Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. As you can see we’re not in the normal white wall background makeup studio because today I am here in Coachella Valley in California because it is Coachella this weekend And I am literally so excited. Me and all my friends got sisters VIP passes. It’s hashtag lit anyway I wish I did not just say that but for today’s video. I wanted to do a fun festival inspired makeup tutorial I want to do a rainbow look. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve actually played with color and a few weeks ago I posted a rainbow eye picture on my Instagram, and it’s out of my all-time at most like photos So thank you insta sisters for always killing of the game And then also I did maybe go above and beyond with my Coachella outfit It’s like your guys’s wigs are about to be Snatched at this point when seeing this video you guys have already probably seen them over on my Instagram But at the end of the video as well, I want to do a little fun at Coachella lookbook So I hope you guys are excited and let’s get on the video I’m first gonna start with using a good sunscreen. This is the touch-up pore perfecting silk’n sunscreen hello SPF 35 We are obviously in the middle of the desert, and it is really ridiculously hot here and the Sun is intense so it’s really important that you protect your skin even when you’re putting a full face of makeup on it can definitely penetrate all the Way through and I rather be safe than sorry. I’m also gonna use my all-time fav the touch out water cream moisturizer I love this thing it’s literally so good like Hello. It just makes my skin so soft and smooth and the air out here is Ridiculously dry like I said, we’re in the middle of a desert So I really want to make sure that my skin is hydrated and doesn’t get the air *whoooopsssssp* Sucked out of it and last but not least first skin prep. I’m gonna go to the touch-ups. Cell canvas you guys know I’m really not a big fan of primers, but this one for some reason It’s just really really bomb it fills in the pores and honestly makes my skin So so so smooth and with the amount of dust that’s gonna be flying around in the air at this festival I really want to make sure for once my pores are filled so they can’t get clogged and other stuff if that makes sense skincare 101 with sister James for foundation I’m gonna go to the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation You guys know this is my all-time favorite and a fun fact Actually last year at Coachella was the first time I ever tried this foundation And I literally have fall in love with it and used it ever Since and thank you doing friend hay-zu’s for showing it to me It’s actually so cool because a lot of my friends have changed a lot this past year But my best friends have all remained exactly this and last year Coachella It was me and Laura and Victor and Marcos and his girlfriend Brittany, and then hay-zu’s And we just got crunk and partied the entire time sober of course, but now we’re all back here together And it’s just such an amazing amazing group of friends that I am so blessed to have in my life I’m literally pray that this foundation color is going to match me when I take photos later on today I did just get spray tans literally the darkest I’ve ever been and I was hoping that it was gonna wash off a lot in My shower this morning, and it didn’t, but you know what we’re just going for that bronzy Coachella. Type of look I’m really really hoping that this foundation matches It’s kind of hard to tell because we are in outside lighting which I’m definitely not used to but we’re gonna make it work It’s actually so crazy to think about because I’m pretty sure when I went to Coachella last year with Laura and all the sisters that My Instagram was just over 1 million followers like you’re literally kidding me And we just hit 4 million a few days ago like that is so beyond insane to me I was looking through all the photos from last year and just reminiscing, and I’m just so excited to be here again I really really do love music festivals and obviously you guys know music plays a huge part in my life And I’m just so excited to just listen to some really really dope music have some really amazing outfits and just see a ton of Friends and a bunch of you guys as well. I think there’s gonna be a full-on sister meet and greet like taking over Coachella But I am so beyond ready for it the air here is literally so dry concealers already drying down. Oh my god I’m scared, we need to blend this so fast. Oh, there’s Bee. There’s a Bee. There’s Bee. Oh it’s a fly I don’t know ever actually talked about this on camera before but I am like literally Deathly afraid of bees for some reason I’ve never been stung don’t even know if I’m allergic I just hate that with all my heart I’m gonna blend out this concealer underneath my eyes, and then literally hover my setting powder like right at the ready I am so scared at how dry this weather is and how fast everything is drying down Which means if we don’t set this fast enough we’re gonna get sister creases and all the wrong places all day long for the remainder my face
