Damning Evidence | Unsolved

Damning Evidence | Unsolved

It was here, in the Charminster area
of Bournemouth that a Korean student, Jong-Ok Shin,
known as Oki, was stabbed. This man, Omar Benguit,
was convicted of her murder. He didn’t do it!
I know he didn’t do it. This guy was out of control. He’s so capable of this. This is going to be tough. I’ve arranged to meet Omar’s family. I’ve had a look through the papers and I think that there’s a reason
he’s behind bars. I think he could be guilty. Hi! Hello. How are you doing? Hi. Nice to see you again.
Thanks for having me around. Hi. Hi. You all right?
Hello. Hello. I’m Bronagh. How are you? It’s Bronagh. Good to see you.
You OK? Yeah. I’m good, thank you. Sit here? Yes, please, yeah.
Thank you. How are you doing?
Not too bad, thank you. You OK? Yeah, I’m good. Good.
Good. Slightly nervous. Bash and Amy’s brother is in prison
for stabbing a young woman to death in an unprovoked attack. Omar Benguit was convicted
after a number of drug addicts testified against him. How did you feel the day
they sentenced him? I collapsed. Don’t. Don’t. Come on. Come on. We feel like he was fed to
the wolves, that’s what we feel.
He was fed to the wolves. He didn’t have a chance, did he? Sh. HE SOBS Come on. He was fed to the wolves. Now he’s fighting for his life. This is not an easy thing for me
to say, it’s quite difficult, but I do believe that Omar
could have committed this murder. Not to an innocent girl. Not to an innocent girl. He’s not capable of just randomly
going behind a female and stabbing and just running away. Bash, he wasn’t thinking like you. He was a heroin addict, violent, off his head, if the witnesses
are to be believed. Police chose those witnesses. But you’re expecting me to accept
that all of these witnesses materially stood in front of
a court, a jury, and told lies about Omar? Yes. Yes, because they are not
the norm. They’re all addicts. You can’t choose your witnesses. My concern here is that Omar
is using the lack of forensic evidence
to say that he’s not guilty, when witness after witness is
putting him there on the night. I need to talk to Omar. I need to hear the words from his
mouth that he’s not guilty of this. Can we set up a call with him? Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. Mm. All right? OMAR ON PHONE: Yeah. So I’ll be passing you over
to say hello. OK. All right? Yes. Hello, Omar? Hi. Good. Thanks for having
some time to talk me. I’ve been looking into your case and I have to say, from where I’m
standing now, I’m struggling to believe
that you didn’t do this, OK? Why should I believe that you didn’t
do this, Omar? Is it fair to say that your life
was out of control back then? You had threatened someone
with a syringe, is that right? Yeah. And, Omar,
you had stabbed someone. You had previous knife offences. So to me, take that,
along with the fact that a judge, a judge once said to you, “I think that you’re capable
of killing someone…” That man had plates put in his head. Is it possible, Omar, that you
did it and you just can’t remember? I mean, how do you feel when you
look back at your life and you see how it played out now? You’ve had a long time
to think about it. HE SIGHS Are you all right? HE SIGHS
Yeah. OK, right, I’ll look at this, right, and I’ll tell you one of the reasons
I’m going to look at this is because I’m standing
looking at your sister and she firmly believes
that you’re not guilty of this. There’s not a doubt in her mind. OK. Hi, hon. Hi. How are you feeling? Sorry. Horrible friend. SHE CHUCKLES Um…have you been crying? Oh, baby, don’t. Oh, they’re taking you away?
All right. Love you. Be strong, be strong, be strong.
Love you. Bye, honey. Love you. Bye, bye. I just wanted to put my hands
in the phone, just give him a hug. You see the state of me now Mummy’s life is every single day. She cries every day. AMY SOBS I’m so sorry. So sorry. AMY SOBS You can’t help feeling for Amy. You’d have to be heartless not
to feel some heartbreak for her. I just feel… I’m very conflicted. Because…he just sounds like a kid.
He sounds like a child. Then your head tells you that any child is also capable of
the most horrendous crimes. One thing is certain.
Amy deserves answers. There is one big question about
this case that needs interrogating. According to BB,
the main prosecution witness, two men helped Omar
cover up the murder that night. BB also claimed all three men
raped her just hours later. Omar’s two accomplices were as
central to BB’s story as he was. And yet neither was convicted
of any crime. One was never even charged. The other went on trial with Omar,
but walked free. I want to understand
how that could have happened. Nick? Yeah. Nick, Bronagh.
How are you doing? Nice to meet you. You all right? Shall we grab a coffee?
Yeah. Come on. Come on. Nick Gbadamosi was acquitted
in court of raping BB, and of being an accessory
to Oki’s murder. He now lives in South London. How’d you end up living in Brixton? This time around, I got into trouble
and I went to prison. This is one of the move-on places
