Disappointing Beauty Products 2017 – Drugstore, Department store, High End + TV Legion Chit Chat

Disappointing Beauty Products 2017 – Drugstore, Department store, High End + TV Legion Chit Chat

Hey, guys. Welcome back. It’s time for another one of those disappointing
beauty products videos. I’ve got some drugstore, some department store,
some indie, and some high end products to share with you. Phaedra wants to say hi. Come here baby, good girl. Phaedra says hi. She hasn’t seen you guys in awhile. She hopes you’re doing well. You can usually see her hanging out on my
Instagram stories with me. That’s right, I love you baby. On Friday I got my hair done. I went to see a new stylist named Cliff and
he gave me this amazing hot pink hair, which I absolutely love. I think it is so much fun, so yeah, it’s awesome. The first product I am really disappointed
in is the Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation stick. I have the shade Warm Alabaster. This is a pretty good match for my skin tone. How I determine that is, I put it on my neck
and then you can see it striped right there and then I blend it out and it blends in pretty
seamlessly with my neck. Hopefully you can see it right there. Warm Alabaster is described as very fair with
a yellow undertone. I feel like this color matches me pretty well. The problem I have is, I find it extremely
difficult to work with. I cannot apply this to myself and have it
look good. It will cling weirdly to dry patches, usually
like around my nose. It will look cakey under my eyes. It won’t look very flattering. Mickey can apply this to me and make it look
beautiful, I lack that talent. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find a way
to use it during the summer. Right now what I can do with it is spot conceal,
so it’s not going to go to waste. I do think it’s a great product, I do think
it’s more suited towards normal to oily skin. It’s only $25, it’s like .32 ounces of product
and it’s vegan, so I think this is a great foundation, I think it has a great color range. I just feel like my skin is too dry right
now to make it work, even though I’ve tried and tried and tried. I just don’t feel comfortable with it. I’m going to have to practice more but that’s
why I’m disappointed, because I just wish this could be so easy just to apply and have
it go from being a cream to a powder finish and then boom, I’m done and I look great. The next product that I have to show you that’s
disappointing is from the drugstore. It’s the Nyx Total Cover Drops. Once again, I love the color. This color is Pale. Pale is described as white ivory with a yellow
undertone, so let me see if I can drop this on my neck for you. Yeah, and I’ll blend it out with my fingertip. Hopefully you can see, I feel like it blends
in pretty well with my skin tone, I feel like it looks pretty good with my skin tone. The problem is this formula. I have tried so many different brushes, so
many different makeup sponges, I’ve even tried the Cailyn O brush that I bought. Nothing works with this for me on my dry skin. It looks like crap. It clings to dry patches I didn’t know existed,
like up here on my forehead where I never normally have dry patches, it clings. It clings to dryness all around my nose, which
I typically have dryness right around my nose. It clings everywhere and looks terrible. Nothing I can do can make this look better
on me. Even Mickey tried to apply this on me and
could not make it look good, so while I feel like this is a great drugstore foundation
if you have oily skin and it has a great shade range, I don’t feel like it works well for
me. If you have dry skin like me you may want
to skip it, which is too bad, because I love the color. It’s nice to actually see a color that is
a good match for my skin tone from the drugstore. I feel like Nyx made a really innovative product
because they say that it’s total control, so you can apply it sheerly or as full coverage
as you want. I just can’t figure out the way to apply it
so that it doesn’t emphasize my dryness. I wanted to love this, but I just can’t. It just does not work for me. My next problem child is the Body Shop CC
Cream. Now this is the shade Brightglow, it’s sort
of like a white with iridescent violet and pink to it. I thought it would be great. I actually thought maybe it would be a little
bit like MAC Strobe Cream. It’s not like that. It says it’s supposed to neutralize sallowness
and brighten from within, which would be awesome. However, it’s also supposed to prime, smooth
and moisturize for 24 hours, minimize pores and reduce shine. It did nothing for me. Yeah, it did nothing for me. When I would try to wear another foundation
on top of it, my foundation would look like crap. It didn’t work with any of the foundations
that I tried it with, so I’ve just decided that it’s a product that I personally cannot
wear with another foundation. I tried wearing it on it’s own, it doesn’t
really blur enough for me or provide enough coverage for me to be able to wear it and
have it look good. I found it disappointing. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with
it. Maybe I’ll try layering it with like a highlighter,
like using it like a liquid highlighter base and then putting the powder highlighter on
top, but I was really disappointed because I was so hopeful that this would be a really
useful illuminating glow primer type thing and it just did not work for me. It failed, complete and utter failure. The next product that was disappointing for
me was the Body Shop All In One Instablur. Again, I thought this would be like a nice
