Facial Feminization Surgery – Week 3! | | Stef Sanjati

Facial Feminization Surgery – Week 3! |  | Stef Sanjati

Hi everybody! Oh my god…Where am I? What am I doing? What’s up with my eyebrow? Y’all… I don’t work at Sephora! What’s going on? So… Today is… January 2nd So it’s the middle of week…3! The third week! Middle of the third week And… I’m hanging out on YouNow Doing my live stream where I do my make up You see it?.. Well you can’t – it’s so bright. But, there.. now you can see Everybody’s asking questions and stuff, we’re hanging out, we’re having a good time ..and yeah, if you didn’t know I do livestreams on YouNow where I do my makeup and hang out. They’re all saying hi. It links to Youtube and you can click on the link below it to go to YouNow, where I can read your comments cause I can’t read your comments if you’re on YouTube. Just so you are aware.. ok? 🙂 I also wanna let you guys know, I made a vlogging channel so um, you can find that if you go in the description box, there’s a link now to my vlogging channel and I’ll be uploading there informal stuff like this much more often, inbetween my regular content on this channel So.. you’ll see stuff there and I’m excited to get it launched I have to do some behind the scenes stuff first but, I’m working on it Anyway.. makeup is easy at this point my jaw is still swollen so I have contoured a little bit of the swelling away but um.. stuff’s going good! I’m feeling happy, I’m feeling good Hello! ..Little buns. It is Thursday January … something-eth 😉 I still don’t know, because I’m not in Toronto um, I’m in my parents sunroom which, um, it snowed the other day, so it’s really cold But for some reason I can handle it, so whatever, who cares The point is, in an earlier update-video I talked about smoothies that I really liked and that made being on a liquid diet bearable ..oh my god I can’t even carry the box and um.. ..hold on, the lighting.. let’s get some darkness, let’s get some depth.. there we go huns uh.. So there was these smoothies called Boldhouse Farm, that’s the company name and they make these smoothies that are really good and I’m pretty sure they’re really healthy? like, I can’t imagine how they are not healthy They sent me a box of every flavour of Boldhouse smoothies Let me just show you Look how cute, first of all: Oh my god Like.. okay Berry Boost, cute, love it. Carrot, 100% carrot ..same Mocha cappuccino, okay that can’t be healthy Protein and calcium ..Yeah it’s got fat, it’s got trans fat But like, it’s still probably not as bad as like, an actual coffee ..Orange and carrot, love it ‘ermagad’ Green Goodness – this is my favourite one this has to be healthy, there is no way this one is not healthy It’s got a little bit of saturated fat, but like that is normal, that’s fine ..Yeah looks pretty good what’s this.. Vanilla chai tea.. that’s probably another one that’s not very healthy but it’s probably like, healthier than a Starbucks coffee Chocolate protein ..Yeah that one is not good for you. Probably good for the protein ..and then the strawberry banana, I love that one too. So I can’t wait to try all these, oh my god. so if you guys are going into surgery anytime soon, I would reccomend picking some of these up Because they made me really happy when I was recovering and couldn’t eat solids cause it still gave me flavour um, and like I tried to drink those Ensure things earlier Like earlier in recovery, and.. I almost.. I couldn’t. I put it in a cup, and I gagged, cause it smelled like so bad to me I don’t know, maybe it was the meds I was on but I love these, I’m gonna take one out to drink right now Lets take strawberry banana 🙂 Hell ya! I’ll put them all in the fridge later But for now.. Girl’s got a livestream to do, I gotta do my makeup. While I have you here I guess I should talk about progression of scarring and everything Um, I’m gonna turn up the depth again so you can see details so, (I should take these off), okay On muh face: the bruising under my eyes is almost gone, that’s really good I’m getting a lot of movement back into my forehead, although it still feels very weak But I can still express the full range of expressions that I did before and it is bad plastic surgery if you can’t so, that’s good. That’s really good. My chin itself, I don’t think my chin or my jaw is swollen but the inside of my mouth is till a little bit swollen so.. although, it is swollen down here too it’s kind of hard to figure out but, I’ll live uhm.. The incision around my forehead; sometimes it gets sore later in the day cause I know it is normal, like.. as the day gets.. as you are awake for more hours your body gets weaker that’s just standard. So when I’m going to bed sometimes my head feels a bit sore when I’m laying on a pillow cause I don’t sleep with the bandages anymore and I sleep on my side again. uhm And, it hasn’t started bleeding or anything and I haven’t notied.. I still can’t even see it but it’s just.. it gets sore later in the day, that’s all but that also means I’m getting feeling back in it which is interesting. what else.. what else is there to talk about.. I also wanted to talk about some effects that testosterone blockers.. like, I had to go off of my hormones for 3 weeks 2 weeks before and 1 week after until I could start moving, like, normal again But I’ll tell you about that after I have my makeup on so I feel less insecure *laugh* about talking about testosterone. but uhm.. I’ll see you soon again, if you guys are not aware I do livestreams on YouNow almost, like, several times a week and you can find a link to YouNow in the description box of this video and all of my livestreams, they link to YouTube but, I am never on