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Nikkie: What are we winning? Everything on Nikkie: Every single item on colourpop-
Becky: dot com Nikkie: Hello guys, it’s me. Nikkie Nikkie: Today, I am not alone. Thank God! Nikkie: Because I am joined by the one and only Becky G Becky: Helloo Nikkie: Oh my god, we’ve been working on this to make this happen for literally a decade. Becky: It feels like… definitely a decade Nikkie: And I’m so excited that you’re here Becky: I know. I’m excited too. This is gonna be awesome. Nikkie: You have collaborated with Colourpop on this amazing palette right here.
Becky: Yes Nikkie: It’s been out.
Becky: Been out. Becky: It’s called the “Salvaje” palette which means savage in Spanish Nikkie: I’m not going to be able to- Becky: Try try. “Salvaje” (sal-va-heh) Nikkie: Salvaje Becky: Hey girl
Nikkie: Did I do it? Becky: That was good!
Nikkie: OMG Becky: No accent. No nothing. Becky: It’s like Dora. “Do you know how to say Salvaje?
Nikkie: Salvaje Becky: GOOD JOB
[both laugh] Nikkie: Also, you’re coming up with something new, new new!
Becky: Oh yes Becky: This is actually it’s really- this is like behind the scenes for me because it’s actually the first time I get to see them- Nikkie: Let’s open them up.
Becky: like legit legit Nikkie: It’s her first time seeing it too.
Becky: I know. So exciting! Becky: Okay, so this is Oro here. This is like a gold umm super shock shadow. Becky: Then we have Verano, which is like matching my outfit here. Nikkie: I got this one. This is easy Rosa Becky: And then we have this one which is actually one of my favorites, Becky: It’s called “Cielo” and it’s like this like blue color, but like has like a little bit of like a purpley… Nikkie: It’s like an iridescent
Becky: Yeaaaaah Becky: It’s a nice little shimmer
Nikkie: love a good iridescent Nikkie: So today we’re playing with all this fun new stuff while talking about glam, talking about life, having fun. Nikkie: So if you’re excited sit back, relax, grab your brushes and let’s paint. [intro] Nikkie: So let’s start off with the base. Becky: I was actually I’m gonna ask you for some advice.
Nikkie: Oh ooh Becky: I got a facial yesterday when we got some situations going on here. Wwhat do you really do? Yeah, it’s human Becky: But what do you usually do? Do you like correct after? Becky: or before?
Nikkie: Ummm I usually pound so much foundation on my face that you cannot see anything. Nikkie: First, we’re priming. I’m using- OMG do you know this?
Becky: I do know it. I used it actually. Becky: I did the Spanglish version of “A Whole New World” Nikkie: I heard. I heard.
Becky: And part of like the glam that we did was like to have like very pretty glowy skin Becky: So we actually used it like everywhere. Nikkie: And it stayed on like a rock.
Becky: Oh, yeah. Nikkie: So first, I’m- Nikkie: Just getting it on there with a brush Nikkie: and then I’ll Nikkie: Get in Nikkie: Speaking of “A Whole New World”,
Becky: Mm-hmm Nikkie: Is Aladdin your favorite Disney movie? Becky: Uh, it definitely holds a very special place in my heart because obviously growing up as a Disney fan,
Nikkie: Mm-hmm Becky: Umm…I watched all of like the OG princess movies and… Becky: I think there was something really special about Becky: the cultural influence in Aladdin, the colors, the music, the outfits Becky: and then obviously once you see it in live-action, you’re like… Becky: Whoa! MIND BLOWN because obviously like as- as a kid you see it in cartoons, and you’re like, this is pretty awesome. Becky: But then you see it in real life and it really does- it becomes real. It becomes very real Nikkie: I haven’t seen it.
Becky: You have to see it.
Nikkie: I know… Becky: My homegirl Miss Naomi Scott is Princess Jasmine. She plays Princess Jasmine yeah. Nikkie: I know. There’s a Dutch actor in it. Um, he’s the bad guy. Becky: [shocked] HUUHH
Nikkie: Yeah, he’s Dutch Becky: Oh my goodness.