primer. I figured it probably has a bunch of silicones
in it, so it will be great. I thought it maybe it would even be like the
Smashbox Photo Finish primer. It’s not. It’s like really crumbly when it comes out. I don’t know why. It doesn’t come out liquidy at all and I don’t
know if you can see this but it basically comes out in this weird glob and falls all
over the place. When you try to like rub it into your skin,
because it has this just weird crumbly little ball texture, it doesn’t really go into your
pores. It doesn’t really want to do anything other
than kind of ball up on the skin. I don’t know if this is a bad batch, I don’t
know what’s really going on with this, but it’s supposed to blur imperfections, give
you a flawless photo perfect skin, reduce the appearance of pores, shine control, hide
blemishes. It doesn’t do any of that for me. It just does nothing other than sit on the
top of the skin and feel crumbly. Yeah, another disappointing product that I
thought would be awesome, but I was wrong. My next fail whale is the Youngblood Stay
Put Eye primer. It claims that it prevents creasing, it intensifies
eye shadow and helps colors be true in hue. It has a lot going for it. It’s like this really nice pale beige color. It has a really, really dry texture. I thought it was going to be awesome. Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t last on oily
hooded lids. It’s almost like I have nothing on at all
because it will wear off where the crease of my eye is like basically the hood, so I
can put it on and it will be gone where I need it the most after like an hour, hour
and a half. I think that this is a primer that would probably
work just fine if you have normal eyes or slightly oily eyes, but if you have super
oily hooded eyes like I do, this is a lost cause. It’s not going to work for you or I don’t
feel like it will work for you because it really did not work for me. I personally find it so hard to find primer
that will work for my oily hooded lids. I’ve tried a million and one primers, as you
probably know, because I’m always bitching about them in one of my disappointing videos. I wanted to love this. I think it’s great for probably other people’s
eyes, just not mine. The next product is also an eye primer. I thought I had mentioned this before but
I hadn’t, so I figured well might as well talk about it now. This is by Nurturing Force. This is their Twinkle Not Wrinkle, it’s like
an eye cream plus eye shadow primer. Actually sorry, it’s an eye cream, plus eye
shadow base, plus HD primer, plus lip primer all in one. It claims to moisturize, firm, minimize line,
wrinkles, assist with eye shadow creasing and dark circles. It does have some great ingredients like Hyaluronic
acid and sweet cherry oil. It feels really, really good but it does not
work on me as a primer at all. It basically is just too moisturizing for
my oily hooded lids. It does feel really good as a eye cream, it
feel really good as a lip cream, but it fails like as a primer. It doesn’t really work as a base for me, which
is too bad, because if it did all the things it said it did it would be an amazing product. Last but not least is this Tarte Eyeliner
Duo that I bought it with a set from Tarte cosmetics, so it’s split. It’s like half black and half brown and basically
I thought it had a nice creamy texture but what I’ve noticed with it is that it crumbles
off after like an hour or two. I don’t really know why, because the Tarte
Tartest Clay Paint liner is awesome, but this seems to crumble off, just doesn’t work very
well. I bought it because I was like oh hey look,
it has a brown and a black, for those rare occasions when I want a brown this will be
great, but no, no it’s not. It’s terrible. Anyway, that’s it for my latest round of disappointing
beauty products. I did want to chit chat a little bit. I hope that you like my amazing hot pink hair. I was curious to know if you have watched
Legion, which is a brand new superhero show. I’m really into it. I got very, very excited because I just watched
the first episode and I’m like what do you mean I can’t have the second one right now? I ended up buying a season pass on Amazon
to watch it, so once it comes out I’ll be able to get my fix. Anyway, I realized that I pretty much have
watched every single superhero show that’s been out for, I don’t know, the past five,
seven years except for Green Arrow. I tried two seasons of Green Arrow and thought
it was terrible. I’ve heard that it’s gotten better, so maybe
I’ll go back and watch it later if I run out of things to watch. I watch stuff like the Flash. I also watch Agents of Shield, even though
Agents of Shield is not as much fun as watching the Avengers movies. Legion is promising to be a ton of fun. Basically the thing that we really seem to
do here is binge watch like a series all at once. Not that long ago we finished watching Wayward
Pines, which I thought was really good. Right now we’re watching maybe, I think it’s
the Santa Clarita Diet, which has Drew Barrymore and she’s a zombie. It’s kind of hilarious. The only show that I think I’m still watching
on pretty much like a weekly schedule is Supernatural because I need my Jensen Ackles fix. Anyway, what products have disappointed you
lately? What shows are you binge watching? Please be sure to let me know in the comments
below. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs
up and share. I love it when you share my videos, it makes
my day and if you haven’t already, go ahead and click that subscribe button so you don’t
miss Phaedra. Thanks so much for watching. Bye bye. All right. Good girl.


