EMERGENCY Cosmetic Dentistry from NYC – Dental Implant, Veneers, & Crown

EMERGENCY Cosmetic Dentistry from NYC – Dental Implant, Veneers, & Crown

– That, yes, you are putting
your trust in someone else, your smile in someone else’s hands, but Doctor Olson is a professional. I put my trust in him
100% and I don’t think I could’ve trusted anyone
else with my smile. – What’s up, guys? This is Doctor O. from Innovative
Dental and that was Eva. She is a really cool
gal from New York City. She traveled to Innovative Dental to have us fix her smile
after a car accident. You’ll get to see an
implant, veneers, and a crown all constructed in a single visit for her using some really cool technology. I’m gonna walk us through that. So stay tuned, watch the whole video. You’ll get to see her experience
in her interview before that’s right after this little clip, and then at the end of the video you’ll get to hear her
share her experience with traveling to Springfield, Missouri to get her smile transformed by our team and what a great video. I hope you guys watch it all. I put a lot of effort into it. Before I dive in, give it a thumbs up if you
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Springfield, Missouri. Watch this vid. All right, I’m so excited. This is gonna be– – You are not more excited
than I am, trust me. – You were a little
nervous yesterday though, but that’s okay.
– I’m still a little nervous. That’s all right. It’s kinda normal to be nervous here. You’re flying to Springfield and– – I know, yeah.
– changing your smile. I’m here with Eva. Man, she is awesome individual. I just got to meet her
actually just last night in person, but we spoke
maybe a couple weeks ago on a video consultation
about transforming her smile. Tell everybody how you found us and your experience initially, okay? – Well, I was in a car accident and I needed my teeth to get fixed and I’m from New York City. I’m not kidding, I went to about 10
consultations in New York City. Everyone was telling
me something different. I wasn’t entirely pleased
with what they were saying and I have done so much research. I found Doctor Olson through YouTube. I started looking at his work and I started looking
at all of his videos. I was immediately intrigued by
his personality, his honesty. I gave him a call and we
had a virtual consultation a couple weeks ago and I flew out here to Springfield, Missouri. – Yeah,
– Yeah. – so pretty awesome. Kind of what we’re doing today,
you had a fractured tooth. It was one of your front teeth and you’ve chipped a few other teeth. I got some video and I’ll
share with the viewers the closeups of the radiograph, the one that we looked at yesterday with it fractured, severed off. Gotta take it out and gotta do an implant. Kind of a challenge, right? She’s here from New York. We’re trying to do this in a single visit, which we’re going to do
it in a single visit. And transform that front smile, which the two broken
teeth and the new implant. We’ll do that in a single visit today and you’ll get to leave
with that all done. So that’s kind of a unique treatment and we’re gonna use some
really cool technology to do that and make it predictable and make it look really nice. And you’ll get to see that
here at the end close up. Obviously you’ll be numb, so I don’t know how the
smile photos will turn out. – Yeah.
– But at least you’ll be able to see close up
what that would look like. So what’s going on in your mind right now? Where are you at? Be honest. – I am, yeah, I’m so nervous. I have so much, honestly, dental anxiety, but the girls in the front, they’ve had work done here and I’ve spoke to them so many times, and Doctor Olson and Dexter the dog have made me feel so comfortable
and some of that anxiety has honestly, not completely 100%, but I feel so much better and I feel like I’m in
good hands with you. – Cool. – Everything’s gonna turn out good. – It is.
– Yeah. – I can’t wait. Sweet. We’ll go ahead and get
this process started. – Yeah.
