hi sister James Charles here welcome back to my youtube channel as you guys all know I just moved to downtown Los Angeles and I officially it moved in rudra definitely a coming soon but if you’re from the LA area you know there’s an iconic place a few blocks down called Santee alley it’s basically like the hidden gem marketplace of Los Angeles and as fabrics clothes makeup in all types of glam and projects DIY crafty types up but first super super low up prices we’re going to go tell us again I went over to Santee alley with a few friends to look for like clothing items and jewelry but when I was there I noticed that they had a ton of knockoff makeup products I was doing products from all my favorite brands like morphe benefit Tariq Kat Von D Kylie but once I got a closer look I realize that they were all fake products so for today’s video I headed back over to Santee alley to pick up a nostril all my finger product and I’m going to be doing a full phase of all fake makeup I have a ton of stuff in front of me so without further ado let’s get started so first things start off as always by priming my face you might benefit Porefessional primer I picked this up for a whopping three dollars this is it in comparison to a real professional it’s one assessing a little bit bigger and it looks a little bit bluer as well but I because it’s extremely dirty I guess I’m gonna use this at the primer whoa that dissolves like my professional oh my god this looks like foundation Oh oh my for furnishing today I’m using the mac studio fix fluid foundation in the shade and c40 now if you already makeup lover you will know that I am nowhere near and NC 40 but this is the what came out of the NZ 40 when I open the box earlier today then it’s not NZ for me but this is the closest shade that I could find to my skin tone serum try this out to apply the makeup say I’m using the out of Salvia for relief of brushes very funny for one because these do not actually exact so they’re literally a do both at non existent products and to the brushes are upside down inside the packaging great quality content right here this literally will not come out my parents to me when I was 12 oh actually it’s not that bad of a shape match and see for you my ass it’s not like really not doing its job books forever okay this is just really not doing the job to get on right so I’m gonna switch over to my knockoff a Beauty Blender this is what I got today for a whopping three dollars and this is in comparison to my regular Beauty buzzer so obviously was a lot more pink because it has foundations and stuff on but they are pretty much like the same size a whole lot fatter there’s also a lot more debt so I’m going to use this try to focus on holton special attender I know my mask on Dacians pretty well and this one says is the studio fix fluid is it definitely not very similar to the students exclude the regular ones a Mac is very very very high covered in a super super beautiful web skin then I cannot say the same for so we definitely still see like my redness popping through especially over an early autumn my nose where my glasses sit there’s a weird at pimple situation are going on up in here my five o’clock shadow so then shave yet today definitely it not be a regular max to be full coverage but honestly it’s not like awful pretty bad could be worse we’re going to learn today we’re using the Maybelline a master conceal concealer in the shade fair this is the only shade of the concealer I can find something going to be a little bit light but the foundation is definitely my machine either so hopefully we can even things out [Music] also the firm you should definitely like matched a few minutes ago and now it already is oxidizing turning orange so this is going to get even last my shade by the end of today great for Mother’s tonight leaving the event i at luxury and banana toner this was $15 which is definitely a little pricey for a fake setting color but oh well what something really careful to not get this in at my eyes because I have no idea what is in this and I’m trying not to go even more blind than I already am today first thing I never thought about is this powder is really really chunky and splotchy it definitely does an awful on a very smooth and I have tried to be a regular Ben Nye banana powder people and I’ve done a drive look it’s really really good definitely not it to further highlight under my eyes I me a Mac Studio Fix foundation plus powder in this I have in the shade MC 30s once again definitely not my shade and this is what new powder it looks like oh I forgot I bought this letter for $10 and in comparison here is my regular Mac Studio Fix information and this is in the shade ad 3 so if you mind this is really not that much later in this is n3 and this is MC 30 something really doesn’t add up there and I’ll tell you it’s 27 oh it smells like baby powder like look like bad baby powder so it sounds absolutely no coverage at all I use my real one – usually a highlight insanities my eyes and in my forehead to really brighten up my face and it has a ton of coverage it always like to file eyes except and covering