  • HotMessNess MUA says:

    I don't know if I asked u before… have u tried looxi beauty and devieniah cosmetics? I love looxi… going to try the other soon

  • SaucerJess says:

    does the MAC paint pot work for you as an eye primer?

  • Karen Harper says:

    I hate it when you can't watch a whole season at once, I'm very spoiled now. 🙂

  • Eerie Conspiracy says:

    I love your hair! I use pravana to get purple and orange and my fav products tend to come from indie most and then high end but there are a lot of drug store products like Jesse's girl and Milani

  • Sidra Vitale says:

    love the pink hair! (And Legion)

  • kleptomelly says:

    I've been wondering if the Nyx foundation could be used in a similar way to the Cover Fx drops. Have you tried mixing it with a moisturizer?

  • Nicolle Maria says:

    Love your hair! I guess I've been lucky and haven't had a disappointing product very recently, but that's also cause I'm trying to use what I have plus some samples which I feel like samples make it harder to judge an item fairly.

    I'm with you, I couldn't get into Arrow. I tried like half of the first season and ugh. I'm not one of those people that can just skip ahead to the good seasons either. Totally binging on Supernatural right now, although I do have some issues with how women are portrayed on the show (at least in the first two seasons which is as far as I've gotten).

  • Emily Rachel Gilley says:

    We just finished A Series of Unfortunate Events and we are catching up on Sherlock. 🙂

  • Emily Rachel Gilley says:

    Disappointing product…hmm, WnW Lash Renegade :-/

  • akinningham01 says:

    Watch Taboo, you can thank me later.

  • SarahJane says:

    I wish the NYX worked for more people. So many people dislike it. It looks beautiful on me. (Not holy grail, but awesome) The shade range for us pale girls is pretty great. The other foundations you mention I've seen in other peoples fails.
    LOL Fail Whale. Love you!!

  • jcjccmz says:

    it's so cool that you like tv shows / stories about super heroes. what do you like most about these stories – the fantasy aspect, their costumes or super human powers? i watched a comedienne named beth salkind once, and she closed her show by putting marshmallows in her mouth and talking about being the godmother, who will make things right when women are abused, hurt or treated unfairly — when nobody within 'the system' can help. i thought it was so powerful. i think pop culture can be so revealing about what's going on in people's minds

  • Jenn S. says:

    I am always really hit or miss with Nyx and I really dislike their white foundation mixer though I see so many people who love it. Have you tried anything from 100% Pure or Japonesque? Thanks to you and another channel I follow, I am trying to make the move to cruelty free items and these two caught my eye as I was browsing over the weekend.

  • valkolakk says:

    1:36 Phaedra uses her cunning to search for treats while mom is busy reviewing makeup!

  • Lauren Li says:

    Phaedra is so adorable!! I just want to cuddle her. <3

  • Alyson Ben-Yehuda says:

    Hair looks great & always happy to see Phaedra!

  • Jessica Musser says:

    Love your makeup today! You look so beautiful!

  • Jessica Musser says:

    I use the Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream. Lately, my t-zone has been getting super oily, and it is just not holding up against my oily skin either. I have to blot A LOT after a few hours of wearing it. However, up until now, it has been my go to other than my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation. That stuff is AMAZING.

  • Noelle Terry says:

    I love your new hair color-it just lights you up! Your fur baby is a beautiful girl!

  • Jillian Ness says:

    I've had bad luck with Body shop face products too, I have dry skin. By face products I mean like primers foundations, their bronzers and blushes are beautiful though so that's awesome. I binge watch TV too, I can't do any weekly schedules it's too much for me, lol, I get too immersed, although I have watched the two episodes of Riverdale that Netflix just released and am very interested in watching it but I kind of want to just wait until more episodes are out, it is killing my love for Archie comics bc when I say they loosely based the show on the comics I mean loosely. I mean Mrs grundy is like 25 and hot and had a hot steamy sexual summer romance with Archie, like whaaaaat! lol. One show I would suggest checking out though is West World, the second season isn't out yet and I'm so excited for it even though it's not coming for awhile, I feel like it is a definite must watch!!! 💋

  • BeautyJudy says:

    I'm so sorry the NYX foundation is a no go for you!

