Destiny 2: Datto’s Thoughts on Season of the Undying & The Future

Destiny 2: Datto’s Thoughts on Season of the Undying & The Future

Season of the Undying is dead. Well, it’s dying, it’s… it’s almost over. While nothing is actually remaining on the
timeline for the season, the only thing we have left is the final raid challenge and
my guess of some sort of conclusion, wrap up event or cutscene or something that will
conclude Season of the Undying and bring us into the Season of Dawn, Season 9. So, today, we’re gonna talk about Season of
the Undying, how well it went, combined with Shadowkeep and then talk some future stuff,
sort of state of the game style. Obviously, top of the list, we have Vex Offensive. In the previous season, we were introduced
to the Menagerie, which is one of the better activities we’ve seen introduced to the game. 6 man matchmaking, raid-lite mechanics with
various objectives done in a random order, culminating in 3 different final bosses. As I said in my first impressions video, Vex
Offensive is diet Menagerie and I’m actually going to downgrade it to diet Menagerie that
someone left out on the kitchen counter for a few hours. It is completely mindless killing for 2 sections,
followed up by the same boss. My interest in Vex Offensive did not last
nearly as long as my interest in the Menagerie and if it weren’t for the Undying title, I
would’ve probably dropped it after 2 or 3 runs as I have enough god-roll weapons in
my bank that I already don’t use. There are 4 weapon drops from Vex Offensive,
a scout rifle, hand cannon, pulse rifle and submachine gun. You can also NOW get the 2 season pass weapons
as well, the auto and machine gun, assuming you are high enough in the pass. Armor set was fine visually, completely subjective
to people’s individual tastes, for me, didn’t do much. Vex Offensive WAS however, very rewarding
from a loot to time perspective, I will give it that. We had Vex moon invasions as well, but I didn’t
really see a reason to do them outside of initial release of Vex Offensive, although
it was cool to have the moon invasions timed with the launch of the raid. The Final Assault event was… pretty much
what I expected: the Undying Mind boss from D1 replaced the Minotaur boss and it flings
some harpies at you. For all that fanfare of the Vex portal being
built in the tower, only to be told Ikora and Zavala tested it 24 times and then just
said “yup, it’s working,” the event was lacking. I don’t know what kind of finale event might
or might not be planned, probably a mission or a cutscene or SOMETHING to bring us into
Season 9, but the Final Assault did not have the excitement I was anticipating. Have us fight in the Undying Mind boss arena
from D1, bring back Imago Loop, I know the game needs another hand cannon like we need
a hole in our collective heads, but SOMETHING to zazz it up. Is it efficient to spend so much time on something
that would be around for 3 weeks? Probably not, I respect it. But, that doesn’t mean that I get to say what
we did end up getting was riveting. Because it wasn’t. The Undying title and grind within was also
not very exciting, but then again, most of the titles are not very exciting to grind
out with exception to raid titles, like Rivensbane and Enlightened, minus time gated stuff or
RNG portions. I personally would love to see titles shift
more towards challenging events that need to be completed instead of hindering my team’s
speed or progression because I’m busy farming bow kills. Think more the Time Trials for Harbinger and
less… literally every other triumph that requires
an inane amount of kills for the sake of making you play a lot. They don’t really promote mastery of an activity,
whereas Harbinger definitely does that way better. The difference is Harbinger will be here for
a long time and Undying will not, so I get the limitations. Two exotic quests in Leviathan’s Breath and
Xenophage, Deathbringer was part of Shadowkeep and Divinity is linked to the raid, which
is also Shadowkeep. Leviathan’s Breath was not an exciting quest
to do at all. The weapon doesn’t appear to have a ton of
PvE usability, but it does have some PvP viability and I think I’m going to leave it at that. Xenophage as a quest experience was much better,
puzzles to solve, running the dungeon, fighting a secret boss in the dungeon, great, great
stuff. Xenophage was marred by being very undertuned,
getting a 50% damage buff in the future, which put a sour note on the experience. The 3 ritual weapons all ended up being pretty
good given the reduction in power from pinnacle weapons, but as mentioned in the respective
video, MAN they were grindy, what felt like more grindy than previous items. The emblem grinds were also quite substantial,
but are required for the Undying title. If you want more thoughts on the weapons themselves,
check out that video. Crucible is still… the Crucible. It’s still got problems, despite all of the
changes done to roaming supers, which I do think was handled pretty well, at least when
I reflect on my previous rant video. In Shadowkeep, we’ve gotten those roaming
super changes, elimination I guess in Crucible labs, and solo queue competitive play, by
the way, solo queue Iron Banner WHEN. So, the roaming super changes seem like they’ve
helped, and they have, heavy ammo has been tuned down, so problem solved, right? Well, here comes yet another PvP hot take. Thing is… to ME, PvP right now is still
not in a great spot and will continue to be because of things that are in the game right
now that will never be removed. The lower skill, easy to use items are often
the best and if they’re not the best or easiest to use, they’re certainly not fun to play
against. One-Eyed Mask, Recluse, Mountaintop, Handheld
Supernova, shoulder charge, power ammo in general, then in the case of Season 8: Wormhusk
+ Arc Battery and also Thunder Coil, not sure if seasonal mods are gonna be enjoyable to
play against in PvP regardless of how much they change. Then tack on things like Lord of Wolves, Last
Word, Jotunn, and now we’re really cruising. These things are really fun to use and they
are the most rage inducing things to die to or play against. Nothing killed the mood of comp faster than
when I saw 3 Arcstrider Hunters. Nothing killed the mood more than an OEM,
Mountaintop, Recluse, Thundercoil Titan. Now if you wanted to argue that 2100 is a
difficult achievement and thus people should be rewarded as such for a couple of the weapons,
sure, valid argument. But it doesn’t change the fact that these
are braindead loadouts that do incredibly well while completely avoiding the core experience
of PvP, which I think, should be actual gunfights and not target practice. This is more of a competitive problem than
a quickplay one and probably more of a PC problem than a console one, but let’s not
pretend that you’d rather play against a OEM/Mountaintop Titan compared to anything else. Obviously some people are going to be on the
who cares side of this issue, obviously people love using these weapons and have fun steamrolling,
again, this is how I personally feel about PvP right now. It doesn’t matter if something like Trials
does inevitably come back if the core gameplay is the same crap we’re seeing in regular competitive. If Trials is filled with Mountaintop/Recluse,
Stompies spamming, W holding keyboard warriors, I’m not gonna play it because it’s not fun
to play against. Trials will not make PvP itself better. I know I’m not the greatest PvPer, but if