from there. What were you in prison for? Robbery, possession of a firearm. VOICEOVER: Nick’s been in prison
several times. Like Omar, he was a crack and heroin
addict living in Bournemouth at the
time of Oki’s murder. So, how did you end up
in Bournemouth? Well, I was doing a sentence
for another robbery and whilst I was on that sentence,
my wife, my then wife, and my son had moved to Bournemouth. And I was there for quite a while,
and then this happened, you know, and I got fitted up for this. Looking at your track record, you’re
an obvious suspect, aren’t you? No, not an obvious suspect. I’m a thief. I’m not a rapist.
I’m not a murderer. I want to believe you, but I have
to ask you these questions because from what you tell me, I need to know the man sitting in front of me is doing this
for the right reasons. Listen, there are three things
I want from this. Yeah. I want to get that poor kid Omar
out of jail… ..I want total public vindication
for myself and I want the police to suffer
for what they did. Sorry, it just makes me
so fucking angry. I did the robberies, I sold
the drugs, I had the fights, I did all of those things,
but I didn’t do this. And is it because of the nature of
the crime that you’re cheesed off? Yeah. Because it’s rape, isn’t it?
Yeah. I could never do that.
That’s disgusting! HE SOBS I love my mum, I love my sisters,
my nieces, my great-nieces. I could never do that to a woman.
Never! It’s disgusting! You all right? Yeah. It’s not Buckingham Palace, but,
you know, it serves a purpose. A stepping stone. Yeah, just that. Um…what was it that led to
your acquittal? Well, overall, the evidence,
there was no forensic evidence, no CCTV evidence, you know,
that went against me. The only CCTV evidence that came
was in my favour. This BB’s story,
none of it was credible. The so-called witnesses,
the junkies, all contradicted themselves
and each other. Oh, listen, I can’t tell you,
emphasise enough how fabricated this all was. When you were sitting in that court, did you ever think,
“I’m going down for this”? Yeah. “They’re going to steal
my life. “They’re going to steal my life.” I’m ashamed of it! But there were two occasions,
I found myself on a chair with sheets around my neck. And the only reason I couldn’t do
it, I couldn’t get my boy’s face and my sisters’ faces out of
my mind, so I had to get down. So if you swing a left, you should
be able to park up. Cheers. VOICEOVER:
I meet Nick in Bournemouth so he can show me why he believes BB’s evidence
was completely made up. There was a car park for the pub
just… Yeah, there is still here. Is that a car park? Right, where I’m taking you now, there’s a pub called
the Richmond Arms. VOICEOVER: BB claimed she was
in this pub with Omar and Nick about a week before the murder, and that they were discussing women. The prosecution used
this conversation to establish a sexual motive
for Oki’s murder. BB alleges that me, Omar,
and a couple other people and her were supposed to have been buying
drinks at the bar, playing pool, and Omar’s supposed to have
started this lewd conversation about lusting after Korean girls. And that’s where he’s supposed
to say that he fancied Korean women? Yeah, and supposed to have been
talking lewdly about them, but all that was was them
painting a picture, you know, to show why Omar went and did that. You can see there are CCTV cameras
dotted all about the place. There were about eight that were
clearly visible, and yet there is not one single
image of any of us on that CCTV. And so, the cops came here looking
for the CCTV footage to prove BB’s story.
Yeah. And there was nothing. Nothing? How can you be playing
pool and buying drinks at the bar and not be caught on
any of the cameras? A CCTV expert told the court it was
possible the cameras missed this encounter
because of how they were set up. But Nick’s lawyers found other
footage that undermined the most important
part of BB’s story. Her account of the night
Oki was killed. The night that that murder happened, earlier on, I’d been arrested for
a poxy little possession charge and they let me out of the station
at 11:40. So I walked from the police station
and got my car. Then I went home. And there’s proof of that because
I was caught on a speed camera on Turbary Park Avenue, which is two minutes
from where I was living. Then, on top of that,
this phone box, there were CCTV images
from a council camera, or from this wine bar, showing my car here at about 3:15. Someone got out of my car,
I can’t even remember who it was, someone got out of my car
and came and used this phone box. Right? Look, here you go,
have a look at that. All right. You can’t remember who that person
is? I can’t remember. Listen, my lifestyle at that time
was really chaotic. They were asking me to remember
something from six weeks ago when at the time, I would’ve
struggled for six hours. So, they get your car, right? Yeah. But it could have been somebody else
driving your car. No-one drives my car.
No-one can drive my car. Nobody. So the time here, yeah, it’s 3:15,
12th July. Yeah. Exactly. And that’s after the murder, when you should have been in the car
