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Hi guys! This is first video in Serbian, I am so happy
I am with Andrea Today I am with Andrea
We decided to do some makeup From day to night and to suggest you
How to transform from day to night So in the morning the makeup is easy
We don’t use too many products For the evening is a little bit heavier
We are going out so.. Sorry for this lightning we filmed sooo long
so.. You will see, in the begining of this video
the light was nice I really hope you like this look
Do you like it? It’s beautiful! Super! How we made this look, see in the video
Byee! So, I will start with a cream
In the morning is very important That you use a hydrating cream
before anything else Do not press hard your skin
I’m also making this mistake More you pull it, it will show wrinkles earlier
This cream is a little bit harder Because is made with essential oils
And I am warming it with my fingers We will use PoreFessional from Benefit
It is giving you flat skin effect Without pores and wrinkles
It doesn’t close your pores This is important
This one is new I have to open it Literaly this is enough for whole face
Even if you don’t use foundation You can still use this by it self
We should wait for cream to sink There is no need to put this on your whole
face Just where needed
Where you have more pores and wrinkles Nose, on the sides, cheeks
And maybe chin Now, we woun’t use nothing special
because you should go to work, run here and there Do not put too much makeup But still we will use a little bit of a concealer
We will try this orange part from the Laura Mercier set
Let’s see how it neutralizes dark circles Look up! This is great! It neutralizes all dark circles
Because orange is great for correcting blue and green
It is very dense, I always say this in my videos
And it’s not for under eyes It is more for pimples
But I love this product because it melts good when you blend it
When skin is warm, after cream Of course, more concealer you use,
more it shows on your face Who loves to wear a tone of makeup in morning
You’re welcome That’s not my style
This is a sugestion for something minimal But you still can look fresh
I love to prepare my lids for the eyeshadow later
If we do our makeup after We allready have the base
This is some Avon base Creamy
Actually it’s moussy texture, more than creamy All of these bases, creamy eyeshadows
Use or with sinthetic brush or with your fingers I always use my fingers
That way I warm the product it melt It doesn’t show Don’t press hard on your lids
They’re very sensitive
As much as you can just tap gently We will do the eyebrows now
Wich will be ready for the evening If you want you can make the stronger after
But I like to have good eyebrows all day
We will use Nabla Brow Pot This is great Neptune is the color I have, it is universal color Since eyebrow trend changes, don’t follow it! Because in 10 years you will be funny Neutral brown, just to add a shadow
In the creases Matt brown is better for the day
Put your brush on the crease Under the bone follow the crease
For the “touch of light” I use my favourite Mary Lou
Only in the angles It gives nice effect to the eye
Pls, I don’t wanna pull out your eye hahah Look down but don’t close
Lashes long 3,5km on this girl For my taste for the day this is enough for the day I will add just a little gloss This is plumper
It has active cllagen so it tickles a little it plumps your lips
Makeup for the nigh! We are starting the evening makeup so
we can drink, right?! Wet Beauty Blender, foundation.. So, let’s go!
This is L’Oreal Infallible, one of my favourites Andrea’s number is 22
This foundation is great for oily and mixed skin Are you satisfied with this one Yes, very much! Andrea, please, can you tell me? What’s the feeling having BB boucing on your
face? Beautiful! hahhahha
So if you tap it, it has higher covarage Wich we need actualy for going out tonight
If you use it during the day You can pull down
This is color Light It should be three colors of this one
Down to the sides of the nose To have more precision I turn around
Even if you use powder on the top, it still shows I prefer put smaller amount of concealer And blend very well
If I have to put more I will blend half an hour This is baked powder These are baked it the oven
and that’s fine powder I only pass over a few spots to matify You don’t have a powdery effect on your face It would be enough only horizontaly Because her face is pretty long
She doesn’t need contouring Because she will look even thiner
Only warm up the face With a bronzer
And on the temples just a little All of these loose powders
If you wet your brush or finger There is MAC Fix+ and NYX has one also
There are these sprays for mixing with powders and pigments It is even more intense But with a finger is enough
I come back to my favorite MAC 217 brush And I will take matt brown again
Darker brown If it’s too much, I dab off the excess On the brush, this is gel eyeliner It is great, and it’s worth of investing your money in a good eyeliner This one i opened 3 moonths and it still didn’t dry out It is the blackest black and it’s really worth of money Eyeliner is put very close to the lashes When you do an eyeliner it’s better to hold your eyes open Because it should follow the lower lash line Not up, not down, I also make mistakes on myself But generaly it should be extension of the lower lashline And we are finishing with lips! But we will add some mascara on the lower lashes This is Lime Crime, brown in Salem For a little “life” on her face I will add a blush This is Clinique, color Peach Pop Please, don’t put the blush on the sides That is artistic makeup Blush is put on the highest points of your cheeks We can add some highlighter Chin! We have to! 🙂

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