you have to be a PvP lord to stop some of this stupidity, then I’ll just not play. If the only way I can win is by hoping the
other person messes up, I’ll just not play. Using it myself just exacerbates the issues,
it doesn’t solve anything. PC and Console getting different balancing
would be the dream, but with cross-save and potentially cross-play being a thing in the
future, I don’t think that’s happening as I imagine it would be a nightmare to maintain. And I haven’t even mentioned the incentive
issue with Crucible, of which there are very few. Most crucible loot is trash and always has
been. You get 10 enhancement cores from a valor
reset, which is enough for… one Prism? And a powerful reward, which could really
be bumped up to a pinnacle. All armor drops from Crucible are trash tier
garbage with terrible stats. We’ve talked about loot in a previous video,
but even the RAID can drop with trash tier rolls, in fact, I’d say half of my drops from
the raid are not even worth considering because the rolls are bad. For Crucible, we bump that up to 99%. I get that Bungie probably wants people to
engage with both sides of the game for their loot, but throw Crucible a bone here. The Season Ranks and the Eververse on the
other hand, those were great, to the chagrin of the community. Season Ranks did not end up being very difficult
to grind out, which is good, it made level 100 not as bad I thought it was going to be. Eververse… doing better than ever, isn’t
it? I know that was a big point of contention
with the community this season, Eververse just cranking out the cosmetics, but I wanted
to wait until Season 9 before discussing it because I wanted to see if things got worse
from season to season. It is demoralizing to see the Eververse thrive
while the seasonal content itself seems pretty weak, at least from the perspective of a player. I get it, Bungie’s gotta make money, I get
it, but that still doesn’t make it not demoralizing to see. I realize the sandbox designers aren’t in
the motion capture studio making dance emotes, but still. What would really be nice is to get bright
engrams with new items in them aka the old system. I get that the previous two were about trying
to get old items into new or time-limited players hands, but for veteran players, engrams
with old items is a snoozefest. I would love to see somewhat of a return to
older systems, where you can get a good amount of Eververse items from simply playing the
game, but unfortunately, I do not see us going back to that system ever again due to how
profitable the new system likely is, not to mention any sort of government regulations
on loot boxes and this and that. While you can earn Bright Dust technically
infinitely, 10 dust per bounty is barely anything and for a single premiere item, would cost
you over 300 bounties. It is very clear that Bungie wants players
to be able to earn a couple of items over a season’s duration with Dust and then everything
else must be bought. I know it’ll be a sad day for me when my dust
supply runs out. So, sure, Bungie could throw us a bone and
toss in a couple of Eververse items into the game as a reward for challenging things as
a way of “listening to feedback,” but that will not change the fact that this new Eververse
system is here and as long as it is profitable, it will stay that way. This is one thing I don’t think Bungie is
ever going to budge on because I just don’t believe they will change it. Again, it’s a business, I get it, but I’ll
be shocked if they budge enough to make a difference on this front. The season was overwhelming carried by Shadowkeep’s
content: the raid, Nightmare Hunts, Nightfall, and the dungeon. That’s probably how the year is going to go
assuming the amount of gameplay based content stays around the same from season to season. I think seasonal activities could absolutely
use a difficulty toggle and be given the Adept/Hero/Legend/Master treatment. And I think the past raids could use a difficulty
toggle as well or have something done to bring them back into the spotlight to some degree. I know that one giant piece of feedback from
the community was “get rid of a bunch of powerful reward sites,” but I think raids are too good
to waste. I had someone in a livestream mention the
idea of an Age of Triumph style weekly raid rotator, where Garden plus either Last Wish,
Scourge or Crown gave pinnacle rewards, and I think that’s a great idea. But otherwise, if we strip away Shadowkeep,
we’re left with a pretty weak season from a gameplay perspective. This season was pretty much Vex Offensive…
and that’s it. I would argue it was the worst season from
a gameplay perspective. Fair to compare to previous? Maybe, maybe not, given that it’s been said
that the previous year was taxing on the dev team. But right now, if you plan on playing Destiny
in this year 6 of our lord the traveler and you want to be a regular player, then I would
say Shadowkeep is worth a buy because without it, I’m not really sure an individual season
of content is going to keep you satisfied, unless you’re satisfied by playing only on
Tuesdays. That’s one angle to look at it. Here’s another way of looking at buying seasons. 10 bucks is well below the price of all the
cosmetics offered in the season ranks for Season 8. In fact, if you add up all of the cosmetics,
it would equate to 8600 silver in the Eververse store, which costs 75 dollars, assuming you
hit rank 100. Even if you got to level 10, you got a shader
and the finisher, which is almost 10 dollars alone. So when you look at it like that, it seems
like a good deal. People just tend to not care as much about
or don’t think about the season rank portion of the season when talking about how much
they actually enjoyed or did not enjoy the season. They focus mainly on gameplay, not that there’s
anything wrong with that because you interact with the game the most. I think people would rather pay for gameplay
content than the season ranks and would rather have a better gameplay experience at the cost
of a lesser season rank experience. But development isn’t a zero sum game and
making fewer Eververse items isn’t going to increase how much new content we get in the
game. I’m gonna wrap up the Eververse talk there
and if we need to expand more if you want me to expand more, we can talk more in another
video. Two theories on how Season 9 could go down:
Season 9 could be larger than Season 8 because Season 8 was probably developed in tandem
to some degree with Shadowkeep, with Bungie knowing that Shadowkeep was going to launch
with a bunch of stuff, so this frees up resources for future development. OR, Season 9 will be approximately the same
as Season 8 in terms of size and scale because that’s just how big seasons are going to be
going into this next year of Destiny content. I know the previous year’s seasons were too
heavy a workload for Bungie to handle, as outlined by Luke Smith, but Season of the
Undying was sparse from a gameplay loop perspective. My main concern is that this year is going
to be what last year was except we’ll just be getting less gameplay stuff because Bungie
has to cut back. Overall, I’d say I was underwhelmed with the
gameplay portions of the season, while the vanity experience, the season pass portion
of the season, was fine. The Final Assault could’ve used a bit more
fanfare. But it seems like each season is going to
depend on how good or bad the seasonal gameplay loop is. This season was not great, I hope the next
one is a bit better. Thank you for watching, I’ll see you next


