hi guys welcome back hope ur all ok *giggle* So, today’s video is going to be a really good one. I’m so excited to be doing this video This is a fullface using 7-eleven makeup. So apparently recently, 7-eleven came out with their own makeup line. 7-eleven. Like, I’m talking, like 7-eleven fucking drug store, not even drugstore. This is like gas station makeup this is literally gas station makeup. The gag! The gag! I’m actually really really excited to film this I had no idea that came out that I saw something on Twitter and people were tagging Me like I’m gonna should test out these 7-eleven makeup, but I was like something low doesn’t have anything. What’s fuck They totally do and yes, so my brother was driving around and he was at 7-Eleven I was like if you don’t get me every goddamn piece at 7-Eleven, I will castrate you So he grabbed me, like my little brother Literally grabbed me literally every single thing they had there wanted everything from 7-eleven, and I’m like oh cool Let’s go into a full face using 7- Eleven makeup. I thought I’d be really fun Also one more thing before I get into the video, so we’re in December right now. I’m really really excited. I love December time It’s just the best time of the year. I love it so much I’m doing a mean greet with morphe at the Brea store this saturday the 9th from 1:00 to 3:30 And it’s going to be a toy drive, so I’m really excited because I did this two years ago And it was just felt so amazing to give back and give To kids that didn’t have families you know and it was just amazing and if you guys can come by I would love to see You guys there and another thing too. I’m actually doing an entire month of giveaways in December I’m gonna try to do a giveaway in every single video that I upload so stay tuned on every video watch them protect my Channel to stay notified so I’m will be big gifts like an iPad a Laptop or a Nintendo switch or an Apple watch or something like that and some will be like a bunch of makeup as well so so excited I’m gonna be inserting little clips the beginning of my videos every single video Showing what the giveaway for that day is because there was an awesome time to give back And I really wanted to give back to you guys as much as I could guys already know I love you guys so much and you guys give so much to me in my life, and you make my life so fulfilled And if I could help you guys in any way send you makeup or a laptop or something That would be a really really really cool. So yeah, I wanted to do that in December PS this right here It’s not a pimple Isaiah actually head-butted me with her tooth the bitch got me last night And it hurts so that I screamed so loud Whoa as always if you guys do like this video if you guys do not like me. Please don’t fucking watch it You know the drill with that don’t do that, but you guys that do like this video Please go ahead and subscribe to my channel if you’re not already and if you’re new what’s up I’m Manny MUA welcome to my thank you so much for being here so for today’s giveaway I’m gonna insert the clip right here and the rules will be linked down below in the Description bar all you need to do is literally subscribe to my channel and comment down below where you’re from and how I can get In touch with you like your Instagram or Twitter and email or something yeah, let’s go and get into this full face using 7-eleven makeup I literally have a little 7-eleven bag where I got it from This is nothing like I’m honestly shook. I’m Hunting like what this packaging reminds me so so so so much of ELF if you guys didn’t see I don’t know if you guys have like ever like bought any elf items or Have went to the store and saw elf packaging it. Just reminds you so much of it I can literally take off this thing and it’s enough packaging to me like it’s all the whole black the little like thing down here The lettering it’s like bitch this out anyway. We’re going start off with the face We’re gonna use a BB cream a BB cream here and these rising $4.99 now. We’re gonna take the shade medium. Just to see So it looks like here. I’ll know me shades Yeah, I think the only I’m like three or four shades like it was not a vast thing. That’s medium. holy shit That’s way too dark Absolutely not absolutely not thinking light. This is the lightest of them I can always mix them just in case – like if it’s fucked PS You guys it cracks me up when people comment like that I curse on my channel on that annoys them And how upset they get about me cursing this isn’t like something that it’s like an up for debate kind of situation like for me It’s like in my day to day life I do curse like I just I am that kind of person like I get upset and I curse or like if I wanted if I want to do something for emphasis. I will curse so if that’s a problem for you I understand all good you do not need to watch me and you do not need to Suggest to me that I need to change or do something different cuz I’m really I’m really not going to change I’m gonna continue to be myself because I want to be as authentic as I can be as I am in my real life and In my real life. I curse all the time so I want to be myself I want to continue to be myself So I’m sorry if the cursing bothers you like if I’m cursing in my videos, and I say bad words – is How it is man, I just curse like a sailor in my everyday life, okay? I Hate it. I think I hate this guys. I honestly is oxidizing pink like straight-up going mad pink on me Yeah, this feels super super heavy It’s a very thick BB cream you guys see the difference on the color on my face right now. Holy shit, okay? We’re gonna actually