with BB. Exactly. You know, I can’t be doing all that
and be here. BB’s story is complete bullshit. So it can’t be trusted
against Omar either. How can it be trusted? And even then, how can the court
and the jury find me not guilty and yet be unsure about him when it’s quite obvious that they
were all fucking lying? VOICEOVER: Two juries seem to have
doubts about BB’s account. Nick was cleared of being
an accessory to murder and both he and Omar
were acquitted of raping BB. BB’s evidence only resulted in
a conviction after Omar went on trial
for a third time on a single charge of murder. Nick never testified at this trial. I am having serious concerns about the main prosecution witness’
story. It just doesn’t stack up. It’s not just the CCTV footage that
could have put Nick somewhere else, it’s the fact that we’re being asked
to believe that those men spent a considerable
amount of time in that car, they carried out a gang rape and they’d just carried out a
murder, and there’s not one piece of
forensic evidence linking them to the car. They should’ve been able to find
something. A cigarette butt, a trace of blood,
a hair fibre. Nothing. I just find that
incredibly hard to believe. Hello! Hello! How are you? Hi. This is Bronagh.
Hi. Hi, Bronagh, hi. Pleased to meet you. Pleased to meet
you. Welcome to Portsmouth. Yeah. Thanks for inviting us down.
Lovely weather. Marika teaches criminology
at the University of Portsmouth. She’s helping Amy with a new appeal
against Omar’s conviction. I really want people to find out
about this case because I want people to see that this is how the system
can get it wrong, and can get it so wrong that somebody sits in prison after 15
years for something that there is
not a shred of credible evidence to suggest that they actually did
the crime. Marika and her students
run a unit at the university that investigates potential
miscarriages of justice. Having spoken to Nick, it raised serious questions about
the case to me, and about BB. Without her, the police
wouldn’t have had a case. There wouldn’t have been anything
that they could have gone on. But she has given at least two
different versions of where the murder even took place. How is this woman
a reliable witness? BB gave the police many different
accounts of the murder, and the team have unpicked
her changing statements. One of the main inconsistencies is her description of the offender, which began as a white male, but then later changed to
a darker, black male, which then eventually became
a very clear description of Omar. Not only does she initially start
with a white man, but she names three
completely different people. Omar Hussain, Mike Big and Darius. And that changes to who? Omar Benguit, Nicholas Gbadamosi
and Delroy Woolry. The first statement that she gives, she says that she wasn’t even
driving the car, but, then, in her other statements, she was driving and the three men
get into the car. But in the first statement,
she said she was never the driver. Does she give any excuse for why
she was getting mixed up? She said, “Sorry, I didn’t want “the police to think I knew
everything about it.” She said that she did that because
she was frightened for her life and her daughter’s. What else did she talk about? She starts off saying she was
driving one car, but then she changed her mind, saying that she was driving
a different car. BB describes this dramatic
car chase. I think the police would have remembered and recorded
such an incident, and we found absolutely no record
of that anywhere. The big problem with this is that all of this evidence has been
to the jury and they convicted Omar on it.
They believed her. That jury maybe found it reliable,
but previous juries haven’t. Remarkably, after
Omar was convicted, BB went on national TV
to change her story yet again. My first guest witnessed the murder
of a 26-year-old Korean student. For legal reasons,
we’re still not identifying her. This is an extraordinary story. The story that she presents on
the Jeremy Kyle Show is quite different to the one that
she had told at trial. During the trials, she has never
said that she witnessed a murder, but on the Jeremy Kyle Show, she says that she saw Omar
plunge the knife into Oki. Why would she not have said that
at the trial? Because she’s an unreliable witness
and it wasn’t true. Benguit’s legal team say a
key prosecution witness changed her account. BB’s change of story
formed part of an appeal against Omar’s conviction. But the judges ruled it didn’t
undermine BB’s account at the trial. They said the jury heard accusations
that BB was a liar and had fully explored
her credibility. Omar’s conviction was upheld, yet Marika says new evidence has
since emerged that could help Omar
with a fresh appeal. Omar had an alibi. This is a man that we have located who has come forward and said, “He didn’t do this, and I know this “because I was with him
on the night of the murder.” And you tracked him down? Yes. Where is he? He’s in Glasgow. He feels awful that
Omar is still in prison. I know for a fact
that guy’s not done that. Omar was with me that night. Aye.