  • Ndk7 7ndk says:

    Worst season so far in d2

  • GG Gotmy says:

    Leave mountaintop out of this lol

  • Lem Scem says:

    I've been starting to get an itch for the imago loop so if they bring it back i wouldn't mind

  • Zachary Becker says:

    i still dislike the battlepass and the fact content is going away when the season ends

  • BirdBro says:

    At least someone is getting God rolls. I'm still trying to get a god roll Love and Death.

  • Eric Quinteiro says:

    Just want to point out that Warlocks got completely NERFED while having some new stuff

    1: Warlock melee on top tree gives RELOAD SPEED, MOV, SPEED and AIR ACC

    (Now its just 3 firework shots)

    2: Things got worse, after this "solar buff" NO MORE GRENADE ENERGY for airbone kills and they are supposed to be used to give only AIR ACCURACY while flying (1 of the 3 buff of the old melee) and we can turn into real flying targets now
    , so we can recieve after kills MELEE ENERGY BACK>>>>>ONLY<<<<<,(THATS NOT NEW, MELEE&GRENADES RECHARGED before this BS)


    So, they replaced grenades with stupid melee attacks, nerfed the burst glide for the ENTIRE TREE and published this entire change as "ALL BUFFS FELLAS, JUST REMOVED BURST GLIDE"

    That was f up, I ask myself if people at least READ how the skill tree is now.
    This solar week is not a thing for warlocks to celebrate, there is not a single advantage those gimmicky new """""buffs'"""" can replace.

