FREE VENEERS Summer Smile Giveaway – WIN Cosmetic Dentistry!

FREE VENEERS Summer Smile Giveaway – WIN Cosmetic Dentistry!

– This is not clickbait,
we are gonna give away a smile this summer, and we
are gonna pay for everything including your transportation. Stay tuned for this video. (energetic electronic music) What’s up guys, it’s Dr. O
and I am so excited to finally get to the point where we’re
ready to share this smiles summer, we’re gonna call it
the summer smile giveaway, so it’s gonna be super exciting. We’re gonna, I’ll get to it, I
don’t wanna give it all away. Just gotta stick around for just a minute. First of all I wanna kind
of go over something that I’ve never done and that’s
why in the world create a youtube channel, spend countless
hours thinking, and editing and creating content for YouTube. Why would you go to all this effort? And really the reason behind
it is that there are millions of people that can be
reached through the internet and YouTube that are
super anxious about going to the dentist, and if I can
help anyone feel less anxious make connection with dentistry, learn about what is available today. Even from their local
dentist, maybe not even coming to see us, but can transform
their thoughts and encourage them, then this channel
has been worth it to me. I already know that’s happening
so, thanks for everybody. By the way give it and
thumbs up if that’s kind of a message that you’re like yeah it’s cool I can get behind that. Helping people take care of
their smile, which is typically something people are super anxious about. Then please subscribe to
the channel, or at least like the videos so more people can see it. Now, let’s get to the
summer smile giveaway. I’m not gonna be able to give
you all the details because we’re working on a webpage
to land on for all of that, but it will go live June. And what it is and how we’re
doing this, is basically you need to be thinking,
if you or a family member or a loved one or friend, you
can think of somebody that would benefit from a complete
smile transformation. When I say complete I mean
we’re gonna take care of the travel, anywhere on the planet,
so anywhere in the world we’ll travel them to Springfield Missouri. We’ll do our concierge
dentistry, which is an awesome service that obviously
people are taking advantage. But we’re gonna cover the
whole cost for this one. We’re going to do a combination
of veneers and implants. Whatever is necessary to get
the smile, except for dentures because we don’t do
dentures in our practice. But we’re gonna use amazing
technology, we’re gonna do Facebook and YouTube live,
which is gonna be so much fun. We’re gonna YouTube live
stream the whole treatment. So, even if you’re like
going, well I can’t but I’m interested, can I follow it. We’re gonna do the whole
thing, and it’ll be documented. So, you’ll be able to
kind of see and follow this transformation. But how we’re doing it is
we want people to submit two to four minute videos. We’re gonna give you the link,
so don’t be sending them yet. But we’ll be giving you a
link to submit these videos. When you submit them to us
we’re going to narrow it down on what can be treated and follow up with, and choose basically we’re
thinking about the top five. After we’ve got I narrowed
down to five submissions that we feel are deserving,
capable, something we can really make a difference for, then we’re going to go ahead
and compile a video for vote. So, we’re gonna create,
basically make a highlight video of their submittal, submission sorry, and you can, then we’re
gonna up then for a vote on YouTube and Facebook. So, this way it’s really
up to the audience, but pretty excited about
it if you can’t tell. It’s something I thought of. We always have people that
are say hey can you help me with this, I got a problem
here and I can’t afford dentistry, can’t afford
the smile makeover that I really need or want. And I thought, man I really
wanna help people, but there’s absolutely no way I can help everybody. Here’s a way we can at
least have some fun and make some excitement out of
it, transform a life, help at least one person this summer. You know, we’ll probably do
it again if it’s a big hit, so it’s one of those things
that thinking about your friends, family member,
maybe yourself and thinking about how you want to create this video. We’re not gonna limit to you
how you wanna create it but, we’re thinking of limiting
the time span to two to four minutes because we can’t watch
all of them, but submitting them to us, we’ll have a
link for you to do that down the road here. So, you’ve got about a month
to put together a thought of hey that would be great
for me, and you know, get seriously excited about it. Share the video if you
know somebody that might be benefiting from it so. Calling it the summer smile
giveaway, don’t have another name for it, that’s kinda
what we came up with. If you’ve got a better idea
share it with me, why not? Obviously comment below if you
think this is something cool, and you think it’ll be beneficial. It’s not click bait. I thought when I put this title
I’m like, somebody’s gonna be like clicking on this
going this guy’s just making it up he’s not gonna. This potentially could be
worth, with travel let’s say they’re from London,
travel, I don’t know five, ten, thousand dollars. Staying in Springfield Missouri
for a few days at least. Transferring back, doing
the dentistry, maybe we do $30,000 of the dentistry
if we transform everything. You know this could be
worth $40,000 pretty easy so no limitations on how
many teeth we’re gonna do. Just need to have teeth
that obviously are dentally sound and healthy so. Anyways there’ll be more
details I just kinda wanted to get as much out there so
you can be thinking about it. And if you’re excited thumbs
up the video, share with somebody, subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t already. You guys have an awesome awesome weekend. I’ll see you in the next video. We’re gonna, I think the
next one will be a smile transformation of the week. Dr. Meghan joins me for that,
and it’ll be kinda cool to see this ortho patient that
I talked about a while back her smile transformed. But until then you have an
awesome weekend, keep smiling, it looks good on you. (upbeat electronic music)