YouTube, I am on YouNow So you can go to YouNow and we can hang out Love it. Bless. Hello little buns uhm that was the.. I just.. uhm.. ..Oh my god, can I talk? I just did a livestream for 4 and a half hours with my mother we.. First I was doing my makeup, and then um, the relatives that were supposed to come visit didn’t show up, so Instead, we got a little bit.. tipsy..? But for me tipsy means.. … ☆ sloshed ☆ so eh.. I’m coming down from that now I’m just trying to take care of myself It doesn’t take me very long to come back to normal But, I wanted to talk to you, about testosterone stuff so, going off my hormones for 3 weeks The main thing that I noticed that bothers me about that and, *distracted* So bright! uhm Okay, so the reason they make you go off the testosterone ..off of your hormones though because estrogen thins your blood. Or at least the pill that I take that gives the estrogen, thins your blood. I don’t think the actual hormone thins your blood out. But, the pills I was taking, thin your blood out so I had to stop my medication. So that the healing wasn’t compromised by blood-thinning, or whatever. and I also could put more painkillers to my liver. *laughs* uhm.. ..why does it keep being brighter? hi.. Ehm So! I stopped them. Two weeks before surgery and I started them again a week after. So I was done three weeks without hormones. and The worst part, honestly, was.. There were certain morning bodily functions that I had forgotten existed.. that deided to come back, and that was really irritating. Because it kind of, it reminded me of some shit that I just didn’t enjoy thinking about so I don’t know, that was irritating that was really annoying But, that was probably the worst thing like, I din’t get more facialhair-growth, I didn’t gain musclemass I didn’t.. Nothing noticable happened nothing on my outer appearence changed from being off hormones for 3 weeks But that changed. The inside working of my body that were influenced by hormones definitely were.. altered. But everything else was pretty much the same. So.. ☆That’s life☆ Uhm, can we talk about my face though? I think the swelling and stuff is starting to settle. There is still swelling right here: and there is still swelling in the side, inside of my mouth. But even then, even without my chin.. is looking incredible. My browbone!, oh it’s looking.. Do you have a good sideview? I don’t know ..I think you do. I never would have expected to have a profile like that in my adult life. But I do. And that makes me really happy. Point is, things are going really good Tomorrow is Friday It will be 3 weeks after surgery tomorrow! So I’ll loop you in on some other news stuff tomorrow. Thank you, I love you! *fails making kissing-noise* *disappointed* Ouch.. Hello little buns! It is Stef 🙂 Welcome to my parent’s house. This is halway though the video, so that intro doesn’t really make any sense, but! um. It is officially week 3! Like, the third week is finally over of recovery from FFS! I’m still very.. Not very swollen, I’m not very swollen, I’m not. I have a little bit of swelling in my chin so sometimes when I make certain movements with my mouth or when I smile.. 🙂 It gets kind of like.. *blaaah* Because there is still like, this big pad of swelling under my skin here But for the most part! I’m healed up! I just wanna take off my glasses so we can like, I’m sorry if I can’t really see the viewfinder now ..Cause I’m blind as a bat. But You know, You can see the face and that is all that matters. For those of you who wanted to know what exactly I got done I’m going to do my very best to put a side by side comparison here I’m going to try to put some video footage and if that does not work I’ll put a picture But I should be able to put video footage right next to me “What did you get done, Stef?” Well, LET ME TELL YOU I got.. First of all, my mandable contour. So what that is, is your jaw the part of your jaw that moves. meaning like, your actual jaw, and not your teeth I went to doctor Jeffrey Spiegel in Boston by the way, If anyone has not been watching the entire experience and just started watching on this video, you can find a playlist linked below with all the previous episodes there’s 5 in total before this one. I went to him because he produces really natural looking results So when I’m all healed up it won’t even look like I got surgery. You won’t be able to see any scars everything will be ☆ perfect ☆ In terms of healing, not in terms of perfection of a human being, because that is just not possible. Let’s be hones here. So okay, what did I get done, holy shit Mandable contour, that is your jaw and chin, Dr. Spiegel does 3 incitions in your mouth or, for me it was 3 incitions in my mouth One in front of my teeth and beside my teeth in my gums. So that he can get into the bone and work on it without leaving any visible scars. And that’s fantastic. I probably will have scars on the inside of my mouth, but who really cares..? ..Who cares? I’m not seeing the inside of my mouth, I don’t care. That takes the longest to heal and that’s why it is still a little bit swollen on my chin But even here, it feels like there is not much swelling, It just, sometimes there is a bit of swelling underneath here; underneath of my bone. So I don’t know exactly what is up I know that it is totally normal I’m not worried at all about recovery. I just know, it will take the longest for that to heal. Next I got my forehead reshaping. That was probably, It went really smoothly the doctor said, but it is very drastic. So that, uhm.. For that, Dr. Spiegel makes an incision for me it was ear to ear, like in my hair, because I wasn’t getting a hairline movement, adjustment, or