DISNEY COMPACT MIRROR *-* (Unboxing & Review): Sleeping Beauty 60th Anniversary Edition! [CC]

DISNEY COMPACT MIRROR *-* (Unboxing & Review): Sleeping Beauty 60th Anniversary Edition! [CC]

Ugh, mosquito!
[upbeat classical music plays] Nooo!
Go away! [clickety-clacking] [clack] [bing echoes and fades] Hey, guys! My name is Marta
and welcome back to my channel! Today, I have a video that I’ve been
really looking forward to making for you guys, which is the unboxing of a
very special mirror that I got for me. So, my favorite Disney Princess has always been
Sleeping Beauty [background music fades out] (a.k.a. Aurora).
I’ve always just really loved that movie. I think maybe it has to do with the,
like, with the drawings that they have: they’re very, like, pointy and medieval.
The two dresses that she has on the movie are, like, totally my style.
I really like the design of them, and I think another reason is also because,
when I was growing up for some reason (which I may get into in another video),
I really did not like the color pink. It was kind of annoying that
everything for girls was pink, right? And, I actually really liked the color blue,
so… mini-spoilers ahead, okay? In the movie, if you have seen it, you know that
there’s kind of like a battle between the fairies to decide Aurora’s dress color. And, so, they’re going between pink and blue,
and pink and blue, and in the end, she ends up wearing the dress
in the color blue for most of the movie. Which, by the way, it really annoys me
that in all of the princess pictures nowadays, when – you know, you find like – I don’t know, like, a notebook with the princesses on it, or something like that, you always see Aurora in pink
because her “official” dress color, in my opinion, is blue. But, I do understand
why they do that because I think Jasmine already has kind of like
a turquoise color going on, and Cinderella has a blue one, so I’m guessing they wanted to, like,
vary the color scheme. My favorite color,
at the time, was blue, so that’s another reason why I really liked
Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and also,
I mean, who doesn’t like to sleep, right?!
[comedic whistle] That, among other reasons,
like the woodland creatures, the castle,
the prince, the dragon –
all of those things made Sleeping Beauty my favorite princess movie.
And, to this day, it is my favorite princess movie. So, anyways, going back to my Amazon purchase, right?
[cartoon boing] I actually found several
cute princess mirrors: the mirrors were really expensive, like above US$ 100,
[sound of cash register opening] and I was like, “Mmm… I don’t know if I’m willing to spend
that much on a mirror.” Because, even though it would be a unique item –
I mean, hopefully, it would work enough that I wouldn’t have to
repurchase it in several, several years, right? – [huffs] it was still – it seemed like a lot for a mirror.
So, like, I’m willing to pay more than a regular mirror, but I dunno if I’m willing to pay THAT much. But, I couldn’t find Aurora,
and I had found Belle, and some other princesses. However, luckily, upon further research,
I stumbled onto this! [ta-da!]
And, it is a Sleeping Beauty compact mirror, which is EXACTLY what I wanted.
It costs so much less than the other princess mirrors, so I was like,
“It’s Sleeping Beauty, it’s a princess mirror, it’s cheaper, let’s go for it!” Right?!
[magical fairy chimes] Now, I must say,
I was a little bit weary to purchase it because I did not find
any reviews from the seller for this mirror, but I went ahead and… tried it anyways because it was so unique, and
I couldn’t actually find this mirror anywhere else, right? I did a little research;
it seemed that the store was legit: if you kind of go to
the store’s page and click on things here and there,
it seems to be, like, a legit Disney reseller. So, I went for it,
right? Now, not only is this
a Sleeping Beauty mirror, but it is also a “60th Anniversary” of the movie, like,
Special Edition Collectible, I guess you could say. So, I was like, “Oh, my gosh!
I can’t believe I found this!” I’ll definitely put the link for it
in the description down below, as well, in case you guys wanna purchase it.
Hopefully, it’s still there… but, yeah! I’m really happy to share this with you
guys today! It’s called Glass Compact Mirror,
it says “Sleeping Beauty 60th Anniversary Disney,” 12+ (well, I guess – [chuckles]
I guess since it can have, like, metal and sharp edges,
they don’t want kids to get a hold of it). One thing that this does say is that it was Made in China,
and apparently from 100% recycled materials. We love an environmentalist product!
That’s definitely a plus for me. Let’s go ahead and open it now. I will put up a close-up,
