– What’s up guys? This is Doctor O from Innovative Dental and hope you’re having an awesome day. It’s good to see your smiling face. I think it’s smiling. Yeah, yeah you’re smiling. I think you are. You gotta be smiling, it’s a good day. So today let’s talk about veneers. What do you think? What the heck are they? I mean have you not
found yourself googling and trying to figure out what a veneer is and going I have no clue what a veneer is because it’s not super-clear. And there’s so many different definitions. You may have heard of Lumineers. You may have heard of press-on
veneers, no-prep veneers. Even another one that’s new to me that I’m like what in the heck is this. It’s called a bill veneer. And so I’m gonna help clear the air, make sure that it’s really
clear on what a real veneer is and what the benefits are to you. Simply put a veneer is a
very thin piece of porcelain that’s designed to change
the shape, the shade, address spacing in the teeth, and maybe even give some strength additionally back to the tooth. Veneers can also be used to restore teeth that may have tooth decay and allow us to fix the front
portion or the visible portion of your tooth. And that’s what makes
them a great solution for cosmetic change and
to restore front teeth. We really use the term cosmetic veneer when we’re really strictly
referring to no decay present. We’re just going to change the
way that the front teeth look and so we make individually
customized pieces of these thin pieces of procelain to bond them on to each individual tooth. You’re gonna be able to
brush and floss like normal and treat this as just it was
your enamel and natural tooth. Be able to brush and floss, keep it clean and really no difference
from what you’ve been doing with your natural teeth. Only that your smile now
looks better, brighter, and doesn’t stain. One of the main reasons people might look into doing cosmetic veneers is really the shade and the
shape change of their teeth and the fact that the color
that we choose is permanent. So you’re not gonna
see any change in shade throughout the life of that veneer. Veneers are also an awesome
way to instantly transform a smile. There’s a lot of ways that
we can address a smile, whether it’s moving teeth
or doing some reshaping or contouring of teeth, but the veneer process
is almost instantaneous and can provide a total change to the way that somebody
looks when they smile. Hopefully that helps you
understand what a veneer is. I’ve got a few examples here
for you to kinda look at. Here’s a one close up of a
veneer and kinda how thin it is. It’s really, you can tell, thinner than what a credit card would be. And then here is a
model that shows a crown on the back side and kinda how that
crown would wrap around. And then here is the
lower arch as an example to show you what the veneers might look if they were done on
those lower teeth there. Well I hope that kinda clears
up what a dental veneer is. And what make Innovative Dental so unique is that we make the veneers
right here in our practice with the latest in 3D digital technology. This allows us to do a total process in under four hours that is
very predictable, percise, and beautiful. And that’s what we love
about transforming a smile. Thanks so much for listening. And I have a favor to ask. If you’re still watching,
would you go mind, subscribe. I’ll give you a second. I think it’s like right down here. Subscribe, maybe smash the thumbs up
button right over there. I’ll give you a minute. (whistling) Did you do it? Did you do it already? Awesome, thanks for doing that for me. You rock! You have an awesome day and if a smile makeover is in your future and you’re interested in that, we’d love to see you here
at Innovative Dental. Definitely go to our webpage. Check out the Smiles Within Reach Program or give us a phone call at 417-889-4746. And I wish you the very best and I look forward to seeing
you in the next video. Until then keep smiling. Cha! (upbeat music)


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    Greetings and thank you for all your nice and instructive videos.

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    When missing teeth, shift comes naturally, and since they're adult teeth, they've naturally positioned to help with the lack thereof.*

    I wouldn't be able to afford Invisalign, nor braces – I've already had them before; I would only need very minor straightening [but that's not an option for me financially].
    I have considered more certainly now, to place lumineers onto my smile.

    Since I do have missing first premolars on each side, yet small spaces — Am not certain even a partial denture for one tooth could fit properly. Or don't think a dentist would recommend it.
    I'd opt in lumineers to make my peg lateral incisors (another minor shifted space) into a bigger normal size.
    And the canine teeth, into a fuller size to completely close the first premolars (if possible). And therefore completely close my upper jaw spaces.

    Am not sure if placing Lumineers, is the best long term option for medical reasons (though they're wonderful aesthetically) – I still do need to discuss it with an dentist, but thought to at minimal describe it here. And if possible, any feedback would be appreciated.
    **Should someone invest in Lumineers — enlarge their canine teeth to fill in the missing small tooth space of a first premolar? The peg lateral incisors would also be in an enlarged shape, which may likely place a whole new makeover smile. Would be able to email, as need be.
    Side note lol, I was 15 when my braces were removed (currently 18+) — Was told to place dental implants at a young age after my braces were removed. Completely terrible recommendation due to young age & jaw developing, plus had other dentists telling me not to do so, my parent & I didn't like the idea of such a surgical procedure either. Or how people do report bad odor or consistent maintenance when they have dental implants (which are issues I've never had before so wouldn't invest in implants – they're expensive too). Though I was once open to the idea, it's something I'd completely not allow myself to do. Genuinely believe cosmetic dentistry is what may close the small left spaces I have. Am simply hoping teeth won't shift anymore while having Lumineers on — Or that my bite becomes impacted throughout the years. It's a wonderful option, but truly nothing is permanently guaranteed. People must always use common sense when it comes to their wellbeing and the advancements of dental care we have today.

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