  • Knoll Konopka says:

    Is it just me, or are Datto's facial expressions ethereally appearing in front of me at the end of every sentence?

  • Cory Lillard says:

    okay bro, I usually like your stuff, but you're complaining about OEM MTop but you're using Erentil and Randy's? Lmao okay

  • Hymw says:

    My thoughts about the season. Super awesome story wise I loved it and it made me excited. However, everything past that was very bland and boring. I didn't do the "ritual weapons" or finish the battlepass because it really didn't interest me. Strikes are still boring as ever and master nightfall was "fun" but the rewards weren't as awarding as let's say Destiny 1 nightfall. Strike specific loot isn't a thing but Eververse is literally stocked head-to-toe with some banging loot. I got 5500 again and with Freelance and the new True-Skill system is it so f*cking easy lmao. Nothing made me interested in coming back past grinding iron banner which I finished the set week 1. Personally I would appreciate Trials coming back and old designed trials loot. None of that Curse of Osiris shit.

  • WTFCharles says:

    LMAO @ thinking content will get better and less Eververse shit when they couldn't even handle the load with THREE STUDIOS and Activision's deep pockets.

    also, i really don't understand all this romanticizing D1 Trials and the meta being the reason D2 Trials won't work. there was just as much cheese(if not more because or ability regen in D1). anyone who thinks otherwise clearly didn't get their weekly DDoS on their 8th or 7th win.

  • Mr. Bautista says:

    this man wants everything nerfed wth ?? Not all people have trouble going against all those weapons what are you suggesting ??

  • Opticalm Peaks says:

    Enjoyed getting to level 100 and love those vex ornaments. The festival of the lost stuff was too expensive but the event was fun for a few days worth of playing.
    I sure playing everyday will burn through the content fast but I definitely don’t have time to keep up. The seasons pass was definitely worth the price and I’m excited to see what’s coming.

    I enjoy the solo and match made stuff and play it most.
    I’m thinking that I’ll have to start pushing for solo nightfalls as the raids require teams and coordination, I just don’t have the brain power for that most of the time (college is cooking my Neurons)

    Love the videos. Keep up bringing a balanced perspective.

    Man people seem to get cranky fast if they don’t get a regular fix of new content.

  • James says:

    is destiny 2 worth getting back into? I haven't touched the game since forsaken first came out and am craving that good ol destiny feel again

  • Oryx The Taken King says:

    As someone who has Mountaintop, I still suck with it. It takes more skill to use than Jötunn, as you actually have to aim

  • w0mbles says:

    As a New Light player, it strikes me as ridiculous, puzzling that Bungie have given away so much in new Light, yet the prices they charge for trinkets is so high. It's a very mixed message. As for those trinkets, well I value my money far too highly.

  • R N G Army says:

    Ok boomer

  • Al Ex says:

    This guys pvp skills are so bad. Slow reaction speed is why he dislikes pvp. Destiny should never listen to players like this when it comes to pvp imo

  • Josh Cooper says:

    vex offensive is just a 6 man strike

  • Roohni says:

    I’d rather the game not go free to play if i knew it would become so uther shit. The only fun i had this season was with peregrine 1-2p combo.
    Forsaken felt so fucking good compared to shadowkeep. But that’s probably cuz the grind actually felt good compared to how it is now.
    Farming all the activities on the map felt so much better than farming 980 nfs over and over and over for high stat exotics.
    Also why the fuck has everything been downgraded to kill x enemies with y weapon?

  • Pyramid says:

    What is really low is the raid gear looks like it was the original season pass gear and vice versa. The raid gear matches the sparrow and ship that are in the season pass while the season pass ornaments look like they match the raid.

    THAT and the Harpy she'll not being a raid drop, no ship or sparrow from the raid either just really made me realize Activision wasn't the problem. I believed they were so I came back for Shadowkeep. I was a naive fanboy and defended Bungie while putting all of the blame on Activision.

    They don't want hard activities giving cool shit anymore, just dull gear for the activities and cooler shit for real money. It's become a social hub/shop with mini games. I feel like I wasted my money coming back.

  • Pyramid says:

    "When everyone is super, no one will be"

    Destiny is just a social hub and store with some mini games now it feels like. It feels LESS like a social interactive game than it used to.