I’m gonna grab a really dense powder puff and really pack it into the powder and Pat this on it has been a hot minute Since I’ve like really baked and powdered my face But I am gonna be really really hot and sweaty today the Sun is like beaming down and with my outfit that you guys are gonna see later on in today’s lookbook video I am gonna be wearing a face mask So I really wanna make sure that my face is very very set and pleased to get as little foundation Transfer on it as possible because it’s a sister Louie Vuitton bandana And that was way too expensive to have a foundation Encrusted and dusted all over it before I go in and really contour my face I’m gonna grab the brand new k’kaw highlighting brightening powder. Oh my god If you guys thought my video over on nikkietutorials channel reviewed this this powder is so bomb like literally and insane I have an absolutely lovingness to pack on right in the high points of my face to give it a really really bright end and contoured look I’m also gonna pop this right up here in the corners of my eyes right down onto the middle of my face and onto the sides of the nose to help further that snatched illusion coming in a second next make sure we have that Bronzy summery glow, I’m gonna grab my morphe M527 brush and my Anasazi a contouring kit and dip into the right two shades right up in here and use this to really chisel on my face today hey sister Oh, we got sister Laura coming too I mostly make sure to really contour out and snatch that jawline as well you guys know we gotta be as chiseled as possible at all times always I definitely need to chisel out my nose and make her good and Snatch this lighting is a little bit spooky, so it’s probably looking the worst. Oh, that’s a little harsh. Oh I’m actually really happy with how the base is looking right now or at least. I think I am before I’m gonna really bake everything out I am gonna give myself a light spritz of the skindinavia makeup finishing spray before we put on a more powder this video is sponsored by Skindinavia So thank you so much to them for sending me and my friends to Coachella you guys know I don’t really work with a whole lot of brands here on my channel, but I just really really love skindinavia And they’re by far one of the best brands I have ever worked and they’re just so nice They trust me as an influencer I loved in the most so makeup finishing spray so bomb obviously we’re gonna use it just our face But just to give it a little sister hydration because we’re looking a little bit dry right now I guess we’re gonna use our ticket box to fan our face today because I forgot my fan at home oh my gosh good question. I’m really really looking forward to obviously sister Beyonce And sister cardi B. I am literally so excited, sister SZA you know her I met her once Yeah, rollerskating. She was literally so sweet She was with her two nieces and they were sisters so hey It says SZA’s nieces if you guys are watching and she was just so nice literally the entire time She was like interacting with different people at the roller skating rink just acting like a normal person Which was just like really really dope to see because she’s one of the biggest people in the world right now She’s so talented like hello. I’m a sister SZA stand. There we go I’m excited to see her perform today to, I’m gonna bake myself in the oven for a few minutes I guess just by standing out in the Sun because literally that is like the heat temperature We’re dealing with right now at home do my brows off camera quickly. I’ll be right back to start off the eye makeup Let’s go ahead and jump right into this rainbow eye look and of course that i’ll be using the morphe at 35B pallette. This is my all-time favorite I already went ahead and started up priming my eyelids and instead of using a translucent powder I actually use the white eyeshadow here, so hopefully that’ll make all the colors a little bit brighter I’m gonna grab a fluffy brush and dip into the yellow shade first and pop that right in the inner corners Normally you guys know I’d like to start off kind of light and then blend in it, but for these type of looks I’m really gonna pack the colors in there and then blend them in after because I really want the colors to be as pigmented as Possible next gonna grab a fluffy blending brush into the orange shade and pact that right in the center On the crease well take kind of placing that color on there, and then blending it out I think you should have really focuses pigment right in the crease because I am going to cut it today And then just use the excess shadow left on the brush to blend it upwards into This region and also slightly into the color next to it after I finished each color I’m gonna go back into the previous color with the same exact brush and make sure that they’re evenly blended together right in that transitional region next I’m going to grab one last faulty blending brush in the bright red shade in the palette And I’m going to finish off that eye look and I’m actually gonna pull the shadow right out into the classic v-shape that you guys Know I live for why is there an owl hooing right now. It’s like 2:00 p.m.. Aren’t owls nocturnal They’re awake and lit ready to go I’m also gonna pop the same exact colors in the same order on my lower lashline as well when I did this look originally I Went with a very very bright look, but for today’s look that I have planned I’m doing a very very like ninja inspired Type of dark and smoky looks like I’m gonna using a whole lot of black to really smoke this out and make the colors really really intense I’m gonna go ahead and line my lower and upper water lines that I using the Maybelline lasting drama