  • Stephanie Gunnison says:

    I think this is such an amazing idea! You guys are such amazing people to always think of others and want to give back! I’m really excited to see what happens!!

  • J K says:

    I have an under bite, and my k 9 teeth are pushed outward so I’m ineligible for invisaline. Also braces is not an option because I don’t want jaw surgery. Teeth are healthy but overall I want a perfect bite. I don’t know what to do??🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Kayla_Marie488 says:

    Would love to enter this it would change my life forsure!💟💟

  • IAMFREE314 says:

    oh my God! This would be more than a dream for me. I am in constant pain and have broken teeth in the back. i have been following this page well before i subscribed. i live only 4 hours away and have an appt there in late june. close to my bday. i pray to God i win. I also have 8 children so affording teeth repair seems far fetched for me. No matter who wins… i count this as a huuuge life changing blessing. you are awesome

  • Donnicea Belle says:

    I've been waiting for this type of help I'm from south America I've subscribed to this channel because I think its amazing I'm literally in tears . because I've been praying for this 😢😢 please read my comment someone anyone . I can't believe this is really happening. y'all are wonderful you have no idea how big of a change this would be . god bless your hearts 😇

  • Emily Price says:

    I m super excited for this contest!

  • Pamela Stamper says:

    Can’t wait. My husband really needs this. Hope to get a video submission 😁

  • RosAlba says:

    This is so amazing. 😀

  • Lisa Chaney says:

    I'm so insecure about my smile that I feel like I'm on house arrest. This would be a dream come true.

  • Sabrina E says:

    This is so awesome I would love to enter

  • Lucky Bunso says:

    Ive seen ur work and its all amazing…definitely looking forward for this.

  • John Roberts says:

    I can't enter the giveaway because my work is 7 days a week. I did get all my teeth fixed but would love to have VANEERS. I spend near 10 grand to get my teeth up to speed and found a good dental office that does on the premise inlays and crowns. I totally agree with you about the VANEERS instead of chopping off tooth area. My dental office did just that. I would totally trust you to treat my teeth and from your videos U can tell that you honestly Love your patients. Not only that…. YOU LOVE WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND THAT IS A BLESSING!

  • Sabrina Hawk says:

    Oh my goodness I'm already crying at the possibility of actually having my smile back after the drugs I needed to take to protect my body from the onslaught of rheumatoid arthritis from the young age of 9, I've already had 5 teeth removed and I need all my tops gone, I'm
    Only 30 and my smile had been my best feature my whole life, laughing stops me from crying on my hardest days even with my broken smile, I need my smile in trusted hands as implants and immune disease can be tricky! Even if I'm not a winner I will cry along happy tears with who ever the lucky person who wins!

  • Crystal Rodríguez says:

    What an amazing giveaway❤️ you’re such a generous Dr.! God bless you

  • HaitianMuslimah says:

    I would love this,the VA isn’t helping at all !

  • Me'lanie B says:

    Ahhh man, I wish my teeth were dentally sound. I watch your videos and always wish that you were in Atlanta, and now you have this awesome giveaway and I won't be able to participate. This is outstanding, this is so generous, and I will enjoy watching whoever wins

  • Johnny Cook says:

    I would love this!! As an aspiring dentist myself, I love smile makeovers and I really want to do one for myself, I'll definitely be submitting a video!

  • kata Virag says:

    You are so kind, you will change someone’s life that is sure!