  • sweetem1979 says:

    YES to Legion!!! We watch all the superhero shows to except we dropped arrow last season. Have you Netflix the marvel shows? Tell me that you're feeling the love for Jessica Jones an iron fist about to start next month

  • K S says:

    The NYX foundation was gritty as ?*%! The formula is absolutely horrible.

  • Gabrielle L says:

    Love your hair! I am a fellow searcher for an eyeshadow primer that really does the job. sigh Sorry so many products have disappointed you.

  • angie rubio says:

    I've been in love with poodles since I was a tiny girl. I've had my toy poodle for 13 years and he's so smart, loyal, and just straight finicky lol. He's defiantly worth all the hours grooming him.

  • sue lester says:

    doggy is gorgeous. great info. tfs!

  • Floribundar says:

    Your eyebrows are looking so perfect in this video, possibly a weird comment but I kept being drawn to them 😂👌🏻

  • Devin Marie Pillis says:

    Love your hair!!! My husband and I binge watch shows, too. This past year we enjoyed Jessica Jones, Luke Cake, Making a Murderer, Black Mirror, Downton Abbey, Man in the High Castle, Rick and Morty, Westworld, and Stranger Things. We also spent some time going back and watching older shows to get our nostalgia fix. We did X-Files for a while, now we're going through Malcolm in the Middle. I feel like TV serials are just getting better and better, especially with Netflix and Amazon joining in. It's hard to watch week-to-week now! The only thing we commit to on a weekly basis is HBO. We're glad that John Oliver is back on!

  • Myrah Duque says:

    Oh she's adorable! Body shop face products have not worked for me at all as well. I love your hair color!

  • Cindy Ingalls says:

    Ah shoot, I had high hopes for the NYX drops!

  • PlatinaTina says:

    ugh, I was looking at that NYX foundation… I feel like every foundation that might be a match for me is terrible on dry skin. it's like every time I find one light enough for me, it's one that uses a super matte formula and clings to my dry patches. I wish so bad that I could look fresh and glowy instead!

  • Allison Cohen says:

    I would definitely return the primer from The Body Shop or just send them an email. It sounds like a bad batch, and they usually want to know about that kind of thing. The Youngblood Eye Primer might be good for my super dry eyelids, lol!!

  • Erika Costello says:

    I loved Santa Clarita Diet. I want season two, now!

  • Slashed Beauty says:

    The Body Shop is hit or miss for me. I do like their new masks though.

  • Marcia Friedman says:

    I just wrote up a Body Shop Mask review and I am so happy with them. I'm sorry to hear that the makeup primers don't live up to that. I am disappointed that the NYX foundation doesn't work but relieved because I was on the verge of buying it.

  • Barbara Ivy says:

    I binged watched Frequency on Netflix – similar to the movie, but different story. loved it.

  • Joseph James says:

    Phaedra is a star! Your hair is cool looking!

  • Michelle Kelly says:

    Your hair looks great! You should definitely return the Body Shop primer. You probably did get a bad one. If you call their customer service number, they will be able to tell you by looking up the batch number.

  • Laura Harrold says:

    Girl yes! I love all the superhero shows and feel the same about Agents of shield lol. I haven't watched Legion yet but I'm about to catch up and I can't wait for iron fist on Netflix….it looks awesome but then again most shows on Netflix are lol. (Netflix originals) 😁

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  • Corinna Yates says:

    I think your instablur is bad

  • Bailey ! says:

    I was looking forward to trying the Nyx drops, but I doubt I could make them work either.

  • Demetria Thomas says:

    This month's disappointment for me would be Urban Decay liquid lipstick in Conspiracy. Patchy totally different shade from the original vice lipstick leans more cool.

  • Daena O. says:

    I totally forgot to set my DVR to record Legion so I'll have to catch up on it. I've heard it was great. There are so many shows I need to catch up on. My husband and I are doing a movie challenge for 365 days so that takes up a lot of tv time. But I WILL be making time for American Gods whenever that is out b/c I cannot wait for it!

  • Eyes On Allison says:

    Love your hair and Phaedra!!! 🙂 She's a good co-host! Nothing bums me out more than a foundation that makes my dry skin show dry patches in places where I'm NEVER dry! It's so hard to find a light enough match in the drugstore, too! Ugh!

  • Rachel Runyan says:

    I love your new hair. Sorry to hear the Nyx drops didn't work out. I love that Tarte Clay Pot liner and haven't had it ever crumble. That sucks that it didn't work for you.