– All right, let’s do it. All right, this is gonna
be a little different. I’m gonna narrate what’s
going on here in this video. You can see that we’re outlining the tooth where she broke that tooth and it’s tipped back towards
her palate in that accident, and we’re telling the software here to design a crown or a
veneer on that tooth. That way when we take this
3D X-ray on this machine that you see in front of you, that we can visualize where
that fracture actually occurred. So this is called a cone-beam CT image. There’s the 3D image with the fracture sectioned right in half. Isn’t that crazy? That tooth needs to come out,
we’re gonna place an implant. Here’s what we’re gonna plan how we are gonna safely
place this implant. As you look at this video,
I’m rotating it around. Showing you different angles
in this three dimensions of how that tooth was fractured. You can also see the teeth around it were chipped pretty badly. Now we show the impressions, so that 3D image at the very beginning is gonna be merged with this X-ray. The X-ray is a three-dimensional X-ray and the image is a
three-dimensional impression. So merging these two
together to give, basically, a way to plan both the
implant and the future crown that she’s gonna need there to smile with. That’s really what makes
this technology super cool. Now look at that. The two things are
merged and we can zoom in and we can see how clearly
and cleanly they merged. That yellow line is outlining
the X-ray perfectly, which means that the stitch
occurred very accurately, which means we can trust
that this impression, when we create our guide from it, is gonna be super accurate. Now we’re gonna go ahead and
plan the implant placement. If you look here, I’m
manipulating in software where that implant should go. We can choose the proper depth
for making it cosmetically very beautiful and supporting the gums. We can also plan the
angulation to give enough bone. This way we don’t have to guess at how awesome we can make this, we can really predict and
deliver an amazing result. As you’ll see, we’ll
get to the after photo and you’ll see how it all comes together. Here’s that implant in a three dimensions. That orange ring, which is a little subtle ’cause it’s underneath the, you can kinda see the
cross sections of it there, but that orange ring is
what’s gonna actually be milled out in the guide. And that guide, you can kinda see the cross section of that ring here in a second. It becomes really obvious. That is what controls the
implant placement or the drill to make sure that the implant goes exactly where we want it to go there. That is how precise we’re able to make this implant in this patient’s mouth. Safety, accuracy, and long-term health. And obviously beautiful. That we want to deliver a
beautiful result for her and try to give her a
smile that she had before. We export all that information now that we’ve planned
this implant placement back to our server. Then we go back to the machine that we took the original scan on. You can see here implant
number eight is being planned. We can define the border of this guide. This guide is gonna be
like a clear mouthpiece that’ll snap onto the teeth. It’ll have that ring that
you see in the software, and I know I’m kind of awkward. I’m pointing at it over there
because I’m watching the video so I time it correctly, but that ring is what’s
gonna control that implant. We’ll put some windows, you’ll see right there I’m putting windows into the imaging or into the guide. That way I can verify that it seats. So when I go to place the implant, I can trust that that guide
is gonna be 100% accurate. And we’re gonna place that implant exactly where we wanted to. Then we go ahead and send
that to a milling machine and here is Rachael loading
that into the milling machine. It just tightens down there nicely and this machine will
spend about 30, 40 minutes cutting out a very accurate guide to basically place in the patient’s mouth and control that angle
and depth of the implant. Why do you go through all this trouble? Because it’s your smile
and it’s really important to deliver a perfect result. Doing this by hand there’s no
way we can get this accurate and deliver such a beautiful smile and support the gums and
align everything up correctly. There you can look at the guide close up. You’ll see the ring in it. And that ring is where the
implant will be placed through and that’ll control angulation and depth. This image here is when
we’re starting to go ahead and fix the other teeth surrounding it. We decided to crown one of the
teeth, the tooth on her right of the tooth that needs to come out and then you’ll see I did a
buildup there and composite to help re-establish where
that midline was for her. So that way I know how
to fabricate her smile to get it right to the proper angulation and straight up with her eyes and straight across correctly. Now I’m imaging the preps. The implants are already in place. It only took about 10 minutes to use that guide to place the implant. The gums, you can see here there’s a little triangulation device that I screwed into her implant. It’ll be back here in just a
second and you’ll see that. The little gray plastic piece
that’s on this implant now tells the software the exact
position depth angulation of that implant. The importance in this is
now I can plan that implant alongside her two veneers and the crown. Now we can design all
four of these restorations at the same time. I know I’m talking fast, but I don’t want to bore anybody to death. Now we’re gonna image the lower arch because we want to make
sure we have a bite. That can be used to make sure we make the teeth the proper length. There’s the bite imaging. You’ll see all of this come together, obviously I wish it was this fast. That’d be pretty cool, right? But you’ll see this all come together in a model of upper and lower teeth. This allows us to then go in
