Foodie Beauty’s “Holiday Hair And Makeup Tutorial” Highlights

Foodie Beauty’s “Holiday Hair And Makeup Tutorial” Highlights

So Welcome to a holiday makeup look video and I’m gonna do for you guys. I’m probably gonna edit out the long Sequences where I’m blending and stuff like that boring stuff, but I’m gonna try to do get ready with me It’s not really I guess it would be sort of a tutorial. I’m not a beauty guru or makeup artist I’m just somebody who likes makeup. I don’t even really do that. Great of a job But a lot of you compliment me on my makeup asking me over and over to do or asking me over and over to do a makeup look for you guys now this is going To be a holiday makeup. Look it’s a bold red lip Look, it’s a light eye makeup kind of sparkly eye makeup, so I’ll do another makeup tutorial Another time with a more bold eye which you guys really like but for today It’s gonna be this holiday. Look that I’m probably gonna wear for like Christmas New Year’s Eve kind of thing. So, yes, all right I’m just gonna show you guys this is what I look like I would have the shower while I washed my hair and You know as you can see I have thinning hair and it’s been thinning It’s been about the same actually for about ten years now. I don’t know why my mom has sitting here as well So it could be partly genetic. It could be partly I’ve had hormonal issues for since I can remember So the first thing I usually do I’m just gonna show you guys how I typically get ready So I’m gonna start with prepping my hair and my skin so I’m gonna put some L’Oreal professional Tech the art spray thermo modelling so it’s it’s just something to help whenever I’m styling my hair So just spray it in the spots where I could use a bit more volume what I love about this product Is that it smells amazing? I’m just gonna spray it around. There we go and spots where I would like it to be voluminous and just You’re gonna see how I get rid of the ball Now I’m gonna prep my skin so what I’m gonna do is start with moisturizer I use the Neutrogena Hydro boost gel cream and this is extra dry skin Fragrance free hyaluronic acid moisturizer. I usually use lush but it likes to switch it up sometime And this one is really good because it doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin and my ring light is in the other room So I’m just kind of going with whatever light I have available to me room light daylight I’m also gonna put on this guava lip balm. I got from Pier one. Keep my lips moisturized Especially when I use a matte liquid lip I just kind of like to have a bit of moisture going So it doesn’t you don’t see all the cracks and dry spots. All right Now I’m gonna blow dry my hair and I’m gonna use this round brush, which is full hair I know I need to clean it this round brush create volume and a bit of shape and actually, I did prep my hair with this thing that I got in my fabfitfun box It’s it’s a prime in prep detangler by dry bar prep rally and it protects up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit so I usually spray this on first it helps detangle my hair after I wash it and it will protect my hair when I’m Blow-drying it. All right, so let’s get alright, so as you can see it did add some Volume to my hair now. I’m gonna add this topic and this is what I use. I sometimes use kabuki, but this was cheaper on Amazon and full hair instantly hair building fibers So I use dark brown and I’m going to just cover it’s like magic guys cover this box and I try sometimes I get my the hairline is the trickiest part because you know It sometimes goes down too far and then I have to adjust my hairline I’m gonna do this and I’ll show what it looks like after I’m done. Most of the bald is covered up So I’m just gonna put my hair off to the side while I put my makeup on so, you know what I mean? Alright guys. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna use a primer and Since we want a kind of glowy. Look I’m gonna use this Mac strobe cream, which is like a very Highlighting type of primer, so just gonna put some here So as you can see it kind of you might not be able to see very well in this light but it does give a very Strobing kind of look I guess for lack of a better All right I’m gonna go in with chart shape tape my favorite concealer of all concealers I’ve ever tried and I’m just gonna go See these bags here I don’t know if this will do much for it But I’m gonna try try to cover my bags highlighter with my damn I’m using my damp Beauty sponge because it’s not Beauty Blender brand but something like that and just blend it in guys I’ll blend it in and I kind of dragged it down a bit and to cover a bit of the redness on my face because I’m actually not gonna bother with a foundation today. Some people will work Well with multiple layers, but for me, I can’t it ends up looking cakey like if I do a concealer foundation powder So what I’m gonna do is just use a bit of the this is like full coverage So just use it as kind of a foundation and this is Marcel Flawless, I’m gonna use a bit of a darker color of powder today a nude beige, but I’m gonna blend it well with my neck because this Concealer is very light and I don’t want to look too pale and washed out So I’m just gonna take this and since I have concealer under the eyes I’m gonna take this and press it in just so that it kind of bakes it a little bit especially under the eye I’m not gonna do like any contour or anything like that actually because contour ends up looking like poop stains like a lot of you guys have pointed out so Just kind of Pat that in its my foundation brush. This is Real Techniques. I’ve had this brush for ever I really need to invest in a good brush set man There are some brush sets that are like five hundred dollars. Forget the double chin Alright now we have a pale white canvas to work with Alright so I’m gonna wait a few minutes so I’m gonna do is just kind of buffer everything out There’s a lot of buffing that goes in here I’m gonna take this huge elf brush total face brush and take home the bronze Oliver It’s not Orange and just kind of go all over my face to look a bit less and for blush I’m gonna take I just got this in my a boxycharm, but I like it CIT London blush with the same brush and a bit amount of product on there I’m just kind of dab it off a little bit of news. It’s Christmas. Look we want to look like Rudolph I’m actually gonna take a bit of the shimmery shade from the Donora and just go a little bit on my nose. Yay I don’t now I’m gonna take this milk makeup Holographic stick and just add a little bit of shine here just like so. