hey you guys welcome to this week’s hot
or not Thursday we are gonna be chatting about a new launch from ardell and
everybody knows our Dell for false lashes at the drugstore but this is
color cosmetics they recently launched a bunch of color cosmetics and I already
tried some of it in a drugstore Tryon it was okay nothing to really get super
excited about but I have been putting to the test this really incredible a very
different product and it is a felt-tip lip liner which is so strange because
usually when you look at this kind of a tip you think you know something to do a
winged eye look something to help conceal your false lashes you don’t
necessarily think something to line your lips with because it is literally a felt
tip it’s like very wet and has that stain type of a feel and a very precise
applicator I’ve been doing this for a long time on YouTube you know reviewing
crazy products and this and that I have never seen a felt-tip lip liner so this
is really cool I think it’s very exciting and it actually works I’m going
to show you guys what it does and why I think it’s really cool and different and
what it’s best used for but I do want to say that back in the day I was in the
habit of using a felt-tipped brow pencil because those have existed I think I
used one from Kat Von D I would buy specifically the blonde one and I
wouldn’t put it in my brow I would actually line my lips because it gives
you a really precise stain and it does stay put it’s very long wearing so I
think it’s really cool that someone actually took this step to do a felt-tip
lip liner and these are only $9.99 so you know the whole Ardell range very
affordable I have another product here that I’m going to chat about that is
also a stain that I’m not that big of a fan of we will get to that there are
twelve shades in both the lip liner and the felt tip and they have kind of a
corresponding feel so you could layer them together I’m definitely more
excited about this but I’m sitting here with no lipstick on because I want to
show you the product in action so let me scoot you guys a little bit closer so
you can see what the magic is about this product and it’s
sponsors an attempt to show you guys a shade that will be nice and vibrant I’m
gonna go with this hot pink number right here that actually comes out a little
darker and more berry toned I don’t know what this shade name is it’s kind of
frustrating that they don’t keep the name of the color on the actual tube
it’s on the plastic which I ripped off and I don’t have in front of me but I
will be sure to list in the description box okay so let me show you guys so you can see you get such a precise
line whereas if you went in with a liquid lip you might have a hard time
really getting that precise line and with a more traditional pencil that you
sharpen it’s gonna be a little bit more slippery and creamy so I actually really
love this when I want things to look really sharp I do kind of take the pen
down a little bit and fade it into the rest of my lip I think that looks really
nice depending on what you put on top of this alright so you can see that this
has lined my lips to perfection this is so cool you can actually kind of almost
get it on its side and really get that area that at least for me my lips are a
little bit uneven on the sides down here so I can kind of bring it out a little
bit perfect things get that inner corner I just think this is a really cool
product and I am happy to have discovered it so what I’m gonna do now
is take the corresponding felt tip actual stain this has a much chubbier
tip these I don’t like as much they’re both 90999 299.99
sometimes when I’m talking to the camera they literally get annoyed with myself
I’m like why can’t I say the price of something or the name of something and
then I just like fumble all over my words
try again Tati the price on both of these whether you get the larger one or
the actual small petite liner right here they are both $9.99 there are twelve
shades in total and the shades match one another so I’m gonna go ahead and fill
this in I like the liner a lot better than the actual forever kissable stain
now this will wear a really long time I do find this to dry my lips out quite
a bit even though I have to say something unusual with the ingredients
on both of these products is the first ingredient is water the second is aloe
so it’s not as bad as some other stains that I have used before but for me what
I would do is line my lips with that precise felt tip liner and then go in
with a liquid lip or a matte lip and if I had to adjust things or perfect
things go back over with it it’s just kind of a perfecting tool in my opinion
this kind of a stain just isn’t my favorite if I want to you know do a
stain I’m probably gonna do something more like this which I know is a lot
more expensive but it has that kind of balmy texture that has a lot of glide to
it whereas this feels like you just put like a sharpie all over your mouth and
to me it just feels weird so yeah love one don’t love one that’s just my own
personal opinion and what I like from a lip stain but let’s zoom the camera back
out and take a look at all of the shades so the nice thing about using this
liquid lip liner is if you do fill in your lips it is going to act like a lip
stain and everything that layers on top of it is just going to look really
beautiful but if it wears off you’re still gonna have that stain left behind
and I really really like that you can create a really nice ombre lip look with
this – depending on the shade that you choose really feathering it in using a
lighter shade in the center of your lips to give a really pretty effect that’s
gonna make your lips look larger but also it just it just shapes your lips so
nice no matter what you do with it I really enjoy this so I think it’s an
exciting new launch I think it is hot I want to go through all the shades with
you guys wait oh my gosh I don’t know the names of these so this is really
frustrating but I’m gonna show you up close an arm swatch of every single one
of these you can get a closer look so we have a very nudie beige shade we have
kind of a nice cocoa chocolate brown and then we have some beautiful lilac shades
there’s a really pretty almost pinky lilac there’s a magenta lilac there is a
purple shade there’s this shade that I’m wearing that looks like it would be more
of a light violet purple but it’s actually more a deep berry then you have
an actual hot pink shade we have a wine shade kind of more a brick red shade
another hot pink shade and more of an orange red shade so there’s a lot to
choose from I wish they had a few more neutral tone shades that would be my
only gripe I wish there was just a little bit more that wasn’t so loud
because that’s what I wear on the everyday basis and if they had that I
think I’d be reaching for this more often
but in the future if I’m gonna be doing a bold liquid lip I definitely will be
using these word of advice whether it is with a felt-tip brow pencil felt tip
eyeliner or these trying to store them flat don’t store them up like this it
will actually dry out the tip of your felt tip liner on just a small extra
piece of advice within this video and then as far as the chubbier felt tip
pencils that are called the forever kissable z’ these are exactly the same
just a wider tip I think they are a bit more patchy in essence you could line
your lips really nicely with this too but it is a little bit wider and you’re
not gonna get that precise just really defined look that you can get with the
liquid liner I think it’s something really different and you guys know me I
love anything different I’m in the land of makeup 24/7 and if I see something
that jumps out and can actually help the everyday routine you know I’m gonna put
it to the test and get excited about it so I wanted to wear this a few times and
not just do a first impressions because it was such a usable cool product anyway
I love you guys thank you so much for hanging out with me I hope you liked
this video if you did let me know that you liked it by hitting the thumbs up
button that always helps me out and I really do appreciate it so have a good
day whatever you are doing guys I love you and I will see you all in

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