Do INVISALIGN first! MUST watch before getting DENTAL VENEERS! (EP 05 Cosmetic Dentistry)

Do INVISALIGN first! MUST watch before getting DENTAL VENEERS!   (EP 05 Cosmetic Dentistry)

– As if I don’t already
have enough energy. Oh, that’s good. Oh, I love coffee. Oh, it’s so good. I don’t know if it’s the emoticon
that makes it taste better or if it’s just, coffee’s just that good. Woo, so good. Ah, coffee. Mm, so good. All right, what’s up, guys? This is Dr. O from Innovative Dental. Hope you’re having an awesome week. Man, it’s been a week
since I’ve seen you guys, unless you’ve been
watching the Dental Drive. Do you guys like the Dental Drive? Is it workin’ out? Is it engaging, is it fun? Am I wasting my time? I mean, seriously, be honest with me. I can take it. I can take it, I’m pretty tough. I might cry a little bit. I’ll try to hide my tears. I’ll edit the tears out of
the camera shots and stuff, but just comment below. You know what I’m talkin’
about, just comment below. This smile transformation
should be one that’ll help a lot of you understand, and I’m sure
you’ll relate to her story, and kind of what situation
she had going on with her bite and her smile prior to seeking
out cosmetic treatment. So, when she came into our practice, she didn’t tell us this initially, but in followup appointments,
one of the things that she had said in her
followup appointments is now she can take a selfie
with her granddaughter. And if you’ve seen, we
have a promotional video, and it actually has that where
the daughter gets married, and the mom doesn’t wanna smile, then afterwards she smiles. That was really based off
of this lady right here. Also, I sat next to her at church about three or four weeks ago, after I stood next to her in
the coffee line at church. So, it’s kind of cool to see her there and just kind of see her
smilin’ and livin’ life out in the wild, enjoyin’ her new smile. So, it was pretty cool to
connect with her and say hello. Let’s get back to the story of the smile. So, when she first came, she wanted to do something fairly quickly. She saw that we could do smiles in a day, that we can transform smiles
with veneers in a single visit, and had heard that people
had come to us for that. And that’s kind of what she wanted. And looking at her bite, so let’s go ahead and look at the closeup photo here, and I’ll point to this side. Do you like the fireplace? It’s like warmin’ my back, ooh. Oh, it’s so good. Coffee is so good. Cheers, can you see the steam? Anyways, it’s good. If we look at this photo
of the closeup of her bite. Bite is really important before we do cosmetic treatment
for a number of reasons. Obviously, we have to
have the space in her bite to make the teeth the proper dimension. So, heighth, and width, and making sure that they look great. After all, if you’re
gonna invest quite a bit in your smile and wanna have
a confident, beautiful smile, you definitely don’t wanna waste the money and get something that’s kind of subpar. And right here you can
tell that if we were to build those teeth any taller,
especially those canines. Those are actually her baby
canines, isn’t that cool? She’s got her primary or baby
canine teeth still present, good amount of bone, so pretty neat that she’s still rockin’ those. We were able to actually
look at that and consider, can we place any veneers on that, or can we make them look pretty? And obviously, the bite
not gonna let that happen. So, because of her bite, we
had to address that first. We had to move teeth. And you know, we didn’t use to have such a great solution
for adults to move teeth. And now, we have an amazing solution, and that’s called Invisalign. So, we used accelerated Invisalign and we used some special techniques, too. And if you’ve watched this channel at all, you’ve heard me probably talk
about Invisalign quite a bit. I love it, it’s awesome. It’s a great tool for us, and it allows us to not have to cut corners and give people just not as good of the
quality smile as we can. We wanna be able to make
the teeth the right length. And so, in order to do that,
we need to create some room. And Invisalign’s an
awesome tool to do that. We decided to use that
for about six months. It moved her bite to where
she had some clearance, and those teeth now were
in a proper position. Now, when we restored them with veneers, they could bite and not hit each other. You can see before they
were kind of end to end. And now, we’re able to create the proper overjet and overbite. So, those two things are pretty important when you’re considering
making a beautiful smile. She’s an amazing person,
and her awesome story of how someone goes
from here’s the before, still a beautiful lady before. Just because those worn canines, kind of looks like maybe
she missing some teeth. But after, we were able
to look at her now, look at the confidence
she has in her smile. Let’s go ahead and go to
the closeup of the bite. And now, you can kind of see in her bite where there’s no space
and then now transforming to the after where now we have the space, the teeth are the right length, and they work beautifully with her smile. What’s awesome, too, is we
