic dentistry. And we did this in one morning, and then cemented and bonded all of those restorations in the afternoon. In that video I think that
you’ll see at the end here, she shot in the afternoon right before, I think she left the next day, but right before they went
out for dinner that night. She came with a friend and we happened to be able to do her friend’s teeth too, so that was pretty exciting. By the way, you know as
I’m sharing these videos I think, we had somebody
call the other day and they go, hey I wanna
come to see you guys but I don’t wanna be on social media. And I just wanna clarify,
I’ve said in a few videos, we absolutely love helping people smile, we love sharing that, and it is you know, when somebody lets us share their story, that’s awesome and we don’t
pressure you to do that. So the individuals that share their story, they’re the ones that are like, hey I wanna share my story, I want people to see what was done, I’m okay with that because I
think it’s pretty exciting. It doesn’t make them any less or more than the patients that
don’t let us do that, I just want you to know
that we honor your privacy so if you don’t feel comfortable, I get it, it’s okay, and we’re not gonna push your image out
there and make you feel like you have to share that. We’ve had a number of people that said, you know I just don’t
feel comfortable with it, and we go, hey, it’s your smile, it’s you wanna make a transformation, that’s entirely up to you. For those that are
willing to let us share, you know we’re appreciative that they do because we wouldn’t have people that travel to see us if they didn’t trust that we could do what we’ve already done for other people. So those stories are definitely helpful and that’s all I really
wanted to say about that. I’ll probably have to
say every once in a while just so people don’t think that hey you just come to Innovative Dental and you get work done and we just you know push you out everywhere, on Instagram, on Facebook, and YouTube and you’re gonna be made to fee kinda like you’re a specimen in a glass jar. But that’s not what we
want you to feel like. So definitely her story is one that I just wanted to share, she gave us permission to, and she was pretty excited about how
we transformed her life and gave her a Hollywood smile, those are her words, not mine, you could actually hear them in the end. I don’t know why I keep alluding to that. I’m gonna get to that video, but let’s finish the smile. I wanted to make sure
that I interjected that for those that are thinking how many times does he just push people
to get their photos on the YouTube channel. Let me go ahead and walk you through this design phase here. You’ll go ahead an see that the software lets us take images at the very beginning that puts together a
3D model of your teeth. This is how we’re able to do this design and creation of your
custom veneers and crowns in our office in a single day. We go ahead and then design and what’s called marginate, we put a marg on all of the teeth and make sure that they fit perfectly to the 3D model. And then after we’ve done that then I can go ahead and design the specific shape and length, height, width, all of these aspects of your teeth, individual teeth, and as I’m adding this
3-dimensional CAT-cam software. And then we use our milling machines which we have five
milling machines connected that can mill your smile out, mill your teeth out in a matter of you know an hour or so. So we can create these veneers and crowns very quickly to help restore your smile. We customize them, we polish them, we glaze them and then we use them to bond in that very day,
no temporaries needed, no goopy impression needed. And then obviously no worries about if something doesn’t fit perfectly we can remake it, it’s pretty easy, that rarely happens, but it’s
nice to have that flexibility. You don’t have to worry
about multiple appointments. You don’t have to worry about, is a temporary gonna break
while you’re out for dinner, all of these things are kind of solved when we’re able to use this workflow where we design everything in the computer and we’re able to make it right here. Hopefully that was useful, and that’s the CEREC
software creating the smile. Let’s dive in to the images that show her brand new smile. So here’s the before, we took
some images of her teeth. You can see those here in the design framework of how we were
designing her teeth and her smile. Then you can also see how we were able to put her bite together in this image. And finally, what I can show you here is the before condition of her bite without the veneers on, and then after we were
able to do the veneers and full cosmetic treatment in that single visit there with the CEREC. And what a cool smile she has now. Look at her before with
her kind of smiling and just kind of a dull smile, right, her teeth are dark and not really vibrant. And then look at the emotion coming out of her face now when you see her smiling with all the emotion that comes from bright white teeth that she happens to be super confident with. I think ultimately that is the goal of any dentist providing cosmetic or smile treatment. It’s that when you leave you feel like it’s a smile that fits you and that way you can go and do, and be the hero in your day, lighten the world with your joy. I think that’s ultimately
