Daytime Silver Grey Eye Makeup Tutorial Chatty Get Ready All One Brand Gallany @phyrra

Daytime Silver Grey Eye Makeup Tutorial Chatty Get Ready All One Brand Gallany @phyrra

Hey everyone, welcome back and hello to you
new people too. Today I’m doing an all one brand tutorial
with the brand Gallany, so I’m going to go ahead and jump right into the tutorial. I’ve already applied my eyeshadow primer. I’m going to take the color Luster which is
this top shade up here with my Moondust brush. I’m putting this on the lid just basically
brushing it on. I’m going to take the color here Smoke with
the detailed smudger brush. This is going to go along my lower lid. About 3 quarters up the way in. You can go in further if you want, but that’s
about as far as I want to go in with this color. Then I’m going to take it and go out towards
the tail of my brow. Not all the way, but maybe halfway because
I’m going to continue to blend it that way. While looking into the mirror with my eyes
open to try to accommodate for my hood, I’m going to basically go up onto the hood of
my eye to fake a crease. The shade Smoke is really, really nice. I guess I’m going about most of the way in. Maybe like 3 quarters of the way in. I was watching a really great video today
by Beauty with Emily Fox. I’ll put a link to that video in my description
box, so you can check it out. She had a very heartfelt video and I’ve seen
her videos occasionally. I agreed with everything she had to say really. I shared her video on social media, on Twitter. Like I said, I’m going to put a link here
so you can check it out, but it was really refreshing to see somebody be so genuine and
honest and heartfelt about some of the stresses that you go through in life as a blogger,
a YouTuber like some of the pressures that people put on you. It also made me want to point out the fact
that for those of you who hate ads, there are 2 things that you can do. One, you can get a YouTube Red subscription,
so you never have to see ads again. I think that’s actually wonderful. That’s actually what my partner Dave does
because he hates ads. The other thing you can do at least as far
as I’m concerned is I have a Phyrra app. You can download it for your Android phone
or your iPhone or iPad or your tablet device or whatever, but it’s completely ad free. I pay 30 bucks a month to have an ad free
version of my site for people who hate ads. Yes, there are ads on my site, but you can
also get around it through those 2 methods. I need that because that helps me pay for
my server cost and everything, so that’s why I run ads to help me pay for my blog. Anyway, I could totally relate to her video. It was very real, very honest and I really
appreciated having somebody else voice some of the same things that I feel. Now I’m going to take the eyeshadow contour
brush and do some blending. I’m basically just blending back and forth
in windshield wiper motions, trying to soften the edges of the line that I created for my
fake crease. I’m switching to my tapered blending brush
for blending. I’m blending under the eyes just back and
forth in a very soft windshield wiper motion, trying not to get my lashes. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m really
just trying to blend very softly and move the colors around and diffuse it. I’m going to take the Sigma E36 and go back
with the soft color Smoke to just deposit more color here. I’m very, very softly. I hope you can see how softly I’m doing this. I’m just applying more color onto the hood
of my eye. This is a very soft bristle brush to begin
with. I’m just trying to make it so there’s no hard
edge. If you don’t have hooded eyes, you can just
do this in your crease. You’re so lucky because I swear, hooded eyes
are pretty much hard-mode for eyeshadow. Okay, now I’m going to go back with the tapered
blending brush from Urban Decay. I’m just really trying to soften the edges. I’m going to take the color Plumwood with
the Urban Decay angled liner brush and basically I’m drawing a sideways V, just at the outer
corner to help ad some definition. Part of a V is like at the outer upper lash
line. I guess maybe it’s more of a C, because I
have extreme hoods. Can you see the shape there? Then I’m going to blend that out. Taking my tapered blending brush and I’m blending
it really tiny little circles. This is just left and right. This is circles. I really love how easy these colors blend
together. This is one of the nice things about using
a premade quad. This color seemed to just blend out real easily. Can you tell how this side has a little more
