Free From Travelling Snacks

Free From Travelling Snacks

hello So we’re about to go away to Valencia You have to say it like that, Valencia Valencia Erm, so we’re going to pick up some travel snacks that I can have while we are travelling Because obviously it can be quite difficult to find stuff that is sugar free, grain free, gluten free What else do I aviod? There’s not actually anything in the aeroplane, you know like when you request food, do they have like Halal? Gluten free Fat free Nut free Kosher Diabetic yeah yeah, all that sort of stuff, and they never have a combination It’s like I want the diabetic and the gluten free, and they are like…??? Yeah, could I have sugar free stuff, but also without flour, but also without other stuff, thanks I do see why that would be difficult I remember there was that one time when you hadn’t selected anything and you just got a normal meal And the only thng you could eat was basically the egg yeah that was terrible you were like, I really want some food And the kids one, you should ask for the kids one, the kids one was quite good Yeah, the bloody kids one, had so much good stuff Anyway We’re at Boots We’re gonna go to boots and we’re gonna go to a chinese shop and see what great snacks we can find for the journey very nice Strawberry and bananana melty puffs Ah, that seems cool apple crisps! Baby food I haven’t eaten a rice cake in maybe twenty years You’re not missing out on much Does it taste like polystyrene let’s have one To me the taste is like dire These one’s are quite nice I quite like rice cakes They’re like soaked in apple juice That’s quite nice Ah, it’s really sweet That’s really sweet They are quite sweet They’re nice though Yeah, and they’ve got the right amount of crunch Thumbs up, thumbs down?? Thumbs up Cool It’s realy slow this way So, I still have two things left because, shocker, I didn’t actually manage to finish that massive bag of stuff So, we’ve got the veggie straws and the apple crisps but I thought I would just open them up and show you what’s inside Now, these are supposedly just dehydrated apples and, ooh, they look really nice actually see if you can see them mmn oh, thank you there you go, now I have a seat These are really lovely, they’ve got the same texture as potato crisps you can crunch away all day at these Right, I’m gonna stop eating these I wanted to eat the whole bag, they are lovely These, I’m saving for a really special purpose later I want to dip them into some guacamole It’s weird, these are for children and I cannot open them What does that say about me? Or maybe, maybe they are actually child proof Maybe that’s the idea These are potato with a mix of tomato, kale and spinach Because, doesn’t everyone love kale? yeah they do I suppose a bit like quavers once they are actually in your mouth, they’re just gone I can’t tell what flavour that was other than potato Right, this one is red, so obviously tomato that still tastes just like potato So, of these two, my favourites were definately the apple crisps And of all the snacks the best were the chestnuts, because they are really filling And really pretty tasty So, yeah, these are just some of the snacks that I take with me when I am travelling let me know if you’ve tried them, if you have any ideas and what kind of things you take with you And next week, i’m going to have all of my videos from lovely Spain


  • Harun NGA says:

    ohh first to LIKE, comment AGAIN

  • Applechips Word says:

    i liked dried mangoes:-)

  • Chichi Ojukwu says:

    I love your videos
    I think you should do a make-up routine
    Your make-up is gorgeous

  • John Feliciano says:

    Why did you stop doing your YouTube series

  • fransiska Devi says:

    Can't wait for your next post about Valencia and everything you did there 🙂

  • victoria grant says:

    I love your makeup on the plane!

  • toff358 says:

    You lovely gels certainly do get about! Luckily I was already gently snacking when I sat down to watch this, so I wasn`t actually driven to it by observing all that epic munching going on, on screen… More munching to come I`m sure, along with many rollicking Valencian adventures….. (^_^) xx

  • StrawberryLil says:

    Yay for the travel vlooogssss!! I like apple crisps, as well. Kale… is not really my kind of thing. Enjoy Valencia and the Spanish food! You Instagram posts are already fueling my wanderlust

  • Quenchbucket Studio says:

    I actually bought myself a dehydrator and there are loads of things you can dry on your own. I am obsessed with dried pineapple and kale chips at the moment. Our machine came with a recipe book we have made fruit leather and jerky too(since the jerky you buy in the store is loaded with sugar). I find this way better since I can control what ingredients I put in and don't have to worry if there is something the manufacturer has left out which has happened to me a couple of times.

  • Bacon and Eggs says:

    Hi Jessica! What about a video or blog post with recipes and tips to eat more seaweed? Also where to buy it! I basically only have it when eating sushi lol… thank you!

  • unterstrich says:

    I really enjoyed the vlog 👍
    I will absolutely try the seaweed 🙂 because I have a obsession with tortilla chips that my tummy doesn't like at all … And that might be a good alternative 👍

  • Valerie Vincent says:

    Ohhh those seaweed snacks are definitely better than normal crisps 😀 Just found your channel and am loving all your videos!

  • nvrmnd says:

    what I got out of this video "holy crap you can take outside food on the plane?!"

  • Elizabeth Smith says:

    Sugar free Apple caramel rice cakes are the best! I love them.

  • Fiona Green says:

    I recommend banana chips! Basically just dried banana. Ultra yummy!


    Rice cake tastes like polystyrene. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Jerryskeeper O says:

    You girls are so adorable

  • M.J. Fields says:

    I love this. We eat the same snacks and have very similar food sensitivities. I also take things like sunflower seeds, cashews, korean bbq inspired jerky, that's it bars, which are just fruit mashed into a bar, fig bars, and really good, really dark chocolate. All gluten free, dairy free.. I'm really hooked on sugar still, and know it's not good for me but it's like my last food pleasure, I'm having trouble letting go.

  • Alphabetical Order says:

    Just gonna say those kiddylicious fruit worms are amazing. You can get them at the Starbucks near my house. I can't eat sugar so when I go with my friends and just get them and a water😂😂

  • Yvette Foo says:

    the tao kae noi brand produces the best tom yum flavoured seaweed ever.

  • jillian rose says:

    5:26 is hilarious pause at that frame

  • Sarah Aumick says:

    apple crisps and veggie straws are my favorites… though be careful where you eat them you'll have really bad gas if you eat to much of them.

  • Joey Leung says:

    Maybe to be more inclusive to blind or visually impaired 'viewers' you should include audio of what you've bought rather than text on the screen with backing music..

  • Shala Carter says:

    Hello Jessica! I'm surprised you could eat so many different kinds of dried fruits as so many things are high FODMAP. Whatever you do, don't ever get the dried, those thingies that are like, a soybean? Adame! That's it. They are lovely when they are cooked. But A friend brought those two either Thanksgiving or Christmas. I put one in my mouth and almost hurled. I had to run to the bathroom and use my fingernails to scrub my tongue and my teeth. Gross! There are literally no words that I can use in a family-friendly video to describe how horrible they are. Cheers!

  • Isobel Higgs says:

    My mum is a nanny so I recognised a lot of these snacks aha x

  • The Lashed Beauty says:

    You are literally a genius I've been watching your channel for about 2 weeks and this video has just given me the step in the right direction. I have liver disease and need to be on a very limited diet as well as dairy intolerant yay me so.going to.give the old baby snacks a try and the seaweed crisps may have to share with my 2 year old.

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