waterproof pencil I just picked this one up super quickly at a store I forgot mine at home love that of course sister James is for getting everything are we surprised We really shouldn’t be you guys know I absolutely hate doing this, but I feel like it is very very vital for the type of look that we’re going forward today Oh, well, that’s dark and it’s gonna really highlight my eyes If you guys notice as well it has been a hot minute since I’ve worn my grey contacts in a video But I feel like they’re appropriate for today’s look. I’m gonna grab a small flat pocket brush. This is the Sigma E20 and some black eye shadow And very very carefully at up off the excess and then blend this right into the lower lash line, okay Need way more than that for the outer V. Region actually want the block to be really really defined This is a really really good and thick cardboard So I’m gonna do is actually rip this and this is a technique that a lot of different drag queens use And I’m actually going to hold this cardboard onto my eye. I don’t know how to do this here. Wow Get your friend to hold your handheld mirror for you That’s a legit sister right there, okay I’m gonna place this card right on the corner of my eye I’m placing the shade on here in the shape of kind of like a winged liner And then I’m of course going to blend it out by having this cardboard there and really pressing it onto The face you’re gonna get a really really clean line when I take this off We’re just gonna make it so much easier because you guys know if with a little bit too much black your look can go from Really really beautiful to really really muddy and spooky real real fast if you’re not careful. Oh Wow, I really thought I had it there. I’m scared I’m gonna have another smaller fluffy brush and some more black shadow and attempt to blend out this outer corner It’s looking a little bit spooky totally I don’t know how to take my own advice and the Situation and I’m gonna pull this really lightly into the crease right before we get ready to cut it. This is looking spooky I was really confident this in this. and now I’m not as confident anymore I love that on this side of the yard on this side of the yard There’s little old me filming a rainbow makeup tutorial and on that side of the yard Laura’s husband and her brother are having a drinking competition to see who can drink a can of beer faster. I love Coachella, okay? I think I’m actually kind of happy with how this is turning out. Maybe slightly I’m just basically going in a back-and-forth with both black and the different colors that I’m using to really create the eye shape that I’m Trying to go for today. It’s really hard to blend black seamlessly into other colors Especially ones that are bright like orange and yellow and create a seamless transition But I feel like we did a pretty decent job now that I have the basic eye all complete I’m gonna take a really really light concealer this is the Kkw beauty one put it on the back of my hand and I’m going to cut my crease using a mac 242 brush And before that can see that even dries down I’m gonna go ahead and grab the in your dreams Iridescent angel cosmetic glitter and pack that right over top of the lid for a nice pop. Oh my god That is so pretty. Oh, you’re kidding. Hello. Okay now I’m actually loving how this is looking so this took a nice turn for the better for once Now that we have the glitter all place on though I’m gonna grab that fluffy brush that had a black on it and kind of blend out this outer V so
There’s an even transition between the glitter and the black and I’m gonna kind of pull this into the lash line as well so it Creates like a more rounded cut crease type of shape I forgot glitter glue on this shape which is classic me So I’m gonna grab a little bit of lash glue and dab it on the back of my hand and try to like I don’t Even know how I’m gonna That’s rude, I’m gonna get the Tom Ford liner as well into a fan up black line along by a lash line Just for some more dimension I’m gonna grab that flat smudging brush that we used on the lower lashes as well Dip it into a little bit of black and then go right over that liner that we just put on there So it’s kind of a more smudge liner Type of love alright guys and that is one eye off complete obviously we still have lashes to do But that took me a hot minute, so I’m gonna call the cameras quickly relax in the shader for a little bit So I’m not burning and do the other eye off-camera of course at the green blue and then purple And I’ll be right back to finish off the rest of the love all right case about one hour later now literally Coachella’s gonna be Over by the time I’m done with my makeup today, but I just finished both eyes I definitely was not loving them at first But I think they definitely turned out pretty decent and of course we have sister face soon to save the day So I’m gonna play a light coat of the Mac extended play mascara to prep for lashes I’m gonna make sure to get those really really evenly coated as well because you guys know I don’t really do what black smokey looks Very often when I do to them It’s really important that you get a good coat of mascara so that there’s no light spots and everything blends really really well together and then for lashes that I’m gonna pop on a pair of Lily lashes miami’s you guys know these are my all-time faves And wispy I did not spend an hour on each eye look today to get them covered