Nikkie: I’m like “Yes country represented. We’re the bad guys in the movie. Nikkie: Time for foundation Nikkie: I’m just bouncing this in with a brush.
Becky: Is that the ultra fuzzy… Becky: sponge?
[Nikkie nodds] Becky: I want to buy it so bad. I have never used it before this is my first time. Nikkie: I would have given you this one but this one is old and crusty Nikkie: So it’s- Becky: I’ll find it
Nikkie: Unless you don’t care. Becky: I don’t care.
Nikkie: It’s yours. Nikkie: So first, going in with the brush. Nikkie: And then we’ll smooth with the sponge Nikkie: What do you really enjoy when doing your makeup? Is it like eyes, face? Becky: I would say all of it. Obviously like being in the industry for some time now Becky: you get your makeup done pretty often and you learn, you know tips and tricks along the way Becky: and Becky: as time went by I just, you know became Becky: very capable of doing my own makeup.
Nikkie: Yeah you vote your knowledge.
Becky: Yeah, and also like, you know Becky: Budgets! They’re like “Oh you want to fly your own makeup artist?” “Yea No. Not gonna happen.” Becky: and you’re like, okay well, I want to look good on stage or I want to look good doing press Becky: so what I started to do on the road on tour is do my own hair and makeup. Nikkie: Oh My god, yeasss girl! Becky: but I’ve learned from really great teachers. Like my- my go-to makeup artists have really been Becky: masters to teach me. Yeah. Nikkie: Oh look at that. Mmm. Yes. Nikkie: Time for concealer Colourpop Which one is your favorite? Um, so there’s one the medium one I kind of like use to just do like the little spot areas and then let me see the salon I mix these two For under is okay if you like and not sounds funny But like I’ll do one line and then another line and like I’ll go every other it’s like a lightsaber Nice and we’re done. Thank you so much for watching guys. So first I do the bottom get that nice and blurred out and Then we’ll go right up underneath. I do you come up with your own music videos a lot yet the stories. Yeah Yeah, I feel like it’s really important for me to be involved creatively because people are very smart like very smart and they can tell when things are Manufactured and not on authentic, you know, although it’s a battle sometimes from a behind-the-scenes perspective with the business side of things I Push as much as I can to make sure that the vision is never like sacrificed good. Yeah What was one of your favorite music videos growing up? I have my answer Tell I had like Britney Spears. Oh, yeah changed my path of life the black wig changed Yeah, well all the Missy Elliott videos all the Missy Elliott videos are just so creative and like would take you to this world yep, and The dancing the choreography like I would dance battle my cousins to Missy Elliott songs all day every day yeah, and I would also say hips don’t lie by Shakira when I when I saw that as a little girl I was like Yes, my inner sexy goddess came right early in life. Otherwise you that would it Beyonce Oh beautiful liar. I Should have asked but I love powder. So I’m giving you a lot of powder. Okay, there’s no option thing So on stage, how do you make sure that the makeup stays on like what’s what’s a couple of secrets? Um Setting spray is super important, but also I sweat in my hair more than I sweat on my face So, I’m really I’m one of those lucky ones that like really rarely. I have to touch up my makeup like I can be on stage for like 45 minutes straight and like I’ll have like a natural glow but my makeup won’t be like dripping You know, I’m really lucky like it’s all in it’ll be all in my hair. I had it really short I saw I kind of want to cut it again. Oh god, I know I sound crazy well, I have to like first like I want to like go like workout and stuff and then like Feel like boom then cut in that’s like the final like stamp of like the new look But I I don’t know. I also love like the long hair Just this having long hair. I Look like because of it at the airport like with those all the hair in the front just cover me Now that’s scary hey, oh fuck down boom I didn’t watch that movie because there’s something about clowns and stuff that I just mhm We all fuck down here, Georgie Time we were watching a scary movie on the plane because I just feel like the monsters can’t get you on the plane You’re going way too fast for them so they can fly Let’s not talk about it Watch them. Anyway, but one time me and my manager Shirin we were on the plane We were watching like oh, was it the nun? Oh, yeah. Alright, so I was fine But the manager I just hear the biggest scream everybody automatically turned towards us like what’s going on, and she was like she has this like really loud laugh to like like kind of like a witch laughs like it’s like really loud when it Like comes out like you can’t stop it there she screamed and then realized that she screamed really loud. So then she starts laughing It’s like the people in the back bathroom Yeah