Devinah Cosmetics Midnight Affair Eyeshadow Review

Devinah Cosmetics Midnight Affair Eyeshadow Review

hello welcome back to my channel I hope
you’re having an amazing day if you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on the
Devinah Cosmetics midnight affair matte collection please keep watching so I
recently purchased the midnight affair matte collection off of Devinah cosmetics
website retails for $50 but I had a coupon code so I spent about thirty
seven dollars on them if you’re just here for a quick take should I get them
should I not get them I would highly recommend these shadows if you saw my
previous devinah Cosmetics eyeshadow review you’ll note I wasn’t really happy
with the performance of about half of the shadows in that bundle but these
ones were completely different this collection comes with ten shades Thisby
Darena this one’s called laramie which totally
reminds me of the cigarette brand on The Simpsons does it remind anyone else of
that this one is called as me this one is called Freya
this one’s called Zayn this one’s patrina here we have Suki this is Eduna and finally we have Runa so far I’ve been really enjoying these shades I
am wearing these for on my eyes today so I have
Darena which is the yellow shade on the inner third of my eye on the center of
my eye is Suki in the crease I’ve blended laramie and Runa I’ve been
really enjoying all of these shades since I started testing them the only
one that I couldn’t get the performance out of that I wanted to was the yellow
one Darena other than the yellow they all perform really really well I’m able
to get the exact performance out of them without using mac fix+
I only used fix+ on the yellow shade today and I still wasn’t able to get the
performance out of it that I wanted to but all the other ones I used with a dry
brush and I think that they perform amazingly the madness of these colors
make them very work friendly I can wear basically any of these shades to work
and uncomfortable I love the pigmentation on these I love
the last thing I am really really satisfied with my
purchase from Devinah Cosmetics this time whereas last time I was kinda like and
half them were really amazing so let’s get into some swatches so you can see
how awesome they are these are the first four shades and they are the ones I’m
wearing on my eyes today as you can see the first one Laramie swatches amazing
with a finger and with a brush the second one Darena I really tried to
build it up as much as I could it just doesn’t show up for me
the way that I want it to I want something a little bit more pigmented or
possibly a little bit more bright I don’t know it’s just really difficult to
build up so that one is my least favorite out of this bundle and it just
doesn’t perform the way the rest of them do like the quality of the rest of them
is amazing and it’s totally worth it to pick up this bundle but this yellow
shade is just kind of the runt of the litter
the third shade is Runa and it swatches really really pretty with the brush I
think I could have done a better job on the finger swatch but there it is and it
really performs beautifully with a brush the fourth one is Suki and it just
looks gorgeous one thing that you should know about these shades is that they do
kick up a little bit of powder but honestly you don’t need that much so I
would suggest just going in with a lighter hand and then you won’t get so
much fallout these next three are Patrina, Zayn and Esme they all pair so
well together I’ve made more than one look using all three of these shades and
they just go really well together and then I add like a pop of I don’t know
like some type of shimmer are you seeing a pattern here like I cannot more highly
recommend this bundle and you should probably go and get it the final three
are my least favorite colors in this bundle however the performance is still
really amazing the first one is your standard warm tone transition shade
Brown the second one is a very strong orange called Eduna and it just performs
really well but I don’t think I’m going to get
ton of use out of it final one is a green color I don’t love it with these
other mats but I can think of a few other shades that I’d really like to try
pairing it with from other collections and other palettes that I own to make a
really pretty green look which I do like to do from time to time
hello editing Shannon here something happened to the footage where I tell you
my final thoughts on these shades quite sorry about that but basically it’s
pretty obvious I love these they are amazing if you are
looking for a set of nine really incredible matte shadows plus one yellow
okay shadow then I would definitely go out and buy these I really really enjoy
them and I know that you will too if you liked this video please hit that
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there will be plenty of indie makeup reviews on this channel and I will see
you in the next one bye


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