  • Cobra Blanco says:

    Someone soon will have a beautiful smile and that will change his/her life forever

  • JoJo Charlez says:

    When I got the notification, I could not believe it, I actually know of a teenager that desperately needs this. She has what I would call a severe deformity with her teeth, I have never seen anything like it. She gets such pain and discomfort from it, that about two weeks ago I asked her to take pictures of it, so that I can call into some kind of TV show, to ask for help for her. It would be a blessing if she gets chosen, because she really cannot afford it. Cannot wait for the rest of details about this.

  • Liga Brence says:

    This is something amazing. I'm from Latvia and i've been watching Your youtube for a while now. Thank You for educating people in the first place. I've been afraid from dentists all my life, and im missing 10 teeth already because of that, and I'm just over 30. Whoever wins this would definately derserved it. Thank You for doing that.

  • Gary Gary says:

    Omg that's AWSOME!!!!! God bless you ten times…

  • Khattar22 says:

    The teeth median to my canines are smaller than the others, along with that there is a bit of space between them on both sides since they are small. My dentist mentioned crowns. Could you inform me why he said that instead of veneers

  • Dania Buklasan says:

    This is a great opportunity for your subscribers. Is it international?

  • Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52 says:

    I would submit a video, but I'm so self conscious of my teeth. If it's only shared within your facility I have no problem, but I wouldn't want my face and bad teeth shown to the world in the event I wouldn't be chosen anyway. I wouldn't care if the world seen the inside of my mouth without my face. Obviously if I was chosen then I wouldn't care if people seen my face before and after. I hope you consider that aspect of this giveaway.

  • mindaugas mindaugevicius says:

    Writing from my husband account 🙂 anyways I really enjoy watching your videos. I have lots of trouble with my teeth… Long story…. Anyone who will win this giveaway will be very happy, I am very excited for that person 🙂 thank you. Greetings from Lithuania 😉

  • Carcharodon megalodon says:

    I’m a blonde 20 year old female from Scandinavia, with pretty small teeth. Pick me pretty plss lol.

  • Antoine Martinez says:

    Wow I’m from New Orleans LA.and this is something that I really wish happen to me😍🙈🙈

  • Nicole Stanford says:

    I have been talking to my husband for years about veneers. This is going to be exciting 🙊😱

  • Yahaira Cruz says:

    Ohh myy godd 😩😩 this video mad just in time when i found out my teeth are beyond screwed!!! I neeedd thiss 😔💔

  • Aprajita Desai says:

    Hello doctor!I'm from india and I WANT to ask if you would consider people who live so far from you,for the free treatment.I was also wondering if this is a promotion gimmick.I need cosmetic treatment on my front teeth.Should I apply?

  • Anna O'Shea says:

    Cannot wait to make my submission! I'm terrified of dentist but I always go. I've been prone to decay form the time I was little. I'm 20 years old, have the best brushing routine out of everyone I know from my waterpik, electric tooth brush, soft bristle, and ADA approved mouth wash. Sadly I'm still struggling to save my teeth, I'm always in pain no matter what I do. Being in college with a single working mom and a brother about to be in college as well there's no room in the budget.

  • Hillary Hall says:

    I'd love to win a deal like this! I need a lot of restorative dental work… and I have been quoted between $15,000-$35,000 for the work that I need! I have several broken teeth at my gumline…so, I'm not sure I would be eligible to enter this contest. ~Cheers

  • George Smith says:

    Dr. O you are the man!! Your videos are so informative.

  • Fit_in_the_process W says:

    I’m interested!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Tuski says:

    I'm a to be dentist and I have microdontia.
    I've been to several dentist and I have budget constraints. It concerns me alot knowing the fact that I'll be a dentist some day and my patients would hesitate to trust me before duh my own teeth are really weird! I'm from India and I would love to be a part of this! Dr O amazing job! I doubt if I could ever come across such a wonderful personality ever.

  • Shannon Nagle says:

    I have really bad teeth😞😞

  • Craft says:

    Such a great contest. If you have another contest in the future (or maybe even for this one), would you please consider not making the grand prize winner determined by votes? With every single voting contest I have ever seen or entered… there is always a ton of cheating involved. Robotic votes, paid votes, etc. People always cheat. It would be so much cooler if the grand prize winner was determined by something like: 20% votes, 40% creativity and 40% deserving of giveaway. I know you are choosing the top 5 which is great but please reconsider having the grand prize be determined by popularity (voting) I would like to enter and have some many ideas for my entry, but I won't if its based on votes. Thanks for reading and for holding this once in a lifetime dream contest.