  • Tay says:

    PvP semi-serious hot takes:

    smaller maps, or at least shorter lanes
    make shotguns one-shot to the head, only
    lose shields when using fusion rifles
    140 hand cannons 2 head + 1 body for a kill

  • Pyramid says:

    It honestly feels like they want out and all of this is just an exit strategy to make all of the money they can from the playerbase they made from D1. You can't be this greedy and out of touch by chance.

    They could get people from the community to help and actually listen to them, they could stop making mini games and put that effort into actual GOOD content with rewarding stuff. They choose not to. We know they can, because they have done it before.

  • Pyramid says:

    For people thinking it's just Destiny fatigue, many (like me) were gone for 1-2 years before Shadowkeep and it just feels like it has no soul. Destiny died with D1 for me.

    They say they are spread too thin, then use that money to invest in your game and hire some people. This is truly unacceptable.

  • Benjamin Altube says:

    Tfw datto saying mountaintop needing a nerf because it's "easy to use easy to get kills when"

    Get a Snickers pal, you're not yourself when you're hungry

  • Benjamin Altube says:

    Basically, bungie should go back to the one massive content drop per year system we got before.
    If the season gonna be monetizing jack shit might as well not even make them

  • Lynn Mckenney says:

    I'm also excited that eververse is thriving, doesn't that mean we can expect LOTS of free content? That was the entire point of eververse right? At least, that's what they said it was for when it came out.

  • Pyramid says:

    Now they have allocated a group to work on solely season pass shit instead of designing more for the gane in the areas that desperately need it. That alone shoed their priority.

    I can't stop.commenting because I am just so put off by so many things that Bungie has done. This is not what I thought Destiny would become during D1 in the slightest.

  • Shadow28 says:

    Yeah this game isn't fortnite. Putting some cosmetics in the season pass isn't going to make people want to play it more.

  • Colin'sgaming says:

    Yes, I did watch the whole Ryan Reynolds commercial. No. i do not regret it one bit

  • Thorson Wong says:

    I know they said that Y2 was taxing on the team, but I can't help but roll my eyes at that.

    The content in Y2, though nice, was far from being "plentiful." It relied heavily on you doing similar activities over and over again, and (some of) those activities just happened to be fun. None of it was super new or innovative; Menagerie, for instance, uses the same old mechanics we've been playing with for 5 years now. Forges? Just 4 pretty simple arenas, with the "throw ball at thing" mechanic. Gambit Prime? Literally just more Gambit. So is the pressure entirely on the art team? Because a studio of ~600 people, with two partner studios assisting and the funding of Activision should be able to crank out that much without it "being too taxing on the team at Bungie." You literally see other games — MMOs, especially — provide more all the time, and no one there is going "Look, guys, throw us a bone, it's really hard!"

    Also, Undying (and Shadowkeep, tbh) is probably indicative of the game to come for the year ahead, at least. More EV, less original content, with a bit of good will begging (that people will eat up) sprinkled in to keep fans complacent. Because why wouldn't they? Destiny 2 is probably more successful now than it ever was with Activision. People are eating up the whole "small time company Bungie escapes the grasp of their malevolent overlord Activision," and I don't blame them because of how badly Activison's reputaiton is (as it should be until things change, granted). It's sad that Destiny 2 is MORE of a minimum viable product (with a heavy focus on MTX) now than it was when it was under Activision's helm.

  • Red Diver says:

    SBMM is annoying as fuck too.

  • Red Diver says:

    Crucible valor resets should definitely be WAY more rewarding.

  • alex gibbs says:

    When I go into crucible, i have to use erianas vow, I can't get one shot kills even with head shots, yet I get melees and grenades that one hit me, full shield 56 resilience and all my armor has +8 energy and a good amount of elemental resistance. What am i doing wrong? I used to be a pvp beast on PC games but these console based pvp arenas, in MANY games, are making me look like a complete newb. Any pro tips besides "don't stand in fire or hit it in the face and don't suck" ??

  • alex gibbs says:

    I'm not a pay to playey but I paid 5 bucks for a cosmetic change(the Halloween pumpkin helmet skin) and now I can't use it. Why did I pay 5 bucks for something i wore for two weeks? It's stupid. I'll never spend another red cent on this game 😒 besides the dlc and yea, pvp is absolute nonsense. No satisfaction. Pc pvp is the only way to go.

  • ChrisAce117 says:

    Hey Titan charging is a risky business

  • AyeGoblin says:

    Crucible feelings summed up perfectly, 9:10 – 9:21

  • Signofbacon 18 says:

    I only have a season rank of 54 right now, but that doesn’t bug me,but what I really think bungie should do with season ranks is instead of buying them, near the end of the season you get a massive XP boost so you can grind through your ranks faster

  • Caleb Petrie says:

    Fuck time trials 😂

  • Mybutteredpopcorn says:

    Seriously though…the cosmetics you get in the pass severely lacks, compared to the cosmetics in Eververse.  So…. is it really worth it, compared to the $70 in silver you would spend on better items in Eververse ?
    You know dang well you would not buy the cosmetics that were given in the Battle Pass for $$.