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    was offered a reduced sentence on a robbery charge and a cushy jail in
    return for falsifying evidence.

    Beverley Brown? She claimed she drove Benguit and two other men to the spot where Oki was
    killed and he came back to the car covered in blood. She later changed her story during a TV show appearance. It is also claimed she has falsely accused others in the past. Legal investigators say CCTV footage shows no trace of her car at the spot where she claimed she dropped Benguit.

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  • Fukai Kokoro says:

    The fact it TOOK THREE TRIAL says everything. He may not be a saint. But no man deserves to be wrongfully convicted. In the United States we have this thing called Double Jeopardy, EXACTLY for reasons like this. You can’t just keep putting someone on trail, over and over again. For that reason alone the jury will make the assumption he did it or else why would the system keep pursuing him?

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    2. If bb was correct about rape, the police could have gotten and rape kit and tested if any semen or DNA was found on the victims body that matches Omar. If it didn't, they Also needed to matched the DNA to the other two people with him. If all these were done and it didn't match, It would be clear as day whether it was Omar.
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    Only seen this 1 ep & im very skeptical about them being guilty. I obviously need to listen to alot more to make an informed decision but atm it seems much like the cops couldn't find anyone else so they've picked easy targets to try set up, being drug addicts the cops have just blamed them. The law is you're innocent unless its proven you're guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I've heard nothing yet that proves this guy 100% guilty not even 50%!

  • PGoughy says:

    Saying that he was a heroin addict to explain how he could be guilty isn't really a good argument. Heroin is sedating as opposed to something like ice which makes people violent. You could argue that someone going through withdrawals from heroin could be worked up, angry and become violent but that would be most likely in the course of obtaining drugs or money for drugs. Seeing a hot girl walking down the street, getting out of the car with two other people, coming on to her and then stabbing her for turning him down just seems so implausible in the course of 5 minutes.

  • gia says:

    I believe nick about the rape fully. I’ve met many men who are rough around the edges but will do anything to protect their families, women, and children. There are rapists and people disgusted and outraged by rape. No in between. If you aren’t disgusted you are in the same camp as the rapists.

  • NickEaster1 says:


  • Robert Burgess says:

    This is a very dodgy case, there’s no doubt he’s capable of violence but so are many who don’t go on to murder.
    Why did no one hear the car screech off ??

  • Lisa Rees says:

    So let me get this straight- this guy has stabbed, raped and robbed in his past and THIS is the guy you decide to give precious TV time to? There are many cases of people being sent to prison with questionable evidence, many who have no criminal past. Why spend time and money for this violent criminal?

  • Space Rage says:

    I think all 4 of the idiots in the car should be in jail, who cares what for. Good job by the police either way.

  • Space Rage says:

    I think all 4 of the idiots in the car should be in jail, who cares what for. Good job by the police either way.

  • Space Rage says:

    Crack heads, drug fueled gang bangs, robberies, thieves and Jeremy Kyle. Welcome to 21st century Britain.