up by a big lashes So these be the perfect solution I’m gonna pop this right on the exact center of the eyelid and really make sure to pull that ending upwards Because we did do a v-shape with this eye shadow look today And I want to make sure that the eyelash follows Suit and doesn’t look droopy because you really want the eyes to look kind of a port and snatched Oh, yeah, she’s looking good. This is really good. Okay woah alright, so those are both eyes all done and complete Thank the Lord that took way too long and now it’s time for the glove so I’m gonna grab my Anasazi of Beverly Hills So Hollywood highlighter my all-time favorite, but before I do that I’m gonna get myself once again a quick spritz of the skindinavia setting spray to get my skin is nice and damp oh Yeah there she is girl Oh-ho-ho wow we truly love a glowing sister apparently so does that bird I’m gonna play a little bit of this right onto the brow bone So they really pop and then I’m gonna grab the Tarte shimmer clay pot in the shade top yacht Yeah, this is all my all-time favorite pigments for in a corner highlighting. It is literally so freakin pretty ready for this Hello so good I got these little gem sent to me from the brand in your dreams, and they look so cute I think I want to pop these little teardrop ones right underneath the eye to really bring attention to them oh Yeah, we love her she’s good wait I want to put little those two little dots above my eyes – I love these ideas. Okay. Where do they go? Oh here they are Oh, you know why I have an idea Oh Ready for this let’s place this one Yeah, okay this we’re down for okay that only took 17 years. Whoa finally moving on we have a lipidededoodahs I’m just gonna use a classic glossy nude lip clearly we have a lot going on the eye region so we definitely have to focus To be up here and not down here and laughs, but finally not least of course We have to set it in place and one last time. Thank you so much to Skindinavia for sponsoring this video I’m gonna give my face a good set with the makeup finishing spray And this is the oil control version we know we’re gonna be sweating a whole lot so I said I wanna make sure this is Really locked and the Scandinavia settings ready set to last for 16 hours And it’s truly my favorite setting straight in the entire world this stuff is so So so bomb and yes obviously this video is sponsored, but I do love them And they’re just an amazing company to work with seriously I love them They’re just absolutely the best and they trust me as a creator So please sisters go show them the love because both me and Scandinavia Love you sisters so much you can now use code James for 25% off Hello quarter off your sister setting spray go pick it up right now I promise you will not regret it and make sure you go Thank them for sending me and all my friends to Coachella so we could have this amazing content for you guys since we could enjoy Ourselves and have a little bit of fun Rude all right sisters and that is this rainbow festival makeup look all complete I absolutely love How this turned out it has been a hot minute since I’ve been able to play with a whole lot of color And I really really love this And I hope you guys did as well if you wear this look to any festivals make sure to tweet me a picture I cannot Wait to see all your beautiful faces, but this video is not over yet I came to slay this Coachella season so hold on to your wigs and let’s do a little sister look book *time to see some dick and butt* Yasss slay sister Gonna ninja up and steal yo man oop prepare yourself to be SHOOK oh SHITTTTTT SLAYING SISTER Are you ready for this? Dat ass tho, sisters got a phatt ass people in the back right are clearly taking a pic of your ass watch the woman in jeans, she is a shoooook sister now watch the girl in a tie-die top on the right that sister DOES NOT APPROVE never seen a more disgusted face in my life All right sisters I hope you enjoyed that mini little lookbook and tutorial this video was so much fun to film and I really really hope you guys Enjoyed it if you did don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and leave me a comment as well I love doing look books. I do have a huge passion for fashion I love being a poet without even knowing it, and if you guys want me to do more of these I would really really love to do them. I love a good sister styling Moment if you have not already don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below and come and join the sisterhood we were So close to 4 million So thank you guys so so so much and as well click that Bell icon secret notified every time I upload a brand new video If you like to follow me and I make up chard you can follow me on Instagram Twitter They’re both just James Charles and my snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff is James Charles is an extra s after Charles don’t forget to go DoubleTap all those Coachella pictures Just in case you guys missed them this weeks sister shout out goes to sister Kelly Who’s been behind the camera for the past four hours burning and also sister hey-zeus? Who’s incident next to me helping me do the products holding up my mirror for me being the true sisters that they are? Love you guys both. Thanks for the charity works today alright sisters I love you so much, and I will see you in the next video. Bye and happy festival season

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