anything like that So we did it in my hair, so the scar is completely covered by hair, which is amazing. Sometimes if the bone is really thick he can just shave down the bone on the brow ridge But for me, he did a full reconstruction, which means he, I believe he takes the bone out, reshapes it a bit, puts it back in, takes it out, reshapes it a bit, puts it back in, until he is satisfied with the result. and girl! I am very satisfied with the result, so! He can do whatever he wants. He can pull whatever bone he wants out of my body and it goes back in and it looks this good, I’m happy. I am very, very happy with.. I don’t feel like this is gonna change much at this point It might! It might. It might change. Cause I’ve had friends who have said little things change for up to 6 months But I really feel like my forehead is fully healed, so. If it stays like is, That’s great, I love it like this. Next I got a lip lift and agumentation. So that is why I have an upper lip now 🙂 What is more important to me than the actual size of the lip was the distance between my upper lip and my nose. and that has been, pretty much, cut in half. The reasoning for this, the reasoning for all of these procedures, was typically, and okay, listen. I am not about adhering to the gender binary I am not about.. I’m not about all that stuff I believe gender is a spectrum and I don’t think that having less distance between your nose and your upper lip makes you more feminine or more female But! For my dysphoria It makes sense for me to get it, okay. It made sense for me to adhere to that binary principle. *laugh*.. as bad as that sounds. And I’m very, very happy I’m SO happy with my lip-lift and that is probably gonna change a lot too, because it has, It’s a very, kind of like.. Unnatural procedure, So for that, he cuts out a chunk of skin underneath of your nose Kind of ‘W’-shaped, or inverted ‘W’-shaped And then, he stitches the boarder of where he cut it up, onto your nose. So you are literally having a hole put in your face and lifting the skin to cover it. Which lifts your entire lip up, which is amazing. And then the lip augmentation was a seperate procedure that I got I decided to get it the day before surgery.. 😮 uhm, or two days before surgery. And that’s where they take that skin that you took out of your face and the reason they use this skin to augment your lip is because your body has a very much, a very, very, very tiny minescule chance of rejecting it. Because it is your skin. So he peels off that top layer of skin, he reshapes it to be good, then he sneaks it though your lip. So you have a naturally, ..Not naturally lifted, but it is natural tissue, in your face. It’s your tissue! It’s your body, which means it is safer than anything else. So you possibly, *mumbles* po-p-pp-p-p-p.. ..possibly put into you. And that I am very satisfied with as well. And the last thing I got was my trachea shave. Which is the adam’s apple right here. I don’t know if he was able to get the entire thing. Cause sometimes they can’t get rid of the entire adam’s apple because it might damage your vocal cords. So he took as much as he could. and Dr. Spiegel does this in a way, he puts a camera down your throat. So he can see exactly where it is he has to stop shaping or stop cutting so that he will NOT damage your vocal cords. cause you can damage your vocal cords and *deep, raspy voice* permanently have a voice like this and, I didn’t really want that, so, I’m very glad, that he was careful and cautious and I definitely see a difference with my trichae shave I honestly, I can’t see, I’ll put my glasses on In the viewfinder yeah! It is very different than it was before It is very different, it is much less prominent, so, I’m happy with that, I’m very happy with that 🙂 All in all super happy! and the only healing that I have left to do is in my chin and that’s amazing. I still have not, from day one, from the moment I woke up after surgery, I have not felt one ounce of pain, It’s only been discomfort, And I’m looking forward to.. doing a final video on this whole procedure when I feel like I’ve finished healing. The whole before and after and I’ll recap everything that happened. a little mini-episode, a big chunk Taking everything from all those other videos, just, summarizing it. So you can have a quick, easy “what did she get done” kind of thing. You know what I mean? Love it. Until next time, just rememer you are.. A pointy-as chin. You are a pointy chin. and I love you. and I will see you later, Thank you so much! For hanging out with me, for supporting me, and honestly, thank you so much for making this possible for me. I mentioned this in one of the earlier episodes, but, It’s hard for me to articulate. I would never, ever would have been able to get this so quickly without all of your help. Over 1700 people donated over 35.. 32000 dollars! it was 32000 dollars to make this happen for me. And honestly, it wasn’t like big donations, it was little ones. it was all donations. It was 5 dollars here, 5 dollars there. There was some big ones, which honestly, that’s amazing. But! the little donations, definitely added up to a lot more than the big ones. So if you are ever passionate about something If you ever want to help somebody Know that your 5 dollars, can go a long way, when it is also your friend’s 5 dollars and their friend’s 5 dollars and their friend’s 5 dollars, It can go a very, very long way to help somebody. So I am very proud of you and very thankful for supporting me and for helping me in such a physical way and I hope that you impart that on other people as well. I will see you later! Oh my god I’m leaving now Bye! *kissing noises*