  • fredinabun ; says:

    Why are people moaning about the sound ? Im on an old laptop and i cant plug in my speakers because the port is fucked i have to make do with the built in ones and i come aross videos i cant hear at all on youtube BUT this video i hear fine. Its like the people who moan if a video is not in super duppa extra hd who gives a fuck ?

  • J M says:

    The case should have been thrown out, seen as the only witness and only slight bit of evidence was changed multiple times. He may have done it, but I don’t think he should have been sent down for it legally speaking

  • fredinabun ; says:

    As a junkie myself the fact that 17 other junkies turned up and gave evidence at 3 different trails ??? thats bullshit junkies dont go to court unless they is something in it for them and on top of that for all 17 of them to keep to the date that in its self is strange we junkies miss all kinds of appointments because if we dont have money to buy drugs were fucked and they is no way you can go to court and give evidence if you havnt used that day and bb's story sounds made up and those clothes that were found i think she is covering up for someone it was proberly a drug dealer that did it and this dealer would of paid bb and the other 16 in drugs to gave a false statement.

    Thats what i think i dont think the police are behind it it will be a drug dealer and this will be why all 17 of them we able to turn up at court all 3 times because he would of gave them drugs that morning and thats how it works. Its happens all the time.

  • Simon Dominic says:

    Seems rather suspicious that the bloke should be discussing having sex with a Korean girl, then a few minutes later identify a random Korean girl from behind, in the dark. I don't think I've met a Korean girl in my life so to meet one immediately after saying you'd like to meet one sounds like bad fiction.

  • Sophie fwt says:

    As much as I believe Omar actually did this. I kinda believe his friend didnt rape "BB" but idk haven't watched it all yet!

  • Andressa Hoese says:

    For some reason I believe the other fellow when he says he ain’t no rapist or murderer, only a robber.

  • Nikki Garcia says:

    1:59 …….

  • Nikki Garcia says:

    Omar is not credible because he's a drug addict BUT "BEBE" the drug addict prostitute has a word of gold… Yeah…. Ok then 👌

  • Nikki Garcia says:

    I guess they don't have double jeopardy here??? ….

  • Alan Stringfellow says:

    17 witnesses, there could be 1700 witnesses for all I care, if they're drug addicts then they just aren't credible.

  • Justin Credible says:

    Cognitive Dissonance anyone?!

  • Hannah B says:

    Can I just say how nice the blonde woman is ? (the reporter/journalist woman)

  • Tyler Stewart says:

    Not enough evidence, don’t believe he should be in jail, sorry. They used his lifestyle of being a heroin addict against him. People have changed their statements and descriptions it’s bullshit. Sounds similar to when they see us and until there’s enough evidence he’s innocent to me. I don’t know how this held up when it should have been thrown out in court! If he is guilty then I hope he suffers but I really doubt it.

  • Caitlin Wilson says:

    He’s so fucking guilty for everything he’s done & it’s so obvious on that phone call

  • Ben says:

    I would say BB should have been disregarded as a credible witness as soon as the man that went on trail with Omar proved that he was not in her car in the time she said they were… Why would this free him from being charged but its still relevant evidence against Omar

  • Ya Girl says:

    Unpopular but I honestly have a feeling he’s innocent

  • leadfarmer says:

    He was talking about korean girls and then he found one

  • nicole johnston says:

    So much that doesn't add up…

    So many that could show that Omar could be innocent, but with saying that, there's things that point to him possibly being guilty…

    Many contradictions with regards to bb's timeline of events
    # mentioned that the killer was ONE person wearing a mask, not THREE men
    # she was stabbed in the back but yet, Omar and the other 2 approached her in different direction
    # plus, the guy that was equitted bought up and showed CCTV footage that contradicts bb's statement
    # bb contradicts her own story more than once (eg, one statement she's NOT driving to it WAS her car and she was driving, her description of Omar also changed).
    Makes me question her statement and just how credible a witness she really is

    But there's also the actions of Omar that come into play with regards to the whole case that makes me question his innocence
    # Omar has a history of violence
    # Omar had previous drug offences, and even at the time, was still using. Unfortunately, the use of drugs can make people act in a different manner and even do some unthinkable, or out of the ordinary things
    # Omar had previously stabbed someone

    So many questions…….

