Ever Bilena Shade and Shine Lipstick Swatches + First Impressions Review | Anna Luisa

Ever Bilena Shade and Shine Lipstick Swatches + First Impressions Review | Anna Luisa

Hi everyone! It’s Luisa. Welcome back to my
channel. On today’s video, I’ll be sharing with you another swatches plus first impressions
on the EB Shade and Shine Lipsticks. So I have 4 shades here with me, 2 from the shade
lipstick line and then another 2 from the shine lipstick line. So there are 2 variants.
The shade lipstick line is supposed to be a creamy matte finish and then the shine lipstick,
well, is there a need for me to explain it? It’s called “Shine”, right? So before I go
ahead with the first impressions, let me just show you a quick demonstration on how I apply
it on my lips. Okay, so now let’s move on with the swatches. Just like my previous swatch(es)
video, I’ll firstly show you how it applies gradient lips style then I’ll be showing you
how it looks full on the lips So like I said earlier I do have 2 shades from the shade lipstick line and 2 shades from the shine lipstick line So the shades are as follows: Lustrous Red, Dazzling Orchid Pink Temptress and Rogue Brick This particular product expires 24 months after opening so that’s 2 years and it has a net weight of 3.7 grams It retails for 95 pesos but for the month of February, you can get it for a buy one take one promo. So the shade lipstick is actually a matte lipstick with a colorless balm in the middle to moisturize the lips So it is supposed to have a creamy matte finish whereas the Shine Lipstick… They’re basically satin lipsticks with a shimmery balm in the middle to keep the lips soft all day. Okay. So now onto my first impressions. Let’s first talked about the packaging So the packaging looks like this. Just a subtle difference between the two. The shade lipstick comes in this packaging with stripes, probably to signify the “shade”. And then as for the Shine Lipstick, it has a simple packaging. The cap has heart shapes and all that. But for both lines, the lipstick doesn’t go all the way down. as you can se So it’s kind of really hard to put the cap back There’s a high chance the the tip might get chipped like what happened to this one right here. I thought that I already had the lipstick retracted all the way down but it turns out, it wasn’t. So when I put the cap back on, it got broken. So that’s one kind of a draw back. The packaging actually looks pretty cheap but that’s only because it really is cheap. So these lipsticks retail for 95 pesos each but for the month of February, they’re having a buy one take one promo, which is the main reason as to why I got them in the first place. So I bought 1 shade lipstick and then I got another one for free and the same for the shine lipstick, I bought 1 and I got one for free. And I thought, “You know what? I might as well do a video on them.” It might help you in one way or another. I don’t know (if it will). But this has been in stores for quite some time. I just don’t buy it. So where I got them is from Watsons. Here in my local Watsons. And the only down side is in my local Watsons, they don’t have testers. So I basically just had to judge from the colors of the *bullet. And they are sealed. So you can hardly see (the colors) which is the only downside. But I just looked out for the colors that are quite different in shades. So these are the ones I got As for the shade selections, they don’t have a lot. Mostly, they focused on reds. They have pinks and this single shade of purple. They don’t have a wide range of color selections. As for the pigmentation of each shade For the shade lipstick, they’re not super pigmented, as you can see. That’s just one swipe right there. And then The shine lipstick… It’s not really that pigmented as well. Those are just single swipes. They’re not that pigmented but it is quite buildable so as you can see I have a full on red lips right now. You can build it up. But it will take some time. Especially for this shade, I think it took me about 10 swipes before I achieved the purplish shade it has. As for the application, it’s super easy because it’s just like a standard lipstick bullet and I don’t know if you can see it It actually comes with a balm in the middle But as for the scent, it has this candy, sweet kind of scent. But then again, You can also smell like a petroleum jelly-like scent so it’s the combination of the two. And also, I forgot about the packaging… It’s so hard to get it up and down. I don’t know if you can tell. But sometimes, I struggle with it. It’s hard to use just one hand in getting it up and down. You don’t have much control over it. And it’s really hard to put the cap back on. As for the finish… Ever Bilena claims that the shade lipstick is a creamy matte finish which I have to agree on. It has a creamy matte finish. And the shine lipstick has a little bit of a sheen. Oh, and for reference, I forgot. On my lips right now, I have the Shine Lipstick in the shade Lustrous Red on this side of my lips and then I have this Rogue Brick Shade Lipstick on this side of my lips Just so we can compare the performance of the 2 If there will be any difference And it is now 12:50 so it has been an hour or even more than that since I initially applied the lipstick and right now, I don’t really see much difference between the finish of the two. So initially, the Shine Lipstick really is shinier. However, now that it has been an hour since I initially applied it, it almost looks like both look the same. So let me just give you a close up of that It’s looks almost the same. I can’t tell much difference between their shades but looking up close, you can tell that the lustrous red is more of a corally pink undertone and then there’s not much coral undertone on the other side, which is the rogue brick. So far, there’s no significant fading since I haven’t eaten anything So I’m not really expecting that it will have any fading whatsoever. As for the feeling on the lips, I can definitely tell that I have lipstick on. And I feel that I have so many layer on my lips Probably because I actually have a lot of layers on my lips right now because I have to build up the shade so I had to apply it several times As for the setting time, there’s no need to wait for it to set because it’s not a (straight up) matte lipstick or anything like that So once you apply it,that’s