  • R-Erin 2 Go says:

    This is incredible and paying it forward for sure! I will stay tuned for sure and possibly enter because I need work done! Whoever the winner ends up being will have a life changing experience because your work is OUTSTANDING! 👏👌😊💖😆😆😆 May God bless you, your family, and your practice!

  • Emerald T says:

    So what are the rules for the video?

  • Dee Dee says:

    I want to ENTER!!! Like yesterday! But will be patient. Okay! I'm ready! LOL!

  • Jenn McCoy says:

    Wow what an amazing thing I'm sure anyone who gets this would be so grateful. I know I would because I have serious dental issues and havnt been to the dentist in 10 yrs cant afford it. Have not had family pictures in years and if I'm in a regular picture I delete it or dont really smile anymore. I live in Georgia but have family in quincy il and uncle in Springfield mo that I have not seen in years as well would be a blessing all around! Especially with my new lifestyle change. But honestly you are going to be a true blessing for whomever wins. Thank you for doing this!

  • Yashabelz says:

    I’ve always been the kid with ugly teeth and I think this is an absolutely amazing way to help someone in need. Keep up the good work!

  • a.j says:

    I'm 18 year old girl and my teeth has affected my self confidence. I wear partial denture because it's the only thing we can afford. I can't show my full smile when I laugh or talk because I'm embarassed they'll notice..I envy people who has beautiful smile:( I will always pray for this. Thank you Dr. O! I can't belive it. My heart is pounding with joy!:) I wish all the best to everyone:)

  • Bee Bop says:

    PLEASE! 😳 Shared on my Facebook and I’ll keep watching for whatever else I need to do. I’ll get my bitewing X-rays, whatever you need!!! Love from south of Pittsburgh!!! 🤞 🤞🤞🤞

  • Joy Harmon says:

    I didn't see the 50K Summer Smile Giveaway click on the website. Are you holding that until June 1?

  • Dee Dee says:

    Whether I am accepted or not how about a thumbs up on one of my vid? (I Need some Teeth) Thanks! I am staying positive for the future!

  • Elizabeth Bailey says:

    I was actually crying that this type of this is happening, for someone. I've had issues with my teeth since I was in the 4th grade after an accident causing my front teeth needing a root canal and due to my parents unable to afford crowns they opted for bonding which discolored very quickly and made me super self conscious about my smile I never smile in photos try to smile or talk showing my teeth. knowing people judge me when they see them. and often get asked about them I've had terrible trauma with dentists making my anxiety about doing to get dental work done exreamly difficult. I stumbled across your channel a few days ago, and I cannot stop watching. you give me hope again that I can have confidence in my smile again. even if this doesnt happen for me (even though I am praying it does) what you're doing here is so monumental in someone's life. this is so great. the world needs people more like you and you're kindness for others. I cannot wait until this opens up for video submissions! this is going to be amazing.

  • Jody Howarth says:

    What a wonderful dream smile for the lucky winner,such a kind gift from you!Will be fun to watch on fb live!So cool!!

  • Joanna Bickford says:

    ld like to say l nominate myself but l know that wouldn't be right when l know someone needs it more than l do…. My best friend who does everything for everyone else would be the person l vote for 🙂

  • Dee Dee says:

    Is it time?

  • Innovative Dental of Springfield says:

    Want to win a FREE smile makeover by Dr. O and Innovative Dental?
    Enter yourself or nominate a friend today at
    Entries are open now through July 31, 2018. Travel IS included!

  • Emma Vogel says:

    Please pick me.. Im 46 yr old and having lots of problem with my mouth I lost my front teeth since I was in high school. And been wearing denture for ever..

  • Emma Vogel says:

    Thank God your helping people like us.. God Bless you and your Family. From the Vogel’s

  • Lisa Zan says:

    I wish my smile looked good on me .my issue with my teeth started during my pregnancy .alot of tooth decay i had to have 7 teeth out , this was 28 years ago , ive always went to the dentist for cleaning s. Kept up with my i look terrible i dont want false teeth i just have to replace whats missing in fix the rest i dont smile , i would love to have a appointment with you😀

  • Devin Aaron says:

    This is absolutely amazing, I live locally were you practice. I'm about to submit my application, 🙂 Hoping I have chance, tired of always hiding my smile and being scared to socialize.

