DIY plastic surgery nearly kills woman

DIY plastic surgery nearly kills woman


  • T T says:

    She still pretty

  • Strawberryhotmomma Ashley14 says:

    Thank God your better and survived to tell your story

  • Hermano Mayor says:

    Its dosen't take a genius to know that certain things need to be done by a professional, you take the risk, then you have to deal with the consequences.

  • Lakita Butler says:

    I am GLAD God is teaching ME to love myself cause all that for jest a ASS isn't worth it and BLACK PEOPLE especially are obsessed with ASS, but anyone who can't love you for you is unworthy to be in your life and are ASS WHOLES!

  • Juanita Broussard says:

    Love URSELF n u will not want this

  • Wate Maesua says:

    Good msg to those who doesn't appreciate God's creation.

  • Carmen Fox says:

    Look what you have done to yourself!! Your CREATOR has created you wonderfully in own his IMAGE and you decided to change what was already good. Now! Look What it cost you. ALL of what you wanted to perfected, was already good. Your thinking was in VANITY. There are lessons to learn in life. IN Some of these lessons ,we learn and use these teachings to do better. I your case, you're are mared for life. My dear sister was it worthwhile?

  • Lady J says:

    Love what God gave you and do things the natural way. Exercise for a healthy weight, Do squats to build a butt. Wear push up bras if you want bigger boobs. Wear a booty undergarment, if you just gotta have a booty. Go to God to help you with your insecurities and help you to love yourself. You can never please everyone, but you can always please yourself.

  • Mar D says:

    just lol @ home butt implants – fat girls do not need to add butt to the equation it comes with the fat.

  • KJ JEWELRY says:


  • Silverfaux Johnson says:


  • Queen Dionne says:

    Now they are claiming glass is an acceptable filler for wrinkles

  • Kendaiory Parks says:

    Beautiful woman so sorry

  • khabo philie says:

    my mum used to say being smart is not about getting higher grades,it's about making good decisions……and I keep my mum's wisdom with me❤👀

  • Renee White says:

    Wow. She was pretty

  • deleted account says:


  • sand mors says:

    How much more ass do you want! Damn, thank God I'm the black girl with the flat butt!!! Yeah!

  • L. A. says:

    this is what u get for vanity… it does not matter how u look folks, u look good… theres no reason to change the way u look also when u change yr look its an offense to Jesus because he made you the way you look… she was fine before… look at her now…

  • ソウルTWICE says:

    If you want to have plastic surgery
    1st: watch plastic surgery operation don't be afraid silly! u will be put through that situation!! but I seriously understand of your feel down and want to have surgery I almost feel the same

  • Sarafina Makilkka says:

    Be strong my love,u still beautiful

  • ad mobile4 says:

    What happened to the bastard that injected her?

  • Lady Bookworm says:

    Blindsided 🤔 trust no one injecting ANYTHING into your body unless it's a LICENSED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL and sometimes they can't be trusted. That's why they're called FOREIGN OBJECTS the BODY rejects them!!!!

  • Alex James says:

    I thought black women already had big butts so whats with all the butt surgeries??

  • LOREN Reece says:

    Some people are so vain.

  • Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22 says:

    You got balls the size of Texas how are you not almost in full-on histeria just talkin about this? This has to be scary

  • Kewana Nedd says:

    Rhats wtf they dumn asses get. Not almost dying but the shit going wrong. Stay how God chose u to b. N she a beautiful lady. N look how her ass was looking. I'll never get any type of surgery to have big butts n breast or lips etc…

  • Kewana Nedd says:


  • Kewana Nedd says:

    Not saying that's what she or they get almost dying but messing with that surgery. Especially from sum1 that's not certified.

  • Lyconner Keyes says:

    You can't beautify what already is.

  • Rachel Williams says:


  • Carol C says:

    Bathroom silicone caulking….💔

  • Mychaeltodd Robinson says:


  • themisses says:

    Please see my channel. On this…themisses … sorry this happened to you beautiful…thank you for sharing…strenth and healing to you

  • Mary Petrauskas says:

    Poor woman Ill keep her in my prayer Im crying Im so traumatized.

