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Cosmetics side effects par Welcome to the Healthiest!par
One should know that happiness is the best makeup. Cosmetics, they have become the need
of society. People spend monthly on these and the amount of variety is so high that
cosmetics are available for different seasons and climates as well. par
The cosmetics market has bloomed to such an extent that not only are there different cosmetics
for every kind of body part, there are different ones for different seasons too! But before
makeup is marketed to us, it is tested on animals. Do you ever wonder why is it so?
Because the cosmetics we trust to make us beautiful are actually full of so many harmful
chemicals. And despite the fact that these cosmetics make us look good temporarily, in
the end they are going to leave an ugly effect.par Harmful effects of these cosmetics.par
The removal of unwanted hair from your body can lead to several unwanted damages that
you are unaware of. Waxing and shaving can cause ingrown hairs, red bumps and several
times, bleeding too. The waxing of facial hair leads your skin to sag earlier than normal
as it means frequent harsh pulling of your skin.par
Nail paints are a staple for fashion and growing out your nails will probably never go out
of fashion. Manicures and pedicures may sound very hygienic but if done very frequently
can be damaging to nails. The quality of your nails will decrease over time due to extensive
application of cosmetics and will lead to your nails becoming fragile.par
Lipstick dries the moisture out of your lips and some of them contain oils and chemicals
that can damage you lips. Lipstick is made out of some very harmful content including
lead and mineral oil. Lead ingestion can lead to possible brain damage and behavior abnormalities.
Although, on an average, the lead content in a lipstick is safe, considering the fact
that most users apply lipstick for over ten times a day, there are certain long term side
effects that are a result of it.par Cosmetics such as deodorants and antiperspirants
contain alcohol and can cause redness and irritation, and itching which may eventually
lead to pigmentation of skin. They also block your sweat glands and can lead to conditions
like contact dermatitis and allergies. An allergic reaction to fairness creams or sunscreens
can lead to permanent discoloration of the skin or even severe damages.par
Headache is a very common issue after putting up make up for long periods of time. Generally
ladies feel dizziness, tired and nausea after prolonged exposures to high makeup. Even men
must have felt that during the long wait for performance in annual function with full make
up. even if the performance was not so tiring but you would feel sleepy and dizzy, its the
effect of makeup.par In the end a common notion among people is
that they cannot look beautiful or handsome if they missed out on a cosmetic or just ran
out of it. This dependency can lead too many troubles and is nothing less than an addiction
for them. par Thank you.par
par par

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