one her scream, but then to her laugh. It was amazing I was watching Coco cuz it happened out forever. But I’ve never seen him didn’t know what it was about So I sit there and I’m like, I’m just so cute and then as the movie progresses and like we’re kind of gonna cry And then out of nowhere, I’m like bawling but like not a little bit The flight attendant comes to me she’s like honey, are you okay? I’ve had a couple episodes on on planes before But you know you get through them. That’s the important man Alright, so base is done face is dead brows her touched up and she is looking mighty fine. So let’s play with Another vine so the hair I still don’t know what I’m doing color time. We’re totally in improv right now. So are you feeling Gold, huh? Would go with the look. Yeah Let’s just do gold People are like you’re too shit-scared to do blue today. Ha and I’m like Yeah, so we’re priming now tell me because you are very familiar with YouTube – yeah I grew up in an era where I remember watching people like beaver Artists like him doing covers before the fame before the big wave of like everyone’s doing covers and so I was like well, you know I had my little like MacBook and like photo booth on it and I just literally record covers on like my little photo booths app on my laptop and then 14 I kind of upgraded my swag a little bit and I collabed with these young kids who? Hadn’t even graduated film school yet Right, and we recorded one of my first official covers of a song by jay-z and Kanye West called, Otis And I don’t even call it like low-budget I call it bro budget because we had no one and I’m like 14 Like with this crazy concept and we’re all just down for the cause I wrote to this really popular shooting location and I like called the poodle parlor and a lot of very famous music videos have been filmed there So we reached out to them and I had my cousin’s as the extras. I had them dress up like little hoodlums and all-black and We shot this music video in one take and it was I mean to me one of the dopest coolest things I feel it’s still oh, yeah. Yeah, you should check it out this is actually like really crazy how I was like, I look back at it and I’m like I was only 14 and Was always in there and that video was the one that kind of changed the game for me got discovered I got signed to a record label and then because of that Are you know 22 and once your birthday March thank you since my birthday Wes seconds Get along so well same day same day they know what time no. Oh I was like, do you have the same wedding? We were born at the same time same moon. Probably. I don’t know. I haven’t linked that deep into it Maybe I should though that would probably give me a lot of answers of trust me Joan, so No too deep yeah, okay because At one point, you’ve become that person at a party that goes. Oh, you’re a Sagittarius Can to creating a nice spot like smokey eye and I’m turning up the drama mama So I’m just going in with the colors. They’re all Spanish. She’s gonna kill it do it. Yeah, that’s a seat though. Hey Is that coffee? Yeah, okay visita and Lola that’s like my alter ego name. Oh, really? Yeah when like Becky’s like really sad and like Oh, sick and tired Like I flipped the switch to Lola and she’s like the boss bitch That’s like come on Becky get it together like in interviews when like Becky’s like backstage crying Have you know, yeah, that’s so beautiful Do people know that a lot? Um, I think in recent time I’ve definitely opened up about my struggles with anxiety, right and It’s obviously like a ongoing thing that takes a lot of work mm-hm an effort and especially when You feel like you’re doing so many things for other people like something that was so sacred to you is now a job So yeah, where do you find the balance? Where do you learn to say? No, even though it’s expected of you Maybe this is sacrificing my emotional or mental health or even physical health like like my body literally Has been acting out in ways that it never has before and it’s because it’s like stop it always comes back yeah, and so I used to think like I’m not really good at just putting off my anxiety and I was like No, I’m not putting it off. I’m actually storing it away for her to come back later. And so I think helping What’s been very helpful is opening up about that because I realize like I’m not the only one That’s going through this and I think it’s important that people see Even people who do what we do and live their life on, you know, some kind of platform it’s very easy to think that our lives are perfect and that We have all the glitz and glam and the money in the fame and it’s awesome. We have nothing to be sad about But we’re still human beings, you know, it’s what they see Yeah, well, it’s filtered. You know now in this growing it’s been a blessing and a curse growing up in this generation It’s been a blessing because it’s allowed me the opportunity to explore the world and share my music with People who speak so many different languages