  • Terri G says:

    What in the hell was that black lady thinking? You cant be that stupid to think she 1. Knew what she was doing and 2. That it was the right stuff. If you're thinking of going to someone's home or hotel to get a "procedure" you know it not legal and its liable to be anything but the right thing. So blame yourself only…hate to say it.

  • Kat Chup says:

    sounds stupid to me

  • Sunshine Royal says:

    Damn this is sad 😔, she lost so much

  • Star Rider says:

    Thats crazy what people will do to try and look like something there not supposed to, grow old graciously..or die trying to look stupid, big lips,fake teeth,nose job,boob job,butt implants,tummy tuck..and that shit for wrinkles they inject…youll be falling apart, or looking like a monster at some actresses ive seen..

  • JD God's Child says:

    Caulk for injections 😫😫

  • BreNJay Squad says:

    God does not make mistakes,when you start messing with your appearance it never comes out good! OAN if you can't afford the procedure then you don't need it.

  • thegodess says:

    It's all kim Kardashian's fault

  • Dannellia Woodley says:

    You motherfukers got to learn to love your goddamn self to who you are how you are.

  • Leah'Marie Sweetlove says:

    Us Queen's endure so much I just pray that the fight too live through plastic surgery continue! Be who you are inside and out nothing to big for God to fix!!!!🧘🏾‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏿‍♀️🧘‍♀️🛀🏽🛀🏾🛀🏻🛌🏽🛌🛌🏿💆🏽‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️💆‍♀️💆🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏾‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️👨‍👩‍👦🤰🏾

  • Phuong Tran says:

    People want cosmetic surgery you well get bad things on your body

  • Donna Peebles says:


  • Celestine W. Browne says:

    This beauty obsession, oh my God!

  • Deelicious Grapes says:

    Vanity is a sin. I feel so bad for people who feel like they have to do this to themselves. Any foreign objects u put in your body could kill u. How many stories like this do women need to hear before they actually get it??? Now this lady is 100 times worse than she was before. I'd bet she would give anything to be her "old self" again.

  • Andy Ferguson says:

    Sad reality is with all the horror stories of cases like this, women and some men will STILL flock to get procedures done. I get it, I want things I can’t afford at the moment. But I save up for it. If you get. Procedure done and the administrator isn’t in a white coat or scrubs and not in a office… you should probably run.

  • Justina Hamilton says:

    You are beautiful the way you are ! If we were all meant to look the same we WOULD all look the same. I've seen Ms Browns story before and every time I see her it breaks my heart . Thank God she still has a positive attitude – I mean she doesn't even have butt cheeks! Not worth it!

  • jacqueline russell says:

    Learn to love yourself and your imperfections because in reality no one is perfect i e Liz Taylor un her day Cindy Crawford the most successful super models No one

  • Tijuana Leduff says:

    I can say she still have a beautiful spirit 💔💔💔🙏🙏🙏

  • Ladystagga says:

    Who forced u to do someting so stupid…

  • BOSSY BOSS says:

    Cheap is not always good

  • Tracilyn Hidalgo says:

    That's not a fake beauty product. Never once was bathroom caulk sealant a beauty product. This was a crime committed against an innocent person.

  • Regina Singleton says:

    Common sense, didn't once kick in smdh….

  • Stephanie Michelle Jones says:

    Learn to LOVE & ACCEPT yourself!

  • annie ann says:

    So sad she a strong lady

  • Daisy Dukes says:

    This is incredibly sad…… shame on those people who do these producers just to make some money! It’s sad society makes us women feel like we need to change ourselves. Honestly people like Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner look terrible.

  • Cherina is Enigmatic says:

    All for a fat ass??? I have been picked on all of my life since th3 age of 10 because people said my butt was too big for my body and I looked funny. It breaks my heart that so many women are constantly doing this to themselves! Why.??? It is hell washing a big ass and on top of that, lower back pain… Love Thyself.

  • Mineverse Robloxlifeforever says:


  • The Bull says:

    If you guys gonna get cosmetic surgery please go see a professional, not a person that isn't a licensed surgeon that says they'll do it for 20 dollars in their basement

  • Nothing but the truth Brown says:

    Love yourself for who you are and don't change a thing.