  • Pwnasaurus Rex says:

    I'm reserving judgement on the seasonal idea until the next season. Shadowkeep was clearly intended to be "the season" and it would make a lot of sense to not overload player with too much to do.

  • Perses says:

    Being insta gived several times myself there’s gotta be some balancing with mountain top and other weapons

  • TJorgy says:

    I was pretty underwhelmed with the expansion from a replay-ability aspect. When I first played the content it was a lot of fun. But I wasn’t given any real reason to grind out weapon rolls. Most of the new weapons they added didn’t make me want to use them.

  • Andy Holguin says:

    I quit playing Destiny. I’ve been playing casually since beta D1. I can’t play this game anymore because I can’t grind out everything to keep up and be competitive. I got tired of no longer being able to play the way I want to play. I’m forced to play the meta or get pawned. They killed supers to the point where they might as well be abilities.
    To be honest I think a lot of what went wrong with Destiny is that they listened to much when streamers/creators and forgot about the weekend warriors.

  • Austin Gaming says:

    I feel like there’s nothing to do….
    I have no desire to play right now which makes me pretty sad.

    Im just gonna wait till the next season, play it experience the dawning ( i love the dawning ) and if its good stay, if not leave till season 10.

  • Anik Don'tPanic says:

    First month of these big drops are amazing and then it's always the same ole BS. Trials was the only thing that kept me coming back long after to get that flawless number up. But honestly, this is good. Pokemon, Star Wars, Death Stranding and more amazing games to enjoy.

  • hector R. says:

    These weapons should be locked when it comes to comp. Like why can't they lock it.. I love my recluse but it is annoying lol.. With my 3k kills lol

  • adam parker says:

    Didn't watch the vid, good or bad, I do not care….datto is on Bungies payroll. That's right y'all he gets paid by bungie for these vids. Anything and everything datto says is…………..bullshit, hes literally bungie's undercover shit talker, he hypes stuff then shits on it, then says what were all saying, hes employed by bungie to be on the gamers side but at the same time make the bad not seem so bad…datto is a cancer in the gaming industry.

  • the Jash says:

    What people are failing to remember is Bungie is now basically owned by a Chinese mobile game company. That's why there's so much emphasis on eververse items.

  • Carpe Mkarzi says:

    Yeah…like many of said the nostalgia engrams have to go unless you mean stuff from D1. I had missed a couple things, but do I want every ship/sparrow/whatever…no
    I got into crucible and comp because I wanted Thorn and Last word…then to be competitive I needed to get recluse and still hunting Mountain top…please note I will NEVER use recluse in crucible as that’s just’s more fun in PvE.

  • Navigneas Navi says:

    This season is the worst period. You get nothing interesting from it. Yet so much people are defending all the worst aspects of it. No, Bungie does not need money, unless they are massively in debts. They are using the most profitable aspect of gaming (Free to play + Microtransanctions) but add on top of it a full priced game & dlc. It's a service game, and the price of the dlc's AND SEASON PASSES are enough to cover yearly expenses unless they are FUCKING BAD AT IT. We got nothing, we paid full price, and we can't get around with bright dust cause 60 to 80% of the store will be SILVER ONLY FOREVER and bright dust got CUT by a tremendous amount.

  • jayded says:

    While I agree with most of what you said, stomp335 is not brain dead or a problem in crucible. It's the one hunter exotic that is good, only one worth using in pvp, and all it does is enhance your neutral game. Its the one exotic they got right with having pvp in mind and its not a crutch like every other exotic (that was just pve minded) ruining pvp atm. If you take off an exotic and you play worse thats the key sign its a broken exotic. If that exotic becomes such a reliability on your performance, that its given you bad habits, then it shouldnt be in pvp at all. Pvp centric exotics should be handled like Stomp335, not like OEM which turns the player into a mindless tank.

  • Dakota Bullock says:

    I think (or at least I hope) that they purposely left the season stuff lacking. I think they wanted the season to take a back seat to shadowkeep. And I think (hope again) that next season they will pull out a lot more stops.

  • Benjamin Szabó says:

    this season was good for revisiting the game but seriously they didnt improve anything, the game without ingame community options is going to get empty yet again. I can play anything better with my friends that I made in other games, but here I can't even get a buddy if I don't go to a discord or some other lfg site.

  • The Jew says:

    "a sad day in the datto household when the dust supply runs out"

    that hit hard

  • EcchiRevenge says:

    Crucible loot is fine where it is – because most of the rest of the game have such shit armor rolls…etc. as well.

