Do You Have Cosmetics with Collagen?

Do You Have Cosmetics with Collagen?

Hey! Are you interested in collagen products? Of course you are, if not you won’t be watching our channel. Are maybe they are just… … interested in Wonect. I mean we’ve been promoting, if you are interested in Japanese products, subscribe to our channel! We will share about alot of Japanese products, not only about collagen, but also, well, many many products about skincare, hair care, body care, and sometimes we also explore Kyoto! That’s right! That’s probably the best part! So subscribe us, so you don’t miss any videos! We didn’t mean to open with a subscribing plea, but yea! Anyway, instead of talking about collagen supplements, which alot of of us are interested in, we’re going to talk about cosmetics with collagen inside. What’s different from these supplements, is that these collagen is actually for external use. You apply them onto the skin. So, we’re going to look at how all these work, and we’ll do some introduction of some Japanese products to you! So, the very first question we’re gonna have is, “Is there a difference between using collagen internally, and using it externally?” Yes, there is. In fact, alot of us will be thinking it’s better to take internally, otherwise you won’t be able to get benefits. But of course, it’s not true, right? Because there’re a lot of cosmetic brands that use collagen to apply externally. So, now we want to look at more why they are used, what’s their function to be used externally. Even with advancement in technology and discovery of new beauty ingredients, collagen continues to persist as the choice ingredient we can’t do without, simply because it’s great for our skin! Collagen has a high moisturising strength when compared to many other ingredients. It prevents our skin from losing moisture, yet still allows the skin to breathe, and our skin absorbs collagen rather easily, since our skin is made up of the same component. We know that collagen works from inside our bodies to encourage the natural growth of collagen in our skin. However, collagen works differently when used externally. This sort of collagen aims to protect moisture content in our skin, and thus provides protection against wrinkles and skin dryness. As a matter of fact, even when products dry up on the skin, a collagen membrane remains to shield moisture from getting lost. It’s not that… external products of collagen cannot work similarly as collagen supplement. Actually there is a new research about dermal stem cells, that can regenerate the collagen. It’s really amazing that we’ve comed to this point or stage in time. it’s a good time to be alive, I would say. More advanced collagen products! The key to choosing cosmetics with collagen, however, is not how well they penetrate into the skin, or how moisturising they are. What we should be looking for is looking at other ingredients that are formulated together with collagen, to get the benefits that we want. For example, the FUJIFILM Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. This is an essence that is formulated with three types of collagen – soluble collagen, permeable collagen, and pico collagen, which is a collagen at a nano level. FUJIFILM uses its nanotechnology research in its products. Since each of the collagen have different sizes and benefits, it is able to protect, and penetrate into, the skin layers. It improves the bounce in the skin, and even improves the penetration of beauty products that you use after this. If you are worried that your skin is not absorbing beauty lotions well enough, we suggest giving the Jelly Aquarysta a go. It contains nano ceramide, astaxanthin and lycopene. Another suggestion for collagen cosmetics is the Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift EX, which is formulated with soluble collagen, and hydrolysed collagen. It has a tightening effect on the skin, thus the word “Lift” in the product name. In fact, this item is formulated with 35 types of beauty ingredients, and plays eight different roles: toner, emulsion, essence, eye cream, cream, massage cream, mask pack, and makeup base. This is recommended for you if you are always pushed for time due to a busy schedule. Key ingredients include placenta, co-enzyme Q10 and soy isoflavone. It is also free of scents, synthetic colouring, mineral oils and paraben. The next is the DHC Collagen Essence, which focuses on collagen concentration. It is formulated with “DHC Super Collagen” for high skin penetration, and with other carefully selected moisturising ingredients such as Vitamin C derivatives. This is suitable for users worried about dryness inside their skin. Other ingredients in the essence include grippin, glycogen, and isomerised sugar. The Mediplus Gel is an all-in-one skincare that works like a toner, emulsion, essence and cream. It is made with natural ingredients, which makes it suitable for any skin type, including sensitive skin. Furthermore, the price is comparatively cheaper for the volume it comes with. This is suitable for any concerned about price, or whether it is easy to use. The main beauty ingredients in the product includes hyaluronic acid, placenta, amino acid, ceramide and vitamin C. In addition, it is free of preservatives, scents, colourings, synthetic surfactants or emulsifiers, mineral oils or alcohol. So, choosing cosmetics with collagen really depends on other ingredients, so that we can achieve different beauty goals! We’ve comed to the end of the video! Watch this video to learn more about other Japanese products! On your right! And if you have not subscribed yet, we have a subscribe button there. Or even visit our store! We’ll see you in the next video, mata raishuu! (See you next week!) Bye bye!


  • ching lucky says:

    Im looking for skin whitening. I tried hythiol-C and transino white C but nothings happened. Can u help me please.

  • fluffy whale says:

    Hi can I ask if you heard the product kose softymo collagen facial wash and shesiedo perfect whip? Which do you prefer is best? Thanks 😊

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