Bonjour tout le monde and welcome to Musings
of a Fox Halloween. For this video I’m gonna show you guys a tutorial for
one of my favorite comic book heroes Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. I
already have the hair so why not? First a little special announcement: this video is going up on what is my first wedding anniversary with my husband. So we’re off
on vacation while you’re watching this but I just wanted to say in the video
happy Anniversary honey. I love you and this has been an
incredible year and things are only going to get better. Okay with that out of the way, let’s get to the tutorial! Hair included! all right guys so since Kimura is green
this look is very skin intensive and it’s a lot of products on the skin so I
started before I curled my hair with it cosmetics secret sauce I don’t really
like to advocate for really insanely expensive products but this stuff is
actually really great it reminds me a lot of a more potent version of
sephora’s moisturizer has a similar scent similar consistency it’s just very
very very hydrating I’ve been using it night and day for about two weeks now
and it’s really done wonders for my skin and so this is exactly what I think I
need to keep my skin nice and moisturize all the way down my neck into my chest
since that’s how far we have to take this makeup so get yourself a very very
hydrating moisturizer before you do the primer and the rest of these steps so
for the primer for this look I’m actually gonna go in with Urban Decay’s
self-adjusting primer I tried every primer I have with the paint stick that
we have to use for this look and this is the only one where the paint stick
didn’t actually like disappear after I blended it so I don’t know what it is
about this primer exactly but the blur the milk blur stick didn’t really work
the silicone primer from Smashbox didn’t work my hourglass mineral veil didn’t
work Porefessional didn’t work buddy like really weird creamy silicone ii
ones worked so we’re going we’re going with this one I don’t know if it is just
reminds me so much of the mineral veil that it was really surprising that it
didn’t work but whatever as long as it’s something I had in hand but for your
skin chemistry I recommended here when you do this look to reach to pre test it
on your hand or on like a swath of your cheek see which primers gonna work best
with your student chemistry and this paint stick don’t forget yeah oh it’s
gonna be the grossest part all righty so this is where things are
about to get weird so the paint stick I am using is max paint stick in landscape
green but this color is a very very kelly green looks a little linear on
camera but it’s very very kelly green so I need to bring some of that yellow in I
searched everywhere and couldn’t find a good yellow cream that I liked so what
I’m gonna do is actually kind of powder down my face first with a yellow
eyeshadow I found that really blended in well with the paint stick instead of
creating a clash of cream sticks so let’s dust our face yellow shall we
so I’m taking the yellow shadow that I never ever used because I don’t wear
yellow and that is going to be fran from the Kat Von D maybe too loca palette and
a big fluffy brush from Smith cosmetics this kind of feels like you’re
pollinating your face you know no big deal might be dealing time ever hit pan on
the yellow eyeshadow so if you guys want to stop at this stage you could do a
nice drawn this makeup look yellow really accentuates any redness in your
skin that’s good and for those of you wondering no I’m not gonna glue stick
down my eyebrows and do the invisible eyebrow look I tried that in my tests
and my eyebrows really don’t like it there I don’t know if it’s because
they’re extra thick and curly but they really don’t like it and I lost about 12
eyebrow hairs in the process and I don’t really want to lose any more so we’re
gonna work around the fact that I am a human and not an alien with eyebrows and
I don’t have a award-winning prosthetic team to help me so we’re all just a new
except that I have eyebrows it is Halloween you just can’t take yourself
so seriously that you can’t have fun with it I feel like I’m accidentally doing a
tutorial for c-3po or the yellow dude from Sin City
either way I’m not I’m glad I’m not sticking to this alrighty guys the point
we’ve all been waiting for turning myself green so again max paynt stick
and landscape green you can also get this in the chroma cake as well these
don’t really dry down they don’t really get working to the scan there God does
paint on your face but I’m gonna put this all over working in with a
foundation brush maybe work a few layers and then set it with a powder this is
gonna be a while alright here it goes everything for anyone wondering is a
stick smells like play-doh uh not a high endorsement I feel like it’s trying to cheat like
hey guys voiceover me here so for this portion I
took a flat foundation brush from Real Techniques to try to work the paint
stick in as best I could you know try and work it into the skin don’t forget
to work the foundation into your hairline eventually this foundation
brush got so funky but I switched to a Real Techniques miracle complexion
sponge to get a better skin like texture alright this shtick is a little still a
little greener than I like so I’m gonna go in with this lime eyeshadow from Kat
Von D which is vital that’s hot
that’s result it’s very attractive alright to set this baby we’re gonna go
in with a silicone-based face powder which I’m taking makeup Forever’s
professional hair HD powder and I have every damaged Real Techniques sponge and
just Pat that all over my face I’m having strong flashbacks of the time my
dad dresses the Wicked Witch for beta breakers which is a big kind of race
walk thing here in the Bay Area and he wore a dress of mine and he was covered
in green paint and I think yeah she looked a lot prettier than I do right
now but I definitely get my dress-up Jean from him so it’s just a subtle
subtle foundation you know I’m like to live my life in subtlety sorry for the
trying to talk I’m jabbing my through no matter what color I’m trying to be my
nose will always repel good you know good to know knows to try and finish up
the skin a bit I’m gonna take some of misfit which is this one right here and
do a little bit of light contouring you know there we go the delegates to cheek