and start our design process. We tell the computer, hey,
get rid of all this mess. Let’s make this super nice and clean. The imaging we don’t need. Now I tell the computer where to margin. We’re margining. Where are we building
these restorations to? That way the software knows how to fabricate the
size of those veneers. Now I tell it where the implant’s gonna go and how the gums need to be supported and finish it off with
margination of the crown. This, keep in mind, is all done, this is done in one
visit for this patient. Now it’s time to design. I can use that before image I took before I started treatment. I can use that to help us
get everything dialed in. I sped through this fairly quickly so you don’t have to be too bored with all the design aspect. It took me about 30, 45 minutes total time to design the positions
of all these teeth, including that implant. Then we have four milling
machines in our office. These milling machines
allow us to then send out this data to be fabricated
out of a block of porcelain. You’ll get to see that here in a second. I’m shaping the teeth, giving
them the proper contours. Basically, having total
control over the support of the gum tissue you see
here with that implant. Making sure that screw access, which is where that crown
will screw into the implant. We’ll have that towards her tongue. The veneers there are ready to roll and I think we’re ready
to go ahead and mill. Yes, one of the restorations here. We can go ahead and start doing that. I believe we’re gonna do, oh, yeah, there we’re adjusting
the contacts so that’s, the green there is getting
those contacts really dialed in. Yep, and then now we’re starting the mill. There’s the crown, gonna be milled. Then here we have the
veneers being milled. So there’s one. That’s her tooth number
nine that got fractured right next to tooth number eight. Just wasn’t broken in half
like tooth number eight was. So the root was intact. Then you can see the tissue
being overlayed there so that way we can design
these front two teeth, especially that implant to
have the proper tissue support. That’s a really big deal when
we’re talking about implants, especially in the smile areas. How do we make certain
that not just the picture, but the gums, the frame, I call the gums the frame of the smile. How do we make sure the frame
is looking really pretty and supports those teeth correctly and everything looks nice. You can see I’m dialing that
in, supporting all of that. The way that we actually
fabricate this implant, crown, and there’s an
attachment called the abutment. The abutment is actually that green line, I’m defining where I want
the software to split or to remove and create
this separate abutment or attachment to the implant,
and then make a crown as well. Those two pieces will be used together. The abutment will screw into the implant and the crown will cement over that. You’ll see those two parts come together here in this software. That line, it’s really
important to define that. The contour on the front
part of that tooth is, and you can see I created
a little dip in it. That little dip is to
make certain that the gums kinda want to settle there. It’s called a sigmoid notch. If you’re in dentistry,
that’s what I was doing. As far as a patient, just know that we’re really trying to train the
gums to land in that spot. That way when you smile nobody
knows you have an implant. There you can see the two pieces now separated in the software. You’ll see one, the crown
will become transparent and you can see the underlying
attachment, or abutment. Those three components, and those make up all
the implants, by the way. You have a implant fixture, an abutment, and then a crown that would
be part of that process there. Now I’m shaping that crown
to have the same exact shape as the tooth number eight. You can see that grid. The real benefit of a
grid is that we’re able to dial that all in in software and we can really nail the contours and make certain that they
have a complete symmetry. As you see here we’re
fine tuning that abutment. We’re ready to mill them. There’s the two pieces that
you can kinda see together. There’s the abutment getting milled. Here’s the milling process. Now we’re milling out these restorations in the machine that we
have here in our office, to get them all ready to
be bonded in to her smile. Same day. Hopefully you enjoyed this. This is really the exciting part. Now we’re making the smile and fabricating that in
this single visit dentistry. Finally, we have everything in place and I wanted to use this to zoom in on so you can really see
the implants in place, the abutments there and
the crowns on top of it. And then we’re gonna go ahead and head over to some smile photos here so you can really see what the
smile looked like afterwards. Here we have this before image. You can see the gums
and how that was broken. There is the after. The teeth are now nicely
restored to the proper dimension. There’s the before for a slightly open so you can see a little more
clearly those broken teeth. Finally, there’s the immediate post op. Sorry it’s not fully cleaned up there. Just need a tooth brush there. – I mean, it definitely is. It was a roller coaster
going through the accident and then having to look for a
dentist was really difficult. Just I didn’t know anybody so I did a lot of research
and then finally choosing you and being nervous the day before, and being nervous the day of. Thankfully the entire staff was so nice and you guys really made
me feel so comfortable and eased my anxiety. Even during the process
you guys were amazing. Like you said, it is a roller coaster. It went from being like, oh my gosh I got into a car accident. Oh my gosh I have to look for a dentist. And then you gave me my smile back. It was just happy again. – [Grant] Yeah, cool. Awesome. How would you sum up your experience just in a few short sentences? With our practice, our team, myself. What would you say to others
