Full Face of Dupes Tutorial | Drugstore vs Highend

Full Face of Dupes Tutorial | Drugstore vs  Highend

Hi everyone welcome to my channel if you don’t know me, which is everybody, my name is Lindsay And I recently started this channel To teach other people who are interested in makeup what I’ve learned over the last year just being a viewer of the YouTube community And I was really really excited to start my own channel. I’m obsessed with makeup. I love dupes. I love reviews I love tutorials so if you love that too – be sure to subscribe. Today we’re doing a dupe-torial Where I’ve duped a bunch of high-end makeup. Can you guess which side is the high-end and the Affordable / drugstore side? Leave it in the comments down below And then let’s hop into this tutorial – moisturize our lip since it’s winter On the luxury side which would be this half of my face I’m going to be using the philosophy hope in a stick this retails for $19 So I’ll just but this I guess halfway For the left side of my face I’m using the Trader Joe’s head-to-toe balm And as you can see this was well-loved and I find that they do Basically the same thing the philosophy one maybe has a little bit more slip to it overall these are basically the same product these two provide the same level of hydration And obviously you can use this one on your hands, your legs, your body, your feet Which I also use this for so I just think this is a better multi-purpose balm. We have the bare minerals this is the complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel cream with broad-spectrum SPF 30, and I’m in the shade vanilla 02 And I love this product, but I recently found this one which is the NYX BB cream And I’m in the shade nude, and they only have three shades of this, but I think While Bare Minerals has 16 shades. They’re so close together that you could honestly wear one of the dark ones I have pretty fair skin and you can wear one of the darker ones with this and still get away with it So it’s great that they have a big color range, but I don’t see much difference between any of them. First, I’m going to apply the BareMinerals complexion rescue to this side of my face And I just like to apply this with my hands I think that it gives a really nice natural finish and obviously I use a little bit more than this When I’m doing my whole face, but since we’re just doing half I’m gonna spread. It around as evenly as I possibly can I Need to use my right hand because I’m not a lefty and As you can see just from This like thin layer of application it gives the skin a lot of luminosity Which I really like and I love the gel formula on this Which is why I keep repurchasing it when I found the NYX one This is a lotion formula, but the color is exactly the same It’s it’s an exact color match the nude to the vanilla 02 and like I said the shades are so similar I’m sure that this is a dupe for like the first Like 4 colors in the bareMinerals, and then they have a medium and a deep which aren’t really that medium Or deep in my opinion, so if you kind of break it up into those chunks, then you should be able to find one That’s similar enough But anyway, I’m just gonna go I applied a little bit too much, but apply it to the left half of my face And we’re just gonna rub that in So just a fun fact bare minerals and NYX are owned by L’Oreal So this being a color dupe really isn’t that surprising. I have to double-check that though but That’s the rumor So as you can see We got the drugstore here luxury here exactly the same so next we’re gonna go in with some concealer So I have two favorites here, so I have the benefit boi-ing Industrial strength concealer in 01 and this is like a ride-or-die Holy grail product for me I’ve used it forever, but recently I found the Wet n Wild photo focus concealer And I usually use this under my eyes usually use this one to spot conceal, but they are exactly the same While one is a little bit more liquidy, and this is a bit more of a cream. Well. It is a cream they Do the exact same thing you can use this one under the eyes, you can use this one on the eyes, you can use this One to spot conceal, you can use this one to spot conceal. So we’re going to go ahead and do that I’ll apply The boi-ing one on this side of my face and this is $20 The product does last a while but It is really expensive. We’re gonna take the Wet n Wild photo focus concealer And this is in the shade light ivory, and I think that these are color dupes for each other. I’ll just do a few dots there one on the lid and You can either use a sponge or your finger whichever you prefer I’m a finger girl When I can get away with it just because like I said with my BB cream routine I just think it gives it like a more natural finish to the skin And I find that neither of these crease this concealer is $3.99 so that’s a pretty big savings, that’s like seventeen dollar savings. So next up for bronzer we have the benefit hoola bronzer for the luxury side and the colourpop pressed powder bronzer in afternoon delight for the Affordable / drugstore side and these are honestly a complete color dupe you’ll see when I apply it on the skin I’ll apply this to my face and both these are favorites they both give a very similar look to the skin, very warmed up just I Want to be bronzed because I’m really really pale, so I really love both of these bronzers But hoola bronzer is a $29 bronzer and colourpop’s is $8 and honestly There’s like this is an exact dupe so Save yourself some money money and just go to colourpop. They’re also having a sale right now This is not a sponsored video, but they are having a sale right now. While I was looking up the prices for this video when it’s originally $8; it’s $6.40, so You’re you’ll even save a little more little bit more cash if you go with the colourpop option But I mean still $8 is pretty good for an exact