as well, so you guys can see it better later. [cardboard rustling] There’s, like, a little foam in here
that contains the mirror. Once you’ve gotten the foam out,
you can just pop it out, and here is the mirror! Woop! [muffled] Let me put this down.
It seems to be a really good quality mirror: it’s quite heavy, it doesn’t seem like a cheap plastic.
In fact, it seems like either… some sort of metal coated with rose gold,
or a very sturdy and heavy plastic. And, it has little carvings
all around here, which show, like,
lots of flowers, there’s, like, sparkly sort of like diamonds
(they’re not really diamonds, but you know what I mean), and there is the owl, and the two bunnies
from the show. Which, by the way,
I think is really, really cute because the bunnies are, like, sitting next to each other,
and, like, holding hands, and I know this is super cheesy, but, like,
Matthew and I call each other “Bunny,” [giggles] and so, it’s kinda cute
’cause I have also, like, a reminder of him in this little mirror. So, I thought that was super cute.
And, also, the owl kind of represents my mom
because she loves owls! So, it’s kind of like, it ties all together
with my family! Which, by the way, shameless self promo:
I do have a couple channel with my partner Matthew, and it’ll be linked down below,
if you’re interested in checking that out, as well! Another really cool detail
that this mirror has is that this part that contains
the Sleeping Beauty picture, actually, if you tilt it,
it looks kinda like… Hmm… I guess it has kinda like a diamond shape,
in the sense that it has, like, little angular cuts. I just thought that made it extra special. She is in there, and she is kind of in
black and white tones, but her crown, her lips, and her necklace
are all kind of a rose-goldy color, as well. On the back of the mirror, it says,
“Corporation Disney” (I guess that that’s what the little “C” means),
again, Made in China, a little batch number… So, it is definitely made from
Disney. Also, this little lever kind of reminds me
of a pocket watch, which I really like, as well. [clock ticking] I don’t know, I just
have a fascination with pocket watches. Maybe it’s the retro quality to them. And, to open it,
you just have to push on this button. Woop! When you open the mirror,
you’ll see that the top half is just a normal mirror, so you can set it
on the table like this and look at yourself, and the bottom half
is actually a mirror that has zoom: it helps you see, for example,
any imperfections in your makeup, hairs that you might have
on your face, or anything like that.
So, I thought it was really useful, and again, it’s just very beautiful and simple.
So, I will start taking it in to work, and the one thing that I am gonna do is:
I’m not gonna put this directly in my purse. If I put it in a pocket with my keys,
it will definitely get scratched and stuff, and I don’t wanna do that. So, what I’m gonna do is: I bought this little, like,
felt baggie that I’m gonna put it in, so it doesn’t get scraped with anything,
and I can just take it out whenever I need it! And, by the way, I did forget to say that
it took a while for this item to arrive to me, but, honestly, it doesn’t matter;
I would rather wait for something that I really love, than just get something really fast. For the most part, I’d say
I am a quality over quantity person. It arrived well packaged, it didn’t seem to have
any damage – anything like that, so I was pretty satisfied
with the purchase! Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this video as much as
I enjoyed filming it. [upbeat classical music plays] If you enjoyed this video,
you can give it a thumbs up; it’s free, it only takes one second, and it really helps out
the channel, so I’d really appreciate it. Also, I really want to know
if you guys have a favorite Disney Princess, and also, I think it would be interesting to know
if you guys have any, like, Princess-ey items in your house that you’d like to share
with us. So, leave it in the comments down below. As always, I’d like to invite you to
subscribe to my channel, if you wanna see more videos like this in the future!
So, yeah! [comedic whistle] I hope you guys have a
wonderful rest of your week, and I’ll see you in the next one!
Bye! [typewriter bing echoes and fades]
[music gets louder] [background music fades out]


  • Marta. - Storytime Channel says:

    Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Is there a reason behind your preference? ^^

  • The Happiest Things says:

    My Fav Disney Princess is Belle. Beauty & The Beast was the first Disney movie I saw in the theaters so it holds a special place in my heart. And I was a bookworm – always with my nose in a book 😀

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