about that experience? Just share that. – Yeah, I mean, overall I would give it
five stars out of five. – [Grant] Awesome. That’s what we go for,
so that’s good to hear. – I mean, the entire
experience was phenomenal. Everything from the
technology that you have, from the staff, from you, you guys made me feel, like I said, so comfortable and so happy. Going to the dentist for
me is not a fun thing. Having to do something like this was not something that was fun for me, but somehow going there and, even Dexter was just, it was awesome. – I’ll make sure he knows. I’ll make sure he knows, yeah. – Let him know. – Cool. Share with people the process that you had to finding us and your journey
through making that decision. What were the logistics? So, you know, not the emotional stuff, but maybe just logistically. Was it difficult? How was that process? – It all started with a Google search. Someone to do an implant. I knew that much. I did a lot of research
and somehow I came across your page on YouTube
and I started watching one video after another after another. Your honesty was, I
mean, I said it before, was kind of what drew me to you. I had, I think, about
four or five dentists, or three that I was like, okay. These are the ones that
I kinda have an idea of where I want to go. Finally, it came down to your practice and you were the one that I chose. My main priority was I don’t care where the practice is, I just want to get my smile back. I want to get my life back. I felt like going to
Missouri was the best option as crazy as it sounds. All the way from New, yeah. – Have you ever been
to the Midwest before? Is this kind of like, I didn’t even ask you that, I don’t think. – I have never been to the Midwest. I mean, I’m from New York
born and raised here. I’ve been to Hawaii, the other side. I’ve never been to the Midwest and ugh, Springfield, Missouri is so cute. It’s such a cute little, town. – Yeah, cool.
– Yeah. – Good, I’m glad you liked it. If there is something that
could’ve made it easier, what would that have been? – Yeah, what could’ve made it easier? I mean, I wish you were in New York. – Nice. – Easier, I don’t think, yeah. I mean, overall it was honestly,
truly a great experience. Yeah, there’s, – Maybe somebody like you having an interview would’ve
been easier, made it easier. – Oh, yeah. Honestly, absolutely. Maybe having someone like me, I mean, I did see a video, or was it a video or, or maybe someone else was
there from Puerto Rico. – Yes, you saw that one. – I remember seeing that. Oh, people fly here,
maybe I can fly there too. – Yeah, cool.
– Yeah. An interview from, would’ve been great. – Good, good. The procedure itself. Obviously, there was
logistics of your emotions, the logistics of travel, but as far as the three or four hours after we took that little initial video and went back there and did the process, you’ve had time to reflect on that. What was going through your mind? Was the experience of
just that process for, I mean, we took out a tooth. We put in an implant. We did some veneers, the three veneers on the teeth next to it. So we kind of restored that. That was all done in a single setting along with that being screwed
into place, two parts, right? That custom abutment that gets screwed into the implant and then
a crown seated on that. We made five pieces and
placed one titanium root. So the titanium implant. After we extracted that
tooth the other day. A lot went on, just from your perspective, I mean, that’s kind of the
dental components perspective, but what was going through
your mind and how was that? – Well, initially I’m like, oh my gosh I’m gonna
have a screw in my mouth. What the, . That part was scary and after the, during the entire process I am truly amazed how
simple and easy it was. Because from an outside
perspective you’re kind of thinking I’m gonna have a screw
in my mouth, oh my gosh. Then once you have it in, it’s like, oh, it wasn’t that bad. And then afterwards I’m
surprised at how much I don’t feel anything and it
doesn’t really feel different and I don’t feel like there
is a screw in my mouth. You know? It was a much easier
process than I had imagined. The anxiety was mostly me in my head than anything else. Because during the process,
you putting the screw in there and afterwards, it really
didn’t feel like anything. – Awesome. Cool. There’s somebody out there, ’cause we get calls still daily from people interested in
traveling and seeking out care to help with their smile. I know that’s a, we call it in our office, we
call it a high trust treatment. You’re trusting, for the most part, unless you have a family dentist, you’re trusting a complete stranger with something that’s
pretty important to you and part of your identity. I know there’s a lot of trust that is being kinda given almost blindly, and so what would you share
with somebody seeking out care? That’s probably, maybe somebody
that’s watching this video that’s going, man, I’ve got a problem. Or I had an accident
or a similar situation where they want to fix their smile. What would be your conversation if you were just talking to them? What would you tell them? – I would say that yes, you are putting your
trust in someone else, your smile in someone else’s hands, but Doctor Olson is a professional. I put my trust in him 100% and I don’t think I
could’ve trusted anyone else with my smile, which is
something that is very, like you said, it’s part of your identity. It’s something that’s important to you. I would definitely say do your research and go with your gut feeling, because my gut feeling
told me to go to Missouri. As crazy as that sounds. And I went with it and
I’m so happy that I did. – That’s great.