it. I just noticed that the shine lipstick is initially shiny. After a while, the shine goes away. So personally, I like that better because I’m not really into shine finish (lipsticks) especially since I have oily skin It won’t look pleasant if your face is oily and your lips are shiny as well, right? Now let’s try the transfer test. And as expected, it really does transfer. But as you can see, the shine lipstick transferred a bit more compared to the shade lipstick But both still transferred So far, the lip color is still there. It still looks acceptable (after doing the transfer test- finish and color). Be careful because sometimes I find that I have lipstick on my teeth And I already did the lipstick test As for the longevity, again, that’s what we’re gonna be testing throughout the day And then later, I will eat my lunch and then I’ll get back to you afterwards. So it is now 13:20. So, 1:20… Roughly 2 hours after I initially applied the lipstick So I already had my lunch and I’m really sorry there will be some drilling noises And all that because they’re having something done downstairs Bear with me. This will just be a short update and hopefully, on my next check-in, it won”t be as noisy. Okay so I just ate so this is how my lips look like I haven’t checked it up close. It’s gone. The inner part has faded. So there. Since I was still able to spread the remaining product, I can get away with not reapplying the lipstick anymore but as I’ve said It really transfers (a lot). On the utensils… On the cup… One thing that you have to really take now of this lipstick is that it transfers a lot. So you should be careful. You should also be careful with your clothes. So I guess that’s it for my check-in, I’ll get back to you later. Hey guys! So it is now 15:20, so that’s 3:20 in the afternoon. Roughly 4 hours after I initially applied these 2 right here. Let me just check my lips up close. The color has definitely faded from my initial application, obviously, as you can see. But not so much from my last check-in. So… There’s not much difference after I ate my lunch I did not eat anything else. I just basically drank some water Like maybe once or twice in between check-ins And that’sit. I did not eat anything. Although it already faded, it still looks okay. It’s not looking as if it needs a retouch or anything like that So I guess that’s it for this check-in I’ll be back later on for my final thoughts on the product. Guys, while looking up close, I just noticed something I just noticed that the shine lipstick area has small glitters on it. I don’t know if you can see but it has some glitters on this side. That’s the Shine Lipstick. Okay… So it is now 17:18, so that’s 5:18PM, roughly 6 hours after I initially So I’m looking at the mirror Oh! There’s some traces of the snacks I ate. So as you can see,it has significantly faded from my initial application especially on the outer corner of my lips and then pretty much what’s left on my lips just look like stain There’s really just small traces of lipstick transfer It just looks like stain. But it doesn’t look bad at all. However, at this point I feel like, because 6 hours have already passed, my lips feel dry. This is not really a drying product but usually, when it’s been this long I really want to do a retouch. I’m the type of person that really like to re-touch in the middle of the day Just so that I can feel like my lipstick is fresh and new Not old. Because at a certain point, I’m not sure if there’s really such a thing or if it’s just something psychological on my part When I don’t get to remove it in the middle of the day, it feels like it makes my lips feel dry. That’s exactly what I’m feeling right now. But other than that, this product is okay. The lipstick performed good. Now for my final thoughts on the product To be honest, when I first opened the packaging When I finally realized how flimsy the packaging is Also, how hard to put the cap back on… And if you add the scent on top of that I don’t really like it (the scent). I smelled it and I also made the people around the house because it smells really good with a candy sweet scent but It has an after scent that reminds me of petroleum jelly. There”s an underlying scent So initially I really wanted to give it a 2/5 But now that I have tried it on my lips, for the whole day I can say that for a 95-peso lipstick, it actually performed well. It’s quite long lasting. It leaves a tint on your lips which is pretty good especially if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to do a retouch in the middle of the day Of course, there are some points for improvements Like I said, first, the packaging because Just like my favorite shade right here, the lustrous red, it got chipped and and this side I’m not sure if you can see that But it looks like it has a crack in the middle It feel like I won’t be able to bring it down any further but it turns out, you can. When you use force One important thing that they have to improve on is the packaging Next is the scent As for the pigmentation, yes, it isn’t pigmented like I said but for me it’s not such a big deal I mean, if the pigmentation is good, then plus points But if not, as long as it’s buildable, then I don’t mind In this case, it is buildable so it’s not a part of my main complaints although if they can improve on the pigmentation, then all the better So I would probably give it a 3/5. Because I can feel that this is a very long lasting lipstick although shade selection needs to be widened They have to have more nudes and other shades That’s my personal opinion, okay? But so far, the shades that I got are pretty good. And it’s quite long lasting like I’ve been stressing out for the past 3 minutes or so The fact that it applies really easily and it’s very long lasting, it deserves that kind of rating. So I guess we have reached the end of this video Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you liked this video Subcribe to my channel if you haven’t yet and don’t forget to comment down below for any suggestions or requests Or if you just wanna talk to me because I love hearing from you, guys I love hearing your feedback and I guess that’s the end of this video Thank you so much for watching And I’ll see you on my next one which is going to be on Tuesday. Annyeong~


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