E.L.F. Melting VS. IT Cosmetics Balm | Comparison + Demo | justine_corrine

E.L.F. Melting VS. IT Cosmetics Balm | Comparison + Demo | justine_corrine

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so what I’m gonna go ahead and do today is test out two products that I do have
on hand that I’ve been using for a while I have the bye-bye makeup as a
three-in-one makeup melting cleansing balm
this one’s from it cosmetics and then I do also have the elf hydrating gel melt
cleanser so both of them have a similar texture and both of them are meant to
take off your makeup at the end of the day they are bombs and they are meant to
go on dry skin you rub it around and then you either rinse it or you use a
cloth to wipe off the rest so we’re going to compare them today and see if
they are similar if they work just as well as one another let’s go ahead and
just keep on watching just going to put back my bangs so first I’m gonna do the
it cosmetics foam I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about the
differences in the ingredients so the elf hydrating gel this one has like ten
ingredients and I can usually I can actually read most of them and they are
cruelty free and vegan argon and Rose in this one you have to put it on dry skin
and then you add warm water and massage it in and then you wipe it off or you
can use water so the by by under I says you rub it onto the skin you can leave
it on for another additional minute or two to have it penetrate the skin and
then you go on to your next step rinse it off or wipe it off they’re both
pretty similar in what they’re trying to accomplish still oh the bye bye makeup
this one looks like that and it does dissolve pretty quickly on
the skin so we’re going to try that this one on this side so that you can just
use that amount and then it like with the warmth of your skin it dissolves for
me though I think I’ll probably use a little bit more for my eye makeup and my
brows so once you are done kind of massaging
it into the skin and you can kind of feel like the makeup dissolved this 100
just reminds me of coconut oil this smell okay so I’m just gonna wipe it
with a cloth microfiber cloth cuz that’s what I normally do I’ll just use a wet
cloth afterwards of my bit and then go on to my moisturizer so that’s what I’m
going to do so I’m gonna go ahead and test out else this one is different this
one is a gel this one there’s absolutely no smell to this one both of these take off my brows pretty
well I’ll just did or how I do my brows video and the brow product that I use
it’s waterproof so for these to take this off so quickly and they’re really
good the cleansing balms I’ll link that video below if you want
to watch how I do my brows so seems like they’re both taking the same amount of
time this one said with water but it’s taking it off without water I have some
water here so I’m just gonna dip my fingers in and I’m gonna use the clock so that was really simple on both sides
both products really melted off my makeup you can feel it underneath when
you’re really like working it into your skin and then if you just rinse it after
I recommend just using a cloth microfibers are my favorite because
it’ll get off every last bit but as far as testing these out to see how long it
takes to dissolve the makeup they both are the same they both dissolve the
makeup at the same amount of time they both take the same amount of effort
which is minimal if you wanted a little bit more extra benefits then maybe the
bye-bye makeup would do better with the serum infused but like my skin feels the
same so the elf has argan oil and rose and
the bye bye I saw I had a chamomile aloe it also has like castor oil it has like
a ton of things in it hyaluronic acid has a ton of things in it so it’s
supposed to really help your skin like feel hydrated but to be honest both
sides feel exactly the same they both still they feel hydrated and it feels
clean like it feels like I could just go on with my next step now and put on my
moisturizer but there were pretty much the same in my opinion I really loved
the bye bye and actually didn’t like this I don’t know why I think it was
because there was no smell and there was nothing they didn’t have any claims like
this one did and so I was really kind of only liking it for the marketing but now
that I put them to the test I realized a temple very comfortable and elf one is
ten dollars divided by makeup three and one this one is $38 this one is 2.8 two
ounces that you get and the hydrating one is 1.4 ounces so there’s difference
in the amount of product that you get so if you really want to have a luxury
product to try out like the serum the more skin benefits go for a bye bye
makeup remover but if you are on a budget and you just
want to try a cleansing balm for the first time pick up the elf one so they
both took off the same amount of makeup and the same amount of time so I hope
you guys liked my comparison video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe
to my channel and I hope you guys have a wonderful night I’m gonna go to sleep
now and if we will see you in the next video


  • sweetdreamcatchercg says:

    great info. love your videos

  • Susan Ward says:

    Great video I need too try this

  • Emerald says:

    Helpful video for considering the different balms, for sure! But I feel a need to point out that you're absolutely not intended to move directly from a cleansing balm to applying skincare, not unless it properly emulsifies and fully washes clean with water. Wiping an oil-based product off your face doesn't leave your face fully clean; you just have a thin layer of oil with a very dilute amount of make up still left absorbing into the first layer of your skin. That will prevent your skincare applications from settling in and really benefiting your skin, and will likely contribute to clogged pores over time. Please use a proper facial cleanser and remove it properly, rather than just dissolving things with a cleansing balm and wiping most of it away!

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