because she gets cheek implants and I have the movie I am trying to make an
approachable tutorial so we’re not going with prosthetics for this look but it’s
cool unfair so she gets the pop I’m not truly under green for the eye portion of this venture I’m
taking Mac’s Paint Pot in soft ochre all over the lid with a clean crease brush
I’m going to take a kind of taupey brown shirt and just through a little bit of
crease defining and I’m going to a palette I made based off an article I
read with the artist from guardians of the galaxy who used gold mine and humid
and I’m going to throw in a little bit of lucky green and smut smut for outer
corner definition lucky green to kind of blend between the gold mine and the
humid so first we’re going to take gold mine and she just has it pretty much all
over her crease up to where her brow would be and then also under the eye on
a new clean fluffy brush we’re going to take a bit of lucky green and keep it
really close and tight to the lid and then with a kind of pencil brush we’re
going to take gold mine under the eye she really caused it quite low which is
kind of strange alright now that we have yellow everywhere I’m going to take a
flat shader brush and Max humid all over the lid and keep it just on the lid it’s
not blended into the crease is very solidly just the eyelid color
oh my gosh Hey flipping the brush Beaufort I’m gonna be
taking mutt eyes shadow for the outer third of the lid it does not again blend
up into the yellow is isolated on to the lid make you miss my own so I’m gonna go
in with a Sephora black liner and tight line and then I’m gonna do a little bit
of liner on top even though I’m putting on lashes a little bit of humid on the
lower lash line to give my eyes a break and have a little fun I’m gonna go in
with green emerald from the Kat Von D Alchemist palette and give myself a
little bit of highlight just a little bit but a little bit of fun the point of being green you can’t wait
green highlight all right I’m gonna pop lashes on and we’re gonna get to the
scars with eyelashes on I’m using some Vegas
nay easy elegance lashes from either now that I have those on I actually feel a
lot more put together and it’s now time for the scariest part for me which is
the kind of implant scarring that Gamora has and so I’m gonna be doing the two
little bits here kind of doing the eyebrow ones one underneath my brow one
over my brow and then the cheek ones ah okay so to do this I couldn’t find a
liquid liner that I really felt worked for this so I’m taking an old Urban
Decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner in revolver and we taking that with a little tiny
headed brush for more precision you know this is a tiny brush I find it smears it
flattens out once it goes on the skin so here we go with the eyebrow starting
with the eyebrow one and it’s just a simple kind of follow the arch of your
own eyebrow but a little bit higher we’re gonna do this slow cuz I’m nervous okay can I just stop here because this
looks great so I’ll just leave this and then we won’t do the rest cuz I don’t
feel like I’m gonna like you better and so I don’t want to keep going
alright we’re going to now go do the under brow one that matches the upper
brow I’m gonna do it just wear the yellow and the green meat so now under
the forehead ones that make me so nervous oh these are stressful to do on camera
where you can’t be like okay haha I’m just gonna take off all my face paint
and redo it now let’s talk my back this is these are the one shots you get all
right cheek time same shape it’s a straight line a longer line on bottom
shorter lines and then a diagonal slash through and then to really emphasize the
circuitry I’m going to go over the liner with a silver eyeshadow so it looks much
more metal than just metallic so I’m taking the other side of the brush I was
using a little tiny feathered brush and a silver eyeshadow some of these palette
like products I’m just keeping generic for you guys so you know what to look
for yourself but I will have a full list of all the products I used on my website
muses of a fox comm we’ve scars implants on we’re gonna go
to the last part which is lips in the movie zoe saldana is wearing a
matte green lipstick from Kryolan but again this is Halloween this is for us
this is for fun so I’m going in with a glittery metallic lip from Blackman
cosmetics called myth as soon as I saw this color I was
like I will figure out some day how to make this work and why not wear green
lip when you have green skin so this is myth in its packaging and all of their
lips smell like birthday cake hi guys with hair and makeup done it’s
time to put it all together alright guys so with a full outfit I have leather
faux leather boots on from Payless spandexy bandage wrap leggings from
torrid and just the random long-sleeve shirt that I found at Target I so little
wristlet to myself and turn my hands green do ya this is my full Gomora
costume let me know if you guys recreate this tag me on instagram Facebook and
Twitter I would love to see what you guys do with this if you guys enjoyed
this make sure to like and comment down below give me a subscribe it would mean
the world to me above all else have a fantastic safe and fun Halloween you


  • Gabrielle Chamlee says:

    Your hair is perfect for this look! Who knew green make up would be such a challenge, but you totally pulled it off!

  • Unique by Design says:

    awwww so sweet!! Happy Anniversary to you both and many many more!!!
    This was a great idea! I seriously want my hair to look as gorgeous as yours!!

  • Cora Diane says:

    Dude awesome video! You look amazing as Gamora!!!

  • Courtney Kushmaul says:

    Love this!!! Happy Anniversary to you two!!!!

  • Ashley Ison says:

    When you were just yellow I kept thinking of The Simpsons. 🙂 I love this cos play of a strong female character how amazing are your shoes! Do you straighten your hair before you curl it and what products do you use in it as it looks so shiny and healthy.

  • BilliBaerz says:

    I am deffinatley using the eyeshadow under cream thing to get the type of teal I want!!

  • Moonlight Mermaids ltd says:

    LOVE IT! we liked and subbed, would be ace if you could support us too as we have just uploaded some halloween videos xox

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