  • Townie 7177 says:

    Why dont people learn

  • jay hall says:

    People Please Embrace Yourself leave your bodies alone!!* She is Beautiful and this was truly sad!

  • Trish Sims says:

    Women are beautiful " yet it's sad when women are not secure in the way that God the creator has made them, SMH"

  • Anaysa says:

    Omg hope she's well

  • Freda Shabba says:

    Y would a blk woman do this?

  • Trend Setter says:

    Dear God

  • ami cee says:

    If you don't have money don't do it live your life

  • Melia Rackliffe says:

    I don't feel sorry for people who continue to make bad decisions in the name of beauty. The sad thing is all this is not even for themselves, it's to please and feel accepted by others.

  • BlackBeauty says:

    I wish we LOVED what GOD gave us….. I DAMN SURE DO….. Workout 4 days a week 2

  • Fe Fe says:

    Just reading the title…wtf is DIY plastic surgery?? SMFH thank GOD she's alive and much more mentally aware of this screwed up perception of beauty.

  • Viviane Dorsey says:

    She's beautiful now and she was beautiful before.

  • Maggie Chacha says:

    Poor you.

  • Carol Nash says:

    Damn shame.

  • sumimasen mochiron says:

    I blame God for blessing this people with a lot of money, look am here I don't have money if I happen to get money is from hand to mouth, good for you appreciate the wark God done in your life.

  • Briqueverte Maison says:


  • mary conte says:

    This society has gone vanity crazy. Why not be thankful for what the good Lord gave you. Hollywood and models are just an illusion. Be comfortable in your own skin. The only kind of plastic surgery that I can see having done. Should be done by a licensed doctor. In addition, if it is to reconstruct say someone who lost their breasts due to breast cancer, or to repair severe burns, or if you had been disfigured due to an accident etc; But all this tummy tuck, butt injections, changing one's nose, etc; is just vanity. Love who you are and what God gave you. Embrace your own unique style and heritage. God made us all different and we are all beautiful in our own skin.

  • Stacy Jeremy says:


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  • Dis Appointed says:

    To old for that

  • Anne John says:

    The only way to make real go to a good doctor. Check ✔✔✔✔✔. You get what pay for.

  • Native New Yorker says:

    Love yourself and how God created you.

  • love mystic says:

    Better learn to love yourself

  • Rita J says:

    Seriously women now a day do not know how to accept themselves , they think been fake means been beautiful. Fake ass , fake boobs damn women accept yourself just the way you are!

  • cat sniffer says:

    How about eating sensibly, ans learning to do some light workouts. Health above all.

  • Puffy WooWoo says:

    People are nuts!

  • Miana Noah says:

    people should appreciate how God created them.

  • Raine Thomas says:

    It’s not that serious ladies…embrace what god gave you

  • caligoldsg says:


  • Stephanie Hall says:

    Injections in her house that didn't give you red flags ,alert, did you ask questions it's not a simple procedure Duhhhh !!!! Foreign matter being injected into your body . Just to save money , pennies compared to your quality if Life I'm sorry but that was just Plain Stupid .

  • Lynn Young says: so GOOD the way GOD made me

  • Ummu kulthum Rasheed says:

    This is what you get when you are ungrateful to The Almighty Creator

  • andrea barns says:

    That one wrong decision almost cost this woman her life – I'd imagine she wished it had in her darkest hours? If what happened to this lady doesn't make folk questions their choices, then I don't know what would.

  • Countess V says:

    A simple procedure? Plastic surgeons aren't paid millions for performing 'simple procedures'. This is your health ladies!! Don't take risks!!!

  • Sam david says:

    My DIY heart transplant went well, you gotta use brand recommended product.

  • OldSoul says:

    Still a strong woman she is…….

  • Bradley Foster says:

    Why would you go to a random person instead of a doctor who is a professional? Thats her fault.

  • jasmine Whitehurst says:

    Prayers going up 🙏🏾🙏🏾 but women have to realize that you shouldn’t bargain shop when it comes to plastic surgery.

  • Raphael Donatello Journalism, Film Productions says:


  • Smalltownbrewer1 says:


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