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm Just rub it in a little bit I’d like to use my hands a lot when I do makeup and now we’re gonna buffer one last time I’m gonna use this setting spray This is Mac prep and prime pineapple scented just helps its thing it sits It just helps set things in and it kind of gets rid of that powdery looked not my least favorite Part of putting on makeup brows. I’m using this brow bar. I got in my boxycharm. I’m I used my boxy charm stuff I don’t know what all of this stuff is for. I just used the brown Usually this angled brush and I need the mirror for this just kind of go like draw a line under a lot of people either compliment or make fun of my brows Which category do you fall in comment below kind of swipe up from the line. I made down below. You know what I mean? I mean look, I don’t really I don’t feel like I really need to do too much with my eyebrows So I’m just adding a bit of color. My eyebrows are like a scary Checkmark, they’re not perfect. That’s why I hate doing brows because I just can’t do it I think I’m just gonna like not put as much product on my brows From now on because I’d rather have light brows and dark ones like this All right, so now I’m gonna take this celestial Thunder by Chris Dominic cosmetics Kristin, Dominique I got this in a boxy charm and the one major reason I love this Is this color here eternal light? I’m gonna take my finger because these type of thicker glitter colors do best With finger and I’m gonna Pat I’m just gonna rub that on all over my lid Because for me when I do a bold lip, I don’t like to have a bold eye shadow as well So I’m just gonna layer on the sparkle. It’s such a pretty like Sparkly color. I love it think I’m what I’m gonna do color switch This is amazing this thing it allows you to switch your light colors cleans your brush my bad fit All right I’m gonna take a bit of this a Natasha dinner on a color and just add a little bit of DAP here and the grease Just a little bit. So just kind of add it a little bit of depth like a little bit You know I’m gonna take this Mac hold eyeliner in the shade coffee and just do my Waterline and then I’m gonna take the same shade here. It’s called Flint in Flint and Take this part of my brush put a little bit like that Just go under the shadow Just go under where the eyeliner is and just kind of like buffer them together kind of smudge it I guess you could say just like that. We have a really good makeup setup That’s why you know, I’m reluctant to do these videos because I don’t have like the whole fancy set up All right. Now I’m gonna do the liquid liner another. I also don’t well, I’m gonna do it in my mirror here So you guys can see this is Schwing by the balm cosmetics and I start in this corner here like that Just take your time with liner with liquid liner. Very easy to mess up go out the end of the eye angle Flick it out. Oh, I ran out of product and that’s not good. Okay Why don’t I let her face okay, well, they’re not twins there we’ll just say they’re not twins They’re not even sisters, but they’re related. Okay, sometimes it’s better with liquid liner If it’s not perfect and to just leave it a little bit imperfect instead of keep going and then you really mess things up take It from me. Okay, so to make things extra glittery, we’re gonna add a little bit Stila Smoldering satin glitter this is my favorite stuff. So I’m just gonna have dots of it here and we’re gonna take our finger. Oh, Yes, baby, oh yes, baby, I don’t know. Okay do not ask me Perfect beautiful and I don’t like putting glitter in the corner of my eye because I’ll start meeting tears and it’s just A little bit more of the brown going here. Okay, okay Now for the mascara, this is Mac Extreme dimension black lash. All right. Now you can leave it as is for the or if you want a more dramatic Look, I’m going and you can add what I’m gonna do I’m going to add some false lashes these are the lashes I use these are Alice faux mink 3d lashes and So I’m gonna use some here just like that I’m gonna take my now this is if you’re new to wearing lashes, it can’t it takes practice Like it’s one of those things just like liquid liner just like eyebrows I’m using this eyelash adhesive and you just go along the line here with enough glue You want to wait like I don’t know maybe 30 seconds just so see I get stuff in the corners So for me putting glitter there is just pointless, but you can just sum you want it to dry a little bit so it’s a bit tacky and the shorter ends here go on the inside so you can take there’s something you can take tweezers and Put it on. I just closed my eye and put it along my lash line Now I’ve done this many times. So for me it just kind of it’s you know, not a problem anymore All right. I’m gonna do the same with the other eye there’s like magnetic lashes you can get now and It’s like the liquid liner is like the magnetic material and then there’s a magnet on the lashes So they’re super easy to put on I guess so I’m just gonna let this dry a little bit and before I do my lips What I’m gonna do is get my flat iron ready and I put it to 360 degrees just let it warm up put a little bit of perfume. I’m using blushes vanilla II just on my temple I’m gonna take because you can see here, you know, you can kind of see the lash stuff, whatever you call it Actually, if you’re gonna put lashes what I usually do is put my liquid liner on after I mean after my lashes I’m gonna go in the corner go over the lash. I usually do it after about that I guess just to show you guys if you don’t wear lashes Cavity the liner because it’d be more difficult to show you what the lashes are. There we go Put this I’m gonna use this dose of colors. I just got this in my boxycharm as well. It’s amazing. It’s called date night It’s like one of my new favorite Reds rubbing of the residue of the lip gloss That is a really nice color. Mm-hmm. I always do that to get rid of heat So doesn’t go on your teeth really take a makeup boy I have to makeup remover wipes like that final wash off any excess residue on my hands of makeup I’m gonna wash my hands after but just so that I don’t get it all over the place. This is the trick All right now for my hair another thing, I don’t really like doing I’m gonna brush it out and I’m volume This is better than hairspray. Dry shampoo. This is expensive. It’s like 50 bucks a bottle. I love it It’s Siri expert volume inflator. So it’s like a powder like a dry shampoo. You have to shake it. Well, it’s more than that It’s everything you ever wanted. So I’m gonna shake it well take pieces of hair and just spray Then you just have to kind of do that adds like volume, you know what I mean? I really love it Okay, so much straightener is nice and hot and I’m just gonna add a few curls I have trouble doing this side of my hair so I might not show you my Hair I’m just gonna take a piece it out It’s not I don’t do it the best. I’ll show you an another piece. I’m just learning how to do this So for me, it’s kind of tricky. It doesn’t really work very well No, okay. My hair doesn’t want a curl today So I just you see how you just kind of add like a little bit of wave kind of thing So I’m gonna attempt to do the other side of my hair a little bit. I’ll be right back Alright, so as you can see add a little bit of curls not much But just a little bit of wave in the front, I guess try and look that’s my holiday level. Anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I enjoy doing this for you guys