and lives in so many different cultures and different places in the world but at the same time you’re exposing yourself to The world, you know at a percentage it’s a lot higher than the average person Mm-hmm, and that’s also dangerous. You’re putting yourself out there like that and for people to judge and Have certain comments on what it is that you choose to share Yeah, so it’s it’s been a learning curve for me. But I think one thing that I’ve learned is Being authentic being honest like you at the end of the day can sleep better at night if you know you’re that way like I’ve never been one to Love drama, like I didn’t go to high school. I was like home school Mm-hmm, and then I dropped out because I started working really young, you know And I was like my career is happening right now Yeah, and as scary as it is to make a decision like this because I’m pro education, like it actually it’s really amazing that although School didn’t really work out for me because of my hard work my siblings were able to attend better schools, right and Get better education And that is their forte and they’re killing it and it makes me so proud because now but time my sister graduates I’ll have three diplomas cuz they’re all freaky Alec Stefanie and it makes me proud that like you know, I was able to like Live life my path and be supported in that like it’s not easy I think for anybody to come up with a decision like that at such a young age, you know, and then you know You’re scared of what people are gonna say and what your parents are gonna think but I was just like I’m gonna do this I’m committed and I’m not giving myself any other option than for this to work out like I’m really betting on myself and the best education For what it is that I want to do is to live it, to live life, you know school made me feel really dumb like school made me feel really stupid and That was like I think such a part of my childhood that still like makes me so awkward around like people my age Because I never your I didn’t care you of it. That’s what I yeah. Oh my got the same yeah, they really do and less like I have something in common, which is like the industry or like Creative passion like I hang out with like my normal cousins, right and they’re my family so I don’t think about it but when their friends come around i’m like So while you were preaching this is this is what happened so we added the oro yes to the center Sprinkled a little bit of corona over it Right here. And now we have this like spotlight smokey eye going on and I love it So let’s do a little bit of darkness on the bottom So, what is your Most vivid make up memory. At a very young age I Would always play with my mom’s makeup Yeah Like and it was like the Chola like era Where like very dark lip liners very rich lipstick colors And I’m super Pro like do what makes you happy what makes you feel like you’re expressing yourself Whether it’s in the way you dress and the way you do your makeup Male or female like whatever it is that you choose to do if it’s a true form of self-expression Do it and makeup was always one of those things for me since like very young although I look back on pictures on like girl that foundation did not match why did nobody stop me! why’d no one stop me? Why’d you pluck your eyebrows so much! I Remember one time I got my brows done for the first time and this lady was at least 72 years old So that tells you enough but my mom was like she’s experienced She got you and I went back and I had like this one, you know Oh, no the little rainbow eyebrows I have never cried so much except for when I’m watching Coco. it was I’m not depressed. Yeah, well fortunately I learned at a young enough age. So they grew back mine didn’t. *laughter* I would not be able to tell girlfriend because there’s a lot of paint on here Oh, I love the inner corner right a little bit of Corona on the inner portion. Do you know what corona means? It’s beer. Right? Well, it’s a type of beer, but it also can mean crown. Oh. so this eye is shadow wise done So I think now would be a great time to go off camera do the other eye Pop a lash on. We went glam, honey Be right back. Love it. Look at that. I am living for this look right now so as I’m bronzing I, I just shared with Becky that I am like I got invited to a really Fun opportunity where I can be a voice actress and it was like have you ever done that before? And then she said no, but well it’s always been like a dream of mine to like create really crazy characters So I have like these different like little voices that I do like we got Susie Susie is just like a really interesting person? She just talks like About everything but like just doesn’t stop and it gets really annoying Then we have my little baby voice or Sometimes when I really want something I just talk like this and then I hope that everybody gives it to me whatever I want Oh my god. What do you want you’re getting it all that one works with my boyfriend It usually has to do with