Cosmetic Dentistry is too Expensive! Smile Makeover in North Carolina by Brighter Image Lab

Cosmetic Dentistry is too Expensive! Smile Makeover in North Carolina by Brighter Image Lab

I was on Facebook looking through things
on there and I seen a little infomercial I guess we would call it on Facebook
something like that would be amazing to somebody like me for sure I have no like bad teeth two of my teeth
never came in so that’s where the spaces come from lovely yay me I actually still
have baby teeth so it’s been like that all my life as long as I can remember
Going to a dentist is ridiculous nowadays you can’t most people cannot afford to
go it’s absolutely absurd how much it costs
oh they said that I’d have to get braces or do the porcelain caps which
is yeah right never gonna happen I mean I’m poor can’t afford all that
mess you know it is what it is I got I was looking through pictures there’s none except maybe when I was not aware of my teeth there’s not a single picture of me
showing my teeth except one with my mama that’s it and all these years crazy
crazy how something can affect you there’s just no words what this means to
me that’s why you know if if I hadn’t have
gotten this I’d have been happy for whoever did because I know what it means
to me so I can only imagine what it means somebody else too Today’s a pretty good day Wendy Bil Watson I wanted to tell people your smile is not a luxury
when people invest in themselves it helps them be a better person I know
that your story meant a lot to me it takes a little bit of getting adjusted to them. I’m willing to try you know without a doubt if we try these
on there’s always a chance if they don’t work but we’re gonna try let me see what we’ve got I’m shaking don’t drop it then I’ll show you you’ve never seen your own smile that’s crazy we’re almost there you’ve got to smile big Take your time and look at them we did it kid, let’s see oh my gosh You see them? you look amazing wow it don’t even look like me They look amazing, they… you’re gonna have to practice smiling I’ve never smiled with my mouth open. See how weird it is? for the first time please try to smile big no problem Wow! oh my gosh You have never smiled no 38 years never smiled I’m trying really hard not to mess up my makeup up guys, come on I got a
question for you my gosh let me ask you this this your boy’s never seen you smile no not with not with a good smile you’ve always hid your smile are you crazy look at you amazing it’s crazy I can’t believe this let me try your bottoms I’ll hold it for you you have to smile big though that’s not really hard for me to do right now because I actually can I don’t believe this that’s crazy it is crazy Give me a hug We’re doing it that’s what you wanted right oh my gosh more than anyt hing in the
world on it I won the lottery right here it’s great I cannot get over
this I cannot believe it you would have done it years ago but when you see yourself
with this smile let’s look at it some more if you see yourself smiling then you
want to show your smile yeah you see what I’m saying For the first time in 38 years you’ve never seen yourself smile no I can’t believe that’s me it doesn’t you’re not
gonna make me cry who’s gonna be the first one to see you my son first you’re in
shock you just now saw it I just don’t everbody everybody on line is gonna
go I’m just I mean I’m a loss people I mean you know when you look.. to Spend 38 years hiding and then can you see yourself Yeah I’m not hiding anymore it’s great can’t thank you guys enough
you I think you’re gonna see yourself doing a lot of different things but you
needed it there’s nothing else makes a difference if we didn’t make this happen
it probably wasn’t gonna happen you would’ve just kept going yeah but
every day you would wonder what would happen if I had that kind of smile I
would do more have more energy I’d be more outgoing yeah and I hate to see
people sit back and go well things are just tough it’s never me it’s never my turn
today it’s your turn all right with that you’re gonna take it to do some things
with it that’s it it’s okay Finally my turn it was okay we got it working today We got it to work. Finally something good really great I love them actually no I cannot believe I look like. I want you to look again that is crazy that is just
awesome now I just need a date I’ll be good there’s a year from now
people won’t know you as the lady that has captain you know huh but with the
gap teeth I wanted to let people know that we could do the work it’s always
sensitive and I think you know I was concerned that maybe they wouldn’t fit
or they wouldn’t look right because we had to fill in places that
were separate than teeth but when I started doing the design I’m thinking
this is gonna work and and I felt confident enough to come all the way
because you never try them on before no and I just love you for feeling confident to
try that well I appreciate you being brave enough so let’s do this video I
hope you can see where it’ll help some people there’s no words
we good we did good we’re in South down we give people hugs down here. Do we? I do anyway


  • Siouxsi Sioux says:

    Must be nice.