color dupe of the hoola bronzer, which is like a cult classic I’m going to quickly go apply my blush off-camera, and I will be right back So I’ve applied my blush and now we’re gonna move into our next dupe And this is a highlighter dupe and this is actually awesome And I just found this out when I was kind of going through and swatching and touching all my favorite highlighters and ones that people would be interested in knowing about so for the High-end side we have the Becca shimmering skin Perfector in Champagne pop and this is one of my all-time favorite blinding highlights, and then for the affordable drugstore side I have the Maybelline master chrome highlighter, and this is in the shade 100 molten gold and these are the exact same I mean you can tell just looking at them now they look exactly The same so first I’m gonna apply the Becca highlight to this side of my face And as you can see that is freaking blinding It’s actually like blinding the camera right now, and I’m just gonna apply this one on my nose And then I’ll apply the Maybelline one on my Cupid’s bow just cause it’s too hard to highlight like half of your nose I’m just a little bit on the forehead and I’ll go in with the Maybelline master chrome and just apply to this side of my face and It’s hard to tell because this sides a little bit in the shadows, but they look identical on the skin identical the Cupid’s bow A little more product. Oh, yeah glowing glowing glowing glowing glowing glowing glowin Becca highlighter is $38 and the master chrome is $9.99 and these are Exact color dupes like 100% color dupes. I do still love both I think that they both sit really beautifully on the skin if you’re into blinding highlights I’d recommend both of these but if you want to save some dollar bills go with the Maybelline one. Next up we have the brows So for the luxury side I have the it cosmetics brow power in the shade Universal taupe and then on the drugstore side I have the NYX micro brow pencil in the shade taupe And these are also exact color dupes, and I think also formula dupes in my opinion They apply very similarly the only thing I have to say is the spoolie on this one the NYX one is much better I like a firm spoolie when I’m combing through my brows, and I find the IT cosmetics ones is just like really soft. I don’t know I Don’t like it. I really I really don’t like this spoolie this I just like the color of the brow pencil so what I’ll usually do is actually go in with the NYX spoolie or One of my others spoolies that I prefer, but I really I hate this spoolie Just filling in the brow um I have pretty big thick see I just don’t like this bully I’m gonna use it for this video, but like I said I usually just use a different spoolie no caps ever want to come off while you’re doing a tutorial, so I’m just gonna comb again through the brows and then take The color side and just fill in where I have a little bit of sparseness Just to make them a bit more uniform also funny story is that I got my brows threaded and now they don’t match so I have to fill in my brows like a Little bit more full on the side that we use the brow power they don’t match it all anymore So I kind of have to use Spoolie techniques of just you know combing the brows up just to make them even perfect color match Doesn’t look like I use two products in my brows I love it! Next up we have eyes so we have the tartlette toasted palette for the luxury side and then the colourop yes, please palette for the drugstore side and Not every shade in here is duped Dupible but I’m gonna show you guys a look using both of these palettes, and I don’t know the color setup is very similar I Don’t know their shades in this one that aren’t in this one and their shades in this one that aren’t in this one But you can create a very similar look using this So let’s go ahead and jump right in. We’re going to off with the tartlette toasted palette And I’m just going in with the first shade in the palette which is S’more, and I’m taking this on a very big fluffy morphe m438 brush And just applying that all over the lid kind of messily just to set and Allow all the other colors to blend easily over top of it, and this shade is just very similar to my lid shade We’re just gonna tap into the first The first shade here in the colourpop wow that’s really hard. How do you who do youtubers do this? I cannot do this okay tap into the shade right here, and this shade is okay So colourpop does there’s backwards full zip I think and I’m just gonna apply that all over the lid, same thing You don’t need to be precise about it Just get it on the lid, and that’s again gonna help all the other colors that we’re gonna use later Um here’s a dirty brush that I’m about to use on my eye Damn I’m funny Okay, see I just cleaned it off of my arm. Nothing’s coming off, so we’re gonna start by dipping into warmth the shade right here, and I’m just gonna go ahead and fluff that Into the crease kind of going in circular motions, and then blending it into the inner corner just Again fluffing and blending and Yeah, the showers are pretty pigmented. You don’t really need to dunk in a bunch I’m just didn’t pick up a little bit more for the outer edge So apply a little bit more there. So for the colourpop yes, please palette, and we’re going to go into this shade right here Which I believe is? – note to self this one right here and These to me look the exact same the colourpop one is a little bit more dusty, so I would just tap off any excess that you have like you can see I don’t know if you can like pick up the shadow and just Picking up that shade and doing the exact same thing we did on the other eye Just blending these Eyeshadow all over the lid Again, you don’t need to be too precise with this. This is just a transition shade I know people are like “Oh keep it in your crease” You’re gonna go over