  • MissBunni says:

    Omg this is exactly what i NEED! I'm a new military spouse with extreme needs for my teeth which tricare only pays 1500 annually which is hardly 1 root canal and my front teeth are destroyed from having no insurance since 18…it's a shame because as I child I had sooo much done like braces etc. I don't care what you'd have to do to my mouth…your an amazing person doing this to help people like me so I trust anything you'd want to do! I've been breaking down countless times a day crying this past week bc im 30 and don't want all my teeth pulled with dentures…I'm soo ashamed to even show my husband! He was just sent to Iraq last week and id love to shock him with a makeover and a confident wife! This would be a blessing from God because I've been crying and praying all week about my situation! I'm in saint Louis area too so right around the corner! MY God Ill be praying my video gets chosen…I'm entering

  • Janae the Great says:

    I’m so insecure about my smile that I’m scared to make a video what if i put myself out there and don’t win😢?

  • Logan N Kadence says:

    Worth a shot my name is Vanessa I am 26 years old I am a single mother of three beautiful awesome children who are my world,I would love to win this I'm so insecure about my smile to were I won't go out and hang with friends I keep myself away from people ,I can't laugh or smile in front of my kids my youngest son who is 7 asked me not to long ago mommy when you getting new teeth ? Because I always cover up my mouth with my hand when I laugh or when they make me laugh.he said mom when I grow up I'm going to win the lottery and buy you teeth so you will feel pretty but your pretty anyways my heart melted.i have a boyfriend and alot of times I push him away because I feel he can do better .I feel like I'm missing out on my life because I can't smile and I feel like I'm missing my 20s away which I have .I just want to live and feel beautiful again.and my dream is to become a model but I can't do it yet. I have broken teeth two broken teeth upfront ,I have multiple infection s in my mouth which makes me very sick from time to time .I wouldn't know how to react I honestly wouldn't be always have dreams about having a smile I suffer from depression because of my teeth.i just want to be happy.thanks for reading.,Vanessa

  • ILL eagle Alien says:

    I guess I am too late 😑

  • PD T says:

    I really wish I saw this sooner. If there's another contest, I'm willing to be a candidate…my teeth are ugly. And I mean very ugly. All the bad you can think of. Tooth decay, root canal, wisdoms has already grown out, everything, I rarely smile and cover up my smile everytime I laugh. All my siblings have perfect bright smiled. Except me. Its embarassing. So embarassing, it's depressing.

  • Mar Young says:

    This is remarkable that you are doing this. Dentistry is so critical and too expensive for so many people. You definitely will be changing someone's life. Great job on being a decent human being.

  • Erica Carter says:

    I wish I would have seen this.

  • Janet Ja'nae says:

    Please help me

  • Daniel Villalobos-Terrazas says:

    This is so generous! Please do it again if you can! I’d love to enter the contest.

  • Tracey Jackson says:

    We I guess I missed it. It just pop up on my news feed. I 'm late 😞😞!!

  • Joshua Glaze says:

    Very cool! It great that you want to change someone’s life because a smile can get you the job, get the girl, or just make someone feel so much better about themselves. I would love one but there are so many people that need it much more! You go Doc setting a great example!

  • Rach F says:

    Was really hoping for a winter smile giveaway!!! 😉 love your channel!!

  • Lola Fly says:

    Do another one of these🙁

  • The Patsy Family says:

    Awesome opportunity for someone Dr. O

  • Riydah says:

    Can I qualify if I need a plate removed from my Jaw because of a past Jaw breaking experience? My ex kicked me in my face broke my Jaw They did immediate plastic surgery to reconstruct my Face but put a plate in!! Now my wisdom tooth is growing into the plate causing excruciating pain and when it get cold or rains I fill ever bit in my face!! And the tooth has a huge hole in it now I just need it out pleaseee!!No dentist will remove it Stating I need to go to original!! But she want $30,000 to remove it😫 please tell me this is something you might be able to assist me with and were I can sign up if it’s the Lords will it will be done so won’t hurt to sign up🙏🏾💯🙏🏾! Ps even if you don’t chose me may the Good Lord Bless you mightly for what you are doing! It will change someone’s life!!

