Eyebrow Tutorial for Gray Hair | Maryam Remias

Eyebrow Tutorial for Gray Hair | Maryam Remias


  • Sherry P says:

    Thank you for this video! My blonde/brown hair is liberally gray and finding products that match can be a challenge.

  • mary ann Gonzalez says:

    hi Maryam wonderful video . I have my silver at the crown and sides but my brows and the rest of my hair is dark brown .This was a big help

  • Maryam Remias says:

    This video is an updated eyebrow tutorial for gray hair. I’ve tried many brow products from powder to pomade to pencils. The eyebrow products I share in this video are the ones I use daily. I hope this video helps you!

  • Karen Presley says:

    Thank you. I was thinking I would have to go a lot lighter. This is a big help. xoxoxo

  • Lovey Kaur says:

    Very nice 👍🏻 and sorry but how old r u ..

  • Estefany Diaz says:

    Como me encantaría que hablaras español💔😭

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