Cosmetics That Aren’t Worth Buying / Big Disappointments

Cosmetics That Aren’t Worth Buying / Big Disappointments

Hi guys! We all loved when cosmetics work
but sometimes they just don’t meet our expectations and in this video I will
talk you through a few products that just disappointed me simply speaking. We
gonna start with my heartbreaking disappointment because I’ve had such a
high hopes for this range, it’s a Water Serum by Hada Labo. My all-time favorite
Japanese brand Hada Labo decided to expand to European markets and started
selling they range in Rossemann in Poland. I bought few items from the
series and the first one I’ve opened was that serum. Even though they say the
products are the same as in Japan I’m unaware of the equivalent of this serum
so I don’t really have anything to compare it with. My first impressions
were really good the serum is very thick, very moisturizing, my skin felt
like a sponge that was fully absorbed. It was a really good effect until the next
morning when I woke up with the small spots.
I gave it a break and applied it again the day after, just a smaller amount and
by the evening time I’ve had more lumps. I gave it a week break and try it again
with unfortunately the same effect. For now all I can say is that this serum
causes breakouts for me and I am just disappointed. The next one, I bought it in
Korea last year, it’s a Missha Magic Cushion Cover, it’s supposed to be like a BB
cream with a higher SPF because it’s a 50+, in a
cushion, in a very easy to apply way. It sounds all great but it makes my skin so
cakey, it feels like old, thickened dryer version of a BB cream and it just
looks awful on my face looks like I have a mask of a cheap foundation. So as much
as I love the concept it just doesn’t work for me. Next one up, I’m always
searching for something that promises to improve the pores, clean them, get rid of
all the blackheads so that’s one of them. It’s like a toner essence kind of thing
that’s supposed to close your pores, make them tiny, clean them out but in reality
is full of alcohol and it does nothing. I don’t know have it even passed to the Korean
market because they avoid at all cost anything that has high content of
alcohol, they just find it very drying and in a long-term not beneficial to the
skin at all so I really don’t know who is buying it I found another use for it, it
is great as an aftershave! And it works great for freshly shaved legs, to heal up
all the wounds and the red dots disappear in a blink of an eye. So as we
say in Poland: Nie ma tego zlego co by na dobre nie wyszlo. Next one up is one
of the most famous Japanese cosmetics (after Hada Labo),
is like a signature Japanese skin conditioner. It looks like a white
water almost like rice water, you can put it in a spray bottle, you can use it from
head to toe, on face on the skin it’s supposed to nourish moisture your skin
without a need for a moisturizer. For me it feels like a water. Have you ever been
on holidays and had a swim in a lake or a river where you have like a really nice
water? So that’s how it feels using it. For some I guess it would work, for me I
just don’t feel it. I don’t resonate with this. I did find a
purpose for it though I used to put it in a small bottle and use it after the gym
and a shower it was just so quick to apply it, however I shared it with my
sister who has a sensitive skin, she said it’s all right she said that her cats
want to lick her like crazy after using this so I guess cats approve. Next one up, I don’t really know what to do with them now because I have many are sheet masks
I bought them as a set as a package I bought them because they were in top-10
k-beauty on Amazon but also they had a lot of really good opinions, they were also quite cheap I mean the price per sheet mask as bought in a
bigger set it’s actually very very good. But it turns out they do
absolutely nothing I feel no difference I see no difference they look quite
attractive each of them have a different property when it’s wet you know collagen
with snail, with cucumber so they sound good but they do absolutely nothing. I will
finish them off but I want buy them again.
Last disappointment to be honest a complete experiment and almost for a
laugh to start with so I’m not even bothered that it doesn’t work for me.
For someone who has never heard of them it might sound really weird but let me
explain. These are shampoo and a conditioner for
horses. The story goes that Mene ‘n Tail brand was making shampoo for horses but
the owners were amazed with how the horse’s hair looked so they created a
version for humans. If you have a moment you can check all the reviews a lot of
people are very very happy but for me I say shampoo just doesn’t work. The
consistency is very thick and very moisturizing for both shampoo just
doesn’t work for me but it might as well be because my hair are fine and they
only tolerate certain kind of shampoos anyway I don’t really care it doesn’t
work it was really funny for me to use shampoo for horses. Conditioner is
alright I wouldn’t say my favourite but it’s alright.
Shampoo is probably going to one of my friends if they want it or I have a
friend who actually have a horse so maybe it’s a gift for them. I’m glad that the
negative video finished with a funny accent with the horse shampoos so
yeah let’s keep it positives I hope you are all doing really well take care
of yourselves, see you later guys! Bye bye!


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