food, right? he’s like a pro athlete and he like Leads a very healthy lifestyle and like it’s a good inspiration to me But like, I don’t know like I just love food like I’ll eat everything and anything and so when I’m around him sometimes I’ll be like please like can I please have the Nutella crepe and like if I do the baby voice? I’ll get it and it’s great and Blush I used to not be a fan of blush, but it really does it’s vital Yeah, it’s kinda that came out of my toes. I’m like, it’s vital We’re highlighting the schnoz. Oh I love these my favorite We’re using chisme from the Salvaje line What she said. chisme means like the, chisme is like the gossip, like the drama, like ” oh girl tell me the chisme” I was like, “mozzarella sticks?” This is a good highlighter girl. Look at that. She’s beaming are we getting this on camera? I hope so. Are we? Are we getting this?! Oh yes Oh! What is it like for you? So as a musician? With a great passion for makeup how do you make your selection? for me It’s really important to be a fan of the brand I wanted people to also take me seriously as somebody who does, is educated on makeup, you know not just someone who’s like taking a check and then like Here’s my face. I’m selling this and it’s really shitty product. Like I have always loved color pop and I’ve always loved that It’s really affordable and it’s great quality. Like the quality of the makeup is not sacrificed whatsoever Most of it almost all of it is like made to order so it’s fresh. It’s for the fans it gets to them so quickly.. umm and– and I oop! sorry! Time for the final piece gonna do a little bit of over lining because I saw that you like that, huh? Time for the tops So these are like super new new as you can see like there’s literally like the descriptions of the colors on the packaging. Yep yep, you saw it here first, so I’m first I first wait I know the formula is like by like memory But color wise I’ve been on the road So like my mom is like sending me swatches and she’s like, what do you think like this color? I’m like, yes that one and that one and that one That’s how we’ve been doing this guy’s we’ve just been whipping up like I get ideas. I call up like the color pop fam They’re like we love it! Let’s release it tomorrow! i’m like, “cool!” so we’re popping the darker shade on the outer coners on so I’m just gonna like smooch it in here a bit a Little bit and then you’re gonna smack for me baby That went outside That’s okay. That’s okay that ain’t a problem! oh my God the amount of times that like I’ve done my makeup in a rush at the very last minute It looked good and then you go in back you go back The mascara thing that happens and you’re like, it’s okay, let it dry. I’ll scrape it off. Yeah Yeah, now we have the medium shade which is called We don’t know yet. Maybe your mo so Yep Oh girl bench man, this is a new dream Okay, and then the beautiful shimmering shade which is called shimmeroso I Might name it that! on the center Which is right here over that edge to give it that. Oh my god Oh Jackpot honey time to set you and never forget you. Oh with the little fan! cover your jewels The jewels are important. Oh My god, that’s it. I knew one of these in my kit I have like actual fans keep it I’m walking away with a lot of gifts speaking of kids. We’ve got some gifts for you Oh my god like Beyonce alright guys so that is the completed look on Becky G using her color pup collection, and I am so impressed and We mentioned a little bit of a giveaway. So before we The voice of pardon the nun the night before we get to this literally crazy giveaway Instead of the Dutch word of the day today we’re gonna teach you the Spanish word of the day. Did we have a word yet? Yeah tell us I think we will be inspired by The new super shock shadows and the name that started it all Mm-hmm, which was cielo is gonna be the Spanish word of the day cielo Yeah, which is sky so what you have to do to enter this giveaway, don’t worry The price is coming what you have to do be subscribed to my channel leave a comment down below featuring cielo Spanish word of the day follow colour-pop and Becky G on Instagram and if you do all of this Color pop. What are we winning? Every single item on that’s a lot That’s a big box a big bottle might be multiple by I’m not paying for that shipping Good luck The winner will be announced somewhere soon in like a week or two and that brings me to the end of this video I always leave my guests with a little gift from Holland. So here you go Typical Dutch treat I open it now you can open it if you want. I don’t like waiting for presents Just so every time you look into this you I’m with you for a little bit It’s a holland compact cute, right So that’s it guys. Thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed watching don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and Thank you for being you thank you! I had so much fun. She’s such an inspiration. I can’t

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