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    Omfg i love it

  • Mr Mic Bongsucker says:

    Your cheek bones and your lips look so good and your forehead has such a great structure now. Good luck.

  • William Fournier says:

    Why do you make the corner of your eye so long and pointy

  • Esme M says:

    Morning boners…

  • Cosmic Koda says:

    I just wanted to express a heart felt thank you for posting so much detail about your experience with FFS. I was planning to have it done while being alone and I know now that would be a horrible experience, if not impossible. Your videos saved me from making that mistake, from turning a miserable experience into a horrifying tragedy. You are blessed to have such supportive parents, and your mom deserves an extra hug every time you see her.

  • Dania McClendon says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I booked my FFS for next month. Im so excited. You look awesome 3 weeks out.

  • Merbabe Jessie Lynne says:

    I totally wish I could be friends with you. You are absolutely amazing!

  • lightzaber says:

    you look like lindsay lohan in mean girls (and i mean that in the nicest way possible u look beautiful sis)

  • Kyd says:

    Girl, I've been binging your videos and I love you so much, and your messages and your content. Literally, your transformation is incredible, and you look so amazing

  • Beth Stacey says:

    You look beautiful! I haven't been watching you for very long but I'm addicted already, your voice is so soothing and you are so kind and bubbly, I'm in love with you! You are beautiful inside and out and please don't let anyone tell you otherwise ❤ joined the #BreadSquad, love you! Mwah!

  • kieth lashawn says:

    I see the difference

  • Jilleman says:

    Your upper lip is soo different and beautiful. It came out soo good.

  • King02tutt 0 says:

    So how can a common 17 year old village folk like me get the money if we can't get donations?😓

  • Superstar9922 says:

    please help! gf.me/u/vv4ysy

  • Yash Patil says:

    Her eyes are too apart from each other.🙄🙄

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