definition now because I did that little V or C shape, whatever you want to call it? Well, I think I feel like my eyes are slightly
downturn too, especially at the outer corners. I think this eyeshadow shape really works
well to flatter them. All right, I’m going to go back with the Urban
Decay large blending brush to just soften this a tiny little bit more. I’m going very, very softly in a windshield
wiper motion back and forth. I hope you can see how soft that is. All right, I’m going to take the dark color
plum wood with the tight line brush. I’m just brushing along the roots of my lower
lashes to add some definition to my eyes. I’m doing it at the outer upper lash line
too. I don’t want to have too much because I don’t
have a lot of lid space. Okay, I’m switching to the Sigma E6 brush
which is this really tiny winged eyeliner brush. I like it for trying to just lightly line
at the upper lash line, to add a very thin line. Try not to poke yourself in the eye like I
just did, Jesus. I’m trying to stay in the cameras. Oh great, a field of view. Well, now that I’ve poked some shadow up there
that shouldn’t be there, I’m going to take the Moondust brush and go back with Luster
which is the silvery taupe color and see if I can fix that on my lid. Yeah, okay. I’ve had very little fallout with these eyeshadows. I don’t know if you can see, but I have a
couple tiny little dots. It was really only for me using this and smacking
into my lashes, so total user error. I’m not a makeup artist. I’m going to go back with the detailed smudger
and Smoke and go at the lower lid again. This time, I’m going to go all the way across. I’m going to take the angled brow brush and
the shimmery silver top shade so that I can put some at my inner lower lash line and then
the inner corner. This is the Gallany second skin powder. I’m going to go ahead and see how this works
on my face. I think it’s actually a really sheer powder,
but it’s a little too dark for me. I don’t know if you can see that it’s darker
than my neck or my forehead. All right. Let me take this off. I’ll be right back. While the powder felt really nice and silky,
it was obviously too dark for my skin. I’m going to put on Hot Makeup Foundation
Stick. This is their NP30 and go from there. This is a cruelty free, gluten, vegan foundation
stick. I’m going to apply it with my Real Techniques
stippling brush. For those of you who are interested, I have
a post up on my blog that’s the beginner’s guide to eyelash extensions. It talks all about the pros and cons of them. I had pictures taken of me getting my latest
refill done because I got them refilled earlier this week. I basically talked about why I like it and
why I do it. I’m going to use the Amsterdam palette. This is a face and cheek trio and the color
here is Au Naturale. It’s a nude blush type color. I’m using the Urban Decay diffusing blush
brush. If you’ve read my 10 life changing beauty
hacks, you’ll know that if you put 2 fingers here, you can make sure that you don’t go
into far with your blush and it will look fabulous. I’m just going back with my foundation brush
to soften the edges. I’m going to use the Sigma E47 to add a little
bit of a highlight. The highlight color that I’m adding is Notoriously
Morbid Osteomancy. Oh, is it? No, actually it’s Harlequin. Sorry, it’s Harlequin. I grabbed the other one today apparently. I like to add highlight at the inner corner
and then under the outer part of my brow because I think that’s the most flattering placement
for hooded eyes. I’m going to highlight my cheeks. I’m going to use the Real Techniques setting
brush. I feel like this brush just has the right
shape to give me control of where I put my highlight. Okay now for the lip color, this is Gallany
Gossip and it’s supposed to be a chameleon nude that works with warm or cool looks. Let me zoom in so you can see the finished
eye look. I promise I’m not going to try and make love
to the camera. As you can see, the silvery taupe and the
gray shades work really, really well on my hooded blue green eyes. Here’s the final look on my face. I really had fun doing this all one brand
tutorial featuring Gallany. Please be sure to let me know what you think
in the comments below. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up
and share. I love it when you share my videos. If you haven’t already, go ahead and click
that subscribe button so you don’t miss my next video. Thanks so much for watching.


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