– Yeah. – Good, I love that advice. And actually a video I
created talks about that. Follow your, the last tip I give people when they’re talking about
especially at cosmetic dentistry is don’t go against your gut
because it’s your identity. Don’t risk that. You need to feel really confident in who you’re gonna trust
with your smile for sure. And then I guess the last one would be, what was the best part
of visiting Springfield? If you had to give one thing, what was the best part? I know we’re not like a destination city, but what would be the
one thing you could say? – Springfields. Well, downtown Springfields is so cute. I honestly want to go
back to see you guys, to see downtown Springfield
and to see Dexter. – There you go. I love it. Man, your smile looks so good. I love seeing that. – Thank you, thank you, yeah. – Well, so that kinda
concludes what I wanted to ask. Thank you so much, Eva. You’re an inspiration to me. You’re such a sweetheart for coming here and you’ve been so kind to our team. I know that took a lot of guts and faith to come and travel to Springfield and do something like that. My gosh, I look forward to seeing your before and after smile. I’ve got your before, but you’re gonna have to
update me with a good, – Yeah, I need, well, I have a camera. Just get a good picture of it. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get around– – Yeah, that’d be awesome. – Yeah.
– Sweet, cool. Thanks so much for your time, hun. You have a wonderful day
and a wonderful weekend and let me know if you
ever need anything, okay? – [Eva] Thanks Doctor Olson. – All right, bye bye.
– Bye. – Well, I hope you all
enjoyed this video of Eva. She’s a pretty cool gal, right? Of sharing her experience. Thanks so much, Eva, for doing that. I know that took some courage to share that you had a car accident
and what had happened. And then show all the details about how we were transforming your smile. I know it meant a lot to me. I know there’s a lot
people probably watching that learned hopefully
a great amount about what we’re able to do with
the coolest technology available in dentistry. Super exciting. If it’s something that you’re like going, man, I’d like to pursue
that type of treatment, then don’t hesitate. Go to YourSmileDestination.com. We have you covered there, we’ll give you all the details about how to get in contact with us and get here so we can help
you smile big and bright. We would definitely want
to be part of your journey to smiling the way that you
would love to smile confidently. That is something our
team is excited about and if you can’t get it from this video, you’re not gonna get it
anywhere else, right? Hopefully you learned a lot from it. The video is, if you liked it and you’re
wanting more stuff like this, please give it a thumbs up. That’s how more people are gonna see it. It also lets me know
that hey, you enjoyed it. Comment below on what things do you wish I would’ve shown or what did I, you know, critique me a little bit. I’m wanting to know more with the channel, now the channel has grown to
about 15 thousand subscribers. I’d like to get more feedback so I know that I’m taking
care of the channel correctly and all you subscribers,
giving you information and make sure I’m hitting the right spot. Do that, that’d be super helpful. Otherwise, you guys have an awesome day. I look forward to seeing
you in the next video. Until then, you keep smiling. It looks great on ya.


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    More than likely its gonna be gum manipulation and some sort of dental brace.
    However surgery on gum….grafting of some sort to place gum tissue on the tooth.
    Which is the problem.
    Gumline receded back off the top front teeth.
    And are lose…
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    Do you do this?
    I live in Columbia, Mo.
    My hair receded at the sametime my gumline receded…which is a nutrient deficiency.
    I have that somewhat under control now.
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