  • Brew says:

    Now I know how to look like Chantal.

  • senisi says:

    Chantal's one of those people who look way better with makeup… I bet she'd look even better if she lost a couple 100 pounds.

  • Johonna Higgins says:

    Holy bald. She's looking real rough. I can't believe she can't make the connection between eating better and looking/feeling better. Like New Year's Day when everybody's hungover they realize it's because they drank alcohol in excess. So they don't want to keep feeling that way they stop the behavior and don't do it again the next night. She seems to not be able to comprehend cause and effect. She just looks unhappy and unwell despite her bolstering.

  • Johonna Higgins says:

    I hate that we use the same moisturizer. But honestly that stuff is the bomb. Highly highly recommend especially in the winter.

  • Laetitia Gallant says:

    Not enough makeup to fix that tonnage.

  • DreamGirl says:

    Imagine waking up to this every morning. Plus her with her sleep apnea mask on! 😦😦😦😦

  • Hype Queen says:

    She can barely reach her head, Jesus

  • cvijet22 says:

    She is massive. Wow. It's beyond the point of comical… She can hardly do her own hair and makeup. Won't be long before her mobility is affected. Scary seeing someone blow up like this in complete denial

  • cvijet22 says:

    Wow she really accentuates that widows peak with her fake hair

  • Jester_bear says:

    "My hair is falling out and I don't know why" Ummmm maybe nutrients that are non existent in your body could be a factor? Who am I though?

  • Moonlit Honey says:

    She can barely lift her arms to do her hair and face. Those large containers of makeup look tiny in her massive hands! And to top it all off, she looks incredibly uncomfortable showing us her routine. I did not think she could get any more fake. No amount of makeup is going to hide the fact that she's destroying her body. She needs a wake up call! Quite unfortunate that her hysterectomy was not it…

  • Not Me says:

    She is balding worse than my chemistry professor

  • It's a Bunnay says:

    The before and after in her thumbnail doesn’t do her any favours. The before looks like something out of some exorcism movie the after looks like some sadistic clown slasher horror film both are scary

  • Max Rod says:

    She says “this is what I look like out of the shower” and then corrects herself by saying well I washed my hair… so she still hasn’t washed her body since the surgery or what?? It’s been over a month… 🤔🤔🤔

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    You look like a Female Impersonator,,!
    Or a Giant pig with terrible make-up.

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    her head and her body are slowly starting to morph, the neck slowly disappears as the she eats and eats and eats.

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    The audacity this heifer has to call herself a ''beauty'' is beyond delusional.

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