Do Dental Veneers Stain? – Expert in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. O Shows Amazing Results!

Do Dental Veneers Stain? – Expert in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. O Shows Amazing Results!

– What’s up guys this is Dr.
O from Innovative Dental. Thanks for tuning in. Today we’re gonna answer
a really good question. Do veneers stain? We’re gonna put them to the test of wine, soda, tea, espresso, and water. And we’re gonna do it for a 168 hours. That is seven full days so an entire week of these veneers gonna be sitting in this
super acidic staining. I’d have never done this before. It was an idea that I thought man, I’ve been telling patients
that veneers don’t say stain. I’ve never seen them stain but I’ve never really put
them under a serious test and you know, I’m gonna
get a little bit of flack for not wearing a tie and
not maybe wearing a lab coat because it would help me look
more professional as a dentist and you know, you’re not
gonna get a tie out of me. It’s just not gonna happen, what you see is what you
get but I wear a lab coat. So here we go, let’s wear a lab coat. I mean, after all this is an experiment so we should definitely
be using a lab coat. There we go. How do I look? Do I look, don’t I look pretty
professional in a lab coat? It’s a little short, oh well. Maybe I can wear some goggles too. I am ready for an, if you’re wondering why there’s a tag on here, it’s ’cause I’m returning this. I’m just using it for this video and then it’s going back to the store, Lab, am I good? Am I ready for schematics? I can’t do it, it’s not me. I wish I could do the
lab coat thing, it’s hot. We have wine, right here. We have Coca-Cola. Sweet tea, come on who likes sweet tea? I know the people in
the south are like Amen. I love sweet tea. Espresso, brewed right here in our office. Aqua, high-quality H2O. First thing we gotta do
to do is to do this test is we got to have some veneers, right? So Innovative Dental, we’re gonna go ahead and make veneers. We’re gonna make five veneers
to go in these five glasses, that way we can run the test, do veneers really stain? For our veneer we’re going to be using a material called eMax, eMax is a super-strong porcelain. It’s very aesthetic, looks really pretty, bonds nicely the teeth, and is awesome. It’s basically what we use for 99% of our cosmetic treatment here in our office. Let’s make some veneers. We’re gonna go ahead and design them, mill em, glaze them, put them
in the oven and bake them. (upbeat music) All right the veneers are ready. It’s time to put them into our
five different drinks here. We’re gonna go ahead and
take the shade of this with this VITA shade gun. This helps us determine the
exact shade of the veneer. B1. All right so we are ready to put these in. They’re all gonna be B1 shade. There’s some composite
that’ll go in with it just so we can compare with
like a filling material. Wait for it, wait for it. (fizz hissing) That is super satisfying. I don’t even drink soda but
I almost want to drink it just ’cause that sound. Who loves Gold P? Matter of fact, comment
below if you’re like thinking that’s my favorite drink. Which one of these is
like your favorite thing? Is it wine is, it coke
is, it espresso, tea, or do you just flat-out love water. If you do you’re probably
gonna have nice white teeth. I’m just sayin’. And we’ll catch you back in seven days or more like seven seconds because you’re gonna get
the results right now. Wow, I don’t know about
you guys that week flew by. Get it? Flew by because you just
just waited to two seconds and went to this clip. For me it was a whole
week, it was a long time. You guys didn’t have to wait at all. I don’t wait 168 hours to figure this out. Not fair but anyways, it’s time to reveal what
the veneers look like, what the composites look like so if you’re considering
bonding your teeth or considering veneering your teeth or if you’re just like hey,
does wine, coffee, tea, soda, does any of that anything to do to affect, the shade of my teeth. We’re gonna find all that out right now. I’m gonna glove up and
we’ll get this figured out. Let’s see, I’m pretty
excited to figure this out. (glove snaps) (whistling) (glove snaps) See, there’s like stuff
growing in that one. That looks, ugh, I don’t
even want to get into that. Ew. Now that we’ve got all the veneers and the composite out of the glass, it’s time to take the shade gun and decide, did they change at all? We’ll go ahead and shoot it a, that same shade that we
used earlier in the video and make certain that these
veneers are the exact same shade and it’s same thing with the composite, see if anything’s changed and record it. As you can see with the wine, the all porcelain veneer didn’t
take up any of the stain. While the composite was pretty dark, almost looks purple right? And then the next one was the Coke and Coke was a little bit of stain. Not nearly as bad on the composite but nothing on the porcelain veneer. And the third one was the sweet tea. Golly, love sweet tea. Sweet tea you stained the
composite a little bit. Didn’t sing the veneer at all. The all porcelain veneer
is still holding up. All you Starbucks lovers out there, how does this espresso do? Pretty bad. Espresso stained the
composite tooth colored filling really badly, didn’t
change the veneer at all. So that’s four for four, all of those stains for seven days, 168 hours did not stain the veneers, the all porcelain veneers at all. Which is why you can see that
they’re an awesome choice for those who love those beverages and don’t want to see
their teeth change color. So very steadfast and true on the shade. I will get a shade gun just to verify that but I could almost be certain on that and I’ll show you this the results. The composite, quite a
bit different shades. I doubt the shade gun will even pick up what those shades are so we’ll find out. Let’s make sure maybe the
focus works better this time. So let’s check out porcelain
veneer that was in the wine. All right, shade B1, didn’t change at all. Pretty cool, right? Let’s go ahead and check
out the porcelain veneer that was in the Coke. B1 as well, no change there. Let’s see the shade of the
one that was in the tea. B1, shade that was in the tea there. Coffee, espresso. B1, espresso, no change. Do I really need to do the water? I mean, come on, water’s
not gonna change right? Just for giggles, let’s figure out. Just to see I mean come
on, maybe the water is some magical water that stains teeth and we didn’t know it. No, B1, all right. So all our veneers didn’t change any shade and we stayed at B1 with
the porcelain veneers. Well that was lots of fun, figuring out hey, do veneer stain and using composite to figure out, if anybody wants to composite fillings and want to know what the
long-term results might be. Do they stain, obviously they do and obviously you’re not
going to keep this stuff in your mouth for 168 hours but it is showing that those
things do change over time and years down the road, your
fillings will change color. While porcelain veneers won’t and that was kind of
the idea of this video, make certain that we’re
telling people the truth and we proved it by doing a test. So if you found this video
useful please, please, I took a little bit of
time give me a thumbs up. Share with a friend,
subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done it already
that’d be really awesome. Continue to come out
with more content to help educate people about dentistry and that’s the idea about this channel so I hope you had a good time. Otherwise you have an awesome day. Thank you so much for watching all the way to the end of this
video and you know what, keep smiling. These goggles look good on me? Was it good? Am I looking much like a lab guy? Yes. Lab, am I good, am I ready for schematics? Am I ready for schematics? Schematic seems like a term
that you should definitely use when you’re talking about doing lab tests. I can’t do it, it’s not me. I wish, I wish I could
use a lab coat thing. It’s just I’m struggling. It’s really, it’s hot, it’s hot. I don’t feel like myself and I feel like too many people
are gonna trust what I say. High-quality H20. How about a week? I don’t know a week? I’m terrible at math but I’m
thinking seven times 24 is 140. Carry the 1, divide the 3, 7 times 4, multiply the 4, drag over the 3, get the standard deviation of the 4. 24 times 7, 140. Oh crud, this is gonna
be really embarrassing if I get this wrong on YouTube. Oh man, so 7 I bet some of
you guys are just dying, you have the answer, you
had it like 10 minutes ago. One hundred, 168 hours.


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  • Parvathy Mohan says:

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  • Parvathy Mohan says:

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