on my under eyes this until you have done nothing because it still looks like a sister needs to get another 15 hours of sleep before we’re going to look like very de brazza controi face today I’m using the Kat Von D shade and light palette you guys know this is my Holy Grail contour now I have my real one right up in here so I’m using the fake knock on phone today my favorite part about this is that on the back of the packaging they show you the shades I don’t know if the lighting is picking it up but literally this is like shrug holiday and contouring colors these are all green so I’m four by to see what’s gonna happen when we open at the box what we got going on whoa oh okay a little bit broken and I’m currently a lot of it dirty so that’s great here’s the comparison between it be fake and it’s a real one honestly they look pretty similar the only difference is that these colors are a lot more warm tone and these on the bottom or a lot more cool toned so the quality this is going to be a whole lot better and I was going to say it don’t judge what considering I just open up that open already shattered I don’t think this sister has a lot going for her wig I’m gonna grab this pointed blending brush and use the middle shade of the pallet insert to contour my face I guess your honestly this is not that the Oh light pink please stay back notice it definitely does not blend out it’s easily as the normal shade of light does extend it a lot more patching and it takes a little bit more to blend but equipping a lot waters so it’s not going to one so far one of my club drawers are all in place again I’m going to use a little more of that by my luxury powder I wear to a baked might be this is extremely pigmented whoa while baking up medical notice our on my Brown and today we beat auto salvia this brow pomade it has been a long time since I’ve used the real mafia Jeff Brown in general you guys know that I have made the official switch over to a brow pencil but this should be interesting here comes a tiny liner brush from the islands of the airbrush collection and we’re going to dip into ash brown which is definitely not my shade but it was literally the only shade there that most like you live remotely mastery’s any way shape or form I’m going to try to you with maybe the brows okay I already take this brush via texture up this is really really like flat and annoyed I hate that word so much but like this is slipping around very very easily and I remember when I used to use dip route it was like really hard to kind of like mold and get into place but I like that because it was a lot harder to make you see simply with this whole lot easier I’m going to have a little bit more of that Maybelline master conceal in a flat top brush and I’m going to tie to clean up the brow a little bit we honestly cleaned up like this does not look that bad it’s like there’s going to be a trend throughout this video of me saying oh it’s not that bad which will reads me a little bit for the eye of today I’m reading one of my all-time favorite policy of morphia 35o palette of course this is not the real one we got the sequin it’s Angie for sixteen dollars and this is a real one that we chose for 22 and honestly they look almost exactly identical but we’re going to put it onto the tendency probably actually swatch and apply there off with this medium warm brown shade right here and use it as a transition in my eyelid oh no whoa okay – kitchen that’s not what I want I’m not finna grab an M 4-3-3 and I’m going to dip into this dark brown shade down here and I’m going to darken up the outer crease okay for some reason this I is like blending out okay and this is just like watching a patched central up in here awful but this my like not bad I’m going to have a clean blending brush and I’m going to go over the under sisters kind of one so a little bit more than that first shot it was a whole lot more pigmented than I would anticipate but a little better grab this shade right up in here with AF flops up concealer brush I’m going to apply that light on the inner corner just run off with honestly the maps were very very much impressing me shimmer shade definitely is no comparison to the real one – Morphy these are like ridiculously ridiculously dry and I did what my brush a little bit – I don’t know how that actually worked but they really not look good this is an awful issue taking it way too long to be able to layer up a how to create that I really should and that is the shadow all done this my honestly looks pretty good Vince I on the other hand definitely needs a whole lot more work it just is really not blending out so it was sixteen dollars is not awful to master see fit the shimmer assembly are not more equality honestly the way better off to spending the extra eight dollars in getting the North through California two dollars and of course you can do so the chains as we all know for 10% off your purchase well it’s okay but I would definitely say it find the extra money get the real version for latter day I picked up the Jade lashes in the style 902 black they are the most similar luscious I could find to approach