  • Adam and Anna Holmok says:

    Oh honey you are gorgeous!!!!!!

  • Christa Hylton says:

    Cant wait to see if they can do mine!!!

  • Angel E Mejia Estevez says:

    How much cost this

  • Jenn Franklin says:

    Beautiful. ❤

  • stephen b says:

    One things for sure, you're gonna get a straight answer from a country girl. I could tell she really liked them for real. I'm not as skeptical now, by a long shot.

  • Danielle Larivée says:

    She looks just amazing!

  • Magic*Mike* Drumming says:

    3yrs now…and I still can't afford $600…damn.

  • Magic*Mike* Drumming says:

    This is great…a full smile is not to be taken for granted. Good job Brighter Image !

  • Ruth Cabrera says:

    Que bueno es ver que hay una esperanza para cada persona…. Ojala y pueda optar x este producto

  • Busanutt 69 says:

    How am I able to get my teeth fixed because I have an over bite and gaps in my teeth

  • Michelle Bingley says:

    Make me cry

  • wedoebe says:

    That's AWESOME!!!😇

  • Dawson's World says:

    I could not imagine, this would make my life! I am so happy for you! Lucky, lucky, lucky!!! 😊Congratulations to you❤ your new smile is gorgeous!

  • Dawson's World says:

    Oh my gosh, I'm such a dork.. I'm crying like a baby! Funny thing is I daydream about me being able to smile like thst. You look beautiful!!

  • Saddik Sabere says:

    Nice job Dr bill beautiful smile

  • 5649ashleigh says:

    Oh my gosh!! That turned out so good !!!

  • Amanda reiser-Dunich says:

    Im in sc and have been trying to save got a great job ..but then my daughter came early and is in the nicu so now im not working again i was hoping i could smile in a picture with my daughter and have them memories to look back on to show how how much i love her however not that lucky being out of work .. Hope my smile story is selected i submited last fall in september

  • Subila EinzAnz says:

    People who got their blessing to have a good smile like this.. Its a huge opportuniy to be near in this kind of Dentist in your area.. Like me that very poor i do pictures all the time with my kids with a closed mouth.. Reall sad for me.. Happy for you there having fixed teeth on this Channel, its a blessing🙏😇❤️

  • Victoria James says:

    Bill!!! I am your biggest fan of all time. I have seen every single video and I can't wait to get my dream smile. I have to save up for a while but my ultimate goal is to be able to have a perfect smile for my wedding, so I can finally be confident and the most happy on one of the most important days of my life. One thing I always feel like has been missing here on the channel is a real life person showing all three levels of bill veneers and all four colors. I feel like it would help everyone out greatly in choosing color and choosing to level up and pay a little more for your greatest quality.

  • Jayr sunga jr says:

    How much it cost? I wanna get one too.

  • Geselle Barile says:

    You look beautiful- congratulations on your new smile.

  • Mrs.Kinsey Walker says:

    Wow, I'm literally crying as I watched this video. I relate with her & her pain of never smiling but most of all my heart hurt hearing her say that her children never seen her smile cause none of my children have ever seen me smile in person only by picture. Some people don't realize & take for granted being able to truly smile without covering their mouth. I don't know this women in the video or even you but I thank you for giving her the gift to smile for herself & for her children. YOUR TRULY A BLESSING & LIKE I SAID I DON'T KNOW YOU & YOU DON'T KNOW ME BUT I THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO & ALL THOSE YOU'VE HELPED & HELP.

  • Peter Veinot says:

    Loved this vid so much I have ordered an upper arch.I am so looking forward to receiving my upper arch veneers. So far the Brighter Image Lab has been awesome with feedback and answering my emails / questions.Impressions are done and received at the lab. Let's go , a new smile awaits….

  • Waqid J says:

    Teeth look real .. congrats. I just ordered them myself and just can’t wait. I’m 40 and rarely smile :/ can’t wait

  • Zahra Zahraa says:


  • Nina Houchen says:

    Tearjerker vid, man
    Mine are coming in 4 days! 2 arches!
    I'm delirious with anticipation. Yikes
    Wish me luck 🖤🙏👊😁💃

  • Birdie Jeffers says:

    She looks great!!!💕🌞✌😊
    You look amazing Momma!!!
    Smile BIG & Smile BRIGHT!!!😁
    I'm ready to get my pair!!!

  • Leina Ferreira Tributário marítimo aduaneiro says:

    Qual é o valor?

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