just use only light. We’re not even go with medium because it is oxidizing It’s just like the thickest BB cream. I’ve ever tried. It’s shocking we think but does not even get Talked you’re pretty funny cuz I’m just not a BB cream person. I’ve never been a BB cream person I just feel like it always has looked so hot on me, and I just feel like look so intense, and it’s so shiny It’s like the oiliest BB cream. I’ve ever used. I look oily like I look like an oil slick so far I’m not the biggest fan I feel like it gave me obviously the creams don’t give a lot of coverage or anything like that So it is what it is, so I’m gonna take the light concealer, so we’re gonna take This little thing it’s actually the packaging is not bad like the packaging of this is not bad at all Basic as fuck obviously, but it’s just a classic little package so we have this long-ass petal This is in the shade light this truly on and I mean this from the bottom of my heart Looks like mustard like I don’t think I’ve ever looked as terrible as I am right now. Oh my god This is like burning my skin this does not happen to me. I’m not sensitive like that at all I’m upset because like it looks so bad like I’ve never never experienced this never had this it’s never done this. Never was this Okay, guys, so we try to soak the beauty blender, and it didn’t grow at all and it’s still hard as fuck cool So it’s rock hard, and this is the worst one. I’ve ever tried for sure by far I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything as bad as I’m pregnant like this is the probably the worst It’s ever been and it’s taking off all my makeup like it’s soaking it all up Okay, so since I don’t have any a setting powder from there like they didn’t actually sell a setting powder I’m gonna go and set it really quickly with my Too Faced ethereal powder just quickly cuz I don’t have a product from them But that’s what that was so I’m gonna set everything in place Powder is trying so hard to make it look as good as it can like it is the powder is trying But there’s no saving it like there’s no saving hat we tried the BB cream so far hated it the concealer Hated it more than I’ve ever hated. You can see there my entire life sponge hated it I’m gonna keep it going and see how much We can make myself upset on this one Also, simply me Beauty 7-eleven makeup has some brushes that we got as well actually comical It’s like comical how these feel like how bad do you feel? I like killing her this? Wow Wow So let’s go ahead and bronze up our skin. We’re gonna go and take the assembly me Beauty son glow matte and shimmer bronzer This I believe was like four bucks as well four or five bucks what you guys are seeing right now like the powder has made It look a little bit better than what it is, but it’s truly terrible like the powder helped anyway So this is the component of this guy it it comes with a little okay? this is actually like really it feels terrible like it feels cheap as fuck the fact that it comes with a little brush as A mirror attached to the bottom of it you close it, and you get like the powder. I think it’s really cool I think that the idea was definitely in there and they try their hardest, okay We’re gonna go ahead and take the bronze This is the only bronze with a half by the way and as you can see it’s literally red brown. It’s So I’m scared, okay. We’re gonna go ahead and put that into Okay fuck the brushes I’m is go ahead and try to go in with a real brush that we can see how it really acts like on our skin Like what is it really supposed to be like you know saying so we’re going on with the bronzer the bronzer is straight-up Red doesn’t blend very well. It feels actually pretty good, and it swatches really nicely That’s actually pretty good, but it’s literally a red Brown – it’s um Swiss chocolate from Mac like that is war I’m true This is turning into a fun like fuck us kind of situation at this point like it’s so what’s so? Bad like oh my god. Let’s see save a book on blended with like this. Oh my god. Oh my god It’s so fucking terrible I think all we can do at this point is laugh because if not we will crying and I don’t feel like crying right now So now we’re going to take some colored blush. We have this blush right here This actually looks really cute does the blush looks really pretty pigmented as fuck Super pigmented, oh my word was not expecting that at all almost too pigmented and usually I’ll say such a thing the blush I don’t hang actually I think it’s really pretty and I should I’m gonna try it out when I’m actually doing a real glam where? I’m actually set and I have a good foundation on and all that chick the pigmented is fuck I know we can really get somewhere with this blush highlight time. I think we’re going highlighter guys I’m sorry if I’m getting less and less energy as this videos going along I I think it’s called two feet and I’m Haley crying, but the defeat is really hello Reno. You know it’s like really Hella, so it’s going try some pie later now. We have a radiant highlighter highlighters here we have a peachy one we have a yellow one I Think we can make that work though. I think we can definitely make that work We’re gonna take the peach here one, and I wanna see it can’t be that bad I mean we can’t do worse than we already have right now look See we’re highlighting that works that totally works nice. This actually works really really well. Oh my gosh. I’m savvy mm-hmm You got something that works you guys I’m not kidding you And I see I’m actually like trying really hard to make this work like I am trying my best to look my best highlight to Phil Phil And what I mean felt, I mean my face is filthy. We got these three guys. We have these three done, okay? Let’s go and talk about these real quick. The bronzer was an absolute fuck no an absolute fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck No