  • Scott Robinson says:

    the police are entirely capable of doing that I know this guys past is serious, but this just does not add up at all

  • Scott Robinson says:

    i reckon the witness BB was the one who actually carried it out, she seems to be pretty shady shes the one who cant get her story straight ?

  • ThatRezChick says:

    she talks to him like she's talking to her boyfriend not her brother….

  • Danica Kim says:

    So many people are not watching the full video before commenting.

  • Martin Cosgrove says:

    Hes not clean cut

  • Nathan Clark says:

    I knew this man when him and his parents lives on Flushards Road in Lymington Town. I was at 15 or 16 and he used to act very tough at the time I thought. He would talk frequently about stabbing people. He was a very weak and frale looking man and would get bullied out side of the kebab house by the locals but he would then say after how he wanted to kill them all. He was on hard drugs and would Try and get my and my friends on drugs too. I felt very uncomfortable around him as I knew he was a psychopath. I heard about the crime that he chased her for sex and she didn't want to know so he stabbed her. His parents moved away straight after the attack happened.

  • Mohamud Omar says:

    Omar sister is blinded by the fact that her brother Omar murderd the innocent Korean student OKI

    The witness testimony proves his not innocent due to the fact he stabbed a male at a night club brawl

    In my opinion I don’t believe he is innocent as he his capable of doing anything to prove his innocence. Taking drugs such as her ion make people behave in a way which is not normal.

    Therefore Omar sister is remorseful for her brothers innocence as she whents him to be proven innocense.

    Ladies and gentlemen is he innocent or is he just making stuff up to no longer be in jail

  • Mohamud Omar says:

    Don’t know why Omar sister is crying for her brothers release whereas Onki parents are devastated by their daughters death. If anyone should be sorry for are their parents who had to bury their child.

    In this society no parent should bury their children is should be the opposite

  • Poppy Rankin says:

    I actually like nick, he’s so honest and I real!

  • Misty Moore says:

    This case is not unsolved. The guy in nick did this Murder, Why don't these journalists do some good work for a change & not just take a case that has money involved, This family has money, This guy had a fair trial he was convicted of this crime, He Murdered this girl in cold blood, Because he could, His fake brother crying just couldn't squeeze a tear out tho could he?…I have no sympathy for this family what so ever their liars & enablers, RIP to the lovely young lady who's life was taken in a savage way , I hope her family know that the British public haven't & won't ever fall for this utter crap being spun, Respect to the family of the victim, The others can rot!!

  • Eoin Keane says:

    A darker black male. lol.

  • Shef Field says:

    We need more immigrants like Omar to make the U.K. great! Future lawers and doctors 🙄

  • PSR 04 says:

    I don't know if Omar did it — it sounds like he's got previous for being handy with a knife.
    My concern is that Omar was put on trial to prove his innocence. The Judge admitted unreliable and contradictory evidence against him and then handed down a hard-line rigid Sentence. When did Justice change from being innocent until proven guilty?
    The legal world baffles me (not that we rub shoulders much – thankfully). It's like they All — the courts system, the Judge, the appointed Defence, the CPS and the police —- all share in the same meal, supporting each other and propping up the system; but justice is not invited to dinner.
    It seems wrong to me that Omar is serving 15 yrs in full for continuing to protest his innocence. It IS wrong that if he'd quietly accepted his Sentence that he'd have been free 4 yrs ago and could be running a knife-sharpening business now.
    This isn't Justice. It's a charade.

  • Featherstone says:

    It appears that the police fed BB the information numerous times to fit the description,times,places etc. She's not had the same story, every time it's changed. Also if a rape occurred in the car after the murder there would be physical evidence inside the vehicle. The occupants all testified as to drug use that day so I find it extremely difficult to believe they could sufficiently clean up the vehicle.

  • Lisa says:

    @ 6:40 after the conversation with the " murderer " why wouldn't she ask him if he can try to explain what happened to the student and was it his friends that killed her that night and he was just there.?

  • Fuck I don’t know says:

    This is shady as 17 witnesses all conveniently they all link up

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