were able to go pretty light. I know there’s a lot of fears
when patients are going, okay, how do I make these not
look like Chiclets or fake? And that’s really up to the dentist using the proper material. It’s not just a component of shade. So, using the right shade is great, but it needs to be something
that’s translucent. So, if you’re looking
for veneers, obviously, we would love for you
to come to our practice. We have people do that all the time. We got a lady from New
York coming next week. We just took care of a
guy from Texas today. I mean, we’ve got people traveling, so if you’re interested in
that, get in touch with us. We have concierge service that’ll help you set up that appointment so you can get the vacation dentistry
and transform your smile. So, don’t let distance be a problem. But I get that not everybody’s
gonna wanna travel. And so, if you’re not, make sure you talk with your dentist about
the type of material. I recommend something
like a, I prefer Emax, or the feldspathic
porcelain is another one. But feldspathic is kind
of likely to fracture. So, for many reasons, I
would prefer Emax porcelain. And so, you might have heard
me talk about that before, but maybe request that, or
talk to a cosmetic dentist in your area if you’re wanting
to do the treatment there, that is comfortable using that
material as a veneer for you. Because it can look really natural, especially if they use a
higher translucent material rather than a low translucent. And that just means,
fancy term, translucency, for how much light does it let in? And when light can penetrate
the veneer, looks really good. So, that’s all to say, look at her smile, looks great, looks natural. Now, she can get those selfies confidently with her daughter. How do you put a value on that? That’s pretty cool when you
think about just spending life with people not feeling
comfortable smiling and expressing your
joy, and then take that and now you can fully express
your joy and your happiness, and smile big and bright and confidently. And do it in photos with your kids, people you love, your
loved ones, that’s awesome. Being a dentist and
doing cosmetic dentistry has gotta be one of the most rewarding, fantastic, enjoyable things. And I just love this story. I hope you loved it, too. Next week, oh my gosh, I’m
so excited for next week. We interviewed the girl
today, she is so cool. And I’ll put up her photo here. But this is before. There are a lot of private
things that went on in her life, a lot of challenges, I
think some illnesses, I don’t know all the details, but just trying to put herself, and she talks a lot about her own worth. And so, that’s gonna be next week. So, if you’re kind of on the
fence about doing something like improving your smile
and transforming your life with that, this is the
lady you wanna talk to. She’s got a story, she’s
got a passion for life. So, tune in next week
and definitely don’t miss that amazing smile transformation, and the personal interview and testimony of that amazing patient. All right, so hopefully,
you found this video useful. Hopefully, it was encouraging. I’m hopin’ somebody learned something so that way they don’t make any mistakes when they get their smile
done, and learn that, hey, maybe positioning the
teeth first if they’re crooked or the bite is wrong
is more of a priority, so that way you don’t
waste your investment and you get a beautiful smile afterwards. That would be worth every
second of this video if somebody sees it and
avoids that mistake. So, I hope you enjoyed it. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up, smash the thumbs up button,
share it with a friend, and don’t, you know, I’m
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don’t miss a notification. We got a lot of cool stuff coming up. We’re gonna give away a smile this summer, details to come, you
don’t wanna miss that. It may not even be you that needs it, but maybe you know somebody that needs it, family member, loved one, friend. Definitely subscribe so you
don’t miss the announcement of how we’re gonna change
a life and document. We’re gonna share that. That person’s gonna be a star because so many people are gonna see how their smile is transformed. And guess what, you guys can be anywhere. Literally, if you’re watching
this video right now, you can be this patient. So, if you’re saying, “I can’t afford, “at this point in my
life, cosmetic dentistry, “but I need this change in my life.” Then you’re definitely gonna
wanna submit this entry. And we’ll give you more details, but you definitely wanna stay tuned, so that way you don’t miss it. It’d be a bad deal to miss a free smile or an opportunity at it, wouldn’t it? It’d be pretty bad. Thanks for watching. Keep lookin’ amazing, guys. You look really good today. Yeah, yeah you, yeah, I’m talkin’ to you. Your smile’s en pointe,
lookin’ good, hair’s fly. You just keep it up, I like that. Make sure you bring that next week, so that way you look just as
good as you did this week. And you know what, keep smilin’, it looks really good on you. (bouncy orchestral music)


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