I would say if you’re in 7-eleven and you’re in a in a hurry for a blush you need something I would buy this like this for four bucks. It’s actually pretty good It worked really nicely on my skin, and I would suggest this one is the only thing so far I like and this guy I mean it worked like it’s all my skin at work This is something that you can just I wouldn’t I wouldn’t buy it personally cuz It looks looks pretty on the camera, but in person I just don’t like it whatsoever the Cuddy doesn’t let me heat the chickee uh-uh I watched cocoa and literally I’m so obsessed My name is fucking Manuel. Good chair is like I am Mexican, and I just grew up and like my Nana my Tata I’m like in a Mexican household So it was just like so fun watching this movie that I was like that’s celebrating like Mexican culture And it was just so much just so cool Just ride me it just brought me back to like my childhood in like it was great like I really loved it And if you guys like Pixar movies it was an amazing amazing amazing Pixar movie I would suggest watching Coco because it’s so So good mmm did that let’s go and zoom in for the brow Okay So now we’re gonna go ahead and go in with the brows and with the brows we have this Dark powder and wax when I brothers showed me this one I was like bitch this looks like this reminds me so much of the elephone cuz elf has that little like a brow powder wax thing That’s like this is of course a lot cheaper and is cute whatsoever so we’re gonna go ahead and go in with the dark wax With the little brush we came in Fuck this Brush because we’re gonna go in with a real brush like a good one one. That’s not an inch long this reminds me so much The elf one like literally so much of it Which I used to use awful unlike when I couldn’t afford anything else this brings back some memories Bringing them back relics terrible. I hate it. Maybe we got this come on I know our Facebook like shit But we can trying because this is what the brow looks like with just the brow wax in it It’s almost comedy, so now we’re gonna go in with a brow powder Which is like a little bit powder on the side this will be dark brown. This is straight-up black I’ll go over to set the brow wax right you guys the reason I don’t like these brow wax is and brought powdered bullshit shit. It’s because it for me It just moves around so much Like I like to go in with my spoolie and links pulling my brows out and try to do like the best I can But with this it just looks so fucking ugly anyway I’m gonna go ahead and finish the other brow off camera, and I’ll be right back anyway I probably my eyes off of camera really quickly so I can give this a real fair shot This is the matte and shimmer eyeshadow collection little palette Soho thing this guy was another like five bucks so we have this right here looks like a Bobby Brown shimmer brick so it said it’s a matte and Shimmer but every single shades, Ishimura, there’s one matte actually it is a very very top. It’s a nude These are not like that terrible oh Okay what we’re gonna. Do I’m gonna go ahead and take the bronzer that we took earlier We’re gonna put that into the crease so we actually have a crease color down cuz damn. We got shit, dude We’re gonna do a quick little bronzy. Eye Let’s go into one of their brushes, and let’s take this like all of the green sheet right here We’re gonna pack that onto the lid. I hate it. I hate I’m giggling because I hate it like I am uncomfortable googler Onto the lid Are you doing? Good we have graduated from bad to Actual trash I don’t see the shadow. I mean it works does There’s nothing clear going down, but it’s just such a bad like it’s just a bad color. It’s not pretty the finish isn’t pretty It’s like a weird shimmer Blend a little bit of the darker one under the lower lash line you guys I feel like with the darker color It’s saving it like I definitely think it’s looking so much better with the darker color. Thank you. Goodness gracious on this earth Okay, so we have this on the eye so far the smokey eye situation going on let’s take The matte shade my brow bone me me Another mustard color awesome at least you ever condominum all time and just what I got also guys They have an eyelash curler, so it’s going to our lashes and see oh You got it here. I feel actually terrible, but we’re gonna try it anyway Oh, and also just this cut lash curler its freaks me out because that’s like a spring like spring on it I don’t know. Why it like freaks me out. Open it curl totally curl my lashes. Okay, Chloe work Honestly like how bad can you make a lash curler like I feel like no matter what you’ll at least get some type of curl somehow Okay, curled lashes are done, and now we’re gonna go and take the volume and Link mascara new money new money actually The wand is not bad at all like has it goes like little tiny spikes. Let’s try it Let’s try it for real for real for real. Let’s try it Do what’s crazy is that I’m not even hitting this that bad. It gives you a major major major separation They’re not it’s not right while you might think I’ll get me wrong or lengthening for that matter It gives you a nice nice like lash separation see that okay guys so this one I don’t hate as much as I hate other things so that’s really it makes me happy. Oh my god Yes, okay, but the gag is it’s like is it that I’m impressed like I