  • Jess in king says:

    supernatural, the 100, dc's legends of tomorrow.

  • Liz Bzz says:

    primer for eyes and lips, plus moisturizing! I could see why you're disappointed, it would be amazing if it did so much!!!

  • Jaxx says:

    That colour in your hair is gorgeous….., have a great weekend 🙂

  • BeekoKat [Marcia] says:

    Hey Phaedra, I hope YOU are doing well.

  • Jeanette Martinez says:

    Hey, I'm having a dilemma and I am hoping you could help. Darling Girl discontinued their shadow Hell's Belles a while ago and I was just thinking about how much I loved that shadow and would love to find something like it again. Would you suggest any good dupes or shadows that are really blue based red with gold shimmer or iridescence if I'm lucky?

  • Kelly Lange says:

    Loving the new 'do!

    Supernatural is my shit. They stick to accurate mythology (for the most part), there is amazing music, and large hunks of eye candy 😜… I need to watch Santa Clarita.

    I have been binge-watching Babylon 5. 90's sci-fi wonderment. Very satisfying.

  • Amber Osterholt says:

    Have you tried the new first aid beauty coconut smoothie moisturizing primer with the Nyx total control drops? I have rosacea also and have found that I can get the total control drops to apply really beautifully over the FAB primer.


    I have trouble with gel eyeliners too, they are easier for me to apply but they either fade or crack off. At first I liked the Benefit They're Real push up liner when I tried it, but it wasn't as dark as the UD 24-7 one I use in Perversion. It also dried up in the container when I didn't use it for a week, which was very disappointing. Just got done binge-watching Season 2 of The Missing on the Starz app, it was SO much better than season 1!

  • Tímea Tarjányi says:

    mango seed Butter is Doo good for dry skin and it doesn't clog pores

  • prcdnvl28 says:

    your hair is AMAZING, BTW. that's probably my favorite look for you. it looks really great with your skin tone. i know you like wigs and changing it up a lot, but keep that look going!

    and i've been binge watching fixer upper on hgtv. the DVR is full of episodes (to the point where hubby jokingly complains) and i need to catch up! 🙂

  • tanoshineko says:

    I tried to watch green arrow. I just couldn't get into it.

  • Erika C says:

    Always love your honest feedback! Love your hair, you are rocking it well!

  • Jana Williams says:

    Thanks So Much for Sharing Your Feedback On These Products b/c I'm On a Major Budget So I Can't Afford to Spend a Lot on Products That End Up Being Disappointing! First of All I Just Want to Give You Two Thumbs Up for Your Fabulous Hair, I Love it and Pink is My Favorite Color! I Hate to a Hear That the Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Stick Was a Let Down b/c Generally Speaking They Have a Bunch of Great Products but I'm Like You and I Can't Stand When I Get Those Annoying Dry Patches With Certain Foundations! The Foundation Shade Looks Perfect for Me Though So That's a Real Shame it Does That! I Haven't Tried Any of These Other Products but Thanks to You I Will Not Be Trying Them in the Future! Thanks Again Sweetie, Have a Blessed Day!

  • IamBonnieBBon says:

    First off, I LOVE your hair! That shade really emphasizes your freaking gorgeous eyes! I'm also very glad to hear your reviews on the abh foundation stick and the nyx drops. There's a fairly new channel, she calls it Geek Out of Water and I can't suggest strongly enough that you check her out. She is cruelty free, and has pale dry skin so her foundation reviews are particularly helpful and she does a lot of them. I thought to mention her because she just did a video on the nyx drops. I don't have any good or bad products yet but am expecting an order from Ulta and another from Smashbox so I bet I will soon 🙂 I wish I had a good series to recommend, I've fallen down a documentary rabbit hole the last couple months and my mind is continually being blown. Although, I'm positive everyone around me is sick of hearing "Did you know…." Lol

  • Sebnem Nacioglu says:

    I do completely agree with you on the body shops glowy thing. It does nothing. It is not cheap and just waste of time and money 🙁

  • Ndl Moore says:

    Phaedra is so cute! Thank you for this video, I have been looking for a new foundation. I have been wanting to try the NYX foundation but have been afraid too because drugstore brand foundations have never worked well wit my skin.

  • baby cake says:

    I have tried the NYX foundation and I can not get it to look right at all. I love serum foundations but not this one.
    I have been watching Grimm…I'm on season 4. There are like 20 episodes per season but I am so hooked it's not funny!

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