  • leee eeey says:

    People saying do we need another handcannon? I say no, but do we need any other weapon!? I say no aswell. I rather take a great handcannon, then an other niche trash ass Auto, or sidearm.

  • W4YNE3D says:

    Titles shouldn’t just b tied to group content like raids it’s no fair on half the community

  • stephen parent says:

    Good to see Datto is still shilling for Bungie and defending eververse.

  • stephen parent says:

    It’s incredibly sad to me that I’ve gone back to call of duty this year because it feels less greedy than destiny.

  • GWENT KENYA says:

    Let me remind people of the split between Bungie and Activision. Anyone who follows gaming news knows the kind of influence Activision has on games. I joined Destiny last week due to this split and the new light release, which is a very positive sign. I do not believe that new light would be possible or as content-filled as it is if Activision was still in the picture. Give Bungie time to wash off Activision's filth and I believe this game will become legendary.

  • Nekst says:

    I think it is pretty bad yeah
    but also keep in mind that season of the outlaw (the one that launched with forsaken) didn't have any activity/exotics

  • Lizard Leliel says:

    One reason for Season of Undying being less then all the other seasons could be that they did actually expect Shadowkeep to supplement the experience. After all, you buy Shadowkeep + Season of Undying, Undying isn't a separate purchase. We'll have to wait till Dawn to see if they'll do some level between this season and previous seasons.

  • Lizard Leliel says:

    As a returning player who only did power grind at launch and only the campaign of Forsaken before dropping out, coming back was a ton of fun. Undying being a bit "light' didn't feel so bad since there's such a huge backlog of content to do. Even going into Season of Dawn, I still have Season of Opulence content, Izanagi's Burden, Wendigo, raids, Dreaming City Dungeon…

    I hope for D3, they find a way to carry over D2 content. Another fresh content reset like D2's launch will hurt the game again.

  • Johnny Sherazi says:

    Perfect video

  • EliteBlackSash says:

    The season price comparison kind of doesn’t work, because it’s an estimated value based on what is almost universally viewed as overpriced content in Eververse within the Destiny community. Putting items at a price that forces you to buy 2 silver packs because you’re 100 short even with the “bonus” silver is especially dirty. But, “it’s just cosmetic,” right? Lol

  • Connor Herrera says:

    With all respect Datto, you can't complain about oem when you are using it in this very video. So please stop talking about oem and saying it's annoying because you use it and are complaining about oem. Again with all respect.

  • Aaron Anderson says:

    Datto: laughing in the corner
    Bungie: … what's so funny?
    Datto: I get it.

  • Leo San says:

    Damn yall never stop complaining uh? Yall moan about "not fun enough, too boring, the skills and guns feel plain" then bungie bumps em up a notch like they did in forsaken and shadow keep and what do yall say, "pvp is too crazy, where's the skill, gUn PlAy, gUn PlAy" thank God I dont play this game anymore.

  • Wesley Huang says:

    There are a time where releasing a Curse of Osiris DLC, bungie will get backlash.
    But now. Shadowkeep somehow got pass become they seperate from activision.

  • that dude who ate a sock on reddit says:

    raid/dungeon/vex offensive cosmetics getting sent to eververse ground my gears.

    also, I feel like they had to cut something from the final assault? they hyped it up as this huge event where we'd have some big objective as a community or something only for a simple change, which doesn't really make sense for the hype.

  • Joerell M says:

    Mimetic gear is dropping like hot cakes! Seemed to have been heavy in the loot pool

  • cade_olson says:

    Diet menagerie for some reason sounds hilarious.

  • tim10 says:

    Forsaken launched with similar content as Shadowkeep and Undying combined (well maybe a bit more) but if the next three seasons game content are the same as Undying and not year 2 seasons then D2 is going to die big time. I fully expect the content to increase dramatically in season of dawn which should include a raid lair. Also talk about Devs struggling with too much work etc…..hire more Devs! D2 is a licence to print money. I've never understood the argument that they don't have enough resources to make more content. The more content you make, the more money you make. The more money you make the more staff you can hire to…..make more content.

  • G Hammer says:

    I'm getting pretty bored of Destiny now. This season was dry and there are still many many QOL problems. PVP continues to be a mess and the severs are criminally bad.

    I just did the GoS raid for the first time (I simply wasn't excited to do it earlier) and it was meh. I got 3 pairs of leg armour and two helmets. So that was a waste of time, especially with affinity in 2.0.

    I could go on and on about the myriad of issues, but I'm just tired of it all and I don't think Bungie really care about anything other than snaring Eververse whales.

    They're not getting any more money from me.