  • Bee Bryant says:

    I don't know if you have chosen a winner. I would love to enter! I'm so ashamed and unhappy with my teeth, I hate to smile. Please let me know if you are still taking entries
    Thank you!

  • 3219 Dreamteam says:

    I need this please i have no top teeth and I’m only 25please

  • Cindy Voth says:

    Are you gonna do another contest for this year 2019

  • mua by j rene says:

    Sooo awesome I'd love to get my teeth done by you! Amazing work!

  • J Do says:

    I've been trying to get my teeth fixed for just over a year. I have an auto-immune disorder and my teeth are rotting away from it. I'm only 32, but I can't convince anyone that I'd benefit from having this done and I really don't want dentures. My old dentist left my high and dry without one for 6 months and in that time, my teeth have decayed even more. I brush and floss everyday too, I'm at a total loss what to do. Any advice?

  • Bryanna Do couto says:

    Are you doing a 2019 teeth transformation ???

  • SixFootFemme says:

    Who won?

  • Christian Evangelista says:

    I have really bad teeth can you help me 😭 please notice my message.

  • Ashley Pitcher says:

    I have been watching your videos and multiple dental videos due to the frustration I have experienced with the money I have spent for work that could have been done in a better way in a more positive environment. The only reason I have not switched dentist is because he is good at what he does. Its to the point now that I am in tears with the stress my teeth are causing. I know the problem can most likely be fixed with a plan completed with in a reasonable time span rather than just do work when it comes along. I am trying to prevent a crisis. My teeth are constantly chipping and wearing leading to decay. Every tooth that has been root canaled and broken off shortly after and an implant inserted. I now have all implants on my back teeth and the front are all worn down and discoloured due to bonding and worn down enamel. My dentist only works on very little at one time and new problems keep popping upIt takes forever to get appointments and the problems progressively just get worse regardless of my strict hygiene routine. I he would just take the time seeing I have already spent over 30,000 or more I could probably have the work I need done within a few weeks possibly one visit with you guys. I going well over my budget. I am in debt and refinancing my house. My whole life I have always had such a beautiful white big smile. I never thought this would happen to me but unfortunately life is unpredictable and things happen beyond our control. Now I am in my thirties and all I want to do is be able to smile and start my You Tube channel and help other people who have went through something like I have. Life is too short to hide away. I realised that when my father passed away suddenly a year ago. I just need help from someone who I can trust. I just came accross this video and I am really interested. I live in Canada. Could I still qualify to apply if need to get my passport. Thank you.

  • Ashley Pitcher says:

    I just realised this was last year. Will you have any more smile makeovers in the future? Even it is a part of a smile. It would give me a chance for a positive experience at the dentist. You have described complications that I have came across in my treatment plan. You explained reasons why and treatment plans that are most effective.I know you guys can help me. However when it comes to something as intimate as dentistry you cannot verify by phone the case you are dealing with. You, the dentist need to examine your patient in order to deliver the best and most affordable solution. Due to the fact I am way over my head when it comes to budget. I am a mature student. I am barely getting by now and have to take out a second mortgage of my house due to the fact my teeth have come cost me double my budget at this stage in my treatment plan travel is not an option for me financially at this time. If there is any sort of possibility I would win something to help me would at least give me hope. please let me know if you have any more contests. I am struggling more than people can understand. I always used to have a big smile on my face and now I never smile.
    Something like this would be life changing for me. I could start singing again and get my dignity back.

  • Blake Johns says:

    I really need this my teeth are all cracked in back due to not pulling out wisdom teeth, I’m in constant pain and it’s effecting my top teeth , and I’m only 27. I’m shy and will not smile in front of people i have a baby tooth still stuck in my mouth it’s now rotten , and don’t want braces and can’t afford inplaints I’m a stay at home mom of two and one on the way . I’m ashamed to say I’ll have to save money for at least 4-5 years to fix it and get out pain free .

  • tabitha kilkenny says:

    Actually super bummed I just came across this. A year late and many dollars short 😭 I've been researching this for hourssss, but I'd love to see the person who won! Also, you're absolutely amazing for this!

  • stephanie hall says:

    Will you do a summer smile give away this year

  • chanel ealsey says:

    Omgosh!!!!! Please do another giveaway🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 business student needing this blessing

  • Tatrina Smith says:

    Please help me I'm only 26 and losing all my teeth from paradontal disease 😩 my life is over

  • Erica Noel says:

    Will you be doing another?

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