Dental IMPLANT, VENEERS, CROWNS – 3D Computer Guided Cosmetic Dentistry Smile Transformation

– What’s up, guys? This is Dr. O from Innovative Dental, and welcome to this
week’s smile of the week. I hope you all had an awesome week. I know we did here at Innovative Dental, and it’s great to see your smilin’ face. I can kind of see it a little bit. Thanks for smilin’. It looks good on you, by the way. Today’s smile of the week,
let’s go over this awesome lady. She had an accident this Christmas and accidentally broke off a front tooth. She also had some other crowns
she wasn’t very happy with, so it’s kind of a prime opportunity for us to address that front
tooth with an implant. So, that’s what we’re
gonna talk about today. I thought, hey, why
don’t we get a little bit behind the scenes. How many of you are wondering how in the world are you doing this? Do you have this giant production crew? And, yeah, check out our production crew. I’m gonna shoot this video
for you so you can see. There’s the production crew, right? I got Mr. Light and Mrs. Tripod
over here, helping us out. So, that’s how we’re getting it done. I should have a few people helping me out. It’d probably turn out quite a bit better, but you got just me. She happened to be a referral from a buddy from dental
school, so thanks, Jarrod. You’re a rock star. Wish you the best. I think you’re starting out
in Oklahoma, is that right? I think so, Oklahoma. I think that’s what your mom told me. Anyways, we had an opportunity
to help her with her smile. We talked about, if we’re
gonna do something as permanent as an implant on a front tooth, the shade that we pick
is probably gonna be the shade that you’re gonna
have the rest of your life, ’cause we all know, from the
video about porcelain veneers, I think I have the link up here, that they don’t change
shape, porcelain doesn’t. So if you’re gonna pick a
shade and put it on an implant, and implants typically
last the rest of your life, you wanna make sure you
get that shade right. So, this other teeth around, and I’ll give you a close-up here, you can kind of see those
teeth around that implant, or where she broke that tooth, just looking a little bit dingy, not quite as bright as she would like, and honestly, I would love to help her. She gave us the opportunity to go ahead and change those over as well. So, we used a guided implant process, where we took the root out, same day, and put in a new tooth. How cool is that? One visit, take the root
out, put a titanium root in, and then, we’re able to
design in 3D software, and I’ll show you, you
gotta have some of that, how we can design in 3D software, and screw in her crown that very visit. That way, she didn’t
even have to go anywhere with that missing front tooth. That’s kind of a cool
opportunity to help somebody. And, I just had a
consultation with somebody. By the way, we do virtual consultations, so if you’re interested in traveling to get any smile dentistry done, don’t let distance keep
you from getting the best. We feel like we can
offer that to you here, and we can definitely
have a smile consultation. There’s some steps that we’d
have to go through to get that, but I would love to talk
with you about your smile and a virtual smile consultation. Anyways, back to the smile,
we got her in the office. In a single visit, we did the
veneers around that teeth, and I think, actually,
they were remakes of crowns I think for sure we had crowns. We redid those five crowns,
and then did that implant for her, and this is her, finally, today. At least, she looks like this today. Pretty awesome to transform that smile. You know, we do this all with technology. It allows us to make sure
it’s all very predictable and accurate, makes it tons of fun, so that’s why we would
love to see you here. Hopefully, this was helpful. If you have anymore questions
about implant dentistry and cosmetic implant dentistry, definitely share those
questions in the comments below. I try my best to answer those. Otherwise, you guys have
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