my favorites because logic electronics so I’m just going to a copy on tonight and he’s worth two dollars the last bed is like super super or worked and it’s like going in all sorts of different directions live with yourself whether or not I’m going to be able to glue this on it should be just saying I mean honestly these are kind of pretty I go to for you stuff like three of them together they live me like a pair like on it whatever I want a lot and we li la girl floss liner I did buy this essentially if it’s not really a knockoff I was way too scared and it’s way too dangerous to use like a fake product in your eye not going to mess around without today everybody Arabic means my Holy Grail the benefit roller lash once again not going to mess around with that area that is both eyes often see we’re going to go ahead and move on to the highlighter now for today so I’m using the on apostate location gleam I did used to have the areal version of this but it was broken on airline I’m not as far as folks you’ve never ever checked your makeup this is what the house looks like at first glance there’s our a and nail marks in the starburst which is really strange considering edges opening it’s now how leaders look like okay they don’t look bad in any way shape or form but I definitely remember the original palette the hard candy and the crushed pearl shades are a lot more pink so I guess we’re just going to put these on we’re going to see how they look it’s not awful definitely is not like Nastasia normal pigmentation up in here because you guys know that those little kids are like Oh blinding it to the gods but I want to hate it when I can it smells like oh my go to some like a sneaker store that’s what it smells like I feel like I’m like walking to the idols of adidas right now oh my god I’m like scared to know is what kindness now now that the Holi is done similar to the eyes this probably is not that bad but it’s definitely not the same pay attention is quality as original brand I would definitely recommend this verging on the Logans but I guess it’s doing the job for today laughs it’s certainly not leads to this video of course we had to do it lips and what other brain has more feet than a highly cosmetic ever since telling us begin their event so many scales the people getting pigmented of 6 and older Lisa from the cows describes an almost I love website so of course I had to pick up a fake Kylie lip kit maybe picked up the shade exposed this put the lipstick was three dollars so it’s definitely beat the price of Title 18 but let’s do a little bit of tap and see how it compares oh my god that’s very very pungent we literally felt like paint this is where we’ll put this on my lips putting it on I can like taste with smell of paint the color is actually kind of ready to go so basel syphilitic I do really really like the color I don’t have the kindly actual lipstick in the shade exposed to compare it to but in general the code is actually really pretty over the white it has been about two or three minutes that actually applies to simplistic and it is still not fully dry down which is definitely not a great thing I like Kylie’s lips tutorial because it does write down a pretty fast and it is comfortable to wear this is getting dry but as of like whole bit sicky never fun because no one kid like these crusty bits up in here and that is never going for a liquid lipstick where every dollars done I don’t pay that alright guys and the crysta completed look that I created using all knockoff makeup product looking in the mirror I honestly do not look it’s awful as expected myself to it is definitely not the classic James Charles Graham but it could be a whole lot worse but Lee’s products were pretty comparable to the originals but overall I definitely would not be adding any of these to my everyday and makeup routine this said almost $150 and all these products combined which is definitely not that cheap considering all the stuff is fake and not the real thing I definitely recommend spending a few bucks extra to get the real product and just get the full quality and making sure that you’re getting at the right thing it’s honestly super-agents video and I did get pretty lucky my skin is not reacting poorly I’m not going any breakouts yet but I would definitely keep you guys posted on my Twitter and snapchat over the next few days hopefully that something’s destroyed my skin often times fake makeup can contain a lot of chemicals and gradients that can really mess up your skin and your immune system so I’m hoping that this doesn’t go with real self real stuff is gonna fight like this on that being said I hope you guys enjoyed watching all this awful stuff on my face today if you did it please make sure to give it a big thumbs up down below and determine I’m not ready if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter they are both just James Turrell and my snapchat and you down for more behind the CSI stuff our day of Charles Podesta ask dr. char alright stitchers thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one bye [Music]

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