what this channel’s about and what we’re talking about here at Innovative Dental
is we wanna help people share the joy they have in their heart for life, their friends, their family and do it through a smile,
and do it confidently. And that is what we’re gonna continue to press forward and do and it’s pretty exciting stuff to be a part of. So, you know I’m feeling
kinda sappy today, just kind of emotional, right. I’m like you know getting in touch with my inner feminine side, I guess. But pretty excited that, and just kind of overwhelmed with how much, you know we’re getting
to be able to help people and seeing their lives
really, really transform. I mean it sounds kind of silly that that would just be with teeth. But a lot of people find themselves covering their face and not really sharing who they are and it affects every aspect of their life and all the relationships and you know the smile that we’re able to help them achieve gives them a whole new life and a whole new vibrancy and passion, and excitement. And you know that’s
exciting to be a part of. So, if we can be part
of that story for you, gosh we would sure love to do that. You can go to and I’ll talk about it in every video but that’s a page we’ve set up for those that are interested in travel. And that page is going to give you an opportunity to upload your images and then we can do a virtual consultation. So I’ll sit down with a FaceTime camera and try to be face to face with you even though you might be
thousands of miles away and we can converse and talk about what are the options for you,
what your goals are. ‘Cause ultimately that’s it, I mean I wanna hit that
over and over again. Your goals for your
smile and what you want is what we’re gonna listen to, and it’s what I wanna give you. And so, we’re gonna do
that in a face to face in the beginning, we’ll
put a plan together, we’ll send it to you and make adjustments, give you maybe some options if you’re considering some different costs that you wanna look at. And then you know should you chose to trust us and make the trip, we’ll help you finance, we
have some options for that. Should you do that,
then we kinda help make that really as easy as possible, right. We help you find a hotel reservations, we help you with the travel aspects of it, even help you find a flight. I know today that we helped a gentleman find a flight on the first, right after his consultation, say round trip, single flight, doesn’t have no lay overs. So he’s able to make it in and go back and our team helped him do that. We have a special lady that’s kind of in charge of that, her name’s Heather so thank you Heather by the way. I mean thanks to Heather, she’s been puttin a boat load of effort into you know connecting with these people that are interested in travel, making them feel welcome and helping you have the most informed experience, so that way you know
what you’re coming for and what you’re gonna get and I just think she deserves a shout out on this channel, so Heather you rock. Enough of me ramblin on and on, I just wanted to kind of share my heart I guess in today’s video. But you know I am excited to see what the future holds. Pretty exciting this new
office we’re building, I can’t wait to Vlog more about that so stay tuned for it. I want you to go ahead
and watch this video that Ellie was so kind to share with us about her experience as she traveled to Innovative Dental. – Okay, so I’ve been here for, since 8 o’clock in the morning. I had all uppers and lowers done. You wanna see the finished product? Here we go, here it is. Amazing. Doctor Olson, they call him Doctor O, what a guy. He’s so real, so real and so professional, so kind and so giving, so loving. And oh my God, the minute we walked in they made us feel so special, everybody in the office, and we’re talking probably right now this office has about 24 employees, and Dexter. Amazing, we got pampered
from the beginning. And not only pampered,
we received so much love and attention that it was so real. And, wow, I’m honestly, right now, I’m still on a high, and it’s a good high because I can’t believe first, that my dream came true. It’s something that I wanted since I was so young in my 20’s and for it to happen now, and with the perfect doctor, and even though we had to fly to Missouri, Springfield, it’s the place is beautiful, the town is, I mean everything, everything. – Man isn’t that cool
to see her just light up about her experience here. That means the world to me, and I know it means the world to our team that we made such an impact for her. I can’t wait to see her just continue to thrive in life and
enjoy her brand new smile that she got right here at our office. You know guys I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this one up. It’s been an awesome week. I hope you guys have a great weekend. Keep smiling, looks great on ya.


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