  • Flatulent Draco says:

    As a Destiny 1 player that went on a 3 1/2 – 4 year hiatus with Destiny in general and then was nagged to come back during this season… utter disappointment. I've played quite a bit and so far it's "same problems, same identity crisis, different day", except Bungie for some reason likes to expand on Eververse over actually making a decent game to play. I'll still reluctantly drag my butt through Gambit to get the Undying title because I love the lore and mystery behind the Vex (because every other race is boring), otherwise I wish I could refund my money wasted on a sub par battle pass- err season pass. 4/10 for Season Of The "Grinding" for me.

  • Dwayne Deimler says:

    Bitch about crucible gunfights in vanilla d2. Bitch about lack of gunfights in current crucible. The destiny youtuber experience

  • Greg Miller says:

    I'll say this. People or should i say vets of d1 complained that d2 wasn't like d1 not look at how time flies. People complaining at how hard the game has become even though bungie gave you what you wanted from d1. To me bungie needs to ✋ listening to vets and start remembering why the created forsaken in the first place. Which was to give new content and air in destiny 2. Seems bungie forgot this when making undying and shadowkeep.

  • thedenerad says:

    Yes, I'm gonna wait and see what's in the new season before I drop 10 bucks. If all it gives us is a lame event, I. E. Vex offensive, and 1 exotic quest, I'm out.

  • bjorn tratsaert says:

    They made 80 % of the game content useless this season by reducing the power drops in the dreaming city and the forge and many more

  • AzoV2 says:

    Back to plsying WoW I guess

  • O. Locke says:

    On pc. <— this should be added to every destiny youtubers video. No one cares if YOU get served up and humiliated in a stream, pal.

  • Nate Puterbaugh says:

    As a consumer it's not my problem in the slightest if last year's, let's be real…. bare minimum of acceptability content in terms of seasons was too taxing on them. If all we're getting in terms of content is this going forward, that isn't worth my money. And no, grinding cosmetics is not content

  • pesky krogan says:

    Ok I agree with you 100% on the weapons in PvP so there is one way to fox it, PvP has pre-determined weapons, let me explain you are only allowed to use one weapon only kinetic, these minis sniper are chosen at random on landing on a PvP map and everyone gets the same weapon and same stats and that the only weapon you can use all match. This puts everyone on the same level and same advantage, this will bring the sweaty and some cheaters down to level playing field so no one has an advantage except grit and determination. plus no heavey of supers.

  • pesky krogan says:

    fix not fox…lol

  • erokraider says:

    The stupid leaves on the armor and weapons ruined them.

  • NaturalBB says:

    Refunded Shadowkeep immediately when it dawned on me just how lackluster the content in that expansion + season was. Destiny 2 is a joke. I went back to WoW Classic and it's insane just how much more of the game Classic is. The huge open fantasy world with infinite stuff to do compared to fragmented "levels" which take minutes to load into from a menu "orbit".

  • kirbymiester says:

    6:01 – 6:08

    The DISRESPECT with that headshake from our boy Ggo

  • mastakilla2234 says:

    I am not buying Shadowkeep and I won’t buy eververse shit

  • Dre' Carr says:

    I loved pvp, but the asinine ways you get killed by the same weapons/ load outs over and over again made me quit playing. No skill required to be good at comp anymore.

  • Am brose says:

    Omg datto ur jokes r so funny HAHAHAHAH

  • Lil_spagetti says:

    i think its ok that the season had less content because it's release coincided with shadowkeep, but the next season has to have more to keep a solid player base

  • MothLover says:

    Bungie are full of lies

  • c1bex says:

    Refresh the planetary vendors with random rolled weapons and armor and a whole season is saved

  • Stratikah Gaming says:

    is the moon not part of the season?

  • James says:

    Shadowkeep was good. Undying was a lazy pile of dogshit.

  • Wall Chicken says:

    I LOVE how you bring up eververse, even mention how you know the sandbox designers arent in the mocap studio making emotes, which is exactly the point, but then just say "but still…". But still what? You realize they have to get paid somehow right? This eververse hate is so unfounded. As someone with a bachelor's in game design, I could break down how much Devs make, their hours per week, overall sales of the game per month, and we can see that they need eververse to even keep the doors open. Yall are TOO MUCH lol

  • Tony Webb says:

    Shits on other loadouts for not being fun to play against, wrecks with Randy's.

  • Riley Murphy says:

    I dont even consider shadowkeep to be very good. I feel like it was too expensive for the content we got. Forsaken felt like much better value for the money considering it wasnt a bunch of reskinned content. I also would prefer they get more staff and give us a similar amount of content we got in the seasons after forsaken since apparently it was too hard on them. Get more staff then and charge an extra $5 per season.

  • Peyril says:

    Is the undying title even worth going for?

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