it with all these other shades anyway It’s really not the end of the world so just applying a little bit more of that like we did with the other eye Blending it a little a little bit in the outer corner And yeah, exactly the same. Then going back into that tartlette toasted palette. We’re gonna go in with Cozy wait, where’s cozy? Oh, we’re gonna go in with the shade right here, which is cozy So just dipping in there and then applying this in the outer V And again just dipping in a little bit more if you think you need a little bit more pigment Now going back into that colourpop palette we’re gonna take This shade right here Just dip in a little bit, and this is the shade Louie And then again doing what we did on that other eye just pick it up and pack it into the outer V We’re just getting a nice warm fall. Every day, but could transition to night look Yeah, those look exactly the same. The tartlette toasted we’re going in with fireside which is the darkest shade in the palette right here Taking that lightly tap off tap that off Press. I do like a little press and drag motion, and I find that that works the best. The colourpop yes Please dig until I’ve used this shade quite a bit this one right there, and that is French kiss and so lightly tapping, same thing with this tap it off. You don’t want to apply too much It’s better to just apply a little bit and build it up then Go in heavy with like a really really dark shade in the palette I’ve definitely done that and then had to kind of restart it or. You could obviously leave as here and just You know skip the glitter, glittery eye shadow I’m about to add and go on to the lower lash line if you want a more matte everyday look But because I’m extra we’re gonna apply some shimmer. From the tartelette toasted palette From the tartelette toasted palette I’m gonna go ahead and pick up flame on a on a flat shader brush, this shade right here flame It’s really really pretty shimmer, and I find that you don’t need to use Any fix+ or setting sprays like it just looks really pretty by itself obviously you can make it a little bit more intense if You you know decided to do that but not necessary There just kind of blend that with Those shadows that are on the eye That looks really pretty just going in with This shade bling from the colourpop palette is really really similar to that shade flame from the tartelette Toasted palette, I would say that the colourpop one might be a slightly more pinky tone But they’re just as intense and Really really really pretty on the lid And you can see like right now I’m holding up the tartelette toasted as I’m applying the colourpop so one benefit for the tartelette one is that it has a Ginormous mirror here that I’m using to apply the shadows, but if you have a bathroom mirror. You don’t really need it It’s just a nice to have so lastly. I’m just gonna finish off the lower lash line And then we’ll be done so just tapping into cozy and warmth tapping off the brush and then applying that to my lower lash line and then again, just grab a chauffeur and Louie Tap those off and Just apply to the lower lash line as we did the other eye Yeah, that is the exact same makeup look on both eyes And one was way cheaper For mascara on the luxury side we’re using the it cosmetics super hero mascara and for the affordable side we’re using the essence volume stylist 18 our lash Accenture mascara and this is $4.99 luxury mascara is $24 so huge price difference between these two So I’m just gonna go ahead and apply them and you’ll see that. They look exactly the same. I really like this mascara It’s very lengthening the only gripe. I think I have with it and I have it with the essence one too Is it can look a little bit clumpy if you apply too much, so I would say Just apply just like one coat I don’t think it layers well And yeah like I said it starts to get a little bit clumpy But it does really lengthen you can see my eyelashes this one Also, as the name says really really really lengthens your lashes and for $4.99. I’m about it You can see they give a very similar effect to the lashes Might be close my eyes You see how lengthening they are But yeah both mascaras are awesome next so this is a amazing dupe that I found that I didn’t know that I had So this is the kkw beauty x Kylie cosmetics Collaboration, and this is her liquid lipstick in Kimberly And the dupe that I found for it was the NYX butter lipstick in the shade boardwalk So these are exactly the same color color only not formula dupes But you have to buy this lipstick in a $45 pack if you love all the shades That’s great, but if you only like one honestly This is my favorite shade of the four that I have I think some of them are a little too pinky tone for my skin But they would probably look really really nice on darker skin tones But if you’re interested just in this one shade get the butter lipstick its $6.50, so what I’m gonna do is Hmm apply I guess. I’ll just apply half of my lips the Kkw Try like that as even as I can I’m just gonna apply this on the other half of my lips and you’ll see Hmm No difference It’s like I applied it with the same. They feel the same on the lips because The kkw one is a cream finish, and so is these lipsticks, so they feel the same. They’re very comfortable I’m gonna be honest. They’re not long wearing you’re gonna have to reapply pretty often especially I know As soon as you eat, they’re both gone so today the high inside came to a total of $264 and the affordable side came to a total of $82 which is $180 savings! I can do math and That’s it for the dupe-torial. Hope that you found this helpful If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and comment down below What was your favorite dupe or what are dupes that I should look into And I’ll see you in my next one. Bye

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