Current Foundation Routine & How to apply Foundation + Concealer!

Current Foundation Routine & How to apply Foundation + Concealer!

hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to be doing my current foundation routine I’ve had a few guys request this so i thought i’d hop on here and film it for you all so I just moisturize my face first I have combination to oily skin so I don’t like anything to moisturize inquiry but I like a little bit of moisture just to quench my skin I’ve been using the hourglass vanish foundation for the past two weeks or so and I’m the shade warm ivory I really love this foundation because you can put a lot of it on and like get a full coverage but it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on the skin at all so all i did was just pull off the cap and twist it up and then I should put my hair back for this one i watch beauty of people and they like how their hair like flopping in their face and I’m just like Oh get that out of there so I was about to be one of those people but i just put three lines on my cheeks not usually gives me enough coverage a little bit on my chin and one strike on my forehead and i would say this foundation is more of a dewy foundation it’s not very mad at all which I’m acne-prone so I I like mattifying for like not really oily but I don’t like mattifying if I’m like trying to heal my acne and it’s like drying on acne i hate that i was using the marc jacobs one and I kind of did notice that it was like driving around the dry patches on my face so if if i do want to use a more matte foundation like the marc jacobs remarcable will mix it with like attention moisturizer or something like that but for this foundation i really don’t have to do that at all because if it’s premature is being so i’m using my flat top kabuki brush from it cosmetics guys have probably seen this brush several times before I just love it it blends in my foundation so well you can get this at ulta it’s probably think is probably around thirty dollars I really not because i’m not sure on the exact price i’ll try to find it for you guys and link in the bottom bar but I love blending this end with this foundation brush so what I’m doing is just kind of doing circular motions and I start from the center of my face and kind of work my way out you always want to make sure you get like in the creases besides my nose can get pretty red right there and you always want to blend it down your neck because your face in your body doesn’t always match each other perfectly so you don’t have like a line on your face so you just buff it and and I have this like hyperpigmentation right here and so what I do is if I feel like I don’t have enough coverage all going with the benefit point concealer i’m in the shade too and I’ll just go right over that foundation that I applied and just kind of spot correct i always go over my eyes to know some people don’t but my under-eye circles are so bad i like to have as much coverage as possible so yeah I just make sure to bring it down on the neck and just blend it around and you look how much better that look I think foundation and like bronzy contouring blush is my favorite I think my least favorite thing to do is my eyes but I love pretty skin love making my skin or trying to make myself look as pretty as possible so yeah I’m little fair on my body but I feel like this color matches pretty well it’s a little bit dark but it’s not too bad and then i’m going to go in with my benefit Boi-ing concealer in the shade too and I love this it’s like a split panel is the instant eye brightener and it really does brighten up your under eyes and this is just the regular concealer it’s like a very high coverage super full-coverage concealer and i love it i have been using this concealer for years now i think ever since I was in high school maybe even middle school so I’m just going over any blemishes that I can still kind of see that I just want to be gone and so next I just dampen my Beauty Blender and I’m going to use my all-time favorite bye bye under eye concealer in the shade medium i love this concealer it’s my absolute right or die I just put about that much on my hand sometimes I apply the concealer endorse underneath my first but i think i like to put it on the Beautyblender a little bit more so all I’m doing is just bouncing this beauty blender underneath my eyes what I love about this concealer it is super moisturizing but very full coverage the most full-coverage concealer I’ve ever used now that I finish my under-eye I like to kind of highlight the rest of my face so i’ll just go down the center of my nose my forehead my Cupid’s bow in my chin highlighting other parts of your face really helps just even out the brightness so if you just put concealer underneath your eyes and we’ll just look a little weird when none of none of the other high points of your face are brightened either so i really like to do this step to ensure that I’m all even and bright now taking I don’t know where the lid is but taking my secret your eye brightening powder i’m going to use my Beauty Blender and about to run out of this stuff so it’s kind of tapping this on the Beautyblender need to get more i’m doing is a light coat of this powder over top of the concealer to kind of modify it and it just really helps make it last two and then on my nose and especially my forehead because I notice i do get pretty shiny on my forehead and just everywhere you put that concealer what I love about this foundation is it just looks very fresh you can walk out the door I put some chapstick on you can curl your lashes and you’re good to go and it just looks like you have really pretty natural skin it doesn’t look cakey whatsoever so i hope you guys really enjoyed this video thank you all so much for watching and I’ll see you next time

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  • Lee Ann Scheibelein says:

    Wanted to let you know I got foundation brush, concealer & concealer brush @ Ulta! ❤❤❤ the concealer & brushes. My next stop Sephora:-))
    Thank you so much!! Even good on my "smile lines"😊

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