hey guys hope you’re all doing well back
today with another one brand makeup look using all essence products I went for
this very easy zuv everyday makeup look perfect for the cooler weather that
we’re having here at the moment so if you’re interested then please keep
watching so starting out with their camouflage two-in-one makeup and
concealer I’m actually really liking this guys you can see how full coverage
it is getting rid of all my redness and blemishes
and it actually lasts really well the only thing for me is that it does have
more of a matte finish so if you’ve got more of an oily and skin type it will be
perfect but I have to use quite a hydrating primer underneath but you can
see here it does give really really nice coverage before I finish off the rest of my face
I’m going to do my eyes first using first of all the I love color
intensifying eyeshadow base you guys know I’m a huge fan of their eyeshadow
base and I got quite a few backups when I heard though discontinuing it but it’s
back which is good so I’m just blending it in here starting out with their
vintage rose eye palette this darker brown shade and I’m just running that
through the crease and just blending it out and then using one of the individual
eyeshadows that I picked this one is called black as a berry and you can see
how pigmented it is it’s a stunning color I did mention in my last video my
disappointing products video that I wasn’t too impressed with the pink shade
that I picked which is called raspberry frosting because it was just just purely
just glitter and just fallout but this other shade black as a berry is perfect
and it’s really nice and easy to blend as well so I’m just sort of winging it
out a little bit here because I’m just I’m not going to use any eyeliner I’m
just going to use eyeshadow as my wing so you’ll see here that I’m just
blending it out and just creating that wing effect we were traveling next up is concealer and I’m using their
camouflage full coverage concealer this is definitely full coverage and I
mentioned this one in my last video as well you have to keep dipping the brush
in for more product there’s not much that comes out on the little wand but
that’s okay it definitely as it as it says this full coverage it is a little
bit drying on my skin as well so underneath my eyes you can definitely
feel it but yeah if you’ve ever said if you’ve got more of an oily skin type
then I think this camouflage range would be perfect for you so here I’m just
highlighting and concealing underneath the eyes and just highlighting the rest
of my face and I want highlighted and blending in with one of my Ecotools
makeup sponges actually really like these guys they’re really nice and soft
and don’t pick up too much of the product and just blend in my makeup
perfectly so yeah definitely recommend these sponges as well to make the eyeshadow wing a little bit
more defined I’m just using a little bit more concealer underneath that and
blending it out with my little oval brush this is just the really little
thin one and just popping a little bit of black as a berry underneath my lash
line as well my favorite mascara I use this one every day it’s the false lashes
dramatic volume unlimited mascara I love all essence of scarab if you haven’t
checked them out yet definitely do such good price as well now I’m going on to
some falsies these are from the we are crazy line and it’s the zero one on
crazy like you Rush’s then using the luminous matte bronzing
powder and I’m just using that just to warm up my complexion this is a
beautiful bronzing powder and you’ll see here that it just warms up my face
really nicely the center part has got some more of a shimmer bronzer and then
the outer part is matte also a fan of essence blushes they make amazing
blushes this one is the satin touch in 10 satin Coral and then using the light up your face
Luminizer palette I know a lot of people who love this face palette and I
definitely agree it’s gorgeous I’m using the middle shade which is a highlighter
on the tops of my cheekbones and just above my brow bone as well I don’t have
an essence eyebrow kit so I use my poreless choice one but I’m just setting
them now with the essence make me brow I’ve got the light shade and lining my
lips with they’re in the nude lip liner another product that I love of essence
are their lip liners I know a lot of you guys love them as well they’ve got an
amazing shade range and such affordable price as well and fistic I went with one of their new
matte lipsticks this one is in perfect match and it’s just a gorgeous nude
matte that’s still comfortable on the lips and that’s the finished look guys
hopefully you liked this video if you have any questions in relation to any of
the products that I used if I didn’t cover anything let me know in the
comment section I’ll definitely get back to you thumbs up if you love essence as
much as I do and I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and I’ll speak to
you soon ciao do you


  • Amy Lee says:

    Which sponge would you recommend more; Eco tools or real techniques? ❤️

  • Liss Fleming says:

    Could you do a makeup collection soon Mel? 💕

  • Amber Lyons says:

    I love Essence cosmetics! I hope they come out with more foundations! Another wonderful video Mel. xx

  • Music Just For You l No Copyright says:

    lovely tutorial! <3

  • ChubbyBunny3698 says:

    I loveeee Essence. and I love you, you are only of the very few Youtubers that talks about Essence and their whole line. Absolutely wonderful!! However, if would be soo nice and a improvement on your video if you would turn down the light exposure. I feel like it is a bit too harsh that we cant see products or the color applied to your face well and as true to color

  • synn61 says:

    Great Essence tutorial, love the eyes shadow palette, have try my local Priceline if they have any stock left.

  • Alison Adams says:

    Thank you for a great video. I love Essence. 💞

  • JayBeh Kay says:

    Apparently they've changed their lip liners in the past year or so and they're not as good anymore, have you found this at all??

  • Erin McGill says:

    Loved this! What store did you get this from !? I can see from your PO we live in the same sort of area and haven't noticed a few of these items in store. Thanks x

  • reece Green says:

    I can never find the foundation you used in the video.

  • JZB Lifestyle says:

    Can you please list your products used. Would be handy if ducking into Priceline. Always having to go back and listen.

  • Melitta B. says:

    I love essence. Did a few tutorials myself using their products

  • gab may says:

    Gorgeous look Mel – love those earrings too 😍

  • SookieZero says:

    What a pretty look! I love essence so much and its cruelty free. Thank you for showing! The bronzer is so nice on you!

  • Candice Sandler says:

    Essence has so many great products, definitely one of my favourite brands

  • Ice Beauty says:

    you made me want to try some new product!

  • Glitter Friends says:

    Loved this, Mel! You make it look so easy!!💞

  • John Sinclair says:

    great vid👍
    excellent detailed product info provided
    and application technique explanation
    being an Aussie is awesome too!
    subbed 👍

  • JoannahMor76 says:

    I wish I'd bought that foundation when I was in Germany or something else in that range. I only bought a couple of their lipsticks and a mascara. First time buying their lipsticks, (my lipliner from last year in a red color must've been a one-off dud) I've been buying Essence mascaras for a few years now, and their blushes. I still haven't seen Essence in my part of Denmark.

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