think it’s good Or is it everything else was so bad that I feel like it’s good because everything else is so bad and to compare to you Guys oh my scary is on now. This is what we have so far So it’s just a basic run in the mill not that great mascara But for a quick couple bucks like it’s not Terrible like it’s not the end of the world like I think that you can like definitely get bite with this one liquid felt Oh, we have a liquid felt tip eyeliner. Oh fuck oh Fuck packaging is not bad at all. There’s a little fill tip. I mean this is not the fattest felt tip liner I remember seen one. This is honestly so it’s like annoying Look how fat it is. It’s like it just Hmm so we have on our highs right here So I mean I don’t like hate it hate it like I don’t I definitely don’t hate it as much as I hate oh There’s product and if you’re in a pinch I would grab this it’s really like it’s it’s black It definitely like you can see that eyeliner on it doesn’t like skip so bad, but with a little wing with this I don’t think so like I Guess we can don’t hate it don’t hate it like don’t him his bad Nearly and actually like I like the packaging of this is like really sleet It’s like a matte black packaging like I actually really enjoyed this one I’m gonna apply the other eyeliner off of camera and apply some lashes really quickly and I will be right back to finish off with The lip and we’ll have a final verdict on this makeup line We got the lashes on I think the lashes on helps so much I think it gives it much more of a glam appearance even though the look is an actual flop I think the lashes look great Thank you morphe for the new lashes, or we just came out with lashes by the way I don’t you guys knew that but they’re fucking sickening like they’re actually sickening in there ten bucks Bob We’re gonna move on to the lip, and we are done. I grabbed a bunch of items. You’re guys Let’s go ahead and do a dark lip there’s lipstick. We have a cream lipstick in the shade wine I Don’t drink wine but for this video. I will We have a lipstick right here not bad like it looks totally fine, okay? Smells like crayons, okay, so this is the shade of wine and actually looks really really pretty it took me about seven layers But we got there, and it’s full pigment right now feels super comfortable on the lips not sticky at all honestly I think the lipstick is probably the best of the entire brand this one so far was nice I grabbed the other shade Clementine and I got the other shade of Rouge Let’s see what those look like I’m actually really curious to see what squash like this is a cream lipstick So these are the type of you have to build up to be full coverage Which is fine because it is a cream so we got new Clementine, which is like an orange shade Let’s see how this one looks on the hand right there, and then we have this shade Rouge We have a shimmery cream finish hate it hate that one hate it wine is the prettiest by heart Okay, guys, so this is the final look using all 7-eleven makeup oh my word she went through it with this one guys like she really really went through Yeah, she went through a lot Okay
Guys all about what do I think about the 7/11 makeup what I think about the products or anything with the brand collectively? 7-eleven makeup was a flop like it was absolutely no I think it was a Miss Baldy And I was like even redeemable was this I’ve tried and I was looking out with the glosses as well Which I never really got to try, but how can you fuck up a glass to have that I hope Oh? Hopefully it’s fine the mascara wasn’t terrible and the eyeliner wasn’t terrible either. I got a wing down I used a to clean it up I got it on and the blush wasn’t that bad either everything else was a flop and I need a flappity flap flop like Oh Flaccid dick flop like la I would definitely suggest not purchasing any of these 7-eleven items Not just try to be a bitch, but I think that yeah, I get that it’s five dollars and thunder But why spend any money if it’s not gonna work like what’s the point of spending money? If you don’t have to on things that don’t work, and that’s it guys. That’s all I really have to say I just it was a big flop for me And I’m kind of bummed because I had like a little bit of hope for this one I try not to be mean and try to be not to be like oh, maybe this’ll work for someone But it’s hard when the products just don’t want to cooperate And you really want them to you know I mean like I can’t even think of Someone that would like this like that’s like that’s why it’s crazy because I can’t even think of Like people enjoying it. That’s why I’m like frustrated So anyway you guys I hope you guys enjoyed it two days of video as they just wanted to join me my little Christmas angel Don’t forget to enter my giveaway and go ahead and comment down below Where you are from and how I can get a hold of you It’s open internationally of course, and yeah, I’ll see you guys very very soon. I love you guys so much Okay, so the night or day where guys are and I’ll catch you guys in my next video. Bye Did I do that one good J. Darn good, it’s like a nipple. I wouldn’t know though I wouldn’t know I don’t suck on girls nipples – I do something We can do this we can do it I can do anything for love (mom: this is not your color) Mom, this is no one’s color *mumbling* I look so ugly, I hate it It just looks so bad I feel So fucking ugly like I don’t think I’ve ever felt was ugly my whole life But I went through really bad awkward phases. I still think this is worse *sings….. It was bad, so yeah, oh fuck you look sorry

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