Cosmetic Surgery For Men With Dr Lanzer – Ep 15

Cosmetic Surgery For Men With Dr Lanzer – Ep 15

Great good morning so today we’ve got a couple of things we’re going to show you we’re going to have a look in a minute and a mini tuck we Look at some lays envelope with some press, but now we’re gonna get hips Now for those that are watching this for the first time It’s being done on snapchat, and then everything goes on to our YouTube cosmetic channel, so it comes in $0.10 second segments So it’s going to look a little bit. Jumpy, but nothing to worry about and everyone should remember all surgery has risks There’s a good idea to get a second opinion, so let’s have a look at this gentleman So this is a common problem for us to see in men offers genetic in this case look at the hips really bulge out So will we grab it here We can see it is really a lot of fat comes all the way around And guess what we’re going to remove it all we’re going to be very aggressive here So we’re going to go from the back all the way around and round to the front to get all that fat Okay, so we’ve marked up the fat. We’re going to remove the excess means there’s a lot of fat That’s where the bulges are we’re going to remove as much fat as we can and for those with the astute. Eye Have a look how the two sides are different most people have differences on the two sides Well here’s an interesting story someone who had a tummy tuck last year after losing a lot of weight following lap banding But is left with fat All right, thanks for letting us video you now I see you’ve got the scar down below, and it’s quite flat lower, but what don’t you like? All the fat up there okay, we can see side on where that bed is just show me again This whole area at the top alright good So how do we stop that? Happening well firstly. We do what’s called a lipo tax I suck out all the fat in the stomach before I cut the loose skin One other thing we can see with this lady is a lot of people in the hip of tummy tucks They get fat around the sides the hips Liposuction is required at the same time So we’re going to do is remove all the fat from the hips try get that all out and also make a waist Try and make things a bit slimmer from behind Now I never comment about somebody else’s work because you have to know what will the patient look like before the procedure And what have they done with weight dieting, but it’s a good lesson to learn But one of the most common procedures we do our face a neck lift, and we try and concentrate on liposculpture and mini face lifting What I want to show you now is an extreme case This is a lady in her 70s and a lot of 70 year old people have facelifts But look how group the neck was and look what we did So look how this neck is really hanging down from the jawline all the way down to the throat being droop of It again And it’s always amazing to look at back at photos patients love looking at their pre photos to see Just what they had and what was removed but look at that big sag Alright, so now. We’re a couple of months later all that drooping from the next gone look down here all pulled up really tight Ok we’re moving on to another topic we’re going to talk about gynecomastia now. I’ve got a question here I do a lot of men in their 40s 50 suffered all their life with it Recall I did one man in his 50s He was so happy hadn’t been in the beach for 30 years, so then I did his son at 25 And then I did his next son at 13 why people waiting and we’re not allowed I have testimonials So I can’t ask a patient. Why if they’re happy, but I can ask this man beforehand Why have you waited so long? Let’s see dealing with dealing with a classic gynecomastia look at the bulging of the chest hates that bulge Hates this boat we’re gonna get rid of it all OS. What why have you waited so long I was there a number of reasons Primarily I didn’t know that there was a technique That was that was quite first reason is he didn’t know there was a simple technique that every procedure is invasive But this is a small procedure and most people just do not know Was there any other reasons yes another reason from a specialist was that the results might not be bad I don’t have to have multiple visits to So our second reason was that he did see a surgeon 12 years ago And he told was a difficult operation with lots of dents and bumps interesting It’s not like that okay, and any other reason there was one reason I thought I could get rid of it myself through exercise hard work, and diet and whilst the rest of the body well That’s a really wonderful and informative answer because a lot of people think that if they do exercise and diet It’s going to go, but of course. It’s genetic. It’s glands People often wonder what I’m going to get out of that face and necklift And what we’re trying to do is change the dripping neck lack of definition to make it sharp look at this we’re moving on to a Totally different subject now breast implant when do you do breast implant when you do a breast lift? Sometimes they cross over it’s hard to know So here’s a lady who had an implant, but she had quite a droop and could have also had a breast implant But we put in 350 ml volume in both breasts all right and now have a look post-op very nice very even very rounded no need for the left just an implant and nothing else and sidon before photo so done after Here’s an interesting thing a lot of men with gynecomastia Just don’t like it when they’re wearing clothes, and so it’s not so much naked is actually in clothes Let’s have a look and this is what’s bothering him just that bulging through the t-shirt Sticks out can’t wear shirt properly I think they’re with the beach just wearing his clothes so the question is can we make that flat? So it doesn’t bulge at all this t-shirt. Yes, you can gets totally remove fat and gland be totally flat Okay, we’re moving around the body today And we’re going to have a look at now at ankles all right and let’s have a look at a post-op So look at this ankle and follow the inside curve there look how it’s going out and straight down very large no shape All right, we’re just two weeks after surgeon look at this nice curve curve That’s a curve. That’s an ankle And just from the front look at that inner ankle going straight down the blue marks where we’re going to take the fat from And now we can see a better shape of the inner ankle outer ankle more shapely leg So the one thing I want to say about ankle liposculpture is you’re only removing a tiny amount of fat a Small change makes a big difference in this area

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    If you want to accelerate the process there’s this little website, by Baker Henistole (try and search for him), that skips all the fluff and points you to a no-fail method designed to get you a flat chest in 3 weeks.

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